B&B Monday Update 7/20/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/20/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Another model walks out and struts the audience. People seem to really like her outfit. Another one in a blue dress then comes out. People are clapping. Maya walks back out in a sparkly silver gown. She smiles. Rick and Brooke are in the audience happy. Aly looks back stage annoyed. Nicole asks Vivienne what she thinks of the show. Vivienne has tears in her eyes and says it is beautiful. Nicole then asks what Julius thinks. She reminds him that is his daughter up there on the stage. He says nothing.

Backstage everyone watches. Liam and Steffy are close together and Ivy is clearly annoyed. Behind them Aly looks like she is out for revenge.

Maya continues to strut. She looks like a complete professional as she walks the runway. People continue to clap for her. Vivienne claps very loudly and smiles. The next model comes out.

Maya walks backstage and she thanks Rick. Rick believes this is all on her. California Freedom is about Maya Avant and hopefully people watching will feel like Maya helped them in some way. Rick has a surprise for her. Maya asks if it can wait because she has to change. Rick says yes because it is nothing big. Aly is looking behind them as they kiss. Steffy notices Aly and tells her that they could use her help. Aly is not in a good mood. Steffy would like her to stop this and wants to help pull her out of this. Aly asks what she is talking about. Steffy does not think that it has to be this way. Aly agrees that it doesn’t. This isn’t fashion. This is filthy and degrading. Steffy thought she was on board. Aly doesn’t want to talk to her. Steffy suggests that she go home then. Aly asks if she is trying to get rid of her. Steffy can tell that this is not good for her. Aly doesn’t think that Steffy knows what is good for her or this company. She walks away.

Another model walks out in a white dress with a flower pattern on it.

Liam walks around backstage and asks Ridge if he has seen Steffy. Ridge explains that she was here a minute ago but doesn’t know where she is now. Aly walks back to where she was standing. Steffy walks back over and tells her that she didn’t mean to upset her. Aly is not upset. Steffy wonders then if she is ok. Aly doesn’t need to be treated like a child. Steffy is just concerned about her. Aly doesn’t want her to be. She is fine. Steffy is shocked at how Aly is so unimpressed with this line. This is ground breaking for Forrester. Aly sees one of the models fix her strap and Aly looks at this in a sexual manner and gets angry. Aly wonders if Steffy can really call it freedom. Steffy believes that it is beautiful. Provocative but expressive. This is a line for every woman. Aly doesn’t think it is. She wonders if Maya fits into the category of women. Steffy says that she most certainly does. Aly asks about all the other women like Maya. Steffy reminds her that this is about progress. Aly feels that it is about sex. This is not the principals that her mother and grandmother stood for. Steffy knows that Darla would never say those things. Aly grabs on to Steffy wrist and tells her to never talk to her about her mother. Steffy grabs her wrist back and looks scared. Aly whispers to her to not talk about her mother. Aly would like to know where the values that existed with Hope for the Future. Steffy explains that Hope is gone. What she said with Maya earlier is the truth. Hope for the Future is no longer needed. This is now. They are not going backwards. Aly thinks that they are going backwards. Steffy is not arguing with her. Steffy would like her to leave. Aly will not be told to leave. She is a Forrester. A true Forrester. Darla appears to her and tells her to start acting like a Forrester and put an end to all of this.

Ridge tells everyone to get lined up for the final walk. Steffy walks out and asks if Quinn did a final check on Maya. Quinn wonders where Maya is. Steffy will go get her

Othello changes the music and Sonya walks out. It is a gray-white long gown. Brooke thinks that this is beautiful fashion. Charlie tells Pam that everyone is going crazy for all of this. Pam feels that she should have made her lemon bars for everyone. Charlie thinks that the only way these people are going to eat is with a tranquilizer. Pam starts nibbling on a lemon bar. Charlie demands that she share that. Katie notes to Bill that Maya should be walking out soon. She should be fabulous. Bill hopes so. Katie is sure that she will be fine. Bill wonders if she will be nervous having these eyes on her. Katie doubts it seeing she is on every magazine in the country thanks to him. Bill thinks that she loves it. Julius tells Vivienne and Nicole that he is ready to head out. Nicole tells him not a chance. Vivienne sternly explains to him that they are watching their daughter.

Backstage Maya looks and sees Rick. She remembers when Rick told her that she would need to be convinced that she is worth it. Then when he told her that he would defend her to his dying day. Maya smiles. Rick turns around and asks if she is all set. She says yes. Liam walks over to Steffy. He was looking for her. Steffy was with Aly. Liam asks how she was doing. Steffy explains it wasn’t so great. She is dealing with a lot. Rick reminds Maya that she is about to make Forrester history tonight. The whole world is going to know how he feels about her. Steffy walks up to them and tells Rick that Quinn needs him. Steffy tells Maya that she is the show. She asks if Maya is ready. Maya has never been more. This is her story and she wants it heard. Steffy is glad and tells her to break a heal. They clap hands.

Over a loud speaker Steffy introduces their show stopper which is a vision of freedom and acceptance. Maya walks out in a white gown with a long back to it. Everyone claps for Maya. Rick smiles. Vivienne tries to comfort Julius. Nicole smiles. Nick is shown smiling as well Maya continues to walk back and forth for the audience. All the other models come out as well. Steffy introduces the designers of California Freedom. Ridge Forrester and Caroline Spencer. Aly looks out from the back. Everyone is giving a standing ovation.

Ivy looks at Liam and Steffy onstage from backstage and looks annoyed. Wyatt puts his hands on her shoulders.

Julius stands up but doesn’t clap. Steffy thanks them all so much. This is California Freedom and this line represents that they are committed to the cause. For every woman and man. Every human on this earth deserves the right to speak their mind without prejudice and discrimination. She thanks them all for celebrating with them. Aly hears Darla tell her to do this for Stephanie and the family. She must put an end to this. Ridge thanks them all as this is the end of the show. He thanks them for supporting freedom. Rick walks on the stage. He grabs the mic from Ridge. He would like to add a few things before everyone leaves. He takes Maya’s hand. Rick explains that a lot of people ask her how he feels about this woman. He would like to answer that without any reservations. In front of her parents, sister, and in front of the entire world. Maya inspires him. Her strength. She has beauty in and out. She is the woman that he has been looking for. He wants to marry her. Everyone gasps. He hands the mic to Ridge. He gets on one knee. He holds out the ring and asks if she will marry him. Maya says yes.

Backstage Quinn, Ivy, and Wyatt all look happy for them. Aly who is behind them hiding looks angry.

Vivienne is crying. Maya hugs him and smiles. Rick kisses Maya.

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