B&B Friday Update 6/19/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/19/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy does not believe that the man who married Ivy last night wants her. Steffy cannot do this again. Liam asks what she is talking about. This is nothing like before. Liam doesn’t think that this is a real marriage. It doesn’t have to change anything and he will not let it.

Ivy asks Quinn how she doesn’t have dual citizenship. She realizes that her parents are not exactly brains but if they didn’t fill out the right papers she could have done this herself. Quinn thinks that things are going to be fine because she is married to an American. Ivy reminds her what the immigration office just said. He is going to be watching her like a hawk to make sure that this is legit. Quinn wants her to stop acting like it isn’t. No one cares if it is last minute. She should let the agent watch her or do whatever. She is married to the man she loves. Ivy nods in agreement. Ivy thinks that she is right. As long as Liam plays along. Quinn wants her to get that idea out of her head. She married. Wyatt walks in and asks if that is true. Quinn confirms that Ivy is his new sister in law. Wyatt congratulates her. Ivy thanks him and explains that she would have loved to have had the whole family there but it was a rushed thing. Ivy is going to let the two of them talk because she needs to get home to her husband. She thanks Quinn for listening. Quinn tells Ivy always. Ivy leaves. Wyatt guesses they are friends now. Quinn assumes so. She sort of helped Ivy out with this whole deportation thing. She didn’t have to stab, push, or hit anyone to do so.

Liam wants Steffy to understand the point of this marriage. Steffy does. He is saving Ivy from being deported and acting so noble. Liam doesn’t want her to make fun of him like he cannot help himself. Steffy doesn’t think that he can. Whenever a woman is in need it is Liam to the rescue without thinking of who he is hurting. Liam does not feel that it is a real marriage. Steffy knows that papers were signed. Liam knows that Ivy is aware that it is not a real marriage. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to be that foolish. Ivy has his name now and she isn’t going to be ok with just dating. Liam wants Steffy and he can get Ivy to understand that. Liam believes that once Ivy is a citizen it can be over. Steffy says no. She has changed. Steffy has grown and is different. Steffy has a better sense of who she is and she knows what she deserves. She is not the same woman that she was when she left for Paris. Liam may want her right now but that is only because he is freaking out. He wanted both of them and she is not going to do that again. Steffy will not wait to see if she is good enough for him anymore. She will not share him anymore. Liam is not asking that. Steffy knows that he is asking to go back to what they were. It is back and forth. “Liam Spencer caught between two women”. Steffy asks if he has any idea what that did to her. It was too painful. She cannot do that again. She loves him too much.

Quinn is thrilled for Ivy. She was so close to losing it all. Quinn admits that maybe this isn’t about Ivy but she is residually thrilled for her if that counts. Quinn thinks that it is Wyatt’s turn to take his part in all this. She has done her part. Ivy and Liam have done theirs. Steffy no longer has Liam as an option. Quinn wants Wyatt to be her option.

Liam would like to know what he was supposed to do. Tell Ivy to pack her bags and catch the next flight? She has a career and a life here. Steffy yells at him that it is not his problem. Liam is not just helping some random stranger to get a green card. She was scared and he was the only one who could help. Steffy thinks that Ivy should have dual citizenship. Liam doesn’t know and even Ivy doesn’t. Steffy doubts that they had to just shove her on a plane. They could have got her a lawyer. Liam didn’t have to marry her. Liam was just trying to do that right thing. Steffy screams that this was their time. He made her believe that they were getting back together. Steffy wants to know how this is happening again. He married her cousin. She picks up a glass vase and smashes it on Liam’s table. She throws more stuff on the ground smashing it as well as one of his chairs. Ivy walks in but Liam doesn’t see her. Steffy doesn’t want Liam to get close to her. Liam loves her as much as he has ever loved her. Liam is not giving up on them. Steffy notices Ivy who looks heart broken. She tells him that she should go. His wife is here. Liam turns around. Ivy thinks that she should be the one to leave because clearly she is interrupting. Liam runs over to Ivy telling her to wait. Ivy doesn’t need him to explain. He has been completely upfront with his intentions. Ivy tells Steffy that she is not ready to marry Liam right now. This was just out of convenience. If Liam wants to pursue a relationship with Steffy when all of this is settled then he can. Steffy tells Ivy that she has some good news. She doesn’t have to pretend to be so gracious. Steffy does not want anything to do with him. They are done. Ivy can continue to be the disaster that she is. She can flirt with deportation. Liam will always be there to rescue her. Steffy demands that they use their common sense. She is done with this. Steffy packs up her things. Liam tries to say something. Steffy says that he should be with his wife. He can be the hero. Steffy slams the door on her way out. Ivy looks mortified. Liam looks like a lost puppy.

Steffy storms out on to the sky deck. She goes over to a table picks up a chair and slams it down. She starts crying.

Liam really didn’t want Ivy hearing it like that. Ivy asks if he means that he still has feelings for Steffy. She always knew that. He told her before they said vows. Ivy gets it. He loves both of them. Liam really does. Ivy guesses that with Steffy it is something deeper. Ivy asks if she is always going to be second choice. Is she always going to be ruining his chances with her? Liam does not think that Ivy has ever ruined anything. Ivy asks if she is stopping him from being with who he really wants to be with. Liam believes that being with Steffy feels like being home. Ivy knows they have a marriage. Ivy asks if Liam has completely shut out the idea of them. Ivy wants to know if there is even a tiny part of him that thinks that this marriage could be more than just the right thing to do. Liam says yes. He would love to have her in his life. He didn’t imagine this as marriage though. Liam wonders if Ivy would want to be with him though knowing how he feels about Steffy. He wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to cut and run. Ivy believes that Steffy and Hope have done enough running. She isn’t scared like them. She doesn’t get intimidated. Ivy honestly believes that she is a much better match than Steffy and she understands that it might take a little bit of convincing to make him believe that. It hurts to know that he still has feelings for Steffy like all this time together means nothing to him. Liam really hopes that she doesn’t think this is true. Ivy believes that is how he makes her feel. Ivy wants him to be honest with her because it is scary that what he just said to her doesn’t scare her off. It is going to take more than Steffy coming back who has proven time and time again that she doesn’t respect him to make Ivy give up on them. Steffy believes they have a foundation to have a wonderful life together. She thinks that he does to under the Steffy confusion. Some day she could start to feel like home to. Liam wants to try. He doesn’t know what is going to happen. He wants to give this marriage a shot though. Liam doesn’t think that Steffy understands though. Liam has Ivy his wife. Ivy hugs Liam. Steffy does not want to pressure him. Liam doesn’t think that she is. Ivy knows that a small part of him still wants to be with Steffy though. Liam feels that part of him always will. He is trying to teach himself how to let go of what is not meant to be. As hard as he tries it never seems to work with Steffy. Liam does not want his disappointment to blind him from Ivy. Ivy is so beautiful inside and out. How dare Liam let his feelings for Steffy interfere with him trying to find out what he has with Ivy. Liam wants to find out. He chose this marriage and wants to see where this marriage could go. Someone knocks on the door. He opens the door and the immigration officer is here. He asks if he can come in. Liam gestures for him to. He notices the mess and asks if he has caught them at a bad time. Liam says yes. Ivy informs him that they are married and to cut them some slack. He needs to speak to Ivy alone. Ivy tells Liam that it is fine then maybe he will leave them alone. Liam will be outside then. She tells him to say what he has to say then get out.

Wyatt assumes that Steffy probably knows by now. Quinn bets that she needs a big strong shoulder to cry on. Wyatt doubts that Steffy Forrester needs a big strong shoulder to cry on. She probably needs a sparring partner. Quinn tells him to go to her then and spar a bit. Wyatt leaves the office.

Ivy doesn’t know why he doesn’t believe her. They are married he just heard her husband. He informs her that she is too good at defending this union. Ivy gets frustrated. She informs him that he can do his surprise visits because she does not care. He doesn’t think that it is necessary. She asks him what he means. He explains that it turns out that it was a mistake. She has dual citizenship. She can work here and stay in the country with or without Liam Spencer.

Steffy takes a deep breath and thinks about Aspen. Liam does the same. He thinks about their second marriage. Wyatt tells Steffy that he heard. He reminds her that she has been down this road before. There is a reason why she left him. Wyatt thinks that Steffy has a choice. She can choose to let him go or she can continue to be miserable. This summer is hers. She can do what she wants with it. Wyatt asks if she wants to take a chance and have a little fun. Wyatt kisses her and Steffy kisses back.

Ivy looks scared and Liam walks in. He asks what that was about. He wants to know what he said.

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