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Maya assumes that her father has not fully accepted her but he might be willing to try. She knows that it does not sound like much. It just is a lot more than she expected. Julius always took things so personally. Until today she never thought that he would ever see her as anything but a huge disappointment.

Nicole knows that Julius was talking about Maya like she was a monster and now suddenly he thinks that he can just accept her. Julius told Maya that he would try. Nicole understands that is what he said but she wants to know if he meant it. Vivienne reprimands Nicole stating that is not how you speak to your father. Nicole asks if she believes him. Julius never wants Nicole to drag her mother into this. Nicole asks how she cannot question all of this. A few hours ago he was calling Maya a freak and yet that is not what he said to her. Maya actually thinks that Julius wants to actually get to know her. Nicole asks if it is true. Nicole does not buy it.

In Ridge’s office he asks Steffy and Caroline if he is making things clear. This line is about understanding and acceptance. Steffy feels that is exactly what California Freedom is all about.

Aly calls Steffy a freak. She cannot believe they are preaching acceptance and tolerance. Aly wonders what kind of a message that is. Aly wonders what happened to romance, eloquence, and glamour. This line isn’t about acceptance it is perverted and is smut. It is disgusting. She throws her Steffy hate board on her bed. Darla appears to her in the form of a magazine cut out. She agrees with Aly. This is all wrong. Aly knows that they can’t see it. Not even Ivy. Aly knows that they think they are doing something good but if they don’t stop then they will ruin everything. She cannot believe that they all think that Steffy and Maya are role models. She had to get out of there. Darla feels that she has to go back there right now. Aly knows that they won’t listen. They will not understand. Darla reminds her that she knows what has to be done for the company. Darla wants her at Forrester to stop this.

Ridge asks if Steffy is done with a report. Steffy confirms that everything is done. It is amazing how much she is able to get down without Aly breathing down her neck. Caroline is so glad that Steffy got through to her. Steffy explains that it was either Aly got on board or went back to Paris. Steffy really didn’t want her to leave but she did want to wake Aly up. Everyone realized how disruptive she was being and Steffy feels that it worked. Ridge reminds them both that they are all a team. Including Aly. They need to work together to make California Freedom a success.

Maya has to get back to work. She still has a lot to do. Rick points out that it is her big day tomorrow. Maya feels that there is a lot to be excited about. Rick wonders is that is how she is feeling about her dad. Rick tells her that it is ok to feel cautious. Maya wants believe that he is telling her the truth and that he really wants to try. She hasn’t had anyone in her life in a long time. If this doesn’t happen then she will be ok. It just would be really great to have a relationship with him again. Rick hugs her. Maya is smiling.

Vivienne doesn’t think that this is appropriate behavior. Nicole asks if she is not allowed to ask a question. Julius wants her to ask politely. He deserves respect. Nicole wonders if that is what Maya did. Julius claims that her brother can become a woman – this is not easy for him. He is trying to see things a little bit differently now. He feels that it would benefit all of them if they could come together as a family again. Nicole wonders if he really wants a relationship with Maya. Julius wants what is best for this family. Nicole asks if that is why he told Maya to go away and leave them alone. Julius was unaware of the kind of life a person like Maya could have. He didn’t know what kind of people Maya would meet. He was worried about the kind of people that she would bring around them and bring around Nicole. He was right to do so. She went to jail. He assumed that when she got out it would be the same as when she went to LA. Nicole had sent them emails and pictures. She wonders if they even looked at them. Julius had to look for himself. Nicole believes that being around the Forrester’s and Maya has been good for her. Julius deserves to get to know his daughter and the life that she lives. Julius would actually like to go and speak to the man she has been living with. Nicole is shocked that he wants to go see Rick. Julius would like to do it on his own. He tells Nicole to get Vivienne back to the hotel. He puts down money to pay for the coffee and kisses Vivienne. He tells her that he will see her later. Vivienne says ok.

Ridge is working with a model now along with Caroline. He thinks that it looks gorgeous and tells the tailor to tighten it a little bit. Maya tells Steffy that she was sorry that she was not here for introductions. Steffy tells her that it is ok. The model is doing great. Maya agrees that she looks great. When she heard about the collection she had to be involved. Aly walks in and looks at the model. She walks over to Steffy and asks who the model is. Steffy says that it is Sonya. Aly does not recognize her. Steffy explains that she is Maya’s friend and is in the show tomorrow. Aly frowns and says oh. Aly looks annoyed. Sonya cannot thank Maya enough for hooking her up with them. Caroline feels that they are the lucky ones. Sonya would not miss this collection for anything. What is stands for. Ridge knows that some people take the concept of freedom for granted. Caroline agrees and they think they should all be sharing it. Maya will see her tomorrow. Aly looks at them all freaked out.

Nicole believes that they should have gone with him. Vivienne reminds her that he would like to talk to Rick alone. She would like to allow Julius to handle this his way.

Rick is doing work in the living room and someone knocks on the door. He goes to get it and it is Julius. He asks if he is Rick Forrester. Rick confirms that he is. Julius introduces himself and they shake hands. Rick tells him it is nice to meet him and asks him to come right in. Rick explains that Maya is back at the office now. She is getting ready for the big show tomorrow. Julius wonders if they do not need Rick. Rick is just here for a few hours. He is handling the launch from the International Offices. Julius wonders if he lives out of town. Rick explains that he used to live in Paris but LA is his home base now. Julius guesses that if he had a home like this he wouldn’t want leave either. Rick offers him a seat. Rick tells him that he is comfortable with Maya here. Julius feels that is good to here. Rick asks if it is. Rick was told about the conversation that he had with Maya earlier. That he would like to get to know Maya better. Rick is wondering how much he would like to know. Julius asks if he means about the relationship. Rick says yes. Julius actually would like to know. Julius would like to know what kind of a man wants to make a life with a woman like Maya.

Maya believes that the dress on Sonya is going to look amazing. Caroline reminds her about the lighting. Aly looks at the model. Steffy turns around and asks if Aly would like to be introduced to Sonya. Aly thinks that they are busy and doesn’t want to get in the way. Ridge tells Sonya that she can head down to the other room now. Sonya notes that it is a beautiful gown and she is happy to wear it. Caroline believes that it is a proud moment for all of them. Maya wonders if Sonya needs help getting down to alterations. Sonya tells her no. She cannot wait for tomorrow and thanks Maya. The two hug. Maya will see her tomorrow. Aly watches as Sonya leaves.

Nicole can tell that Vivienne doesn’t think that it is a good idea. Vivienne didn’t say that. Nicole saw her face. Nicole wonders what Vivienne thinks that Julius might say. Vivienne doesn’t know. Nicole asks what she is afraid that he might say then. Vivienne knows that Julius can be blunt and some people, maybe Rick even might not appreciate his directness. Nicole wonders how Rick will react if Julius calls her sister disgusting. Vivienne doubts that he will say that. Nicole doesn’t think that anything is different. Nicole needs to know. Vivienne knows that it is not easy for him. Nicole should know how it has been difficult for him all these years. Nicole would like to know what has changed. Why is Julius fine with this now? Vivienne explains that Julius is not there yet but she thinks that spending time with Maya might help. She sure does hope so. Vivienne cannot tell her what is in her father’s mind. Vivienne believes that he is trying to see the good in Maya and what she can bring to their lives.

Julius asks if Rick is the one who really put the picture of Maya up. Rick claims that it is a family tradition. When Rick moved in his father had a portrait of his wife. Julius assumes that he didn’t know about Maya when he put it up. Rick didn’t. Julius notes that he never took it down. Rick didn’t. He was not exactly proud of how he reacted when he found out. Julius assumed he would have suspected. Rick had no idea. No one knew until Spencer made it public. Julius asks if he was humiliated. Rick wasn’t. He loves Maya and is completely committed to her. Julius wonders if he is straight. Rick is confused. Julius means does he like girls. Rick thinks that is obvious. Julius also assumes that before Maya he dated regular woman. Rick doesn’t see the difference between other women and Maya. Julius points out that Rick is successful and can have anyone woman that he wants. He doesn’t understand why he would want Maya. Rick asks if it surprises him that someone appreciates Maya for who she is. Rick thought that Julius was trying to accept her. That is what Maya told him at least. He would like to know if he is wrong about that. Julius is trying. That is why he is here. He sees that life that Maya has made here and would like to be a part of it. He would like to know that Rick is committed though and would like to know that the commitment will last.

Ridge asks what is next. Steffy asks if that was the last of the fittings. Maya confirms that it was. She would like to know if she can do anything else. Steffy says no. Steffy wants her to go home and get some rest. Steffy turns and asks if Aly heard that. Aly did. Ridge wants everyone on their best behavior. This line is about freedom and California. They are a California fashion house so that is what they are. Caroline agrees. Aly walks out to the lobby and tells herself that this cannot go on. She has to stop it.

Rick explains that he has been through a lot with Maya. Julius would rather not know what Maya has been through. Rick feels that Julius would be impressed. He has never met anyone so determined and sure of themselves. Rick is inspired by Maya in a way that he never has been before. Julius wants to know his intentions. Rick sees a future with Maya. Julius is glad. He used to pride himself in the stability of his family. When Maya left they lost that. This trip might help them get it back.

Maya would just like to thank Ridge. She knows that he is not her biggest supporter but he is doing something different with this line and she is grateful to be a part of it.

Aly looks out on the sky lounge. Darla tells her that it is almost time to make them pay. Aly asks how. Aly notices Steffy’s car in the parking lot and thinks about Darla’s death. Darla wants her to take from them what they took from her. Tomorrow everything changes.

Steffy agrees with Maya. This line can change so many people’s lives.

Aly looks out and looks angry and confused.

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