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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/10/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya looks at her phone. Rick suggests that she text Nicole. He knows that she is dying too. Maya knows that if a message pops up from her that her mother will get a disapproving look on her face. Maya doesn’t want to ruin the moment. Rick asks how she does that. She is talking about a woman who is trying to keep her daughter away from her sister claiming her as being a terrible influence. Rick does not think that Maya should care. Maya explains that it is very hard to have a parent give up on you. It is almost unbearable. Maya knows that she doesn’t have a relationship with her parents but Nicole still could. Rick asks if she is certain that Maya will never have a relationship with her parents. It is possible. Maya wanted that for so long. Her whole childhood really. When Maya stopped hiding who she was they turned their backs on her. Rick feels like time might have passed. Maya feels that not enough has. Her mother felt the need to take Nicole home to save her from her evil clutches. Rick knows that Nicole likes Maya. Her mother will see that and want to get to know the child that she gave birth to. Maya is holding out hope.

Nicole’s father is demanding that Nicole come home with them. Nicole says no. He asks her what he just said. Nicole will not go back to that cold household where no one talks about anything and they pretend not to feel. Nicole is home. She feels like she is home. They are more than welcome to be a part of that home. She is not going back to Illinois. Her father believes that it is his job to protect her from things. Vivienne tries to tell him that she thinks that they should let Nicole stay. He cannot allow that. They have already lost one child. He wants Nicole as far away from Maya as possible.

Nicole wishes that her father would not say Maya’s name like it is fake. He feels that it is fake. Nicole doesn’t think that Julius has to pretend like it takes time to remember what her name is. Julius would rather not say it at all. Nicole cannot believe that he cannot say his own daughter’s name. Julius had a son but he is gone. Nicole wonders if it is pride or if he feels like he failed as a father or something. Julius asks what if it is pride. He wonders if it is so wrong. He is fine with the embarrassment. He however doesn’t want to go to church and be stared at in the pews. Nicole asks if they are staring possibly because of how well Maya is doing. Or what if they are gossiping because of her success. Julius asks why they wouldn’t come to talk to him directly. Nicole doesn’t think that he has ever given any indication that he wants to talk about it. He doesn’t want to talk about anything beyond dinner, the weather and how well the cubs are playing. Nothing is approachable about him. Nicole wonders what neighbor would possibly walk up to him and tell him what a great job Maya is doing. Julius would like to know why he would want to talk to them about this. They are their neighbors. People they go to church with. They all knew Myron. They watched him grow up. Nicole thinks that they can be proud of her. Vivienne went to her house. It is incredible. Julius says so what. Nicole says that Maya lives in a Beverly Hills mansion and might even marry a Forrester. Julius is not impressed with the Forrester name. Nicole explains to him that Forrester is one of the most prominent fashion houses in LA. His daughter is the lead model there. He should be impressed. Julius is not. That is why they are here. There is nothing he can do about his son anymore but he can help Nicole. They didn’t come out here just to go crazy over some 90210 address. They came here for one reason. To save the child they have left.

Maya wonders if it is foolish to hope that her parents will accept her one day. Rick doesn’t think it is foolish. Her mother already made the first step coming to LA. Maya believes that Rick’s glass is half full. She didn’t come for her. Rick points out that she did talk to her. She got a feeling for how well she was doing. Maya reminds him that she still walked out. Maya would like to look at that as another rejection. Maya tried so hard to put that part of her past behind her. She has lived a life of disapproval and judgmental comments. Maya feels that she is stronger for leaving it. There however is still a part of her that is still a kid back in Illinois. Maya fantasized that her mother went home to her father and told her that she has made something of herself. Maya is so grateful that Rick believes in her. She just wishes that they would.

Nicole doesn’t need to be saved. Not from Maya or LA. She is happy here. Nicole will not walk out now. Not as she is just getting to know her sister. Julius scoffs at this. Nicole will not let him deny that he understands a part of that. He always called her Maya in front of her. He didn’t have to. Julius had no choice. He showed up at her school that one time wearing a dress. Julius couldn’t have Nicole believing that freak was her brother. Vivienne wishes that Julius would calm down. Julius explains that he and Vivienne agreed to call her Maya in hope that Nicole wouldn’t ask questions. When Maya went to jail it was almost a relief. Vivienne doesn’t want him to say that. Julius thinks that it is true. He didn’t want him showing up and confusing Nicole. Nicole corrects him and calls Maya a she. Julius couldn’t deal with Maya when she got out of jail and started modeling. That is when people started whispering. Nicole knows that Maya is on magazine covers and living the life that she wants to. Nicole asks how he can hate that. Julius never wanted a modeling career for his son. He doesn’t even know who Maya Avant is. Nicole suggests that he could. When he retires what is stopping from moving here when he does. Vivienne looks uncomfortable. Nicole asks what is wrong. Vivienne explains that Julius is looking for work again. Julius explains that his last job was seasonal. He sure wishes it could have been different. Things were going just fine and then everything turned. Vivienne thought that this had to do with Maya. Nicole asks what he is blaming Maya for. Julius says nothing. Myron did all of this and everything just started spiraling out of control. Nicole feels that Maya is who she always was. Julius asks if she knows how stressful this has been. They have a child who is so disrespectful and self-centered. Dressing up in women’s clothing it was an embarrassment. Nicole corrects him that Maya was dressed in her own clothing. She is a woman. She wonders if Julius doesn’t get that. There is nothing male about their child. Nicole doesn’t understand how as parents they are not thrilled that Maya is finally comfortable in her own skin. Julius cannot be happy for what he chose to do. He cannot accept. Nicole knows that is why he stays in that depressive house and lies to everyone around him. Nicole found her sister. She found the woman that he is ashamed to love but Nicole loves her. Unfortunately for Maya she will have to be enough. So go home and clothes the drapes and avoid eye contact with the neighbors. Know this though. They are losing contact with both children. Their shame and embarrassment is driving them both away.

The waitress leaves Julius and Vivienne the bill. Julius tells her that this must be someone else’s bill as they only had three drinks. She tells him that is correct. One green tea and two coffees. Vivienne tells him to just put the whole thing on the card. They can pay it off when he gets a new job. Julius thinks this is ridiculous and throws the card on the table. It is time to go home. Vivienne asks him if they can stay. She wants him to see his daughter first. Julius reminds her that they just did. Nicole already said that she isn’t coming back. Julius tells her that they had a son. He wants to see him now. Vivienne promises that they will leave after they have gone to her house. He needs to see her.

Rick suggests that they go and visit them. Maya asks if he means her parents. Rick feels that if they don’t want to come to them then they will go to them. Maya explains that he doesn’t know what her last visit was like. It was in the beginning. It was the last time she saw Nicole. They saw her in the clothes and it all seemed serious. They were pleasant for Nicole but when she left the room Julius made it clear that she was not to be there. Vivienne would never contradict him not ever. She seemed like she wanted to but she just kept staring at her. It was hard but freeing because it gave her permission to move on. She got that wish. Rick guesses she tried to at least. Maya knows that Rick understands what it is like to want his parent’s approval and not get it. When Eric gave him control of the company she saw what a difference it made in him. Instead of feeling like second to Ridge he had his father’s approval and it meant everything. That isn’t what it is like for her. In her mind she will always be second to Myron who will always be best. She is here, though, and she is just waiting for them to see it.

Julius and Vivienne are in the Forrester mansion. He asks if they are just supposed to stand here. Vivienne suggests that they could go sit. Julius asks who will bring them iced tea. Vivienne is sure that the maid will find them. Julius feels that when the house is too big to clean on their own it is time to downsize. Vivienne could use some help around the house. Vivienne notices the portrait of Maya above the mantel. Julius looks at it in complete disgust.

Rick picks up a sketch. Nicole walks in and asks if Maya is still here. Rick explains that she went home. Rick asks if she is ok. Maya told him that she was with her mom. Nicole says that wasn’t exactly true. Rick assumes that she tried to talk her into coming home. Nicole says yes but this time she had reinforcements. Rick is shocked that her father is in town. Nicole guesses that he felt her mother was taking too long to get the job done. Nicole is staying in LA. How dare they treat Maya like she is some horrible person. They don’t even know. Nicole should have been the one to drag them here to open their minds a little bit. It is so sad how ashamed and intolerant they are. They don’t even know who she is. Rick asks if they are still in town. Rick suggests that things might be different if he met Maya. Their dad has not seen her in so long. Nicole knows that he is not interested. He refuses to understand the person that she is. He refuses to accept her, and she doubts that he ever will.

Vivienne takes a sip of her ice tea. Julius looks at the portrait and claims that rich people sure find a way to waste money. Vivienne smiles. She thinks that Maya looks lovely. Julius feels that it is a far cry from the family photo they took in the mall when he was a he. Vivienne liked that photo. She wonders if she put that somewhere. Vivienne looks around. She guesses that Nicole was telling the truth when she said Maya was creating a life for herself here. Vivienne loves the view. Julius would take the view of their backyard anytime. Julius doesn’t want to get up. Vivienne assures him that it is ok. Rosario said it is ok to be comfortable. Plus their daughters live here. Vivienne goes over to the back door. She notes that they lost so many years with her already. She wonders if maybe this is their chance to start fresh. Reach out to their daughter. Julius reminds her that they only have one daughter. Vivienne doesn’t think that Maya is their son anymore and hasn’t been for years. Vivienne cannot believe the life that Maya has created for herself. She is just asking for Julius to open up his mind to the possibilities. Maya walks in and Vivienne walks over to her. Maya thought that she was with Nicole. Maya turns and sees her father. Maya didn’t know that he was in LA. She wonders what he is doing here. She wants to know why he came. Julius had to see his little girl. He hugs her. Maya looks confused. Julius gives a strange look. Vivienne looks happy.

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