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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Nicole thinks back to when she first came here and her attitude towards Maya was just uncalled for. She gets embarrassed about it. Maya asks why. Nicole was so selfish about everything. She had a piece of information on Maya that she could use and she did. The pain that Maya went through was like some sort of bargaining chip. She is really sorry about that. Maya doesn’t blame her. She didn’t know. Nicole didn’t take time to think. She was too busy with her own things to even realize Maya had to learn to cope with her identity. Nicole knew that she had to leave their parents. Maya had no choice and couldn’t wait to leave that household. Nicole is not going back either and she thinks that Vivienne knew.

Vivienne is at a restaurant sitting outside. A waitress comes over asking what she can get for her. Vivienne would just like some green tea for now. A man spots Vivienne and walks over to her. He kisses her on the cheek. Vivienne thought that she would have been waiting longer. The man claims that he willed the plane through the sky. Nicole will not spend one more night under Maya’s influence.

Ivy has to admit that it is kind of annoying how much time Liam and Steffy can legitimately spend together alone behind closed doors. Katie can see why that would concern her. Katie just wants Ivy to be realistic about the situation. When Steffy wants something she doesn’t give up. Look at the situation when Liam was with Hope. Steffy obviously didn’t give up then. Ivy knows that Liam is vulnerable to her. Katie believes that Steffy pushes people’s buttons. Katie wants Ivy to be careful. Steffy is going to fight and not move on. If she does chose to move on then Wyatt is not a bad place to land.

Steffy asks Wyatt if he came here with something work related. They were busy. Wyatt could see that. Liam points out that he has that tone that Aly gives them. Wyatt reminds him of what an exceptional woman that Ivy is. It concerns him that he even needs to remind him. Wyatt asks him again. Is he or isn’t he stringing Ivy along. Steffy looks at Liam in interest of his answer.

Nicole assumes that their father must have been furious when Vivienne came home without her. Maya knows that her very existence offends him. It is her evil influence. It just blows Nicole away knowing. Neither of their parents have tried to reach out to her and see who she really is. Nicole does not understand how Vivienne could touch her with so much love and then just walk away like that. Maya doesn’t know. She did touch her though. Maybe it was her way of trying to accept her.

Vivienne loves Maya but she does not know how to be around her. Maya expects her to understand. He asks how she could. She is nothing but trouble. He doesn’t want the one child that they have left to be around that. He will not have her corrupted. Vivienne doesn’t really see a difference since she has been around Maya. They are getting Nicole out of here today.

Katie believes that Wyatt is a good guy. Ivy agrees. He might come off as cocky and sarcastic but there is a warmth to him. It is like he understands exactly how she is feeling without her having to say it. Katie says that is a pretty great quality in a man. It is attractive. Ivy agrees that he is a really good friend. Hope was crazy to let him go. She was also crazy to leave Liam as well. She just hopes that Steffy follows suit. Katie believes that Steffy tends to be a bit tenacious. Ivy realizes that she doesn’t share what he shares with Steffy but Ivy is important to. Ivy does not want to be replaced so easily.

Liam wants to know what Wyatt is doing. He asks if he is Ivy’s protector all of a sudden. Wyatt is just trying to look out for her. Liam doesn’t think that she needs to be protected. Not from him at least. Wyatt will decide that when Liam finally answers his question. Liam explains that he has been one hundred percent up front with her since Steffy came back. Wyatt asks if that includes now. Steffy asks if they need room to talk. Liam doesn’t want her going anywhere. Liam wants Wyatt to listen. Liam understands what Wyatt is looking for something to scope out but Ivy is not casual to him. He cares for her. The immigration thing was a wakeup call though. He suddenly realized that he could lose Steffy forever. Liam was not ready for that.

Katie is just trying to say that Wyatt is another option. She wouldn’t be settling because Wyatt is a catch. Ivy asks if Katie is playing match maker. Katie cannot believe that she is being accused of that. She is just trying to help her out because she likes Ivy. Ivy still thinks that Liam does that. Katie asks if she is sure because it is hard to tell with her so upset over Steffy. Ivy knows that Steffy is a massive bump in the road but she isn’t going to just hand him over to her. Katie respects that.

Wyatt would like to know why Liam has to have all the women. He is in here playing goo goo eyes with Steffy while Ivy is waiting down the hall for her turn. Liam wants to know why Wyatt is in this. Wyatt thinks that Ivy is good people. Ivy is smart and talented. Liam asks what he is doing right now. He doesn’t have to sell him on Ivy. Wyatt gets it. Liam has an amazing history with Steffy that connects them in an amazing way that no one can understand. If that is the case then be together. Just don’t keep dragging Ivy around. She can be better than second best. Wyatt leaves.

Nicole still cannot believe that Vivienne came all the way to LA to drag her home. Maya has to admit then when she first saw her at the door she was kind of hoping that she came for her. Maybe with all the publicity she had a change of heart or it touched some motherly instinct. Nicole finds it odd that after all the ways they have dissed her she still wants their acceptance. Maya states that they are her parents. They are people that she loves. She asks why she shouldn’t want them to love her back as she is. Nicole just wishes that they could see how wrong they are. Maya is not some evil influence. She is an inspiration. Maya doesn’t know all that. Nicole really believes it. She just doesn’t like the fact that they can still make her feel bad. Maya doesn’t care because Nicole is here. She thanks her for being on her side because it means a lot. Nicole states that Maya can always count on her. Nicole gets a phone call from Vivienne. She would like to see Nicole. Nicole already settled this she is not going home. Vivienne explains that she is still here. Vivienne is at a coffee shop and wants her to write down the address. Nicole says ok. Vivienne doesn’t have much time and wants her to come right away. Nicole will be right there.

Vivienne’s husband tells her that she did a good job. She just put them one step closer to getting back their little girl.

Nicole cannot believe that she is still here. Maya is sure that it is part of a last ditch effort to get her to leave. Nicole doesn’t want to leave. Maya tells her to stick to that then. Maya doesn’t want her to alienate their parents though. She shouldn’t have to live without them the way that Maya did. They might not be as open minded or who thy want them to be but like her they are who they are. Nicole says ok. Nicole leaves.

Steffy guesses that the Spencer boys sure do like Ivy Forrester. Liam asks what is not to like. Steffy wonders if she should get to know her better. Liam is scared to think of Steffy and Ivy as best friends. Steffy knows that it would be for him. That is exactly what Liam is saying. Steffy asks what Liam thinks about a sketch. Liam likes it, it is casual. Steffy was thinking it was a “I woke up like this.” Liam guesses it is targeted towards a girl who doesn’t want to be in lace all the time. Steffy knew this would happen. Them working together.

Wyatt walks into Ridge’s office and says that he is appreciating Ivy. He also feels that she deserves to be treated better with Liam. Ivy wants to know what this protective streak is that she was just talking about with Katie. Wyatt asks if they were talking about him. Ivy explains that they were talking about Spencer men in general. Ivy would like to show him something. Ivy shows him a dress. Wyatt already saw it before. Ivy can’t figure out what it needs. Wyatt wants her to take a breather with it. Ivy guesses that she needs a break. Wyatt assumes because of Liam. Ivy explains that Katie told her without telling her that she has lost Liam to Steffy already.

Rick thought that Maya’s mother went back to Illinois. Maya guesses that she is not done trying to persuade Nicole to go back home. Rick asks if she thinks that she will. Maya doesn’t think so. Nicole is pretty adamant. She likes her life here and she is old enough to make that choice. Her father won’t respect any of that. Rick doubts that he can force Nicole to come back home. Maya knows that Rick doesn’t know her dad. She just hopes that Nicole doesn’t get in a big fight over it. She doesn’t want Nicole’s relationship with their parents to suffer because of her.

Nicole shows up at the restaurant and Vivienne is alone. Vivienne says hello. She thanks her for coming so quickly. Nicole is shocked that she is still in town. Vivienne says that plans have changed. Nicole asks what is going on. Her father sneaks up from behind her. He tells her that they are taking her home today.

Steffy bets that this is the most fun Liam has ever had. Liam doesn’t want Steffy to expect that to change. Steffy knows that it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Especially after they lost the baby. Liam doesn’t want her to bring that up. Steffy can talk about it now and reflect on the past. She never considered herself a quitter but she left him to deal with his pain on his own. Steffy hurt him along the way. It was like he doesn’t trust if he will stay. Liam doesn’t blame her for anything. Steffy knows that now. She really does. She is not running away. She isn’t avoiding this. She is here now. She is here where she belongs with him

Wyatt was looking forward to a crazy summer. He thought that it would be with Steffy. Ivy feels that it still can be. Wyatt does not think so. Not as long as Liam is in the picture. Ivy hopes that he realizes that there are other women in this town not just Steffy. Wyatt does but it would have been fun. He wonders where he will find a package like Steffy. Ivy thinks that Liam is one of a kind. She just wishes where another guy exactly like him hung out.

Nicole’s father mentions that they have a car. He can take her to the place she is staying and they can get her stuff. Nicole is not leaving. He feels that she is a young and impressionable girl. Nicole believes that she is old enough to make her own choices. He doesn’t think that LA is the place for her. Nicole likes it here. She has a job with a future. He doubts that fashion is a future. Nicole finds it a great opportunity. He will not have it. Nicole doesn’t think it is his call. He wants someone to look out for her. Nicole doesn’t think that he ever listened. She has even met a really nice guy. Forrester Creations is not a shady place. She wants to learn it and get to know her sister in the process. He feels that Maya is a freak and that is all she needs to know. Vivienne looks offended by what he is saying.

Rick asks what it was like to see her mother after all this time. Maya found it uplifting. Then she saw that same old look in her eyes. Rick is sorry. Maya thought that she would have been over it by now. The truth is though that she has never stopped hoping for a reconciliation with her parents. For her dad to look at her as someone she never was and her mom to not be confused. She know it is not likely but it would mean everything.

Nicole does not think that Maya is a freak. She doesn’t think that he even knows her. He never will. Her brother or sister whatever he has become he doesn’t even recognize his own son. Nicole feels that is because he is looking for a son. Maya is a woman. He doesn’t want her talking about it. The child is lost to his mother and to him. He will not lose her too. She is coming home now and she will accept it.

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