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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Aly is holding the crowbar above her head. Steffy asks what she is doing. Steffy tells her not to do anything but Aly swings it anyways.

Ivy is driving to find Aly. She once again remembers finding the shrine to hate Steffy and Maya. Ivy commands her phone to call Aly. It goes straight to voice mail. Ivy says that it is her. She has been caught up with her own stuff and hasn’t been a very good friend. She would like to meet up and just talk the two of them.

Maya cannot get the pictures of her and Steffy’s faces x’ed out in Aly’s closet out of her head. Liam believes that they are all pretty creeped out. Rick guesses that they are going to have to get her some more help. Maya asks if she will actually accept it. Rick thinks that she is going to have to. Thorne will show up and help rally her as well. Thorne walks in and Rick gives him a hug. He says that it is great to see him. Thorne feels that it is great to see him too. Rick has some fantastic news. Rick introduces Maya as his future wife. Thorne congratulates her and hugs Maya. Maya thanks him. Thorne never really had a minute to tell Maya how impressed he was of her. After Bill broke the story Maya was wonderful under pressure. Maya admits that she did hide out for a bit. Thorne feels that what matters is that she didn’t go running and did come back. He has to say how proud he is that Maya is a part of this family. Maya and Rick thank him. Thorne asks how the show went. Rick says it went great. Liam believes that Rick’s proposal set them over the top. Wyatt agrees that they will get a lot of press out of that. Thorne explains that he is never going to fly commercial again. He missed the whole reason that he came. Rick actually thinks that it is good he came. Aly is in trouble.

Aly swings again and Steffy is now scared. Steffy asks hew to put it down. Aly says no. Steffy doesn’t think that Aly wants to hurt her. Aly believes that Steffy will not stop and is poison. Steffy is bringing down the entire family. She cannot let Steffy ruin everything. Steffy is crying.

Rick tries to get Thorne to sit down. Thorne wants to hear about his daughter. Rick realizes that there really is no way to sugar coat this. Aly has regressed. Thorne asks how bad it is. Liam feels it is really bad. Wyatt believes it is to the point where they are all concerned. Thorne had thought that she had concurred her troubles. She was loving her job and is with a great man. Maya points out that she has actually distanced herself a lot from Oliver. He is very confused and is on assignment in Millan right now. Liam adds that Aly has had a lot of out bursts at work lately. A montage of Aly going nuts is shown. Maya explains that all of Maya’s negative attention seems to be focused on Steffy and herself. Rick wonders if this is his fault. He hasn’t been that great to Aly. He guesses that he was a little bit drunk on power. Maya feels awful. He should have been better to Aly. Rick is sorry. Thorne knows it goes without saying. He cannot blame him for Aly’s negative issues. They keep coming back. Thorne needs to know what exactly they are dealing with. Thorne wants to know exactly what is going on with his daughter.

Aly swings again. Steffy jumps back. She tells Aly to back off. Aly swings it again but this time Steffy grabs on to the crowbar. Steffy and Aly both fall in different directions. Aly finds a rock on the ground and picks it up. Aly knows that she is what is wrong with the family along with Maya. Forrester used to stand for morals with Hope leading the way. This has to stop now. She holds the rock over her head. Steffy is crying.

Liam explains that after the show they all came back here for the party. They noticed that Aly wasn’t around so Ivy went to go check on her. Wyatt then says that Ivy went in her closet and then had them all go up there. Aly basically has collage in her closet with pictures of Steffy and Maya and their eyes crossed out. One of them has Steffy’s face with a nail in the head. Which is really concerning. One time when he was working on the collection with Steffy Aly walked in and went off on her. Thorne asks what happened. Liam says that Aly called her a slut and is ruining the family. After he left Steffy told her that she brought up Taylor and that Steffy is just like her. Thorne is afraid of that. So much has happened. Aly has always been fragile. She feels things intensely. Maya assumes that hasn’t been great for him. Thorne just wants to help his daughter. Aly tries she really does try. She has never gotten over the loss of her mother. He asks if she has been seeing Darla. Liam tells him that she did mention something. Wyatt wonders if that is a good or bad thing. Thorne guesses it depends on what was going on in Aly’s head. Liam is worried that all this close mindedness is being put out on Steffy and Maya.

Ivy continues to think about Aly and all the crazy things that she has said. Ivy notices Aly and Steffy on the side of the road.

Steffy tries to stop Aly. She claims that Taylor is sorry for what she did. Aly doesn’t want to hear it. Taylor never had to pay for what she did. Ivy gets out of her car. Aly has to do this for her company and her family. Aly is about to throw the rock at Steffy when Steffy grabs the grow bar and trips Aly. Aly falls back hitting her head on a larger rock. Her eyes are closed. Ivy witnesses all of this from her car and puts her hands on her mouth. Aly is not moving on the ground with her mouth open. Steffy says Aly’s name. Steffy sees the crowbar in her hand and starts to panic when she realizes what has happened. Steffy goes over to Aly and tries to wake her up. She looks around. She throws the crowbar into the bushes. Ivy walks over and asks what happened. She tries to get all to respond to her. Ivy needs them to call an ambulance. Ivy gets on the phone and tells them to get to her. Steffy is screaming at Aly to wake up.

Thorne knows that Aly has always been troubled. His regret is that he has never been able to ease her suffering. It was easier when she was a little kid. He could easily tell when she was slipping. She grew up though. It is what kids do and a young woman needs to be in charge of her life. You can’t keep them under glass. Maya points out you also can’t control them. Thorne says that Aly has created this world inside of her head. When someone deviates from what is going inside her head she goes off. That is the only reason she has issues with Maya. Maya understands. Aly does have a huge heart but gets overwhelmed by the real world. She takes refuge in her head. That is when Darla comes out. It is a defense mechanism. Wyatt feels bad about that but he is also really worried. He has been on the receiving end of her displeasure and it is not a fun place to be. Liam agrees that the photos of Steffy and Maya are really disturbing. Rick adds that they all think that Aly needs help. Thorne agrees. He is going to take Aly back to Paris with him and get her therapy. He just hopes that he can get to her before it is too late.

Ivy and Steffy try to wake Aly up. Ivy wants to know why she is not breathing and starts screaming at Steffy. She wants to know what the hell happened. Steffy doesn’t know. She tried to attack her. She didn’t know. Steffy cries and tries to wake her up. Ivy thinks that she is dead. Steffy is going crazy crying now.

Rick is pouring drinks with Maya. Rick tells her that it is ok to look at her ring because it is hers now. Maya thinks that it is so beautiful. Rick believes that it is not even a comparison to Maya herself. When Rick got down on his knee on the runway it was so surprising. She cannot imagine being happier than she is right now. Liam still cannot get Steffy to pick up her phone and he does not like this. It is just a feeling. She should be picking up. Wyatt assumes that Ivy should be checking in by now as well. Liam agrees. Liam guesses that if Ivy found Aly that they are having a heart to heart. Realistically they have no reason to be worried. Thorne gets off the phone. They are going to go to the doctor in the morning then take the jet back to Paris in the afternoon. Rick thinks that is a great idea. She can do something at International. Thorne thinks that he will have her work right next to him so he can keep a close eye on her. Maya asks if there is anything else they can do. Thorne can handle it but he thanks her. Maya believes that he is amazing. Having unconditional support for Aly and her challenges. Maya did too and her dad rejected her. So whatever is going on he will protect Aly. Even from herself.

Steffy tells Ivy that she is not dead. Ivy tries to explain that Aly hasn’t moved since she hit her head. The ambulance shows up and Steffy screams for them to get over. Steffy has panic in her voice. The police ask what happened. Steffy tells them that she hit her head on the rock. She was trying to attack her. The police ask if that is her story. Steffy says yes it is terrible what happened. The paramedics try to revive her but they can’t. Steffy and Ivy fall to the ground and start crying hysterically. Aly Forrester is dead.

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