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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam explains that Carter had the annulment papers fast tracked. Liam understands if this isn’t a good time. Wyatt angrily reminds him that it is never going to be a good time. Liam wants privacy. Wyatt leaves. Ivy asks who signs first. Liam doesn’t think that it really matters. Ivy knows that they both have to. Liam understands if she needs a minute. Ivy is fine. He was kind enough to marry her so the last thing she wants to do is drag this out. Ivy never meant for him to feel trapped. Liam sits down. He signs the papers.

Steffy doesn’t think that Aly is making this very easy. She again tells Aly that she is sorry. Aly explains that what Taylor took from her that night changed her whole life forever. Steffy knows that Thorne has forgiven her mom. They were even involved briefly. Aly says no. He couldn’t be after everything she put them through. Steffy knows loss too. She lost her sister Phoebe. They were twins. They were as close as two people could ever be. Aly does not think that it is the same thing. Mothers and daughters have a bond like no other. Steffy still has that with Taylor. Steffy knows that Aly still talks to Darla. Aly will not have Steffy look at her like some sort of nut job. Even if she were though it is all on Taylor. Just like what is happening with Liam and Ivy all on Steffy.

Brooke and Pam are in Ridge’s old office with Rick and Maya. Brooke tells Rick that they are so glad he is back. Pam adds that they are glad both of them are. Rick believes that they are a package deal. Ridge would have never brought him back if it were not for Maya. Maya tells him not to think about that. Rick agrees. They are putting their best foot forward and starting a new chapter at Forrester Creations.

Zende and Nicole walk in. Zende asks if Forrester’s newest interns are allowed to crash in. Brooke notices Zende and goes over to hug him. Rick asks if he is interning here for the summer. Zende asks if he knows a better way to learn the family fashion business. Rick does not. Zende introduces himself to Maya. He has heard a lot about her. Maya knows that can’t be good. Zende says that all Nicole had to say was good. Nicole is really proud of her big sister. Brooke is trying to figure out the last time that they all saw him. Zende believes it was two Christmas’s ago. He also tells them that Kristen and Tony send their love. Maya asks if Nicole is interning as well. Nicole knows that she didn’t exactly cut it as a model. Zende is shocked that Nicole was a model here. Nicole explains that her sister is the model. She had no idea how much talent it takes. Pam believes that is the nice way of saying that she sucked. They all laugh. Nicole says that she is right. She did suck. Thanks to Ridge she is getting another chance with this internship. Rick explains that he and Maya are also getting another chance thanks to Ridge. Pam reminds them that Ridge wants all of them at the meeting and not to forget it. Nicole asks if that means her and Zende too. Pam tells her no. Nicole was just kidding. Brooke asks what the meeting is about. Pam is not telling. She has been sworn to secrecy. Zende forgot how much fun Pam can be.

Steffy feels that Aly is blaming her for something that she did not do. Aly believes that Steffy is totally Taylor’s daughter. Neither of them take responsibility for anything. Steffy tries to tell her something but Aly stops her. Aly is not a child. She knows things. If it were not for Steffy, Ivy and Liam would be blissfully happy. They deserve to be blissfully happy the way her mother and father do. Ridge walks in and asks if everything is ok. Steffy reluctantly says yes. Ridge says ok and reminds her the meeting is in ten minutes. Aly didn’t hear about a meeting and asks if she can come. Ridge tells her sure. Aly promises not to be a problem.

Ivy asks if they are going to win a prize for shortest marriage on record. Liam is not sure what the prize would be Ivy guesses it is her turn to sign the papers. Ivy signs the papers. She tells him that he is free.

Rick asks if anyone knows what the big meeting is about. Brooke explains that Ridge is being very secretive. Maya knows that they shouldn’t be late especially their first day back. Brooke, Rick, and Maya all leave to go to the other office. Rick hopes that they can trust Zende and Nicole to be alone and behave. Zende promises that they will try to refrain themselves. Nicole can tell that Rick and Brooke are really happy that he is back. Zende knows that they are because they are family. Nicole asks if Brooke was married to Eric. Zende explains that she was also married to Ridge and Thorne. Nicole is shocked that they are all still speaking. Zende knows it is crazy. It is one mixed up dysfunctional bunch but somehow it all works. Nicole guesses that they should get back to work. Or not.

Brooke, Maya, and Rick walk into Ridge’s office and sit down. Caroline, Aly, Liam, Steffy, Ivy, Wyatt, and Caroline are already sitting. Liam would like to say something before they start. He asks if Ivy would like to tell them. Ivy is going to keep this short and sweet. The good news is that she is no longer getting deported. It also means her quickie marriage to Liam is also over. They signed the papers. She is back to being Ivy Forrester and no longer Ivy Spencer. Steffy asks for Ridge to start the meeting. He would like to welcome back their beautiful lead model. They all clap. He explains that she will be very busy starting tomorrow. Ridge also gives Rick props for deciding to run International from here. Ridge goes on to say that he and Steffy have been trying to find a new direction for Forrester. They both agree that Hope for the Future is done. They need something new. Aly looks mortified. Steffy adds that they started with a basic premise. Using fashion as a social message. Ridge knows that doesn’t exactly sound that different than Hope for the Future but they want to go beyond self-empowerment and self-respect for woman. Things that American’s take for granted like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Steffy means that they are talking about freedom, being able to be your own man or woman because you are free. Which Californians are known for of course. Ridge explains that is the name of the new campaign. “California Freedom”. He asks them all to open their packets. They want bold new designs that they “I value my freedom and this was the life I was meant to have”. Steffy of course wants to use all Forrester designs such as lingerie and swim wear. Aly wants to get this straight. They are going to use bikinis and swim wear to show that women are free. Liam does not think that is what they are saying. Aly assumes that Steffy will be the one modeling. Aly asks if Ridge is ok with putting his daughter in underwear for the world to see. Aly thought that they had enough with Rick and Maya running the company. She assumed that Ridge would restore Forrester to its more classy roots. They are selling sex by saying camouflage is freedom. Ridge can’t do this. She thinks that it is wrong and disgusting. It is exactly what she would have expected from Steffy, not him. Pam tells Aly it is ok. Aly does not think it is ok. This is not what Stephanie wanted for this company. This isn’t even what Eric wants for this company. Steffy explains that it actually is. They talked to him earlier and he is all in. Aly does not believe her. Ridge confirms that it is true. He already talked to his dad about it. Aly does not think that Eric is his dad. Masimo Marone is his father. Ridge talked to him and he thought it would pull them all together and help them heal. Aly thinks that is lessens then Forrester brand. Ivy doubts that Ridge or Steffy would let that happen. Aly is shocked that Ivy would defend them after all Steffy has put Ivy though. Liam does not think that this is the time for this. Aly walked in on them earlier. Steffy was prancing around in her underwear. Steffy assures her that they were working on the lingerie line. Aly believes that the only thing that Steffy was working was her body. Rick understands that he does not have a lot of credibility where she is concerned and that is understandable. He does know a few things about anger though. It can take control of her life and he is pretty sure that no one wants that for her. Maya agrees that they all need to learn to live and let live. Aly cannot believe that Maya is lecturing her. Wyatt does not think that anyone is lecturing her. They just don’t want Aly to be so judgmental. Ridge feels that they are all just trying to give her their opinion. Aly believes that whenever she tries to give her opinion they all look at her like she is from another planet. All because she believes that the values that her grandparents instilled in the company are gone. The same values that her father and mother instilled in her. Steffy assures Aly that Thorne is a good man and even Darla… Aly tells her not to dare say her mother’s name. She is the reason that she is gone. Ridge thinks that is enough for now. Pam suggests going to talk to her. Steffy wants to be the one to do it. Everyone leaves but Steffy and Aly.

Nicole, Zende, and one of the other interns are in the other office. The other intern explains that they were talking about doing an intern karaoke night. Nicole thinks that sounds fun. Zende agrees. She leaves. Nicole and Zende say goodbye. Zende wonders how the big meeting is going. Nicole is sure that since he is family they would let him sit in. Zende doesn’t want any favors. Nicole doesn’t think that he is like most guys. Zende asks if it is because he wants to make it on his own. He feels that a lot guys feel the same way. Zende thinks that Maya is totally cool. He asks if Nicole is taken. He is waiting for Miss Right and asks if he is looking in the right place.

Steffy explains that everyone is gone. It is just the two of them. Aly has nothing more to say to her. Steffy would like to help her deal with this. Aly does not want her help. Steffy tries to grab her arm but Aly stops her. Aly is crying.

Ridge and Caroline are in his old office. Caroline believes that if anyone can get through to Aly it is Steffy. She knows it is a long shot but she has to try. Ridge asks if she has always been so annoyingly optimistic. He never noticed before. Caroline says sorry for being the happiest in her life. Ridge believes that creative people have to feel tortured. Caroline likes it better when he is kissing her. He likes that better too. They start to kiss.

Aly knows a bully when she sees one. She has been bullied her whole life. Steffy is not bullying her. Aly knows that she is more into wrecking relationships like Liam and Ivy’s. Steffy tainted what they had. It is just sex with her. That is all it is about. Steffy tells her to stop working herself up. Aly doubts that she even cares. Steffy does care but Aly won’t let herself believe it because Taylor is her mom. Steffy reminds her that it was a terrible unfortunate accident that she wishes that she could get past. Aly cannot get passed Taylor taking away a little girls mother. Steffy thought that Aly forgave her. Aly might have said the words but she will never forgive her. She has no idea what it has been like. Steffy doesn’t. They may never see eye to eye but they are family. Their dads are brothers. Steffy wants them to get along. Steffy tries to hug her but Aly keeps seeing Darla get ran over in her head. Steffy is sorry that the pain will not let go but it will if she lets it. The anger consuming her she should not give into it.

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