B&B Wednesday Update 6/17/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/17/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam takes a sip of his coffee. Ivy walks out of the kitchen and asks if she looks any different. Liam thinks that she still looks beautiful. Ivy guesses that she has a natural glow to her now that she is a married woman. She cannot believe that they fell asleep so early last night, it was the most boring wedding night ever. Liam laughs awkwardly. Liam notes that it was a stressful day. Ivy says that they will just have to make up for it later. Ivy was thinking about bringing over some of her stuff this weekend so that she could make the marriage look as believable as possible. Liam tells her that he is ok with that. Liam just hopes that they are still on the same page. Ivy gets it. He only married her so she could stay in the country. Liam feels that he is glad that he did it but that is all it was. Ivy promises him that nothing has changed.

In Ridge’s office Steffy is looking at photos of her and Liam from their first wedding in Aspen. Ridge who is sitting at the drawing table asks if she would wear the design he just drew. Steffy is not paying attention. Ridge tries to get her attention but he can’t. He tells her that she is fired. Steffy does not even want her to joke. She claims that he would be lost without her. Ridge feels that she is wrong about that. He asks where the VP is. Steffy has not seen him today but she plans to stop by his house later. Ridge asks when she plans to be done with that project. Steffy is hoping never to be. She wants to have her and Liam making memories for the rest of their lives.

In Ridge’s old office Wyatt and Quinn are looking at jewelry designs. Wyatt reminds Quinn that she tried this design before and it didn’t work. Quinn doesn’t care. Wyatt then goes on to say that they need rings. Ivy has told him that the customers want more whatever she can come up with. Quinn is looking on her phone again. Wyatt is sorry he didn’t know that he was keeping her from something. Quinn asks him what he wants. Wyatt wants her to make more rings. Wyatt wants to know where she is right now because it is not here. Quinn is sorry. She is just dying to find out and it is making her a little distracted. Wyatt asks her what she is distracted about. Quinn says Ivy and Liam. She wonders if Wyatt wants to know if they got married. Wyatt ignores her. Wyatt has not thought about it. Quinn feels that if Liam marries Ivy then Steffy will have no choice but to move on. Wyatt tells her to stop and stay out of it. If Liam went through with it, it is because he felt pressured obviously. Liam is not ready to be married again. Quinn knows that but she thinks that it would open the door for Wyatt and Steffy. She will not let him act like it isn’t a good thing. Wyatt would love that. He doesn’t want anyone who is still hung up on Liam though. He has been there and done that. He is not doing it again.

Steffy is still looking at pictures of her and Liam. Ridge wants to know what she is trying to accomplish. Steffy already told Ridge that she plans to get Liam back. Ridge guesses that she sounds pretty sure of herself. Steffy has no reason not to be. Ridge assumes that Ivy is out of the picture then. Steffy believes that last night was a game changer for their relationship. Ridge tells her to do whatever makes her happy. Steffy thinks that Liam makes her happy. She shows him a few pictures and asks how cute they look together. Ridge asks her if that is from Aspen. Steffy has a few things in store. Steffy just wants to remind him how good they are together.

Ivy asks Liam if he doesn’t want to just take the one car into work today. It will be fun. It could be like their own little secret. Liam doesn’t think that it will be a secret for long. Ivy assumes he means that Pam will find out. Liam plans to come in a little later. He has a few things to take care of. Ivy doesn’t want him to cook tonight because she wants to make him dinner. Liam doesn’t think that she has to do that. Ivy knows that she doesn’t but she wants to. She kisses Liam. She says that she will see him later. Ivy leaves. Liam looks scared. He gets out his phone and calls Steffy. He asks if she is still coming over later because he really needs to talk to her. Steffy says of course. She will be there in a little bit. Steffy tells Ridge that it is happening. Liam and her are getting their lives back.

Ridge doesn’t know about this. The more he thinks about it the more he thinks it is a bad idea. Steffy does not think he knows Liam like she does. Ridge is glad that he doesn’t. Too much history is a bad thing. He could never work it out with Brook. Every time he tried something would get in the way. Steffy believes that her relationship with Liam is completely different than his with Brooke. Ridge thinks that it is completely different until it isn’t. The only difference here is that Ivy is right in the middle of it. Steffy thinks he feels she is setting herself up to fall. Ridge doesn’t want her coming back here crying. Steffy asks if that sounds like something that she would do. Steffy is not begging for Liam. She just believes that they deserve another chance. Steffy remembers everything. She remembers every moment. Every laugh. Every look and song. She wants to relive it with him. She would like to do it over and over again. Their future starts today.

Wyatt likes Quinn’s optimism. Quinn feels that they have to keep a positive attitude. It is the only way to keep yourself from looking down. Wyatt asks if she has been reading too many self-help books. Wyatt liked it better when Quinn was alone and miserable. She is kind of annoying now. Quinn thinks that if Liam is married he needs to be prepared for Steffy to come knocking on his door. Wyatt would love that and would welcome her with welcome arms. This is what he would want if he was the one she wanted. Wyatt is not going to deal with Liam again. He walks out. Quinn sits down at the desk and looks at her phone. Ivy walks in. Quinn tells her that she has been waiting to hear from her and wants to know what happened. Ivy smiles. Quinn takes this as she got married and jumps up and runs over to Ivy.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house and Liam asks how she is. Steffy is doing well now that she is back here. Steffy wonders if he is by himself. Liam says that it is just him. Steffy has a giant bag with her and informs him that she is not moving in if that is what he is thinking. At least not yet anyways. Steffy has a surprise for him. A few actually. She knows that he has had a lot on his mind and he has had to make some huge decisions. Steffy knows that he talked to Ivy last night. Whatever happened between the two of them must have been pretty intense. Steffy doesn’t want to talk about that right now. She wants to take Liam on a trip down memory lane. She would like to remind him of all the incredible times they shared and all that are yet to come.

Quinn wants Ivy to give her all the details. Ivy was nervous at first because she didn’t know what Liam was going to say. Ivy had never asked anyone this kind of a favor before. She just explained that immigration was breathing down her neck. Ivy is just so grateful. Ivy also told him that after a certain amount of time she could give him an annulment or a divorce. Quinn tells her no. That is not going to happen. Liam is going to want to stay married to her.

Wyatt knocks on Ridge’s door and says hello. He asks if Ridge is working on some new designs. Ridge is trying. Wyatt just had a meeting with Quinn about the new collection and he thinks that Ridge is going to really like it. Wyatt asks if he knows where Steffy is. Ridge says that he was here earlier. Wyatt wonders if he knows where she is now. Ridge tells him that she went to go see Liam. Ridge wonders if he thought it was really going to be this easy. Wyatt says no. He knew it would be complicated when Liam is involved. Ridge knows that he has been spending time with Steffy. Wyatt does think that things are nice between them. Ridge doesn’t want Wyatt to get his hopes up. Steffy is trying to work it out with Liam.

Steffy plays a slide show of pictures of herself and Liam. She explains that she spent too many nights alone thinking about their times together. One place in particular stands out more than the rest. Liam doesn’t even want her to go there. Steffy is glad that he remembered their special place. Steffy gives Liam a snow globe and reminds him of when they took a carriage ride through the town. Steffy has something else. She asks if he remembers when they used to eat truffle fries. Liam cannot believe that she has these. Liam thinks that they taste so good. Steffy also has Bob Hope movies. Steffy was thinking that they could go outside get some fresh air and go paragliding. She knows that they can’t do that so she takes out to toy army men on parachutes. She wants them to throw them in the air. She has more and they throw them. They start playing around. Steffy kisses Liam passionately and he kisses back.

Ivy mentions that the dress was a nice touch. Quinn can be helpful when she wants to be. Ivy actually thinks that the dress helped the ceremony look a lot more legit. Quinn imagines that she looked stunning. Ivy isn’t going to lie. It was easy to get wrapped up in the fantasy. Quinn asks if the ceremony was romantic or if they exchanged vows. Ivy says that they sort of did. The ceremony was still rushed. It isn’t like they were married on a spiritual level. Quinn thinks that all that matters they are legally married. Quinn believes that they can have a little fun with this. Ivy explains that in Liam’s mind they are dating and nothing more. Quinn reminds her that they are husband and wife. Ivy says that it is only on paper. It is a necessity not because they want to be. Quinn asks if she is sure about that.

Wyatt believes that it is pretty clear that Liam wants to be with Ivy. Ridge tells him that Steffy doesn’t want to believe that and that is why he is over there. If Steffy sees something she wants then she isn’t going to let it go. Ridge is going to leave it alone. He suggests that Wyatt do the same. Wyatt feels that is easier said than done. Ridge asks about Nicole. He knows he had a thing for her and wonders what happened. Wyatt tells him it didn’t end up going anywhere. Ridge offers to ask Caroline to set him up with one of her friends. Wyatt doesn’t think he is going to need to do that. Ridge asks if he knows something that he doesn’t. Wyatt is just getting a vibe.

Steffy doesn’t want Liam to deny it. He liked it just as much as she did. Liam has to say something. Steffy tells him to hold his thought. She has another memento. She takes out two mood rings. The rings that they used to get married in Aspen. The surprise ceremony that caught them off guard. He remembers when they put the rings on each other and all the things that they did together in Aspen leading up to them getting married. Steffy knows that if it were not for her they would be married. She is sorry for putting him in so much pain. She should have stayed with him. She loves him and wants to start back up. Liam has to tell her something. It has to do with Ivy. Steffy knows whatever happened last night it was hard. Liam explains that something happened. This is hard to explain to her and he wants her not to over react. Ivy and him got married. Steffy laughs. She thinks it sounds like he said they got married. Steffy says no. This ridicules. She cannot believe that he got married to Ivy.

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