B&B Wednesday Update 6/24/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/24/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Pam looks outside of Ridge’s office. She explains that they are on their way up. Carter doesn’t want to put a damper on things but he wonders if the balloons are a little bit much. Pam disagrees. After everything that Caroline has been through she deserves a parade. Charlie jokingly says that Pam thought about throwing her one. Pam didn’t even have much time to whip up her special lemon bars. Eric assures her that she will love them.

Ridge is in the hallway with Caroline. He tells an employee to have something ready for him later. Caroline is using her walker. She has one leg still in a cast. Ridge wants her to take it easy as it is only her first day back. Caroline thought that he promised he wouldn’t do that. Ridge knows that Caroline can do it on her own. He is just going to slip back into work like nothing has ever happened. Ridge assumes that she wants to take a selfie. Caroline feels that she probably should. It is her first day back and her followers probably want to know. Ridge hands her his phone and she takes a few pictures. Ridge suggests sending the pictures to her mother’s so they know she isn’t over doing it. Caroline doubts that Ridge would ever let that happen. They start to kiss and Pam walks out. She tells them to get a room. Caroline walks into the office and they all cheer her on. Ridge welcomes her back.

Maya walks into the Forrester Mansion. Rick out from another room. Maya hopes that it is ok she just walked in. She still has her key. Rick thanks her for coming. Maya explains that he did take her away from something important. She has to do her laundry. It has been piling up for days. Rick asks why she didn’t bring it. Maya knows that he calling her up and her bringing over a huge basket filled with clothes would have made the maid a little mad. Rick notes that this is her first time here since everything. Maya knows. She walks around. She notices that her picture is still on the wall. Maya loves this home. She loved sharing it with him. Rick asks if she thought he would take it down. He thinks they can get into that later. First he would like to invite her to a party though. Maya asks when it is. Rick says it is right now.

Ridge thanks Eric for being here. It means a lot to him. Eric reluctantly says that it is good to have Caroline back. Caroline wants to know what Ridge has to say for himself about this party. Pam asks if Caroline really didn’t want all of this. Ridge assures Pam that Caroline did. He assumes she would have wanted a brass bed as well. Charlie guesses they didn’t think of that. Pam informs all of them that it was Ridge who wanted the party. Carter raises his glass to Caroline. Carter points out that he is pretty tough but he has nothing on her. She has fought back and kept her sense of humor throughout all of this. Ridge says that she mostly has. Caroline tells him to be quiet. Caroline doesn’t want him to spoil this for her. They all think that she is Super Woman. Caroline however admits that she wouldn’t have been back so soon or at all if it were not for Ridge. Caroline knows that he helped her take her first steps and he helped encourage that this day would eventually come. Ridge is glad she is here. He needs her to design here because it looks good now that they are running the place.

Rick makes two martinis. Maya asks if it is not just a little early for martinis. Rick supposes so but they are celebrating. Rick asks if she is the least bit curious. Maya is. She wonders who else is coming. Rick says no one. Rick assumes that Maya is going stir crazy living in that tiny apartment. Rick knows that they are still navigating all of this a little bit but he wonders if Maya thinks that it might be time to come home. This is what he wants and he wants her to tell him that this is what she wants as well.

Pam is at her desk. She is on the phone. She explains to whoever she is speaking to that she doesn’t care what the tabloids say. Maya Avant was not fired from Forrester. She hangs up the phone. Carter asks what happened. Pam tells him that they slammed the phone on her face. Charlie says that Pam has been dealing with calls like this for days now. People think that Maya was fired because of the tabloid drama. Carter knows that isn’t true though because Maya quit. Pam knows that but this is becoming a PR nightmare. Ridge needs to do something about this fast.

Eric hangs up the phone. He tells Ridge and Caroline that this whole thing is escalating. They have to put a lid on this before it gets out of hand. Eric explains that some of their clients are under the impression that they forced Maya out the door because she is transgender. When Bill outed Maya in his papers and his magazines they had no idea what was going to happen. They do now though. Ridge thinks that they have to set the record straight. Caroline offers to put it on her blog to set things straight. Eric thinks that is a good idea. Forrester looks like the bad guy here. Caroline does not think that they are. Maya quit on her own. It was her choice. Ridge believes that if they try to explain it that it might look like they are trying to spin it. Eric says that people love to look at these things in the limelight. Ridge wonders what he is suggesting. Eric thinks that he knows.

Maya is shocked that he wants this after everything that has happened. Rick wonders what that is exactly because he doesn’t remember. Maya feels that Rick is so sweet and understanding. Rick knows that he has his faults. Rick points out that he hogs the covers in bed. Maya laughs and agrees. Rick also knows that he made a lousy CEO of a fashion house. Maya does not think that is true Maya believes that he was the best CEO that Forrester ever has had. Rick doesn’t think that anyone strokes his ego like she does. Maya laughs again. Maya asks if he is sure about this. She has already caused him so much. Rick does not see it that way. Rick sees all the wonderful things. Her belief in him. Their belief in them. Maya knows that he would still be CEO if it was not for her. Rick wouldn’t have been CEO at all had it not been for Maya encouraging him. Maya knows that she is the reason his life has been turned upside down. She was insecure and she waited too long. Rick thinks that she was just in love. Rick asks if she will move back in. He asks her to say yes.

Ridge does not want to do anything rash. Eric asks what they would be doing that is rash. Ridge wonders if Eric really is suggesting having Maya back. Caroline thinks that it would be giving them good PR. She knows that it is shocking coming from her but she has two mothers and this outcry is showing that there is a voice that wants to be heard. It isn’t like Maya did anything to hurt anyone and it is her uncles fault. Ridge knows. Ridge also knows that if he goes and asks Maya to come back she will want Rick to come back as well. Ridge is not doing that. Eric wants Ridge to listen to him. He is CEO and he knows how much that means to him. If he wants to be a good leader he is going to have to put aside his differences from time to time. This would be a very good time to do that. Maya never should have left. Ridge takes it that Rick already talked to Eric. Eric confirms this. Maya is already on her way to the house now. He thinks that Ridge should go and talk to her. Ridge needs to reach out to her. They need to make this happen.

Carter shows Pam and Charlie that people have already started an online campaign to get Maya back. Charlie suggests that one of them should speak to Ridge. Ridge walks out of his office. Carter asks where he is going. Ridge is going to go talk to Maya.

Maya wasn’t expecting this. Rick wonders why she thinks he asked her here. Maya wasn’t sure. Rick asks if she means about them and moving forward. Maya asks if they are really doing this. She wonders if they are really moving forward so soon. Rick feels that she still doesn’t get it when he says that she does not understand how proud he is of her. Her courage and this woman who is living right in front of him. Rick wants her to come back home. Maya doesn’t want him to misunderstand her. She wants to come back it is just… Rick knows that she is afraid they have to live a certain way. Rick is not looking at her any different. Rick kisses her passionately and Maya kisses back. Rick is taking that to mean she is moving back in. They kiss again. Ridge walks in and says that he is sorry to interrupt. Ridge tells Maya that Forrester needs her.

Caroline tells Eric that they were all so sweet to do that for her. Eric feels that it was the least they could do. They are all happy that she is back. Caroline believes that if Rick were still CEO that her welcome back probably would not have been as warm. Eric admits that he wishes things had worked out between her and Rick. He can tell that Caroline and Ridge love each other though. They both helped each other out and Caroline is recovering very fast. Eric wants Caroline to do him a favor. He wants her to make sure that CEO doesn’t overwhelm his life. They need to have time for themselves. Caroline agrees. Eric assumes that Ridge is at the house now. Caroline asks how he thinks Maya will react. Eric is more interested in how Caroline is going to react if Maya agrees to come back to Forrester. Caroline feels that whatever her feelings about Maya are, are not important. She agrees that Forrester needs her back.

Maya is shocked that Ridge wants her back at Forrester. Rick asks if this is some kind of joke. Ridge is here to ask Maya to have her job back. Rick knows that Eric made him come down here because of the way that Maya has been treated. Maya is fine with all of this. She resigned and doesn’t want to hurt the company. Ridge knows she resigned and never disclosed why. Ridge doesn’t think it is a big secret that he and Maya do not like each other. This is the fashion business. Rick knows what this is about. He has gone online. Support is mounting for Maya. There has been backlash. Ridge says that people think she was fired. Rick assumes that the sales have been effected. Ridge says yes. Maya knows that if he doesn’t do this Forrester will be negatively affected. Rick guesses that Maya is more popular than ever. Plus she is beautiful and the public has responded. Ridge says that they need her back. Rick asks if that means he needs her too. Ridge says yes. Ridge would like for Maya to be their lead model if that is what she wants. Maya loves modeling and she loves modeling for a company that she is proud to be a part of. She thinks that she would be better than ever. Not just for Forrester but for the transgender community. This would be positive. Ridge guesses that means that she is coming back. Maya will on one condition. She will happily come back as lead model. Only if Rick comes with her. He is the man she loves. He is a wonderful CEO. Forrester needs him. She also knows that Ridge needs him. Maya demands that Ridge tell him that. If he is welcoming Rick back to Forrester then he is welcoming Rick back too.

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