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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy walks into the Forrester Mansion crying hysterically. She slowly walks into the living room and has a flashback to when Aly was attempting to kill her in her car. Liam rushes out saying he has been trying to get a hold of her and that she missed the whole party. He realizes that she is in hysterics and asks what is wrong.

Ivy looks at a picture of herself and Aly in Rick’s office. She starts to think of when she found Aly and Steffy together and Aly was dead. She sits down at the drawing table and Wyatt walks in. Wyatt explains that he tried calling her a couple of times. He wonders if she ever found Aly. Ivy starts to cry. Wyatt is going to take that as a no. Wyatt gets that she is worried about her but Thorne will get her the help she needs. Ivy tells him that Aly is not ok. Aly is dead. Wyatt is stunned and confused.

Nicole and Zende are in the show room. Nicole tells Zende that an intern’s work is never done. Zende agrees. One minute they are celebrating California Freedom’s success the next minute Pam is giving them marching orders. Zende guesses that Maya really had no idea that Rick was going to propose. Nicole says no. She cannot believe that she is engaged and walking as lead model again. Nicole wouldn’t mind being up there one day. Zende tells her to go for it.

Liam was so worried about Steffy. Steffy was on the high way and she had a flat and then she went to change it and headlights were going towards her. Liam asks what kind of a crazy idiot does that. Steffy informs him that it was Aly.

Wyatt tries to comprehend that Aly is dead. Ivy cannot believe it. Wyatt wants to know how. It happened tonight on the highway. Wyatt asks if she was in a car crash. Ivy explains that Aly didn’t kill herself. Aly died because of Steffy. Wyatt looks shocked.

Zende tells Nicole to get up there. Nicole asks what if she… Zende doesn’t want to hear the what if’s. She can do this. They want to see her strut it unless she does not want it bad enough. Nicole gets on the runway and starts walking. She still isn’t very good as posing. Zende assumes that she is posing for him. Zende claps.

Wyatt asks what she said. Ivy believes that Aly would still be alive if it weren’t for Steffy. Wyatt gets defensive and wants her to start from the beginning. Wyatt wants her to do that. Ivy was driving down the high way and she sees Aly and Steffy on the side of the road. She had no idea what was about to happen. Even if Aly was growing unstable Steffy didn’t have to kill her.

Liam would like to know what Steffy means by it was Aly. Steffy explains that the car that was trying to run into her was Aly. It is where her mom died. Right where she pulled over was exactly where Taylor ran down Darla. Liam asks what she is saying right now. Steffy says that she was trying to recreate her mother’s death. Steffy doesn’t know. She was arguing with her and then out of the blue she started attacking her and then something happened. She is dead. Aly is dead. Liam looks confused. Thorne walks down and says that he heard voices. He thought it would be Aly. He is starting to get a little worried because she isn’t answering her cell. Liam and Steffy look scared.

Nicole continues to walk the runway. She is giving it her personal touch. Zende starts to clap. He then picks her up. Nicole looks shocked. Zende asks what is wrong. Nicole says nothing. Zende claims that he is getting pretty good at reading her. Nicole wants him to prove it. Zende knows that she wants him up on that stage now. Nicole thinks that is not bad but what else. He can tell she is starting to like him. Nicole guesses that she is. Zende wonders why that surprises her. Nicole doesn’t know. Nicole doesn’t have a lot of things that work out for her. She thinks a lot is changing though.

Thorne heard about Aly’s behavior and he apologizes that Aly got so out of hand with Steffy. Steffy informs him that it is ok. Thorne tells her it isn’t. He wants Steffy to find it in her heart… Steffy doesn’t need to. Thorne wants to say something. Aly has had a lot of ups and downs and being her only parent is hard. Yes he got her therapy but she always regresses. He thought that things were better for her with working at the family business but now that he has heard about her acting this way again he knows he needs to be there for her now than ever. He is taking Aly back to Paris in the morning. That way when he comes back to LA one day she can be whole and healthy. He just wishes she would answer her damn cell phone. Steffy tells him she won’t. Thorne asks what she means and wonders if she knows where Aly is. Steffy explains that Aly lost it earlier tonight. She tried to attack her earlier tonight. She gave her a flat tire so she could hurt her. Thorne doesn’t think that Aly would do that. Steffy believes that she was very unstable and they should have called him sooner. Thorne thinks that Aly is a lot of things but she is not dangerous. Thorne is going to go find her. Steffy already told him that he can’t. Thorne asks what she means he can’t. He wants to know where is little girl is.

Wyatt asks if Ivy even can hear what she is saying right now. Ivy explains that things just got so out of control. Wyatt screams to stop. This is beyond crazy. They are talking about Steffy here. Ivy doesn’t like saying it any more than he likes hearing it. Wyatt tells her to stop saying it then. Wyatt doubts that what Ivy say is actually how it seems. Ivy asks why Wyatt is defending Steffy when Aly is the one who is dead. Wyatt knows that Ivy is hurting but accusing Steffy is a little bit too far. Ivy is not accusing her. She has proof. Wyatt asks what kind of proof she has. Ivy takes a deep breath. Ivy doesn’t know why she did this as she walks over to her phone. As bad as this sounds she caught everything that happened on video. Wyatt asks if she really has video of what happened. Ivy doesn’t know what made her press record but she is glad that she did. Wyatt looks on the phone and sees the video. Ivy asks if he believes her now. It wasn’t that Wyatt didn’t believe her. Ivy assumes that he saw what she saw. Steffy hit Aly with a tire iron. When she ran over she wasn’t breathing. Wyatt asks why she would do this. Ivy explains that Steffy told the police that Aly tried to hit her with her car and try to attack her or something. Wyatt guesses that is where the tire iron comes in. Ivy believes that even though Aly was clearly very disturbed she didn’t deserve to die. Wyatt knows she had her whole life ahead of her. Ivy knows she doesn’t now. Ivy cannot believe that her cousin and best friend are gone. Ivy wants to know Steffy would lie to the police.

Liam tries to calm down Thorne because she is just trying to tell him something. Thorne doesn’t care what she was trying to do. Thorne demands to know where Aly is right now. Steffy says that after Aly tried attacking her (Thorne is speaking over her telling her to stop saying that) she tried to calm her down. Thorne screams and demands to know where Aly is right now. Steffy starts crying and says that she is gone. Thorne wonders if she means like run away. Steffy whispers again that she is gone. Thorne says no. Steffy claims it was an accident. She didn’t mean to do it. She is sorry. Thorne runs out and Steffy continues to say it was an accident. Liam holds Steffy in her arms while she cries.

Ivy tells Liam that he can re-watch it a thousand times. Wyatt knows only that what is in this video is not what Steffy said to the police. Ivy asks why Steffy would lie if she is not guilty. Wyatt doesn’t know and wants them to start from the beginning. Wyatt asks what she said about the tire iron. Ivy tells him that she said nothing about that only that Aly came towards her and she hit her head on the rock. That isn’t how she died according to this. She didn’t trip like she told the police. Wyatt wants there to be another explanation. Wyatt knows that she is manipulative but killing someone is a little bit different. He cannot even begin to wrap his head around it. Ivy cannot think of another reason. Aly is dead because of Steffy. Aly deserves justice because it wasn’t an accident. This was murder.

Steffy sits down. She is shaking.

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