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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya explains to Rick in Ridge’s old office that this is not the first time her mother has turned her back on her. Rick imagines that it had to have hurt. Maya confirms that it did. The thing that hurt her most is that for one second she thought it might be different. Maya thought that she would reach out and it would touch her. Maya knew better though. Maya knew that Vivienne couldn’t. Maya thought about it for a second. Not everyone can love her like Rick does. Rick reminds her that she is her mom. Maya knows that she should love her unconditionally but if she can’t it is not her fault or her problem.

Caroline and Ridge are working on a sketch in his office. Aly walks in and asks if Maya is here. Caroline says yes. She is the lead model. Aly believes the only reason that is, is because people feel sorry for her.

In Steffy’s office Steffy tells Liam that she spoils him. Liam does not think that she does. Steffy does. Liam thought the massage was great but the thing is that when she says that she has a surprise… Steffy gets it. He automatically thinks it will be paragliding or jetting off somewhere. Liam does. Steffy believes that she spoils him. Liam does not think that is spoiling. Steffy turns around to find Ivy at the door. Ivy asks if she has a minute to talk about the jewelry line. She just has a few things that she has to go over. Ivy was going to bring it up at the party but they took off.

Aly knows that the only reason Maya still works here is because people got angry when they thought she was fired. Ridge feels that Maya is still good at her job. Aly doesn’t think that it has anything to do with business or anything. People probably just saw a link on social media and decided to have an uproar. Aly believes that they shouldn’t listen to trolls like that. Caroline doesn’t believe those people are trolls. Ridge has heard what she has said and it is noted. They don’t need to talk about it anymore. He has a meeting to get ready for with Caroline. Aly asks if she should just stay here or come back. Ridge wonders if she really wants to come to another meeting. Caroline reminds her of what happened last time. Aly informs them both that she is a Forrester and has as much right as anyone to be at the meeting.

Rick doesn’t think that Maya deserves to be rejected. Maya guesses that she should be used to it by now. Rick doesn’t think that she should ever be. Maya thanks him and they hug. Maya has always felt so loved with him. She feels like she is at home. She has love for who she is. Rick believes that there is more where that came from. Maya suggests that they could continue this a little later. Rick agrees. King Ridge and Princess Steffy have summoned them. Maya laughs.

Liam feels that the party was fun but Aly… Steffy agrees. She is trying to be patient with her cousin but she clearly has issues. She is way to strong and takes everything to the extreme and way to personally. She has problems with her, Maya, the whole collection. Steffy realizes that she has a meeting to get to. Ivy asks when they can talk about the jewelry. Steffy knows that Liam is the VP and he knows what she likes. They can discuss it. Steffy trusts him. She leaves.

Rick and Maya walk into Ridge’s office. Aly wasn’t told that Maya would be here. Rick wasn’t told that Aly would be here either. Ridge just wanted to make sure that they were all on the same page with everything. Steffy walks in and notices Aly. She thought this was an executive meeting. Ridge just wants everyone to know what they are trying to do here. Aly asks why. They had their time in the spot light. She wants to know why he even wants them involved in this. Caroline thought they have been over this. Aly feels that the direction and focus of this collection is wrong. Steffy wants to know who is saying that. Aly says it.

Liam has to tell Ivy that he likes them all. Ivy wonders though if Steffy will like them all. Liam reminds her that Steffy made it up to him and he chooses all of them. Ivy guesses this will be her biggest collection ever. Ivy suggests that they go out to dinner tonight and celebrate. Any night is good for her though. A part from work her schedule is pretty free. Liam will have to check in with Steffy before he does anything. He might have to work. Ivy doesn’t think that he can work every night. This is exactly what they need. Just some time together. Ivy would love to get things back on track. She isn’t expecting things to go back to the way things were before Steffy came back she just wants dinner to be dinner. It is just two people enjoying each other’s company. Just like they used to. Liam would like that.

Steffy explains to Aly that the ship has sailed. California Freedom is their next collection. Aly does not like the clothing that they will be selling. Caroline believes that it is part of a promotion. Aly feels that it is a bad one. Caroline believes that it is a good one. People being accepted for who they are. Steffy does not think that this is about lingerie and swim wear. It is about California spirit. Steffy feels that this is empowering. Ridge does not think that Aly is listening. Aly asks if he really likes his daughter being looked at in a certain way. Caroline feels that it isn’t about being looked at. It is about being seen. Ridge thinks that is good. Maya thinks that it designates with her. Steffy asks what Aly is doing and why she is here. She wonders if she thinks her opinion matters. Aly asks if she is saying it doesn’t. Steffy says that she is missing the point. California Freedom is for everyone. Steffy asks if she has even looked at the designs. They are celebrating woman’s bodies. They will not cover up what is unique to them. Aly just feels that it is all hanging out. Caroline explains that you can be provocative. Aly thought that things would be better with Uncle Ridge in charge. Rick was so awful. Rick reminds her that he is right here. Aly feels that it is going to be the Steffy and Maya show. Forrester used to stand for quality and class and had traditional values. Ridge is running the company now. Ridge wants to get back to work.

Aly will not let him just ignore her. Ridge is trying to ignore her. They are trying to do what is right for the company. Aly asks if that means doing what is wrong for the company. Rick reminds her that they just had one of their best quarters ever. Aly thinks that all they care about is greed and sex. Stephanie and Darla would not have approved of this. Aly was going to be a shoe designer and be a part of the team. They all treated her like a joke and humiliated her. Aly will not let them treat her like this. She is not going to let them ruin this company. Ridge warns Aly to calm down or he is going to have to ask her to leave. Rick tells her that they have work to do. Aly does not think that they are listening to her. Caroline reminds her that she has said this all before. Ridge understands that she doesn’t know this business and that is ok. Steffy feels that if all she is going to do is tell them how wrong everything is then she can leave. Aly thought Ridge said she could stay. Ridge said that she could stay if she was respectful. Aly feels that Maya insulted her. She treated her like a servant. Maya is sorry. She truly is but this is not the time to go on about the past. Ridge says that this is enough and she needs to take a breath already. The only way they can pull this off is if they work together. Steffy suggests that if Aly cannot do that then she should go back to Paris with her father. They don’t have time to babysit her. Aly belongs here. Steffy understands that she is her cousin but her attitude is becoming a problem. Why would they want her to stay? If Aly thinks that something is wrong then she has to speak out. Steffy reminds her that they are a team. Caroline wants to think that Aly can find a way to accept this. Steffy wants Aly to live her own life and let them live theirs. Aly isn’t trying to tell anyone how to live their own life she just wants to do what is best for the company. Ridge suggests that she leave that to them. This is Aly’s home and she doesn’t want to leave. Ridge tells her that she knows what to do. Aly does.

Liam is sorry that things got so complicated. Ivy played a part in this to. She asked him to marry her because of her citizenship. Liam does not think that is her fault. Liam feels that it is handled. Ivy doesn’t think that they are past it yet. Liam guesses that it has been a weird couple of weeks. Ivy suggests that they do something completely boring. They can do nothing special and just the usual. Liam is now getting why Eric didn’t put her in charge of marketing. Ivy knows that it has been so long since it has just been them. Cooking dinner and walking on the beach. Ivy bets that he misses it. She does. She understands that things are tricky and it is complicated. She thinks that they can simplify things. Ivy suggests that they don’t get ahead of themselves and set dates. They don’t let anything get in the way of it. She doesn’t want anything getting in the way. She meant what she said before. She believes in them and she bets that he will think so too. They kiss. Then Liam hugs her.

Steffy guesses that went well. Ridge feels that they didn’t get much done. Steffy doesn’t think that they will if they don’t get Aly out of their meetings. Ridge knows that she stopped complaining in the end. Steffy asks if he thinks she was hard on Aly in the meeting. She understands that Aly has been through a lot. It will take her a while to get to the twenty first century. Steffy reminds him that she and Maya offend Aly. Ridge knows that they are both annoying but they are not offensive. Steffy thanks him. Ridge asks how things are going with Liam. Steffy feels that her future is with Liam. Ridge is glad that she is back in LA. Steffy is happy things are working out. Ridge would love to convince Thomas to be back. Steffy agrees that it is good for all of them. Steffy came back for the company and a few other reasons. Steffy wasn’t positive about things when she got back to LA. She is working with Liam now and they have a connection. What she has with Liam is undeniable no matter what Ivy thinks.

Aly goes through her closet. She picks up her Hope collage. She was so proud of doing something positive. Now this is happening. Darla tells her that they ruined something and made it ugly. She will not let them get away with it. She looks at the other side of the board and it is filled with crossed out pictures of Steffy. Aly asks what has happened to this family.

Maya and Rick hug back in Ridge’s old office. Rick does not want Aly to get to her. Maya won’t let it happen. She understands that Aly is just a hurt and confused kid. She wonders what Aly could even do.

Steffy doesn’t think that Ridge has to worry about her. Ridge does. She seems happy. Steffy is. She is making plans for herself. All she was doing was looking backwards thinking that the good was behind her. She can see that things are different in her future. Her life is filled with amazing possibilities. Ridge feels that is the attitude that they need around here. Ridge has to go. Steffy says goodbye. She thinks about all the times that she spent with Liam romantically.

Liam is in Steffy’s office thinking the exact same things. He looks at Steffy’s press release.

Aly is drawing marks on all of Steffy’s pictures and cutting them up. She crumbles them up and puts a red X on Steffy’s face.

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