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Written By Anthony
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Ridge only came here to talk to Maya. Maya assumes that Ridge has something to tell Rick as well. Ridge only came here to offer her job back. Maya would love to help Ridge. She will return to Forrester and explain to everyone that she wasn’t fired for being a transgender woman. She will make that all clear if Rick comes to. She asks if they have a deal.

In Steffy’s office Caroline is looking at some of Ivy’s jewelry with Steffy, Wyatt, and Quinn. Caroline notes that the neckless she is holding doesn’t look like something she would expect from Ivy. Steffy agrees that Ivy is just full surprises lately. Quinn notes that she worked on that piece with Ivy. They were both encouraged by Caroline’s courage and strength. Wyatt is glad that she is back at the office. Caroline thanks him. She wonders where Ivy is today. She hasn’t seen her. Quinn is sure that she is around here somewhere. Probably with her husband. Caroline is baffled to hear this. Caroline asks if they are talking about her cousin. She wonders if Liam and Ivy are married. Steffy notes that it is hard to believe. She says this sarcastically.

Ivy and Liam are in Ridge’s old office. Ivy is sure that this is all going to shock a few people. Liam asks if she is worried that immigration might question them. Ivy doesn’t think that immigration will be a problem anymore. Liam is sure that is true because the wedding worked and she can no longer be deported. Ivy agrees that she cannot be deported. Liam thinks that she can relax then. She has nothing to worry about.

Ridge informs Maya that Rick cannot have his old job back. That position is all his. Maya feels that he has earned a place in the company. Ridge admits that he understands Rick. When Rick knocked down Bill it was the happiest day of his life. So he thinks that they could use him in Paris. Maya scoffs at this offer. Rick won’t run international unless it is over here. Maya knows that Rick took the company into higher places so they need him on board. Ridge says fine it is a deal. Rick hold out his hand. He hopes that all of Ridge’s ideas as CEO are as good as this one. They shake. Maya smiles.

Caroline would like to know why Liam would do that. Wyatt points out that Liam cares about Ivy. Caroline knows that this means that they will have to live together. Immigration is going to be checking in on Ivy. Steffy is aware of this. Quinn doesn’t think that they should tire Caroline back on her first day back and they should focus on work. Steffy agrees that is a great idea. Quinn is going to go find Ivy and start on the suggestions for the line. Steffy thinks that is wonderful. Quinn leaves. Caroline tells Steffy that she is so sorry. She can only imagine how upset she is. Wyatt assures Caroline that Steffy has been through this before with his brother. Steffy isn’t going to put herself through this again. Wyatt explains that if she picks the right guy she won’t have to.

Ivy doesn’t want their wedding to be a distraction. Caroline is back and Steffy is president. Liam agrees that a lot is going on. Ivy actually just got a memo from Steffy. Quinn walks in and is glad to have found Ivy. Ivy completely forgot about the meeting as she lost track of time. She is really sorry. Quinn tells her that it is fine because she took notes. Quinn says hello to Liam and Liam coldly acknowledges her back. Quinn hopes that he doesn’t mind but he has work to go over with his wife. Liam minds but he knows it is work. He leaves. Quinn asks why she didn’t kiss Liam goodbye. If she plans to make this marriage work then Ivy has to play it up. Ivy knows that this marriage should have never happened. Ivy already has dual citizenship. She doesn’t need this marriage to stay in the country.

Caroline is sketching Ridge’s office. Ridge walks in. Caroline notes that he was gone a long time. Ridge tries to kiss Caroline but she thinks he has been being sneaky. She didn’t know that Liam was married to Ivy. Ridge assumed that Liam would tell her himself. Ridge has some breaking news if she is interested. Caroline assumes that he convinced Maya to come back to work. Ridge says yes but she countered. Caroline only cares that Maya wants her job back. Caroline suddenly realizes that Rick has to come back as well. Ridge says that no boyfriend means no deal. Rick is coming back.

Rick says that modeling might just be the first step in this business. She handled Ridge like a seasoned executive. Maya just hopes that he doesn’t think she was ungrateful. Rick says that she was incredible. Maya never thought that they would want her back. Rick saw people online. Maya had hashtags. Maya thinks that he could have just asked her to write a statement as to why she left. Rick doesn’t think that would have been good enough. They would have never found another lead model like Maya. Maya adds that they would have never found another executive like Rick. Rick doesn’t think that Maya had to do that for him. Maya wonders if he is upset that she did. Rick is blown away. Rick believes that Ridge coming to Maya was her moment. She didn’t have to share that with everyone. Maya still feels that Rick would be CEO still if it was not for her. Rick wouldn’t have wanted to be at work without her. Maya wouldn’t have wanted to be at Forrester or anywhere else without her.

Quinn informs Ivy that they have to get these changes done. Ivy cannot concentrate. Quinn believes that Liam made his own choice. Ivy still feels that he did it only to save her. Quinn thinks that is a sign that he cares about her. Ivy doesn’t need saving because she cannot be deported. Quinn doesn’t want Ivy to feel guilty over an error. Ivy knows that they didn’t have to get married though. Quinn reminds her that he torpedoed any chance at a relationship with Steffy. She asks Ivy how she thinks that would make Liam feel. Ivy hates that she lied to him. Quinn suggests that this is the most passionate thing he has ever done. Ivy doesn’t think it would be so if he doesn’t love her. Quinn says that he does love her. Ivy knows it is nothing like how he loves Steffy.

Steffy and Wyatt are still looking at other pieces in the collection. Wyatt guesses she is thinking about Liam. Steffy suggests that he at least make it sound like a question. Wyatt asks what the look on her face was about then. Steffy feels the jewelry is very impressive. Steffy hates to say it. Wyatt wonders what she hates to say. Steffy just thinks that complimenting Ivy will be pretty hard for a while. Wyatt tells her to compliment him and he will relay the message. Steffy still cannot believe that Liam married her. She wants to know why he would do that. Wyatt thinks that she knows. Liam walks in and tells her to give him the chance so he can explain again. Wyatt asks if he has anything new to say. Liam kind of has to speak to Steffy. Steffy asks Wyatt to give them a minute. Wyatt will go give his notes to Quinn. He leaves.

Caroline sarcastically thinks that the four of them back together again will be so much fun. Ridge reminds her it was a package deal. They had to take it or leave it. Caroline has said it before. Never underestimate the power of Maya Avant. She has said it before and she will say it again. Ridge knows that they won’t be playing poker with her. That is for sure. Caroline asks if he thinks she is bluffing. Ridge doesn’t. Caroline assumes that she would have turned down the job. Ridge confirms that she would have. He has to admit that he is impressed. Maya has a lot of loyalty to Rick. Caroline asks if he thinks that are back together. Ridge says that if they weren’t they will be tonight.

Rick cannot get over what she did for him and how she stood up for him. Maya knows that he did the same for her. Rick says that Ridge could have taken back his offer. Maya knows that he didn’t though. Rick is aware of how much modeling means to her. Maya explains that it doesn’t mean as much as Forrester does to him. Rick believes that the situations are different. Bill disrespected her. He reacted and didn’t think about his job in that moment. Maya knows that he was thinking about her. Rick was also thinking about all the other jerks who bullied her in her life. Ridge almost seemed as surprised as Bill. Maya was a bit surprised herself. Rick is trying to tell her that she didn’t have to do that for him. Maya says that is why he did it. She thinks that if Ridge was going to give her a second chance then he deserved one too. Rick guesses that they have more to celebrate. Maya wants the party to continue. Rick was thinking about taking the party upstairs.

Quinn knows that Ivy loves Liam. Ivy does. Quinn would like her to make that her mission as Liam’s wife. Ivy still feels that her marriage was a huge mistake. Quinn thinks that everything happens for a reason. Ivy knows that Liam doesn’t love her he loves Steffy. Quinn reminds her that he loved her enough to live with her. Liam married Ivy without thinking. Her feelings didn’t come into his mind at all. Ivy didn’t give him time to do that. Wyatt walks in. Wyatt asks if everything is fine. He asks what is going on. Quinn assures him that everything is fine. Quinn thinks that Ivy should bring a neckless to Steffy. Wyatt mentions that Steffy gave them some notes. Quinn tells Ivy that she can bring the notes and have her clarify anything that isn’t clear. Ivy asks if she should do this right now. Quinn says yes. They need to get this collection into production as soon as possible. Quinn leaves. Wyatt notes that Ivy seemed upset. Quinn says that Ivy and Steffy are going to have to learn to work together. Wyatt guesses that Liam isn’t the only one having second thoughts about this marriage.

Liam knows that Steffy was talking to Wyatt. Steffy wasn’t talking with Liam though. Liam knows that she wants to know why she picked Ivy. Steffy doesn’t. She thinks that it is obvious and when she thinks about it the rest of it is too. Liam had to do something. Steffy tells him to hire a lawyer or have Bill pull some strings. He doesn’t get married though. Steffy asks if he has something work related to discuss. Steffy reminds him that they are at work and that is her main focus. Ivy walks into the office. Liam will not have Steffy shut him out. They can still work together. He still loves her though and he knows she still loves him. Ivy rolls her eyes and leaves before anyone sees her. Liam needs Steffy to know something. He doesn’t want to lose her. Steffy asks what he means by this. Liam doesn’t think that it has to be over between them. Steffy informs Liam that he can kick himself for as long as he wants but she is done. She has spent too much time obsessing over what might have been. Liam isn’t asking her that. Steffy says how he dare ask for anything. Steffy opened herself up to him. Liam did as well. He meant every word of what he said. Steffy points out that he said to Ivy “for better or worse”. Liam didn’t say for as long as they both shall live. It was only for as long as it takes for her to get citizenship. Steffy knows that it could take years. Liam believes it could take less time. Steffy still thinks it is too late. She remembers that he said he was going to go talk to her and tell her how he felt about her. Steffy waited all day for him. Then he finally does and she was so excited. Steffy spent hours putting her plan into action. Liam loved all of it. Steffy asks why he didn’t just say anything when she walked in. That is why he asked her over. To tell her what happened. That Ivy and him got married. Liam tried to but he couldn’t. Steffy says that makes two of them. She can’t deal with this either.

Ivy walks back into Ridge’s old office. Quinn asks if she saw Steffy. Ivy did. Liam was with her and he was telling her how much in love he is with her again. Quinn thinks that Ivy should have dragged him out of there by his ear. Ivy didn’t. He didn’t even see her. Quinn reminds her that Liam is her husband. She has every right to feel territorial. Ivy knows he doesn’t want this. She isn’t going to trap a man in a relationship. Quinn still feels that Liam helped her. Ivy didn’t need his help though. Quinn saw that Ivy was desperate and at her wits end. Her feelings for Liam are real and can still happen. Ivy cannot just tell him the truth. Ivy cannot do this. This isn’t who she is. It isn’t going to make either of them happy. She has to tell Liam that they don’t have to be married.

Caroline tells Ridge that he is so sneaky. Ridge is sorry that they had to cut the party short. Caroline is ok with it. She knows that he had things to do. Ridge would have rather been with her. Caroline wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. He helped her recover and get back to work. Ridge doesn’t think it is fun without her here. They kiss passionately.

Rick and Maya kiss passionately in their bedroom. They walk over to the bed and sit down. Maya feels like it was another lifetime ago before everything went wrong. Maya missed him so much. Rick missed her too. They kiss again.

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