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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/30/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is on the phone in Ridge’s old office. She explains that she has the schedule and is thrilled to be back. She is excited to jump in with both feet. Caroline walks in. Maya tells the person that she will see them soon and hangs up. Caroline welcomes her back. Maya welcomes Caroline back as well.

Nicole and Zende go on to the sky lounge. Zende is shocked to see this and says that it is new. Nicole did not know that. Zende reminds her that he has not been in this building for years. Nicole explains that people come up here to get some fresh air and work out and eat. Zende thought he already saw a gym on the first floor. Nicole jokes that it is a big building, everyone is working on their beach bodies. Zende thinks it is just like Miami. Nicole wonders if that is where he is from. Zende nods yes. He says that he is ready to hit those weights if he has to. Nicole is just trying to figure out his family ties. She is shocked that his mother is really a Forrester.

Aly and Ivy are in Ridge’s office. Aly cannot believe that Ivy didn’t tell her. She would have thrown on a dress and grabbed some flowers from the garden. She could have been an instant bridesmaid. Ivy assures her that it was very sudden and she didn’t have time to think about things like that. Aly suggests that they have another ceremony. Ivy says no. Aly wants her to think about the rest of them. Ivy doesn’t think that they have anything to celebrate. Her marriage is being annulled because Liam still has feelings for Steffy.

In Steffy’s office she asks if the world is ready to Liam. They keep going back and forth on it. She is talking about another Forrester lingerie line. Liam says to trust him that the world is always ready to see her in more lingerie. Steffy wants Liam to be careful. He is an old married man. Steffy asks if he can handle it. Steffy is kidding. She knows that he is getting an annulment and assumes that he can joke about it now. Liam laughs and says ok.

Aly doesn’t understand. Liam wouldn’t have married her if he still had feelings for Steffy. Ivy has a lot to catch Aly up on. She was being deported. Aly freaks out. Ivy says that it is fine. It was pretty scary for a bit though. Aly guesses that means that Liam stepped up so she could stay. Ivy says that is the only reason though. He would have never married her otherwise.

Steffy asks how the annulment is going. Liam spoke to Carter and he is drawing up the paperwork. Steffy feels like he should give a two for one discount. He booked him for his wedding. He should give half off on the divorce. Liam wonders if they could not talk about his marriage anymore. Liam wanted to help Ivy. Steffy knows and she also knows that he doesn’t want to hurt her. Steffy won’t let him kid himself though. He jumped at the chance to annul the marriage. Liam admits that he did. Steffy explains that if Liam is going to old a torch for Ivy she might want to dye her hair blonde. Steffy prefers battling blondes for his attention. It is easier to tell them apart. Liam laughs.

Nicole thinks that she saw a picture of his mom. She is short with black hair. Zende corrects her and says that is his aunt Felicia. Nicole assumes then that he takes after his dad. Zende guesses maybe a little. He takes out his phone and shows her a picture of Tony. Nicole looks confused. Zende tells her that there were whispers about an affair with the mailman. He laughs. He explains that he was adopted. Nicole takes a sigh of relief.

Caroline sits on the desk in the office. Maya takes a deep breath. She was shocked to hear what happened to Caroline. She asks if she was really just walking along. Caroline says that it was just like wham. Maya cannot imagine. She is up and about though. Caroline confirms that she is a little more every single day. It is all thanks to Ridge. Maya tells her that Caroline can say it. Caroline wonders what she means. Maya means that she wants to say that Maya was using Rick and was manipulating him.

Ivy realized that when she had citizenship that she didn’t need to be married to Liam. Ivy didn’t want to tell him. Aly knows that Quinn encouraged that. Aly still cannot believe that Ivy talked to her. Ivy just thinks that it all felt wrong. Ivy would love to be married to Liam someday but not like this. Aly is shocked that she is not giving up. Ivy is of course not. Ivy knows that he cares about her. She won’t just hand him over to Steffy. Aly starts breathing really heavily. Aly doesn’t want her to give up. She doesn’t think that there is any way that Liam would chose Taylor’s slutty daughter over her. Ivy looks a little scared.

Liam wants it to be made clear that there is no battle going on. Steffy points out that Ivy still believes that she has a future with Liam. He might not think that a battle is brewing but Ivy sure does. Steffy is not happy about it. Steffy already told Liam. She will not wait around to see who Liam wants. Now that he is getting an annulment she will see. Steffy wants to get back to work. Liam thought that was what they were doing. Steffy actually has a much better use of their time. She walks behind a divider.

Zende loved the look on Nicole’s face. Nicole promises him that she usually is not the gullible. Nicole asks if he has ever tried to track down his birth parents. Zende tells her that they are gone. Nicole is so sorry. Zende says that it is fine. He doesn’t mind talking about it. His parents died of AIDS along with his little brother. Nicole again is so sorry. She asks how old he was. Zende says he was six. He knows that she is probably too polite to ask so he will tell her that he is not HIV positive. His dad Tony is though. He thinks that helped Tony feel a connection when they met. They were on their honeymoon and he saw Kristen drop a roll of film. A flashback is shown. Kristen was shocked to that young Zende found that from all the way in town. He brought it back for her. Tony then asked what his name was. Tony introduced himself. Zende said that it was very nice to meet him. Zende goes on to explain that they went to meet him again that orphanage the next day. Kristen and Tony walk in and are shocked by how crowded it is. Young Zende explains to them that this is just where the babies are the older children are outside. Zende thought that would be the last he saw of them. Luckily for him he was wrong.

Maya doesn’t expect Caroline to understand. Maya didn’t feel like she was lying though. Caroline feels that it is interesting because she was so involved with her and Ridge and the innocent kisses. She was even a bit obsessed. Caroline suffered because of Maya’s accusations. Maya knows that Caroline was cheating. The kisses were not so innocent. She was cheating and she was doing everything she could to cover it up. Caroline believes that what Maya was trying to cover up was a little more intense. Maya says no. Maya is a woman. She has always felt like a woman. Her childhood was a lie. Her being a boy was a lie. The woman that Rick fell in love with is the truth. Rick has only ever known the real her.

Ivy doesn’t think that there is any need for name calling. Aly’s hand is shacking. Aly explains that Ivy might be too nice to say the truth but she isn’t. Steffy uses her body to get what she wants. Liam doesn’t want to be with someone like that. Aly is staring off into space shaking her head. Liam will make the right and decent choice. She looks up at Ivy. She knows that Liam is a good man. He proved that when she needed help. He will prove it again. At least he better.

Liam is sitting at Steffy’s desk. He tells her that note number one whatever this is it is taking her too long to change into it. Steffy asks what he means. Liam asks how much longer it will take. Steffy guesses that someone is eager to see her in lingerie. She walks out in a blue bra and underwear. Her shoes are still on. She asks what he thinks. Liam says that note two is that it will sell out fast. She looks beautiful. Steffy says that note number three is that the underwear is a little uncomfortable.

Nicole is shocked that Tony and Kristen go on a honeymoon and come back with a kid. Zende says that it was not quite like that. They realized that they could not possibly live without him. Nicole laughs. Zende guesses that seeing the orphanage really affected them. Zende remembers when Tony and Kristen came back to the orphanage. Kristen explains that they got back to LA and they missed him. She figured that since he is living here without any parents and they are living there without any children they decided that he could come live with them and be their son. Zende got his first passport that day with his new name on it.

Maya reminds Caroline that Rick knows about her past and chose to stay with her. Let that answer whether or not Rick thinks she was lying. Caroline points out that she still kept it from him for so long. Maya regrets that. She was upset that so many people knew before him. When her uncle was doing his worst Maya did what she thought was best. She left the company and severed all ties. She thought that was best for Rick. So Caroline can go ahead and say whatever name she wants to call her. Mirrna or Myron since she thought up last. Maya wants her to go ahead and hurt her if she can.

Steffy asks what he thinks about the fabric. Liam doesn’t think that there is much to think about. Steffy explains that he has to feel it. Aly walks in. She screams that Steffy needs to take her hands off of him. Steffy and Liam look shocked. Liam doesn’t want Aly to worry because it is just work. Aly cannot believe he is calling this work. Steffy explains that it is for the lingerie line and she was hardly prancing. Aly asks if Liam can see what Steffy is doing. She is trying to take Ivy away from him. Liam doesn’t think that this has anything to do with Ivy. Aly knows that he cares about Ivy. Steffy just so happens to be back jiggling around the office. Aly thought that things would change around here with her and Ridge in charge but she was wrong. All they did was exchange a tyrant for a slut. Aly will not let her do this. She will not let her ruin Liam and Ivy’s lives.

Nicole now has no right to ever complain about her childhood ever again. What Zende went through, there is no comparison. Zende informs her that they all have to do what they have to do. Zende is guessing that she hasn’t had the easiest time in the world either seeing she is related to Maya. Nicole asks what he means. She wonders if he has a problem with Maya. Zende just can’t believe that she is her sister.

Maya says go ahead and tell her how horrible she is. How wrong she was for keeping this part of her past from Rick. Caroline really doesn’t need to do that. She already knows those things. If Maya doesn’t want to call it lying that is fine. She disagrees though. Maya let a man fall in love with her without knowing the whole truth and that is lying. Maya doesn’t think she knows how complicated it is. Caroline doesn’t think Maya knows how painful that time in her life was. Her marriage was falling apart and she was humiliated. Caroline was judged by her and Rick. This brings up some very bitter feelings for her. Caroline does not approve of how Maya handled things. She just doesn’t. She has moved on now and she is happy. She is realizing that she wants Rick to be happy too. Caroline wants Rick to find a woman that makes him happy and he found that in her because she is a beautiful woman. Caroline has two moms. She was ridiculed growing up. Kids are mean. She always was an outsider looking in. She cannot even begin to compare herself to Maya. She does think that Maya lied and is a hypocrite but she respects and admires Maya. She had the strength and the courage to be the woman that she is today. She persevered herself. Caroline thinks that Maya is one kick ass woman. Caroline likes her just the way she is. Caroline stands up and hugs her.

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