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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/22/15


Written By Anthony
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Liam ask Ivy what happened. He would like to know what the immigration guy had to say.

Wyatt breaks his kiss with Steffy and is sort of at a loss for words. Steffy does not want him to say he is sorry. Wyatt isn’t going to. Steffy cannot take another sorry from a Spencer right now. Wyatt offers to go by Fuller. Steffy still cannot believe it. Wyatt knows. He hugs her. Quinn walks out and notices them and smiles. She leaves. Steffy asks how Liam could marry Ivy.

Bill and Katie walk into Bill’s office. He told Katie that he knew exactly how that meeting was going to play out. Katie says sarcastically it is just like how he knew Rick was going to clock him at the Forrester meeting. Bill wants to know when Katie is going to admit that Dollar Bill never gets blindsided. Katie kisses him. Katie asks how that is for being blindsided. Bill liked it. Bill explains that he does indeed consult with Katie. He hands her papers. Katie is shocked that he had these. Bill wonders why she is so surprised. He values her insight. Bill tells her that she is welcome and kisses her.

Steffy and Wyatt walk into Ridge’s office where he is not to be found. Steffy still cannot believe that Liam and Ivy are married. Wyatt doesn’t think it is a ploy to keep the girl. He assures Steffy that it is just to keep Ivy in the country. Steffy wants to know for how long though. They might have to keep it up for years. Steffy cannot believe it. Steffy knows that the kind of guy Liam is that he will try to make the marriage work. That is one of the reasons why she loves him so much. Wyatt informs Steffy that he knows Liam too. If he felt the same way that Steffy does then he wouldn’t have married Ivy.

Liam would like to know what the agent wanted. He had their paperwork. Ivy knows that he had their paperwork. Ivy really has to tell Liam something. Someone knocks on the door and Liam goes to get it. Liam opens it and it is Quinn. He asks what she wants. Quinn goes to find Ivy. Quinn just so happened to be in the neighborhood. She was going over some designs and needed her opinion. Quinn realizes that now that Ivy isn’t going anywhere she could have probably waited. Liam can’t believe that Quinn knew about all of this. Quinn only knew because she saw the paperwork that the agent dropped by. She wonders if Liam thinks that ministers just show up with wedding dresses out of nowhere. Quinn has to admit though that she is rather impressed with Liam has he stepped up. Ivy was in trouble and he rescued her yet again. Quinn assumes it is becoming a regular thing. Liam is a rescue ranger. She guesses that it just goes to show how much Liam loves Ivy. Quinn feels so good to be able to have helped in some way. Carter was also really good at her own wedding. Liam gets a text from Forrester. Ivy tells him to go and they can talk when he gets back. Liam says that he will see her later. He looks at Quinn and is just disgusted. He leaves. Quinn asks what is wrong with Ivy. Ivy whispers to her that she cannot get deported. Quinn knows that because she married Liam. Ivy explains that she didn’t need to marry Liam. She cannot be deported at all.

Bill gets off the phone with someone and Katie asks what that was about. Bill explains that he wants Liam to do an exclusive about Steffy being back at Forrester. Katie hopes that Bill is not trying to get them back together again. Bill thinks that she sounds like Wyatt. Katie asks what he is talking about. Bill says that it would seem that Wyatt is somewhat interested in Steffy. Katie cannot believe this. Bill believes that Wyatt is just setting himself up for a heartbreak. Katie guesses that Bill thinks that Liam is going to go back to her. Bill does think this. Things have a way of working out better the second time. Katie still believes that Liam loves Ivy.

Quinn tries to get this straight. Liam confessed his love for Steffy but loses her and decides that he wants to give his marriage a go with Ivy. Quinn believes that this is classic Liam. Ivy asks if they can please focus. That is when the immigration officer showed up and told her that she has dual citizenship. She doesn’t have to be married to stay in the states. Quinn assumes that is what she was going to tell Liam when she walked through the door. Ivy believes that Liam deserves to know the truth. Quinn thinks that is the last thing she should do.

Wyatt assures Steffy it is ok to be upset with Liam. What he did for Ivy was great but it totally hurt Steffy. Liam had to have known that. Wyatt knows that it is hard for Steffy to hear but she has been gone and has found someone else. Steffy explains that he wants to make it work with her. He claims that the marriage isn’t real and that it doesn’t change anything. Steffy refuses to go down that road again. Wyatt suggests other avenues like getting another man. Steffy asks if he cannot. Wyatt hugs her and Liam walks in. Steffy walks away. Wyatt explains that they were just talking and it is sort of a lot right now. Liam sarcastically tells him he is so glad that Wyatt is here. Liam needs to talk to Steffy alone. Steffy looks at Liam. Wyatt leaves. Steffy asks where the misses is. Steffy still cannot believe it. This should have been them not Ivy.

Wyatt is on the sky lounge and gets a call from Bill and Katie. He wants to know what he owes the pleasure. Bill was just checking in on him. Wyatt wants to know if he is checking in or check out. He asks if he is on speaker. Katie says hello. Wyatt says hi back. Bill wonders if he did what he told Wyatt to do and got himself a date. Bill offers up a date. He just has to tell him who the girl is. Wyatt doesn’t have a date. Wyatt has some news though. His son went and got himself a wife. Bill asks what he is talking about. He asks if it was him. Wyatt corrects Bill and explains that it was Liam. Ivy does not have US citizenship and the government found out. Katie cannot believe that Liam married her. Wyatt wishes that they had video chatted because he really wishes that he could have seen their faces. Wyatt is going to go because Liam is with Steffy right now and he should be there to pick up the pieces. He hangs up the phone. Katie asks Bill how that is for being blindsided.

Ivy asks if she shouldn’t tell Liam. Quinn shows her a jewelry piece and asks what she thinks. Ivy says it is stunning. Quinn offers it to Ivy as a wedding gift. Ivy has to tell Liam. Quinn wonders if she loves him. Ivy does. Quinn asks if Liam loves her. Ivy knows that he loves Steffy. He only married her so she didn’t get deported. Quinn feels that the agent could come back again and say he made another mistake. Quinn reminds her that currently she has everything she ever wanted. It happened a little quickly but she doesn’t have to go and screw it up. Ivy still feels that Liam needs to know. Quinn believes that the only thing that Liam needs is saving from himself. He has been with Steffy more times than he should been. It didn’t work back then and it isn’t going to work again. She is Misses Liam Spencer.

Steffy wants to know what Liam wants from her. Liam doesn’t know what he wants. This whole situation has gotten really confusing. Liam has to tell her that when she left earlier Ivy asked if they could try to make the marriage work. Steffy asks what he said. Liam told her that they could try. Steffy can’t believe this. One of the reasons she came back to LA was to tell Liam that she wanted him. Steffy will not be second to his wife. Liam says that the marriage was for show. Steffy knows that it isn’t for show anymore. He already told her that he is willing to make it work. Liam wants her to tell him that he is making a mistake. Steffy asks if Liam loves her. Liam does not answer right away. Steffy thought as much. Liam loves Steffy. He loves who they are together and he loves what the share. It took this false marriage to realize that he still loves Steffy. He needs to know if Steffy still loves him. Steffy asks why. He already told Ivy he wants to try. He already lost her. If he really wanted her then he wouldn’t have married Ivy. Liam didn’t want to turn this around on her but Steffy left. They were going through something very difficult and Steffy left. He was devastated. He has to swallow all of those feelings. Then Steffy came back and told him that she still loves him. He tried to do right by Ivy but how can he deny this. They bring so much to each other. He told Ivy that he would try to make the marriage work but he doesn’t know what he is doing in this situation. He believes that this is fixable. He believes they deserve a chance but he needs her to tell him. Steffy thinks that he fixes things. She cannot keep doing this going back right where they were. He should be with her they are married. Liam needs a sign. Steffy informs him that he can only rip up marriage papers so many times to convince her. Steffy demands that he goes home to his wife. Liam leaves like a lost puppy. Steffy starts panicking.

Bill tries to call Liam but he doesn’t pick up. Katie cannot believe that Liam married Ivy. Bill knows that Liam had to go to his little phone booth and put on his cape. Katie points out that it is such a huge step. Bill reminds her that she was just telling him how committed they are to each other. Katie knows that but Liam is so compulsive. Bill doesn’t think that he would be married to Ivy if he didn’t have to be. Not with Steffy around.

Ivy knows that that she is Misses Liam Spencer but when he finds out that she doesn’t have to be he will take it all back. Quinn wants the bracelet back. Quinn says it is nothing personal she just made a mistake. Ivy believes that Liam has to know what is going on. She knows that Liam wants to be with Steffy. Quinn does not want Ivy to cave in so easily. They were together before all of this. She shouldn’t just hand him over to Steffy. Quinn gives her back the bracelet. The next time she wants it back though she has to say no. She can have it all if she really wants it. She can’t say a word to Liam.

Wyatt walks in to Ridge’s office. Wyatt assumes that went well. Steffy says that he claims the marriage isn’t real. The sad part is that she wants him to be happy and it is clear he is not. Steffy will not compete with him again. Wyatt does not think she should have to compete with anyone. Steffy thanks him. She doesn’t even want Liam. She is not going to share him with another woman. Especially not his wife.

Ivy looks at her wedding picture and Liam walks in. Liam says yes. He is glad. Liam is sorry he had to go to Forrester. He saw Steffy. He wants to know about what the agent wanted. He wonders if he needs to know. Liam promises her that they cannot threaten her. Ivy starts to hear Quinn’s voice in her head to keep quite.

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