B&B Tuesday Update 7/21/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/21/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

In the show room Maya and Rick show off her engagement ring to Maya’s family and Brooke. Nicole points out that Rick knows how to pick a ring. Maya agrees that he certainly does. Nicole cannot believe that Rick proposed. He has reporters on the edge of their seats and photographers everywhere it was unreal. Julius jokes that it was risky to do it in public. The answer could have been no. Vivienne playfully hits him. Rick felt confident enough. Nicole asks how Julius proposed to Vivienne. Julius asked her grandfather of course. Vivienne doesn’t want him to make it sound so old fashioned. They were out to dinner and it was sweet and somewhat public. Julius still asked her father first. Rick didn’t even think to ask. He asks if he should have. Julius assures him that it is fine. It isn’t his place to say what Maya should or shouldn’t do with her life. For the record and he cannot believe he is saying this. He approves. This union has his blessing.

Backstage Steffy, Liam, Ivy, and Wyatt all toast to California Freedom. Wyatt also would like to toast to the happy couple. The other three all look nervous. Wyatt means Rick and Maya. Liam guesses that was really something. Steffy notices Aly and asks if she would like to join them in a drink. Aly reminds her that she is not twenty one yet. Steffy knows she just thought that she would like to hang out with them. She doesn’t know why she even said that and is sorry. Steffy asks if Aly liked the show stopper. Aly asks if it matters and walks away. Liam assures Steffy that she tried. Aly watches them from behind curtains. Darla tells Aly that she is glad Aly said no to her. A daughter who is a drunk. Darla doesn’t even know why she is so surprised. Aly bets that they all go to some after party where they all boost their egos. Darla feels that Aly and Ivy are the only Forrester’s with any sense of what is right left. Aly doesn’t think that it has to be that way. Aly can do something so big to turn this family around. Darla wants her to do it tonight.

Brooke wants Maya to understand that she is happy for the two of them. Those intense words she said in the past… Maya tells her that it is ok. She understands. They walk back over to the others. Rick asks Julius when they plan to leave. He is trying to convince them to stay. Otherwise they are going to have to just turn right back around for the ceremony. Nicole wants to know when the wedding is. Rick says that it is as soon as they can have it and kisses Maya. Vivienne guesses that they could change the date on their flight. Rick asks how much it is. He would love to take care of it. Julius thanks him. He thinks that is very kind of him. He guesses that they are staying.

Ivy explains that Aly has just been so dark lately. As soon as she goes home she goes straight to her room. Ivy really thinks that Aly needs professional help. Steffy doesn’t think that they should give up on her. Tonight they should all try to connect with her at the party. Ivy says that will only be if she even comes to the party and if she doesn’t then she will just go straight to her room. Steffy hopes that tonight is the start of Aly putting her demons behind her.

Aly is outside and has a pick. She starts to stab Steffy’s tire.

Liam looks on his phone and tells all of them that they have all positive reviews. Steffy is glad but wants to know about sales. Liam doesn’t think that will be a problem. Everyone had positive faces. Sales are not going to be a problem. Ivy thinks that this quarter Forrester is going to make a bazillion dollars. Steffy likes the ways that she is fantasizes. Ivy had to suffer through Rick going on and on about Forrester’s highest quarterly profit. Wyatt confirms that she is not exaggerating. Liam would love to beat that record. Steffy says that they will do it then. Liam asks if they are ready to party. Wyatt explains that they actually have some jewelry to put away first. Ivy will see them there then. Liam doesn’t want them to take too long. Steffy can tell that Ivy still thinks that there is a chance. Liam knows but he did mean what he said. He is committed to Steffy now. He wonders if he should pull her aside at the party. Steffy wants him to wait. She would like everyone to enjoy the party. Steffy doesn’t want anything ruin the celebration.

Julius pours himself a drink. Vivienne reminds him that it isn’t theirs. Julius wants her to look around her. All of this is theirs now that Maya is engaged to Rick. Vivienne can tell that Julius is suddenly able to say his daughter without rolling his eyes. Julius is still rolling his eyes. He is just doing a better job at hiding it. Julius can tell her that they have many days ahead of them of drinking champagne.

Rick gets Maya into his office and Maya asks what he is doing. Rick is glad that they are finally having their first moment alone. They start to kiss passionately. Maya cannot believe that they are getting married. Rick says that they are.

Steffy gets into her car. She starts to do her makeup. She turns on the car and looks out the window. Aly watches as she drives off and smiles.

Steffy is driving in her car and smiles as she looks out. Aly is in her car right behind her and has a look of determination.

Nicole and Zende walk into the mansion living room from the back entrance. Nicole finds her phone and explains that she is going to single handedly save this party. Zende agrees that the music they are playing is pretty bad. Nicole is to the rescue. Ivy, Wyatt, and Liam all walk in. Nicole tells them that they party is just getting started and people are down by the pool. Ivy wants them all to go head. She is going to go check to see if Aly is up in her room. Liam gets a phone call from Steffy. He informs her that he better not be calling to say that she is skipping this party. Steffy would like to know if she has ever been known to skip on a party. Liam says nope. Steffy just wanted to tell him that she is on her way. She swears that if that Ausie is skinny dipping… Liam will avert his eyes. Steffy thinks he is a good man.

Steffy hangs up and her tire falls flat. She pulls over on the side of the road in a similar situation to when Phoebe had a flat. She cannot believe that she has a flat.

Maya asks Rick if he really thinks that they are going to get married that fast. Rick asks why not. Maya assumes that they have a lot to plan. Rick isn’t going to make Carter’s mistake. Maya doesn’t want him to go there. Rick feels that it is true. Maya cannot believe that she spent all that time pining away for him. Rick is glad that she did. Maya thinks that it felt like a lifetime ago. Maya knows that being with him meant telling him everything so he was scared. She is glad she took the chance. Rick guesses it paid off. Maya knows it did.

Steffy gets in her car and grabs her phone. She looks at her tire and cannot believe the tire is split.

Ivy walks into Aly’s room and sees a lump in her bed. Ivy whispers to Aly. She picks up the blankets and finds a bunch of stuffed animals. Ivy smiles. She walks over to her closet and turns on the light. She notices the Steffy hate shrine and freaks out.

Steffy gets out her tools and starts to work on it. Aly is sitting in her car a little bit behind her. Darla tells her to do it. Take Steffy out the same way she took her out.

Julius tells Vivienne that this Rick guy is really something else. He can have any woman he wants. An actual woman and he chooses Maya. Vivienne reminds him that Maya is a woman. Julius doesn’t care what she is. All he knows is that she isn’t their problem anymore. She becomes Rick’s problem. Instead of having to deal with embarrassment they can reap in the benefits. Maybe even move to LA. Get a nice little house on the hill. Vivienne realizes that this was always about the money. Julius has been lying. He never intended to accept Maya. Julius made it very clear that he would try to accept her. He is here at his little fashion show, calling her daughter and saying her. He is doing the best he can. Maybe if he stays around these crazy LA people long enough he can come to accept this. Vivienne asks if he really believes that.

Rick is on the phone and says that it is going to be a big celebration. Rick explains that Louis thinks she looked radiant. Maya thanks him. Rick tells Maya the rest of the calls from the whole world can wait right now. Maya asks if it is really the whole world. Rick does run international. He knows these things. They start to kiss again.

Steffy is having trouble with the car. Aly is having trouble deciding what to do.

Ivy has Liam and Wyatt run into Aly’s room. Liam asks if it is just pictures. Ivy feels that it is more than just pictures. Liam wants Steffy to know about this.

Steffy’s phone is in her car as she works on the tire. Aly tells Darla that this is for Darla. Darla feels that it is for the whole company. She needs to put an end to Steffy. Aly thinks all of this is wrong. Darla wants her to pay for what he mother did. Aly hits the case. Darla says strike hard. Steffy starts screaming. The screen cuts to black.

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