B&B Monday Update 7/27/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/27/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the Forrester Mansion a memorial of pictures has been set up for Aly. Ivy looks about them and then thinks about how Steffy lied. Thorne, Eric, and Brooke walk in. Ivy explains that these photos and flowers are beautiful. Thorne believes she was a special girl. Ivy agrees and they hug. Thorne does not understand how this could happen to his baby.

Steffy walks around Ridge’s office. She keeps thinking about when she killed Aly. Steffy looks frightened.

Steffy shakes her head. Liam walks in and thought she could use some coffee. Steffy thanks him. Liam notes that she looks pretty rough. Steffy feels that it is rough on everyone. Liam believes that it has to be especially rough on her because she was there. She was the one that Aly went after. Steffy knows. She cannot believe what happened. She starts to cry. Liam hugs her.

Caroline is hugging Ivy, Wyatt and Ridge are also at the service now. Caroline knows that Aly was more than a cousin to Ivy. Ivy agrees. She was her best friend. Thomas walks in (now played by Pierson Fodé). Ridge greets him and is glad that he has come. Thomas hugs Ivy and Ivy says that it is really good to see her. Thomas asks if Steffy is here. Ridge tells him that he is sure she is on her way. Ivy wonders if Steffy has spoken to Thomas. Thomas says a few times. Wyatt asks if she has told him what happened. Thomas has heard enough to be concerned. Steffy seemed to be pretty upset.

Steffy should go. Liam agrees. Liam will be right there beside her. Not just today but always. Liam thinks that it is crazy that it could have been Steffy killed on that road. Life is so unpredictable. They don’t know how much time they have left. He is glad that they have found their way back to each other. He is excited to build a life together. They hug again.

Bill and Katie walk in. Bill wants to know where his boys are. Katie thinks that they should find Thorne first. Behind them Quinn and Deacon walk in. Quinn says hello. She didn’t expect to see them here. Bill likes to be unpredictable. Katie explains that Bill didn’t know Aly very well but she was such a sweet kid. Deacon reminds them all that Aly was a big fan of Hope’s so maybe… Katie agrees that they can try to get along. Over by the backdoor Pam tells Oliver that Aly wouldn’t have wanted them to be sad. Charlie believes that Aly could really light up a room. Pam thinks that Oliver made her so happy. Oliver could feel Aly slipping away lately. If only he could have been here. Charlie reminds him that he had a job to do. She was going through tough times but she was getting better. Nobody could have seen this coming. Pam adds that no matter what was going through Aly’s mind that night she is at peace now. Ridge watches everyone talk amongst each other and Thomas introduce himself to people he has not yet met. Caroline walks over to Ridge. Ridge does not think that it is right. No parent should know this feeling. Caroline asks where Thorne is. Ridge does not know. It might be too much for him. His wife and now his kid.

Thorne walks around Aly’s bedroom. Brooke and Eric are with him. Thorne picks up one of Aly’s stuffed animals and sits on her bed. Eric and Brooke are about to leave but he doesn’t want them to go. He needs a minute. Brooke walks over and sits next to him and Eric sits on the other side. They both huge him.

Steffy and Liam walk into the mansion. Ivy notices them. Wyatt reminds her that she knew that Steffy would be here. Ivy knows but she didn’t realize how angry it would make her feel. Wyatt would like to know if it is because she is with Liam or because she is the reason that Aly is dead. Liam walks over and says hello. Liam asks how it is going. Ivy thinks that everyone is in shock. Aly was here just a day ago and now she is gone. It just doesn’t make sense.

Pictures are once again shown of Aly with everyone. Thorne walks down the stairs with Brooke and Eric at his side. Eric explains that they are here to honor the memory of his wonderful granddaughter Aly. Alexandria Forrester. He welcome’s them all to say anything they loved about her and will miss about her. Any memories that they would like to share. Scenes are shown of Aly with others. People come up to discuss Aly while a song plays over them. Charlie and Pam are the first to do so. Liam then walks up and he remembers their date they had. Caroline then walks up and remembers when she talked with Aly about Oliver. Brooke then comes up and remembers a moment with Aly. Ivy is next and many happy scenes of them laughing together are shown. Oliver is up next and we see their relationship played out on screen. Thorne is then up and he remembers scenes throughout Aly’s life including her birth. Thorne thanks them all for being a part of her life. They all made her happy. Aly told him that. He knows that they would want her to be remembered as someone who was happy. He touches Aly’s picture and tells Aly he loves her. Aly’s picture is shown. Ridge then walks up. He notes how brief life is. He feels that you walk upon the stage and then you are no more. A tale told by an idiot signifying nothing. Life is always a lesson. Eric taught him that. He wants to know what the lesson is here. That Aly lost her way by something that everyone else was for but herself. She was reminded that life is precious and people shouldn’t be judged by anyone else. Ridge believes that Aly was strong and pure. They all missed this lesson so what is the lesson. Ridge does not know whatever it is the next time they all meet here he hopes that it will be to signify something. Thorne looks at him in complete shock.

Thomas looks outside and Caroline walks over. She is really glad that Thomas could make it. Thomas is as well. Caroline explains that when Steffy came back to town she thought that Thomas might join her. Thomas wished that he had now. Caroline asks if that means he is thinking of sticking around. Thomas feels like his sister needs him.

Ridge is walking towards the front door and Eric calls for him. Eric asks what that was about. Thorne walks over and agrees. He cannot believe that he would attack Aly’s memory. Ridge didn’t. Thorne wants to know what that was then. It was an accident. Aly hit her head and Steffy was there. That is what happened. Thorne asks if that isn’t what happened.

Liam tells Steffy to not think about this. It wasn’t her fault it was an accident. Nobody blames her. Steffy needs Liam to say goodbye for her. Steffy needs another minute. She walks over to Aly’s pictures. She looks at one of Aly and Eric. Steffy starts to cry and hugs the picture. Ivy walks over and knows what Steffy is thinking. Ivy is thinking about it too. That night on the side of the road with Aly. Steffy would rather focus on her life. Ivy would to but it is a little hard to get the image of her out of her mind. Seeing her like that. The ambulance and the police cars it must have been worse for Steffy. Aly tried to attack her. Ivy cannot figure out how she answered those questions. Steffy told them what she could. Ivy understands why she doesn’t want to talk about this with the family but she cannot keep this all inside. Ivy wants her to deal with the consequences. Steffy asks what she means. Ivy knows what happened that night. Aly’s death was not an accident.

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