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Written By Anthony
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Nicole laughs that Zende doesn’t think she is Maya’s sister as she can’t believe he is a Forrester. Zende tells her that his family are really good people. Nicole doesn’t really know them other than Rick. Nicole brings up that the entire world knows Maya is transgender. She wonders if he has some sort of feelings about that.

Steffy sarcastically asks if Aly wants a water or a sedative or something. Aly asks what kind of a woman Steffy is. She is flaunting herself in underwear in front of a man who is taken. Steffy does not have to apologize. They we were working. Liam asks Aly to be respectful. Aly reminds Liam that Ivy is her best friend and he should know how good of a woman she is. She is kind and loving and trusting with Liam. She asks how Liam could abandon her.

Ivy looks over the annulment papers in Ridge’s office with Carter. He reminds her that she doesn’t have to do this now. She can give it a few days to get used to the idea, she might be a little less sad. Ivy already told Liam that she would file the papers. Carter wonders if they are breaking up. Ivy says no. They were a couple going into this marriage and they still are. That is the million dollar question though. Wyatt walks in and asks if this is a private meeting. Ivy assures him it is fine as it is nothing he doesn’t already know. Ivy is officially ending her marriage to Liam.

Maya has to admit that Caroline just blew her away. Caroline asks if she thought she would judge her. Caroline can’t. She has two moms. She knows what it means to live your authentic life. No one should care. Caroline knows the strength that takes and the courage that it takes. Maya believes that coming from Caroline this means so much.

Nicole didn’t mean to be abrupt. She is just protective of Maya. Maya left home when she was little. She hardly ever saw her again until she looked her up. He asks if she knew that Maya was transgender before she came here. Nicole had found her birth certificate back home. Zende wonders if Nicole’s plan then was to confront her. Nicole doesn’t think that it was to confront her. She realizes now though that is what she did. Nicole is proud of Maya. She is proud to be her little sister.

Caroline thinks that this is weird. They are in the same room and not taking shots at each other. Maya agrees. Caroline is so sorry for what her uncle did to Maya. Maya explains that he took her story and her pain. It was a hard time. Caroline can’t even imagine what it must have been like. She handled it though with such grace and dignity. Caroline believes that Maya is an example for everyone. Maya is going to remind her that she said that. Maya does think this is nice. Rick walks in. He says that Pam told him that they were in here together. Rick asks if everything is alright. Maya says yes. Caroline was just expressing her support. Rick is glad to hear that. Maya tells everyone that no matter what happens going forward she will always remember this moment and how much it has meant to her. Maya thanks her. Rick smiles.

For Liam’s sake Ivy hopes that the annulment can go through as quick as possible. Carter explains that there are channels to go through but he can see what he can do. Ivy thanks him. Carter tells her to hang in there. He walks out. Ivy doesn’t even know why she is so sad. It isn’t like she didn’t realize this was a possibility. Wyatt doesn’t think that this has to happen. Ivy reminds him that the only reason that they got married was so she didn’t have to get shipped out of the US. Wyatt still thinks that it is ok that she was hoping for a different outcome. Wyatt does not think that Ivy was being unrealistic. Liam has genuine feelings for her. Ivy does know that. Her signing these annulment papers isn’t her just giving him back to Steffy.

Liam gets that Ivy is Aly’s friend and she cares about her but she is way out of line. Aly thinks that Steffy is the one. She is acting trashy and flaunting herself in front of him. Aly understands that Steffy is used to getting everything she wants and have men fall at her feet. Not this time though. She had her chance with Liam and she blew it. Liam is with Ivy now and Aly will not let her take him away from Ivy.

Zende bets it was something the first time Nicole came face to face with her long lost sister. Nicole guesses it was like a jolt of recognition. Like she found home. Unfortunately Maya didn’t feel the same. She was guarded. Nicole didn’t know how to ask for love so she demanded things. In her mind Maya abandoned her, she knew what it was like to grow up in that cold house and Maya was living here living it up. It was as if she didn’t even exist. Nicole has it all wrong. Maya didn’t leave her. She left to save her own life. Nicole assumes that he has an opinion. She asks what Zende thinks about her sister. From what Zende has read and what Nicole has told him, he thinks that Maya Avant is pretty badass.

Ivy asks if it is crazy that she wishes that Steffy has just stayed in Paris. Wyatt knows that Steffy coming back turns her whole world upside down. Ivy even believed Liam when he said he was over her. Wyatt actually thinks that Liam believed it to. Ivy wonders what this hold over Liam is. She gets that they have a history and she takes every single opportunity to remind him. Ivy asks when it will become just that. The past. Wyatt knows that Steffy was over him pretty quickly. He also knows that Liam and Steffy are unresolved. Wyatt tells Ivy that she is smart and unique. He might not be able to understand what Ivy is saying half the time but Liam knows she is a good person. He won’t be so quick to give that up. Wyatt wants her to trust him.

Steffy puts her clothes back on and walks out from behind the divider. Aly thinks that this is much better and thanks her. Aly has as much right to be in this building as she does. Steffy didn’t mean to apply otherwise. Aly asks why she is back. No one needed Steffy here. Steffy does not think that would be true. Without her back Ridge would not be CEO. If she wasn’t then Aly would still be massaging Maya’s feet. A little gratitude is in order. Aly asks how she is supposed to be grateful for her storming in on Ivy’s life. Acting entitled to Liam. Liam does not think that Aly knows what she is talking about. Steffy would like her to drop the subject. Carter walks in with the annulment papers. Carter needs Liam’s signature. Aly says no. He can’t just sign his marriage away. Steffy cannot believe this is happening. Aly was not talking to her. Steffy rolls her eyes. Aly reminds Liam that Ivy is his wife. Liam reminds Aly that the reason he married her was to keep her from getting deported. Aly doesn’t think that he would have done that unless he loved her. He does. She has seen it. She doesn’t want Liam to throw Ivy away.

Caroline guesses that while they are all here and getting along she wonders if they could address the elephant in the room. There have been some changes here. Rick knows that she and Ridge are the ruling couple now. Caroline wonders if that will be a problem. Maya is fine. Rick is just happy to be back. He never thought he would be running international again. One thing is bothering him. Rick thought that there would be welcome back signs or minions at his heals. Caroline doubts that would ever happen. Rick says fine that she can just stomp on his dreams. Rick knew that there was a chance he would have never stepped foot in this building again and that was fine with him. This is his life though being a Forrester. Maya is the reason that he is back. Caroline heard that Maya would only come back if he was part of the package. Maya does not think that there is a Forrester without Rick. Rick kisses Maya’s hand.

Nicole takes it that Zende heard about Maya. Zende likes to keep up with things going on around here. Nicole thinks that it is all thanks to Bill Spencer’s publicity machine. Zende feels that was wrong. Maya should have had the chance to… He doesn’t know the word. Nicole says disclose. Zende agrees on her own terms. Nicole is glad that he sees it that way. It is most her fault how it came out though. She made a mistake she trusted the wrong person. Wyatt Spencer.

Ivy asks if Wyatt knows what Steffy needs. Wyatt asks what. Ivy thinks she needs a man of her own so she can stop sniffing around hers. Wyatt is here waiting. Ivy asks if he wants to be with Steffy. Wyatt has spent a little bit of time with him around the office. Wyatt kissed her twice. Ivy is shocked. She asks if Steffy kissed back. Wyatt confirms that she did. Wyatt has a good feeling if they play their cards right that Liam and Steffy might not be a thing after all.

Carter thinks that he might have walked in on a tense moment. He called in a favor to fast trach the annulment. Steffy wants him to just get it done. Aly thinks that she would say that. Aly tells Liam that signing the papers is a huge mistake. Ivy is who Liam is supposed to be with. He can’t leave her for some person who bailed on him when he needed her most. He needs to stay with the woman he can count on and belongs with. Liam and Carter leave to sign the papers. Steffy tells Aly to not even think about it. She is trying to be decent and respect her issues but she will not stand here and let her talk to her like that. Aly asks what issues she thinks that she has. Aly wonders if she means the fact that Taylor killed her mother. Steffy looks baffled.

Zende knows that Nicole is a Midwesterner. Nicole doesn’t think that she was in her heart. She always had dreams. Nicole wanted what Maya has. An exciting life in a big city. She wouldn’t have even come to fashion if it were not for Maya. Zende thinks that if glamour is what she wants then Forrester is the place to be. Nicole cannot believe she will be working here. Zende says they are. Nicole thinks this will be a fantastic summer.

Wyatt asks why Ivy is looking at him strangely. Ivy thought she had Wyatt all figured out but then he says something like “I kissed Steffy”. Wyatt explains that in all fairness he initiated it. Ivy asks if he likes her. Wyatt likes her. He doesn’t know her though. She is just fun to be around. Liam walks in with the papers. Wyatt does like one thing about this though. It has given him a chance to know Steffy. He really wants to know her well.

Steffy doesn’t know what Aly is talking about. Aly reminds her that Taylor mowed Darla down with a car. Steffy believes it was an accident. Aly feels that Taylor was a lush. Steffy knows it was a horrible accident. Aly also thinks that Taylor is a slut like Steffy. They are ruining good people’s lives. Steffy thought they moved on from this. Aly asks how she was supposed to move on from her mother’s murder. Every single time she looks at Steffy she will remember. Aly suggests that Steffy go back to Paris. Steffy isn’t going to. For the sake of their family they should get along. Aly laughs at her saying family. Ivy is her family but that doesn’t stop her from flaunting herself in front of another man. Steffy gets rewarded with the presidency and Liam on her arm. Aly learned her lesson from Rick. She has to protect this family and this company. Steffy asks what Aly is even talking about. Aly believes that there family tree has poisoned branches. Members who would use, hurt, and kill people. She won’t let that happen again. Steffy needs her to redirect her thoughts and forget the past. Focus on her shoe line. Darla appears to Aly. She tells Aly that Aly is right. Aly might not have been able to save her from Steffy’s drunk mother but Aly can save the family from her. Darla wants her to get rid of her. Steffy asks if Aly is ok. Aly was listening to her mother she is a saint. Steffy guesses that Aly still sees Darla. Aly feels that Darla is always with her. Aly can tell she thinks that she is weird. Steffy wants Aly to stay away from her. Darla whispers for Aly to get rid of her.

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