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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/29/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy wants Liam to say it again. She needs Liam to say it one more time in order for her to understand him. Liam explains that Ivy does not need him to stay in America. Steffy knows that she isn’t a citizen though and could be deported. Liam tells her that there was a mistake. She never could be deported because she was a citizen. His marriage to Ivy is over.

Ivy thinks about what she just told Liam. How she explained that she was indeed a citizen of the US. John walks in. Ivy didn’t even know that he was in town. They hug. John is glad to hear that she has married Liam Spencer. John would have loved walking her down the aisle but she did save him a bundle on her marriage. He wonders what it is like being Misses Spencer. John asks what is wrong. Ivy doubts that she will be married to Liam for much longer.

Ridge takes Caroline’s pencil out of her hand. He likes that they will be together for every minute of the day. Caroline tells him that he better get used to it. They start kissing. Caroline reminds him about the interns that they have coming in today. Pam walks in. Ridge asks if this could wait. Pam explains that he has a special visitor waiting and it is a Forrester. Ridge quickly walks over and hugs him. Ridge introduces Caroline to him as Zende. He is Kristin’s child. Caroline says it is so nice to meet him. Zende says that it is nice to meet her too. Ridge is glad he is here. Ridge is happy that he is interested in learning about the family business. Zende heard from Kristin that Ridge was looking for interns so he flew right out. Ridge hopes that it is ok that they don’t tell the other interns that they are family. Zende is game to this. Ridge is glad and tells him to go wait outside. Zende wants to make Ridge proud of him.

Pam gets her tray of lemon bars out. Zende walks out and asks Pam tells him to take a seat. She walks around asking if people want lemon bars. Two people say no thank you. One girl takes one and says that it is really delicious. Pam says that she is hired. Nicole walks down the hallway. Pam asks if she is looking for Maya. Nicole says no. She is interviewing for the internship. Pam didn’t see her name on the list. Nicole wants a chance to prove herself and start fresh. Pam nods her head and Nicole goes and sits down next to Zende. He stands up before she sits.

John came to congratulate the bride and pop open a bottle. Ivy says that he should hold off. John is shocked that she is having a quick marriage and now divorce. He wonders if she had an argument with Liam. Ivy tells him no. Liam has been wonderful. John doesn’t understand the problem then. Ivy informs him that Steffy has moved back to LA and she wants Liam back and Ivy is pretty certain that Liam wants that too.

Steffy and Liam walk back into her office. Steffy is shocked that Ivy volunteered the information herself. Liam feels that is the thing about Ivy. She has a lot of integrity. Steffy asks if Ivy gave him an out. Liam knows that Ivy knew how he felt about her. Steffy asks how he feels about her. Liam wonders if this is a trick question. Steffy reminds him that he married Ivy. She cannot expect her not to be upset. Liam will not be married for long and he is telling her how he wants to live his life. He asks if that makes her a little less made at him.

Ridge informs Caroline that Kristin was on her honeymoon when she met Zende and adopted him very soon after that. Caroline can tell that he is very determined but also very laid back. Caroline feels that he is taking advantage of things the right way. He could very easily just take advantage of his uncle Ridge and have a huge salary and a coroner office if he really wanted. Ridge guesses that would have probably happened but he didn’t want that. He doesn’t want favoritism. Caroline guesses that they don’t see that very often. Especially around here.

Nicole and Zende introduce themselves. Nicole asks if he is nervous. Zende isn’t really. He is more excited really. Nicole asks if he knows where he is. It is one of the top fashion houses in the world. Zende is fully aware. Pam suggests that Nicole let the young man concentrate a little bit before going in. Nicole asks if he knows much about the family and the famous Forrester dynasty. Zende knows a bit. Nicole doesn’t think that it gets any more prestigious than the Forrester’s. Zende hears that they are good people. Nicole asks if he knows how many boutiques they have or what their business model is. Zende would like to think that he is well versed. Nicole feels that Ridge will be asking him a lot of questions. She has a few connections around here so she would be happy to help him out.

John can tell that even though Ivy doesn’t have to be married she wants to be. Ivy doesn’t think that Liam does. Quinn had told her not to say anything but Ivy couldn’t live with that kind of lie. John believes that he handled himself with grace and virtue just like he raised her. Ivy thanks him. She just wishes that all this Steffy stuff wasn’t an issue. Ivy wants Liam to want her and only her but that doesn’t seem to be case. John believes that Prince William has to make up his mind. If Liam is as smart as he thinks then he won’t let Ivy slip away. Ivy loves Liam and no matter what his feelings are for Steffy she knows that he loves her too.

Steffy knows that Liam is saying all this to her. That he cares and wants her back but she asks about Ivy. She is here legally and he doesn’t have to take care of her. Steffy asks if he has feelings for her. Liam obviously has feelings for Ivy. Steffy assumed as much. Liam doesn’t want to be married to her. Steffy wonders what he does want then. She is annoyed. Steffy asks what happens next. Liam guesses that he and Ivy get an annulment. Steffy does not think that is enough. Liam does. All they have to do is sign a few papers and that is it. Steffy doesn’t mean logistics. Steffy means what happens with them. It doesn’t change the fact that Liam married Ivy in the first place. Liam wishes it never had to happen. Steffy tells him that he is going to have to own it. Liam does. Marrying Ivy made him see how much he wanted to be with Steffy.

Nicole can give him any advice he needs. Zende thinks that she knows a lot about this place. Nicole has been modeling here the last couple of months. Zende asks what she has been doing. Nicole hasn’t done much exactly. She feels like she has her foot in the door though. Zende thinks that is awesome. Nicole admits that Maya Avant is her sister. He knows that Maya is a super model. Nicole explains that she plans to work her way up just like Maya did. Nicole also informs him that Pam might be the receptionist but she basically runs the joint. Zende is shocked. Nicole says that she knows everything that is going on at all times. Pam gets a call. She explains to all of them that Ridge will see them now. Nicole is sure that Zende will do great. They all walk in. Ridge is looking at papers. He says hello and introduces them to Caroline. Ridge tells Nicole that they are having a meeting for potential interns. Nicole was hoping that he would consider her. Ridge goes on to say that they have all gone through the application process. Nicole hands him an application with her resume and references. Nicole is willing to do whatever it takes. Ridge introduces everyone to Kristina. She is a third year student. Then he introduces Charlotte who is a second year at USC. Tobias is doing his masters at Berkeley. Then he introduces Zende. He tries to play it off as if he doesn’t know how to pronounce his name. Ridge tells Nicole that he has a business degree. It is a lot of competition. Nicole knows that her resume isn’t going to be as good theirs but she wants to apologize. Nicole realizes that she came off a little too strong in the past. She not only embarrassed herself but her sister. Nicole to work her way up. She is asking for another chance.

John believes that if Ivy still has feelings for Liam then she needs to keep on going after him. John asks her how she thinks her mother and he have managed to stay together all these years. Ivy points out that they have never been in the same city. John informs her that they never give up on each other no matter how hard it gets. He isn’t saying that she hasn’t wanted to smother hi with a pillow though. Ivy knows that he always finds away back into her good books. She gets it. John will not let a good woman go. Neither will Liam. Ivy isn’t giving up. She won’t be blinded by all of this either though. Liam and Steffy have a history together. They were married and lost a child. She understands why Liam cares. John says that either way she will be ok. Steffy has nothing on her. Ivy hugs him.

Steffy thinks that Liam knows where she stands. Steffy wants them to be together but she does not see that happening. Liam asks if she is saying that it is too late. He wants her to tell him what he needs to do. Liam does not want him questioning this. Steffy understands that he wants them to be together. Steffy cannot deal with this though. It makes her feel uneasy. Liam knows that and he is doing the best he can. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone in the process. Steffy can tell that he is still sorting his feelings for Ivy. Ivy is listening in at the door. She knows that the marriage might be over but she has not heard Liam say that the relationship is over. Steffy needs to know right now how he really feels about Ivy. Ivy walks in and wants to know the same thing.

Ridge has a few questions for everyone. He starts with Tobias. He asks what his passion is. Tobias says that PR is. Ridge then asks one of the other girls. She has wanted to work at Forrester since she was a little girl with her mother. His designs have been her inspiration. The girl next to her agrees. It would be a dream of a lifetime. Ridge asks why Zende is here. He thinks that he dresses pretty well. Ridge means what does he know about Fashion and Forrester. He knows that they are a big family. Nicole suggests that Ridge is talking about the company. Nicole was talking to him while they were waiting. He doesn’t know much but she can tell he is a good guy. Ridge has to agree. Ridge says that they all have the internship. Ridge wants Nicole and Zende to stay back for a minute. Nicole appreciates this a lot. Ridge tells Zende he expects him to work very hard. Zende understands. He would love for Kristin to come visit when she is here. Caroline would love that. She hasn’t seen her in a long time. Zende explains that she sends her best. Nicole asks if he knows Zende’s mom. Ridge does she is his sister. Nicole is shocked that he is a Forrester. Zende tells him that Kristin is his mom. Nicole thought that she had connections. Ridge and Caroline walk out. Nicole was completely fooled. Zende feels that it was cool of her to have his back. He still might need her help being shown what is up around here. It would be Nicole’s pleasure.

Ivy assumes that Liam has told Steffy. Liam did and that they only were married so that Ivy would not get deported. He assumed that there was no confusion. Ivy says that it is true. It is not what she is about. Liam appreciates it. Ivy assumes he wants to annul the marriage. Liam feels it is for the best. Ivy wants to remind everyone that she was in a relationship long before Steffy came back and in the past when Steffy has tried to get Liam back she has been unsuccessful. Steffy doubts that it will happen this time. Ivy knows that he is not ready to let go of Steffy. Liam doesn’t think that they should be having this conversation right now. Ivy doesn’t like it but she understands it. They have memories and experiences together that she cannot compete with. What Ivy does know what is between them. She is not done with Liam. Ivy is confident that she deserves a man who is devoted to her. Steffy thinks that they both do. Ivy believes in the future they could have together but it all depends on him.

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