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Written By Anthony
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Julius explains to Maya that she has a very comfortable home. Maya takes a minute to get words out of her mouth. She asks him what he just called her. He called her his little girl. He assumes that is what he is supposed to call her. Maya calls for Nicole. Vivienne explains that a lady let them in. Julius states it was the help. Maya is shocked that Nicole isn’t with them. Vivienne states that she is at that age. Maya wonders what age that is. Vivienne says where she wants a little rebellion. Maya wants to know what Julius told her. Julius didn’t say anything. Nicole’s mind was against them. Nicole might have come out here on her own but Maya will look after her. She can guarantee that. Julius knows that Maya will never understand this but from the time that a man and a woman become parents they never can rest easy. When you are a parent you wonder if it is your fault. If it is something that they said. You remember every harsh word. Maya does know these things.

Rick asks what Nicole’s father is even doing here. Nicole does not know. It doesn’t make much sense for them to be traveling and staying at hotels with Julius out of work. Rick could put them up at the guest house. Nicole doesn’t want Rick encouraging them. If Nicole did something awful and he and Maya decided to kick him out… Rick would never do that because this is her home. Nicole is just saying on the off chance that they did, she wouldn’t go back with them. There are other ways to stay in LA. Things happen here and everyone you meet is interesting. It is a person’s dream and you have a right to follow it. Her parents don’t have dreams anymore. Nightmares maybe but they just think that everyone is against them. They could change if they wanted to. Nicole hopes that they are on the next flight out. That way Maya never has to hear about the awful things they say about her. Rick asks if Maya knows that their dad is in town. Nicole wonders what would be the point in telling her. Rick assumes that Nicole is closer with Maya than ever before. The reason being because they talked about the difficult things. Someone knocks on the door and Rick tells them to come in. Zende walks in. Rick explains to him that he needs to be given a promotion because he is the only person to ever knock on his door. Zende says that he was finally sent to do something for someone other than get coffee. Nicole informs Rick that everyone always makes them get coffee. Rick wonders if Nicole told her parents that she is working here. Nicole told them that she has a job. She doesn’t think that they will be showing up to drag her away. Rick feels that big family scenes are their specialty at Forrester. Zende asks if Nicole is going away.

Julius asks if Maya is calling him out or trying to shame him. Vivienne tries to get him to calm down. Julius wonders if this is how Maya is going to welcome her father after so many years. Maya knows that they only reason he is here is to rescue Nicole from her. Julius believes that Maya is self-centered and selfish. Vivienne thought that Julius was making progress. Julius asks Maya if she knows how hard it would be to ask a man to give up his only son. No one ever asked about his dreams. No one is going to carry on his name now. Maya tried not to make this a personal tragedy. Julius knows that she wants him to accept her. Maya accepts that he doesn’t want her in his life. Julius wants to know why he would be here subjecting himself to this then. Maya has no idea. She would like him to please tell her.

Nicole promises Zende that she is not going anywhere. Nicole tells him that her mom and dad are upset that she looked Maya up. They think that she will be some terrible influence on her. Nicole was the one who was terrible to Maya. She lied to her and bullied her. Nicole is ashamed to even think about it. The only influence that Maya has had on her is to make her a better person. Rick really thought about bugging this place. He really wished he had so he could play that back to her sister. Zende assumes that if her parents want her to go then she will. Nicole says no. They know that she is not leaving with them. Rick assures Zende that he and Maya will look after her. Nicole points out that even if they didn’t she is old enough to be on her own now. Nicole notices that Zende doesn’t seem very happy that she is staying. Zende just knows that they came all this way here. Nicole is shocked that Zende has never wanted to rebel or go against his parents beliefs. Zende has strong feelings and has wanted things but he has never done anything like that. Nicole is shocked to learn that Zende is like the perfect child that every parent wants. Rick laughs. Kristen and Tony always did brag about how wonderful of a child Zende was. Zende does and says plenty of things that are not good but they saved his life. His birth parents were dead and most people do not get second parents. It made it a lot easier for him to obey. Nicole asks if he thinks that she should go back to Illinois with her mom and dad. Zende does but he hopes that she doesn’t. Nicole smiles.

Julius promised Vivienne he would see her. Maya guesses that is something. She just hopes that Julius is not angry with Nicole. She had to leave the house at some point and believe it or not this is the best and safest way. Maya looks very closely after her and Rick is very fond of her. Julius wants to hear more about this Rick. Maya explains that this is their home. Vivienne met him briefly. Maya goes on to explain that Rick hung her portrait as a surprise after they moved in. Julius thinks that she looks different. Maya points out that he does too. Julius feels that with him it is just the years. Julius asks if Maya is who she wanted to be. Maya has a ways to go but yes. She is happier than when she last saw him. Julius asks how prison was. Maya changes the subject and asks if Julius is more the person he wants to be. Julius assumes she has regrets. Vivienne feels that it is only human. Maya asks if he can say her name. He hasn’t said it yet. Julius asks if she means her real name. Maya reminds him that legally she only has one. Julius tells her that whenever he goes to the library the librarian sets aside magazines with her pictures on them so he can see them. She will tell Julius how beautiful he is. Maya doesn’t think that she means any harm by saying it. The librarian was the only person who ever helped her get the information she needed. Julius informs her that she is the only person that recognizes her. Then there the people at the agency when he was there. Maya assumes he means the limo agency. She wonders if he is not working there anymore Vivienne explains that he hasn’t for some time. Julius was a joke to them there. Maya is sorry. Julius admits that it is partly on him. He would tell people when Maya first left that his son Myron was dead. Maya asks if that is what he wishes. She wants him to tell her.

Nicole wonders if Rick knows if Maya will be back in. Rick knows that she doesn’t have to be at the meeting. Rick is going to put the two of them to work. He has one thirty five page and one twenty five page reports on the internet. He needs them copied and stapled but Pam claims she didn’t know how to do that. Rick will be back for these. Time is money. Zende thinks that this is a waste of paper. Nicole wonders why he can’t just post these to the recipients. Zende reminds her that it is to confidential. Nicole suggests encrypting it then. Nicole asks if he thinks less of her now for telling her parents no. Zende asks if she thinks less of him for being a good son. Nicole thinks that it is nice. Zende explains that his parents don’t ask for much. He really is not that good.

Julius wants to know what kind of a question is that. Why would he want his daughter dead? Maya assumes a disappointed father would. Julius reminds her that he just called her his daughter. He brought her into this world but looking at her now what else can he call her. He doesn’t understand why the lord put this on them but they are being tested all three of us. Somebody failed the test. Maybe it was him maybe it wasn’t. It isn’t like this is the first time he has heard her name though. Vivienne struggles. She assumes that Maya knew she did. She didn’t know if it was a weakness to let Maya be who she was or if it was a weakness to pull Maya back from the life she wanted. Vivienne read that the people on the internet took her side against all those awful stories. Julius never saw any of the stories but the librarian always lets him no that she is doing very successful. Vivienne points out that she is the only one that he allows to talk about Maya. Maya asks if that is why Julius is here. She knows that he respects success. Julius thinks that hard work should be rewarded and isn’t always. Maya asks if it means anything to them if she tells them that she is happy. Julius assumed that is what she left them looking for. Maya had no confidence in that back then or in a future. Maya just wanted to hurt a little less. There is only so many times you can hear a person tell you that you’re sick and a freak. There is only so much you can take before you decided to either believe it or realize that you are not so terrible. That a better life is waiting out there somewhere for her. Maya missed both of them. So many times she wished she had someone around her who was stronger and wiser telling her what to do. Maya however is ok with how she turned out. If they only came here to get a look at her then they can just catch their plane. Julius asks if they wanted something more what would happen. What would it take for them to start over as a family? Maya needs them to accept her for who she is. It is the only thing that he never gave her. Maybe he never can. She cannot have them in her life without it.

Nicole tells Zende that the paperclips she is holding are the coolest ever. Nicole asks how he even found them anyway. Zende asks if she has ever followed Pam around. Nicole hasn’t because she is not at all interested in office supplies. Zende asks what Nicole is doing because she put down the wrong paper. Nicole thought they were done with that page. Nicole wonders if anyone is actually ever going to look at this. She knows Rick. This is just busy work. Zende reminds her that he is trusting them. Nicole says that was a test. Zende thinks that was pretty awesome. Zende calls her baby and tells him that he is bad. Nicole asks if he really just said that. Zende explains that it is a song. Tony would play it for him all the time when he needed to be cheered up. Nicole asks if he did it when he was sad. Zende was homesick at first. He asks if she is ever homesick. Nicole is sometimes but it is for the home that she didn’t have. Zende thinks that she is really strong to be on her own now. He also thinks that she is strong to be loyal to Maya. Nicole thinks about the notion of being strong. Most people just think she is annoying. Zende assures her that it is strong.

Julius notes that she doesn’t ask for much. Just that he change his beliefs for hers. Maya never asked for a lot. She guesses that being her father was painful and confusing a lot of the time. Maya also knows that Vivienne wanted to keep her safe. She would walk her home from school so she wouldn’t get beat up. She would also hide things from Julius so he wouldn’t be upset. She couldn’t save Maya from herself though. None of them knew how to do it. Growing up different. They didn’t do it gracefully but they made it through. Maya doesn’t want to live in the past and talk about who was wrong and who hurt whom. Maya can still say she loves them. She knows they love her to otherwise there wouldn’t have been so much anger. Maya isn’t asking them to be different. She isn’t asking them to march in the transgender pride parade or to even agree with all the choices that she has made. Maya is just asking them to respect the fact that she had to make them. That she has a right to be happy. Julius supposes that Vivienne is right and they could be going. Julius knows that Maya is young and thinks that everyone can change. She thinks that she can come out brand new with repairs. Maya doesn’t think that exactly. She thanks them for coming by. She sits down. Vivienne tells her that they will see themselves out. Julius walks over to her and tells her to stand up Maya. He wants her to look in his eyes. He is trying. He is set in his ways and his thinking. The one thing that he will never stop being his her father. So he will try to get to know the woman that she has become and the life she has created for herself. He will try to find a way to fit in. This he can promise her. He asks what she says. He wonders if he can get some sugar. Maya calls him daddy and hugs him.

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