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At Liam’s house Bill and Katie are there with him. Bill assumes that this is something that he can only talk to his dad about. Liam was actually hoping for more of a feminine perspective. Katie says imagine that while Bill feels a bit offended. Liam does value Bill’s opinion most of the time. Bill realizes quickly that this has to do with his love life. A choice between Ivy and Steffy. Bill already knows that Steffy was, is, and always will be the woman for him.

In Ridge’s office Steffy calls a meeting to order. Ridge, Ivy, Aly, Caroline, Carter, Wyatt, and Rick are all in attendance. Ridge notes that with the line about to launch they need a way to launch it in a provocative way. Aly gets wide eyed by this notion. Wyatt agrees that it has to do with what California freedom conveys. Ivy feels that it is more than that though. Caroline points out that they are capturing a mood of acceptance and tolerance. Carter thinks that it sounds great but wonders how they go about it. Steffy assumes that they mean how they will translate it from the concept to the runway. Rick assumes that their CEO has an idea. Ridge does have an inspiration. Rick smiles annoyed.

Maya hugs Julius and has a smile on her face. Maya believes that this is a huge first step for him. It feels great that he is going to try to accept her. Vivienne startled tells her that they should be going. Maya assumes that they must be worried about missing their flight. Julius tells Vivienne that they are not leaving LA today. Not after everything that has happened. Maya smiles. Maya takes Julius’s hand. She thanks them both. To have her parents. Her father back in her life. Vivienne tells her that they will be in touch. Maya starts to cry. Outside Vivienne asks why Julius said those things to their girl.

With all due respect to Bill, Liam does not need to hear from him how perfect Steffy is for him. Bill wants him to get a ring on Steffy’s finger and go to a minister ASAP. Katie points out that Ivy has feelings for Liam and Liam has feelings for Ivy. Liam is glad that someone gets it. He thanks Katie. Katie does a little bit even more so now that Ivy has opened up to her. Liam asks what Ivy said. Katie informs him that he has to make a choice. He has two women after him. Liam knows. He doesn’t want to hurt them or string them along. Bill knows that Ivy was a stand in for Steffy. Bill knows that he is right.

Ridge doesn’t want anyone to look so surprised. Maya’s going to be front and center through all of this. Aly asks if Maya is really going to be the face of California Freedom. Ridge says it will be more than that. Her story is worth more than that. Wyatt assumes that he wants to capitalize on it. Ivy can see where Ridge is getting at. It isn’t about Maya being transgender but accepting her. Ivy thinks that it will be fine so long as they are not hurting anyone else. Caroline agrees that it is about acceptance. To be your true self. Steffy wonders what woman does not want to be their true self. Aly looks a little annoyed. Ridge notes that Rick is not saying much. He wonders if Rick does not like the idea. Rick loves it and so will Maya.

Maya looks at her portrait. Nicole walks in. She takes a deep breath telling Maya that she will not believe what has happened. Maya doubts it will beat what she has to say. Nicole wonders if she is ok. Maya turns around and wonders if Nicole knew that their father was in town. Nicole asks if Rick told her. Maya would like to know how Rick found out. Nicole went back to Forrester looking for her after she was ambushed by their parents. Maya explains that while Nicole was at the office she was here with their parents. They just left.

At the restaurant they were at earlier Vivienne and Julius sit at a table. Vivienne wants to know why Julius will not answer her. Julius wants her to leave him alone about this. Vivienne asks if he really intends to accept Maya. Vivienne knows that he doesn’t. He asks why he would tell her that. She wants to know why he would do that to their daughter. Julius reminds her that they only have one daughter. Their other child – he is trying really hard here. He doesn’t know though if he can accept Maya because of what she has become. Vivienne takes a sip of her coffee.

Nicole is so sorry. Their dad will never change. Nicole wishes that they would have just left them alone. Maya wants her to listen. Nicole doesn’t want to. Nicole already knows what she is doing. She is going to tell her to not let this affect her in anyway and that it doesn’t matter. Maya doesn’t think that it matters. Nicole doesn’t think that he has any right to treat Maya this way. You are not supposed to turn your back on your child no matter what. Maya doesn’t think that things are that way anymore. At least she doesn’t think that they are. Something happened today that she thought would never happen. Their father called her, his girl. Nicole looks like she is in utter confusion.

Julius does not want Vivienne looking at him like that. She knows what this did to him years ago losing his boy like that. It was like a death. Vivienne knows that he feels that way. Julius parents raised him with a set of traditional values. He wants to give the same to his children. Vivienne feels that both Maya and Nicole are good girls. Julius agrees that Nicole used to be. She never used to back talk him. Vivienne knows that she was just defending her sister. Vivienne reminds him that Nicole remembers everything that happened back at their house. Julius feels that she should remember what their lives were like before all of this happened. They were well respected in the community. When Myron became Maya though their whole world was turned upside down. It has only gotten worse. He doesn’t have a good job anymore. Their friends are not their friends anymore. It is all because of a child that they gave everything to. He asks if this is really how he gets repaid.

Liam tells Bill that FYI, Ivy is not a stand in for anyone. Bill doesn’t believe him. Bill gets that she is smart and fun. She could even be the second coming of Elizabeth Taylor. He still thinks that Liam belongs with Steffy. Katie tells him to stop talking about Steffy. Bill asks if Katie isn’t as tired of Mister Wishy- Washy as he is. Steffy has always been his first choice. Katie points out that Hope would be his first choice sometimes. Bill reminds her that Hope is out of the picture. Ivy will be as well. His quickie marriage to her was a wakeup call. Liam asks what he is talking about. Liam admitted that but he also admitted that he would like to think this all through. If he is being honest with himself his feelings for Steffy are stronger. Bill shouts hallelujah and waves his hands in the air. Katie understands that he is struggling, he told Ivy and Steffy which she supposes is the decent thing to do. After talking with Ivy though she wonders if maybe Ivy is with the wrong Spencer brother. Ivy and Wyatt kind of has a nice ring to it.

Ridge feels that in addition to Maya they should probably add some other transgender models to the show. Ivy knows that transgender models are not new to the fashion world but they are pushing the envelope. Rick doesn’t think that they are shoving it down any ones throats they are just saying that anyone has the right to contribute talent. They can show who they were born to be. Maya certainly feels that way. Caroline points out that there is just so much support for her out there. Steffy guesses that they should just live and let live. Carter feels that someone is looking for a raise. Steffy explains that now that Maya has taken the lead she wants to step back and just be President. Ridge asks if they are all ok with this. All eyes are on Aly. Aly takes a deep breath. She knows that they are all wondering if she is going to climb up on her soap box again and lash out. Aly already told Liam and Steffy that she gets it. Things are not the same as when her grandparents formed Forrester. It is not what she wants but it is ok. Whatever she has to do for her families company she is in. Whatever it takes.

Bill asks Katie where that is coming from. Katie wants them to admit that Wyatt and Ivy would make beautiful babies. She is just saying that Liam is trying to choose between two fantastic women. Wyatt might intervene and fix things. Liam wants to know if she told Ivy this. Katie didn’t in so many words. If Ivy wants to fight for Liam and not just hand him over to Steffy that is his choice. Ivy doesn’t think anything with Wyatt. They might not even realize what is happening yet. The possibility is there though. Katie asks how Liam would feel about that.

Ridge guesses that this is a first because everyone is in agreement. They all laugh. Rick guesses that things have finally rolled on. Ridge believes that it is in thanks part to Rick. Wyatt feels that is almost a compliment. Ridge explains that it is an acknowledgement. Rick assumes he is talking about his rise and fall from power. He is the first to admit that he let his ego get in the way. Ridge admits that he did make the company a lot of money so he must be good for something. Steffy would like them all to get back to work. They need to make this the best fashion show ever. Aly quickly walks out of the room. Ivy notices. Aly stands in the hallway in complete shock.

Maya assumes that Nicole can imagine her surprise to walk in to see their father. Nicole would like to know what Julius said. Maya of course thought it would be more of the same. She thought he would talk about what an embarrassment she was. Nicole assumes that is not what happened. He called Maya his girl. For the first time he called her his girl. It almost sounded too good to be true. That is what she thought at first. This man who couldn’t handle seeing her face years ago was suddenly in her home. Hugging her in his arms. She asks Nicole if she knew how that felt. He was finally understanding who she was. Nicole asks what else he said. Maya says that he wanted to spend time with her and get to know the life that she is living. Nicole wonders if he is really seeing her in a different way. Maya does believe that he has changed. At least he is trying to. Maya hugs her. Nicole looks unsettled. Nicole has to go. They will talk later. Nicole walks outside and dials her phone. Nicole asks where Vivienne and Julius are. Vivienne tells het that they are at the coffee shop that she met them before. Nicole tells them not to leave. She wants to talk to them.

Caroline tells Ridge that his designs are amazing and the only thing he is better at is… Ridge tells her that it is picking the perfect woman. Caroline says yes. They start to kiss passionately.

In Ridge’s old office Liam tells Ivy, Wyatt, and Steffy that it sounds like Ridge is on to something. Ivy admits that she has not seen Forrester pull together like this in a very long time. Wyatt is shocked that they are all getting along. Ivy thinks that is weirder is how easy Rick is being. Wyatt really likes how Aly is going along with everything. Liam agrees. She did say that they would be seeing a new side of her. Steffy agrees that they are just at the right time.

Aly looks at her hate board and tells Steffy that she is Ridge’s inspiration to preach decency. She starts crying. Darla tells her to stop them. Only Aly can stop them.

Rick walks in and tells Maya that he was going to tell her the good news but then she got her text. He can tell that something major happened. Maya nods her head in agreement. Rick wants to know what it is.

Nicole finds her parents at the coffee shop. Nicole demands to know why Julius didn’t tell her that he was going to see Maya. Julius instructs her to sit down. Nicole wants to know what he was thinking saying those things to her. Vivienne tries to tell her that he was trying to… Nicole assumes that he was trying to make her believe that he is a different man. Julius made no promises he just said he would try. Nicole knows that Maya didn’t hear him going on and on earlier about how he is still disgusted with her. He was blaming her for everything that happened in their family. She asks that if between then and the time he showed up at the Forrester Mansion that he had a change of heart. That is what he is asking her to believe.

Maya notes that Rick has the same look on his face that Nicole had when she told her. She had a hard time believing it to. Maya feels that people can change. Maya is sure that he is not fully in acceptance of her but he is trying. For now that is enough. They hug. Rick looks worried.

Nicole doesn’t want to think the worst but she wants to know how she is supposed to reconcile what he said to her as a sudden turn around. She asks if Julius is lying to her. She wants to know if he really did mean everything he said to Maya.

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