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Liam asks what it was the agent said. He remembers that earlier she said there was something that he needs to know. Ivy doesn’t say anything. Liam wants to know what is wrong.

Ridge knows that Liam married Ivy. Steffy tells Ridge that is that.

In Ridge’s old office Quinn is working on something. Deacon sneaks inside and kisses her from behind frightening her. Quinn can tell that someone is happy to see her. Deacon has to admit that Quinn is hot but coming into Forrester is a double turn on. Quinn appreciates his enthusiasm but she doesn’t want to risk Ridge walking in on anything inappropriate. Quinn will however make it up to him tonight. Deacon asks what she is working on. Quinn explains wedding rings for Ivy and Liam. They are symbols of their lifelong love together. Also they are warnings for any interlopers.

Bill asks Katie if he is really such a horrible role model. Katie asks if that is a rhetorical question. Bill laughs sarcastically. Katie believes that Bill is a wonderful father and it doesn’t have anything to do with Liam marrying Ivy. Bill has two grown sons and he would like Katie to explain to him why they don’t come to him first, before making stupid decisions. Wyatt walks in. Bill wants to know if he knew Liam was marrying Ivy. Wyatt informs him that Liam doesn’t have to clear his life decisions with him. Katie assumes that if it was a green card marriage it might not have been in romantic intent. Bill thinks that Liam’s phone is off or he is just ignoring him. Bill decides that he is going to find his son and have a conversation with him. Katie wants Bill to stay here. Bill finds this crazy. Liam is married to Ivy. He wants to know what Liam was drinking. Wyatt believes this is right up Liam’s ally. He rescues creatures and women. It is his natural instinct. Wyatt adds that it all happened with a little help from Quinn. Katie asks if he is serious. Bill can’t believe this. Bill wants to know what crack pot Quinn had to do with this.

Deacon wants Quinn to start over again. He would like to know why she is making wedding bands for Liam and Ivy. Quinn claims it is because she is a kind and thoughtful person. Deacon wants to know what else it is. He thought it was a green card wedding. Quinn believes that the marriage isn’t meaningless. It isn’t like they were strangers going into this. They were a couple before all this happened. Deacon asks if she is saying then that this is a real marriage. What Quinn is saying is that how the marriage started isn’t necessarily how it will end up. Deacon’s next question is why does she care so much.

Steffy felt love for the first time since she had left for Paris. Steffy is sorry about all of this. She explains though that it is done. Ridge points out that they only got married for one reason. Steffy does not care. They are still married. She will not be the chick on the side waiting for Liam to sneak away from his wife. Ridge is going to make sure that Liam knows this.

Liam would like to know what happened. Ivy starts to hear Quinn tell her what to do in her head again. Liam is starting to get freaked out now. He asks what happened with the immigration agent. Liam promises her that he can’t do anything because they are married. Ivy admits that is the problem. They shouldn’t be married.

Katie asks what Quinn had to do with Liam marrying Ivy. Wyatt wonders how Quinn fits into any of this. If you ask her she claims that she is doing it for Ivy. Bill knows that Quinn only looks out for Quinn. Katie points out that she also looks out for Wyatt. Wyatt admits that Quinn is moving things along so that he can be with Steffy. Bill cannot believe that this is about Steffy.

Quinn explains to Deacon that she gave Ivy some guidance and a little shove in the right direction. She didn’t even have to get close to the water this time. Deacon asks if she really did this. Quinn admits that it was more of a gentle push the more that she thinks about it. Deacon doesn’t think this makes any sense. He wants to know why she put herself in the middle when she doesn’t even like them. Quinn says that is not true. She doesn’t like Liam but she is warming up to Ivy. Deacon knows that there is an angle here and he knows that Quinn is working it. Quinn admits that she doesn’t care about Ivy and Liam being a couple as far as it goes. She only cares about her son. With Liam attached to Ivy there is no room in his life for Steffy. Quinn explains that Wyatt has taken some interest into Steffy lately. It is all about design.

Steffy thought that when Liam first told her that he was kidding. She would have never guessed that the joke would be on her. Ridge knows that the only reason he married her was so she wouldn’t get deported. Steffy knows that he is going to have to put his life on hold. She refuses to share Liam with yet another woman. Especially another wife.

Liam wants to know what Ivy means by they shouldn’t be married. Ivy doesn’t know. It just doesn’t feel right. Liam guesses that it is expected that it would be awkward. They didn’t exactly plan this. Ivy knows that if it wasn’t for her immigration issues that they wouldn’t even be in this mess. Liam would be free. Liam assumes that she means that he could have been free to pursue Steffy. He isn’t going to lie that he thought about her for a very long time. Ivy here now and he cares very deeply for her as well. Liam is not going to stand by while she gets kicked out of LA. She belongs here. Ivy offers Liam the chance to be with Steffy. She will have Carter draw up annulment papers. Ivy will not trap him in a marriage. Liam admits it is not the idea situation but being married to Ivy is not the worst thing. Ivy knows that he is in love with Steffy. Liam believes that he is her husband and that is a done deal. Liam asks if Ivy is trying to say that she wants out knowing how he feels about Steffy.

Katie tells Bill that she is sorry that Liam and Ivy’s marriage does not suit his purposes. Bill just thinks that Liam belongs with Steffy. Katie thinks that there might be competition for Steffy now. They all know how determined Wyatt can be. Bill already knows that Wyatt is going to have his heart stomped on again. Liam is not going to be with Ivy a moment longer than he has to be. He is going to make a B-line for Steffy. Katie points out that Liam is going to be out of the running for Steffy at least for the time being. Katie feels that there may come a time where Liam is available but Steffy is not.

Steffy loves Liam but she will not be second place again. She will not do this with Ivy. Ridge is glad to hear this. He was there watching her on the sidelines and he couldn’t deal with that. Steffy is now realizing what she wants and needs. She wonders if it is possible to get a normal guy. She would love one that is normal and committed. She is not asking for a lot. Ridge hugs her. Wyatt walks in. He asks if it is a bad time because he can come back. Ridge has to go take care of something. Wyatt explains that he heard a little bit of what they were saying. He knows that she is in the market for a wonderful committing guy and here he is on cue.

Quinn believes that Steffy is perfect for Wyatt. Deacon guesses that he could do worse. The girl is smoking hot. Quinn admits that for once she feels really good about the man in her life. She also knows that it is the first time she has had a man in her life. She has to tell him a secret. Ivy’s papers were in order after all. The whole reason Liam married Ivy is null and void.

Ivy is eternally grateful for Liam. He saved her. She saved everything she cares about so she couldn’t get deported. She will never be able to thank him enough. It is not easy though. Knowing that he has feelings for Steffy is painful. Liam is sorry. Ivy doesn’t think he has to be. He cannot help his feelings like she can’t help hers. It means so much to her. Maybe that is enough.

Steffy feels that Wyatt doesn’t strike her as a man who likes commitment. Wyatt is a firm believer in monogamy. Steffy thinks that is refreshing. Wyatt knows that is exactly what she is looking for. Wyatt want her to spend some time with him. Steffy isn’t sure she wants to start dating. Wyatt knows that. That is the reason he hasn’t asked her out yet. When he does though he knows that she will say yes. Steffy likes his confidence. Wyatt knows that she might go running back to Liam. Steffy doesn’t think that is happening. Wyatt thinks that they will be ok then.

Ivy is in Liam’s bedroom and gets a phone call from Quinn. Ivy is just checking in to make sure that she hasn’t made any mistakes. Ivy hasn’t said anything but she was about to. Ivy cannot deceive him. She loves him. Quinn thinks that she can still have all of this. Ivy knows that it no longer matters. Quinn wants Ivy to be the wife he needs. They can plan their future and build a family. She wants her to hold on the opportunity. Liam married her because he loves her. Liam loves her. Ivy hangs up. She looks at the door.

Liam looks at his mood ring from his first married. He remembers when they were married in Aspen.

Steffy does the same thing in Ridge’s office. She remembers when they were in Mexico together. When Liam tried to comfort her after the miscarriage.

Liam sits on his couch and holds the rings. He looks at them and Ivy comes over to him. She is smiling. Ivy kneels down and hugs him. Steffy is shown on the side crying back at Forrester.

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