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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge looks around backstage at the fashion show. Caroline fixes Sonya’s dress for her. Sonya tells her that it fits like a glove and she adores the color. Caroline thinks that she is so sweet. She tells her to go to makeup and have them put nude colors on her. Ridge grabs her and asks how they are doing. Caroline believes that things are going great.

Liam and Steffy are in the presentation room. Liam tries to say hello to people but absolutely no idea who they are. Steffy steps in and explains that they are all seated close up. Liam would like to know how Steffy is such a natural because he is such a flake. Steffy doesn’t think so. Ivy walks out from behind back stage and spots the two talking to each other. Wyatt walks over and tells her that there is nothing to see out there. Liam and Steffy walk over to Bill and Katie and are shocked to see them. Katie says that they wouldn’t miss it. Bill notes that this is their first fashion show as President and VP. They make a good looking team. Steffy was thinking the same thing.

Backstage Maya is getting ready and Carter tells Rick that they are above capacity. No one declined an invitation. Rick reminds him that this isn’t his problem because he runs international. Carter laughs and goes to find Ridge. Rick walks over to Maya and tells her that she looks beautiful. Rick asks if she is excited. Maya is beyond excited. This is not like any show she has ever done. Her parents are in the audience.

Vivienne and Julius walk around in the presentation room and Vivienne seems to be impressed. Julius doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. Nicole, Zende, and the other interns walk over to them. Nicole says hello. Vivienne happily says hello back. Nicole tells her that Maya is really glad that they could make it. Nicole introduces them to her fellow interns. Zende shakes hands with both of them. Julius asks if Zende is really a Forrester.

Ridge tells a model that she needs to go to jewelry. Caroline wants her to find her afterwards so she can let them know she is ready to go out. Steffy and Liam walk over and note that Ridge and Caroline are the two brilliant designers. Caroline asks if it looks like she is going to have a nervous breakdown because she might. Liam doesn’t think so. Except for the bead of sweat. Ridge wipes it off her chin. Ridge asks if Steffy has the speech ready. Steffy has a speech from the heart. She plans to tell people to be themselves and not be afraid of others. Caroline likes it because it is their message. Steffy thanks her. She thinks that it is going to be good. Aly is on the other side of them and has a look of true disgust on her face.

Quinn tells a model that she should go touch herself up so she can tweak a jewelry piece. Deacon walks behind her and scares her. Quinn asks what he is doing here. Deacon just wanted to wish his wife some luck. The two kiss.

Bill and Katie both have some champagne. One of his employees comes over and is shocked that Bill is even here. Katie assumes that it is because it is shocking that Forrester even let him through the front door.

Vivienne thinks that this looks interesting. Zende notes that some pretty big names in the fashion world are here. Nicole tells her parents that Rick’s mother is coming over. Brooke comes over and assumes that they must be Mrs. and Mr. Avant. Vivienne tells her to call them by their first names. She thinks that it is nice to meet her. It is Brooke’s pleasure. Rick said that they would be coming. Julius notes that he appreciates everything that Rick has done for Maya’s life.

Maya looks out from behind the curtain. Rick asks if she is worried that her parents are here. Maya tells him that she stopped letting them rattle her a long time ago. Maya just wants to get out there on stage and stand proud. This is her first public appearance since Bill outed her to the press. She wants this opportunity to have her power back.

Steffy tells Liam that if they can’t move someone’s seats that they will make sure to get them an exclusive backstage. Ivy is working with two models. She thinks that they look great and they walk away. Aly walks over to her and tells her to look at Steffy next to Liam. Aly does not think that this is right. Ivy doesn’t think that Steffy is all over him right now. Aly believes that Steffy just takes and takes whatever she wants. Ivy is just trying to get along with them. She wants Aly to calm down and stop being so judgmental. Carter tells Ivy that Quinn needs her. Ivy walks off. Steffy tells someone to check with the stage manager. Liam grabs Steffy and tells her he wants to look to the future.

On the Sky Lounge, Liam drags Steffy out. Steffy asks what he is doing because this is their first fashion show. Liam wants to show Steffy the future. They are going to be running Forrester Creations together. The future is here. It is also standing right in front of him. This force of nature right in front of him. She always fights for what she believes in. She has the right to fight for her family and Forrester. Liam wants her to know that she doesn’t have to do that. Liam thanks her for being so patient with him. He finally sees the obvious. He is right where he wants to be with her. Day after day and year after year. The two start to kiss passionately.

Bill doesn’t understand what all this nonsense is about. Katie doesn’t want him to be so jaded the show hasn’t even started. Bill wants Jared to get him a story. Jared will try of course but there might not be anything interesting. Bill wants him to do his job. Something interesting must be happening here.

Rick walks up to Brooke and tells her that it is going to be a great show today. Brooke is glad that he is happy today. Rick asks if Brooke is. Brooke is but she still feels terrible that he lost his CEO position. Rick would still like to be running the company but that doesn’t matter. Today is huge for himself and Maya. She is all he cares about and no one can take that away from them. Especially after today.

Backstage Maya asks Nick that if they spark up conversation, it means that they have done their job. Nick believes that this show is really for all of them. Maya has done this a bunch of times now but she has never felt more proud to walk down the runway. Nick asks how she feels having her parents in the audience. Maya feels good. Strange but good. Nick wonders if she has had any progress. Maya explains that for the first time in her life Julius has said he is willing to try and accept her. She hopes that he means it.

Julius believes that it is a whole other world out here in La-La Land. Vivienne notes that the gift bags in the lobby are unbelievable. Julius bets that this cost at least half a million. Vivienne wishes that she had packed something nicer. Julius asks what is wrong with what she is wearing. Vivienne tells him to look around. Julius can see and thinks that she looks fine.

On the DJ stand Rick tells Othello that he wants everything perfect today.

Ridge is looking back stage for Steffy. Steffy walks over with Liam and tells him that they are both present and accounted for. Ridge informs them that they are about to get started. Steffy asks if Ivy knows about this. Liam didn’t get the chance to tell her before everything but he promises to tell her. Steffy says ok. Steffy walks over to Aly and would like to know how many hits they got. Aly informs her that it is just under a million but she is sure that things will pick up when the show starts. Steffy tells everyone that Ridge would like to say a few words.

Ridge thanks them all for their hard work because without it they wouldn’t be here. He then thanks Caroline for being his co-designer stating that she has proven time and time again that she is more talented than he will ever be. He then thanks the models. They may make the gowns but they make them wonderful. This show is about equality. It is about what is unique and what makes them special. They are all helping move Forrester into the future and that is pretty cool. Ridge wants to get started and they all start clapping. Aly gives another look of disgust. Ridge tells one of the interns to talk to Othello about the music. Steffy wants Zende to take one of the models to where she needs to go. Ridge asks Liam how it is looking out there. Liam notes that it is filling up and everyone looks pumped. Ridge likes hearing that. Ivy walks over and tells Liam that she wants to wish him good luck. Liam wants to wish her good luck as well. Ivy thinks that this is cool and is like a new beginning for all of them. Liam knows that things are crazy now but they should find some time after the show. Ivy would like that. On the other side of the room Maya asks Rick if he knows how thrilled she is right now. Rick bets that she will be even more thrilled by the end of the show. Aly looks over at Steffy and sees Steffy touching a model.

Deacon notices Brooke. He notes that he isn’t the only one who doesn’t have a glass of champagne in his hands. Brooke guesses that he is right. Deacon believes that this is better. Brooke is much better thanks to Deacon. Quinn looks out backstage and sees Brooke talking to Deacon.

Julius would like to know when this is going to start. Vivienne is sure that it will start shortly. She wants him to just enjoy it. This is a very significant moment in their daughter’s life. She is so proud of Maya. Julius is trying but this is wrong of him. His son. Their first born, walking down the runway in women’s clothing. It is so humiliating.

Maya is now in her outfit and Rick finds her. He notes that she is the most exquisite woman on the planet. Rick asks if he is a lucky guy or not. Maya says yes and the laugh.

Everyone sits down and Ridge comes out. People start to clap. Ridge thanks them all for being here today. They are proud to present a new line here today. California Freedom. This is about empowerment and acceptance. He cannot think of two women other than Steffy and Maya so he has them come out. Vivienne claps but Julius looks annoyed. Steffy thanks all of them. She notes that they had Hope for the Future. They no longer need it though. Aly looks annoyed. Steffy says that the future is now. Maya takes the mic and explains that it is a new day at Forrester Creations. They are not looking for sameness or the same old thing. Steffy states that society is full of free people and free believers. Steffy feels that California embodies diversity and beauty. Maya wants to have an impact and be kind. Steffy doesn’t want shape or guilt. Steffy states that this is California freedom. The models start to come out. People take pictures. Aly looks very angry. Another model walks out. The audience seems to like it.

Backstage Liam is looking out at the curtain. Steffy walks over and asks what is happening. Liam explains that the crowd seems really into it. One of the interns runs up to Quinn and explains that a necklace broke. Quinn wants her to swap it out with one she is holding. Ivy tries to explain to Quinn that isn’t the right one. Wyatt tells her that everything is going to be fine. Aly looks at them still very angry. Ridge notes that it is thirty seconds to Maya. Maya walks out and Caroline thinks she looks stunning. Ridge feels that her parents are going to be so proud. Steffy wants to get her out there. In Aly’s head Darla tells her that this is not freedom but sex. They are trying to destroy everything that they hold dear. This is not romance but pornography. She wants Aly to make it stop.

Maya walks out on stage and struts the run way. She smiles and poses. Everyone is happy. Julius seems uncomfortable.

Darla wants Aly to save the family and its legacy. Aly should know what to do. She needs to do it already. Put an end to it once and for all.

Maya continues to strut the runway. Rick smiles.

Aly looks at the video feed and has a look of hatred in her eyes.

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