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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/15/15


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Ivy knows that this is all out of the blue. The last thing that she was expecting today was for an immigration officer to show up in her office. She swears that her paper work was all in order. Liam knows that her father told her that she was a citizen. Ivy assumed that she was but he was wrong. Ivy doesn’t want to go anywhere. She has built her life here. Liam gets it. Deportation is not an option. Ivy explains that there is a way they can stop it. Ivy asks Liam to please marry her.

Carter is puzzled at what Quinn wants him to do. Quinn wants him to help save Ivy so she doesn’t get deported. Carter reminds Quinn that this is between Ivy and two different nations. She has to go back to Australia and fill out the right paper work. Quinn tells him no. Quinn knows that could take years. She has a great thing going with Ivy right now and doesn’t want to lose that. Quinn also knows that Ivy doesn’t want to go back to Australia. She would like to stay here in the good old US of A. Quinn wants Carter to put on his officiant cap and get over to Liam’s so they can get those two married tonight.

Steffy would like to know whose idea it was to plant Ivy in LA anyways. She feels that it would be a lot less crowded. Wyatt has wanted to wish a few people away sometimes as well. Liam for example. Steffy laughs. Wyatt knows that Liam won’t be going anywhere though. He is here to stay. Ivy is as well. She is committed to Liam. Steffy should accept that and move on. Steffy asks if it should be with him. Wyatt wonders who said that. He never said that. Wyatt might have mentioned it though.

Ridge walks into his loft and finds Caroline sketching. He notes that she is working away. Caroline says that she is sort of. Ridge sits down next to her. He looks at the sketches and notes that one of them is of her. Caroline says that it will be as soon as possible. Ridge and Caroline kiss. Ridge asks if Caroline is sure about this. Caroline is. She shows him that she has two dislocated and broken ankles. Her tibia and fibula are both broken a pin and a plate sort of holds it all together. Caroline gets sick of the doctors and rehab and you just want to feel like yourself sometimes. It is just best to imagine it.

Carter isn’t buying that Quinn cares about Ivy and her relationship with Liam. Quinn couldn’t care less about those people. Quinn thinks that she is offended. Carter wants to know what Quinn is up to. Carter wants to know what she would get out of this marriage. Quinn would like to know her not wanting Ivy deported makes her a terrible person. Quinn also does not want to lose her new partner. Ivy thinks that they have a really great flow going. She was out of work for a really long time and doesn’t want to go back to that. Carter can believe that is somewhat true but he can tell that there is more to it. Carter wants to know what she is up to.

Steffy would like it if Wyatt didn’t remind her of Liam’s commitment to Ivy every five minutes. Wyatt sort of feels like he does. He is just trying to keep Steffy away from the dark side. Steffy asks if that is what Wyatt thinks Liam is. Wyatt thinks that Liam is deeply committed to someone else. Just like he was with Hope. Steffy deserves better than having to compete with someone else’s attention. Steffy wouldn’t have to do that with him. Steffy gets that it is hard for Wyatt to understand their relationship. It won’t take very long for her relationship with Liam to spark back up again though. Wyatt guesses that she is hopeful then. Wyatt wonders where this all leaves Ivy. Steffy says back in Australia.

Ivy cannot go back to Australia. If she does she is going to lose everything. She is going to lose Liam. Liam doesn’t think that is what would happen. Ivy feels that if he married her then she would have time to get her citizenship in order. Ivy thinks that he would literally be saving her life. She asks him to please help her.

Quinn guesses that she could be being a little selfish. Things are going so well for her. Rick is the one who hired her though and Ridge is the new CEO. She is aware that Ridge is not her biggest fan. Ridge only cares about design though. She and Ivy make great pieces together and Quinn can tell that she looks up to her. Carter knows that this is something that would work in her favor. Quinn asks if she can really be blamed for not wanting Ivy deported. Quinn thinks that Ivy is a really sweet girl. Carter doesn’t think Quinn thought that when she pushed her into the river. Quinn believes that people can change and people can help. Quinn wonders if Carter would like to be one of those people who help. Carter asks if they are really getting married. Quinn believes that all falls on Carter. She walks over and grabs a garment bag. She hands it to Carter and explains that this is Ivy’s wedding dress that he needs to give to her. Quinn tells him to go and gets there and marry them. She thanks him.

Ridge explains that he just got off the phone with Steffy. She is dropping by to drop off some paperwork. Caroline thanks him for the warning. Caroline isn’t sure if he had noticed but Steffy is not a fan of theirs. Ridge doesn’t care. They are under the radar right now because she is thinking about Liam. Steffy knocks on the door. Steffy walks in with papers and a box. Caroline asks what she has. Steffy has peanut butter double chocolate cupcakes. Steffy feels this is her way of saying sorry for making assumptions based on stereotypes. The fact is that Caroline makes her father happy. She doesn’t know how she could possibly have a problem with that. Caroline thinks that is really gracious of Steffy. Steffy isn’t saying that she is going to be perfect. She is still getting used to them as a couple. Ridge thinks that Steffy gets an A for effort. Caroline wonders if she would like to stay. Ridge just got Chinese. Steffy says sure.

Quinn is working on a design. She is humming “Here comes the Bride”. Wyatt walks in. Wyatt notes that she is humming. She only does that when she is plotting something. Quinn wonders what is up with him. He looks down. Wyatt was just with Steffy. Quinn thinks that he should be smiling. Wyatt would but she is still hung up on Liam. Quinn doesn’t think that will be the case moving forward. Wyatt wants to know if she did something. Quinn asks why he always thinks that she is working on some agenda. Wyatt wants time to think. Quinn does not under estimate Liam’s commitment to Ivy. Maybe just maybe Liam is proving that as they speak. She starts humming again. Wyatt cannot believe she was humming that. Quinn tells him that Ivy and Liam are getting married tonight.

Ivy is mortified to even have to ask him this. She understands the pressure that he must be feeling. The immigration officer told her though that she needs to leave the country within the week or she is deported. Ivy cannot do anything else. Liam knows. Ivy points out that it is not real. Ivy wouldn’t even have to move in. She could just bring some of her stuff over so it looks like she lives here. Just in case. Liam laughs at the thought of marriage. Ivy reminds him it is just on paper. He would be saving her life. LA is her life now. Her job is her, her family is here, and he is here. Ivy knows that it is the biggest favor that she could ask someone. Ivy asks if he can marry her.

Ridge tells Steffy that she should see Caroline using the walker. She took to it like she had always been using it. Caroline felt it was amazing to be upright and mobile. Caroline wonders what Steffy has been up to since she has been back. Steffy has just been dealing with the takeover. Now that it is over though she is talking to Wyatt. He is actually doing most of the talking though. Caroline wants to know what is up with her and all the Spencer guys. Steffy feels that it is a curse. She doesn’t know. Ridge asks about Liam. Caroline hates to point this out but she doesn’t think that Ivy is going anywhere anytime soon. Steffy guesses that is just life.

Wyatt is shocked to hear that Ivy is being deported. Quinn explains that maybe she isn’t. Wyatt guesses that if Liam were to marry Ivy that could happen. Quinn feels that is bound to happen. Liam is already his girlfriend. This is right up Liam’s hero alley rushing to save a damsel in distress. Wyatt feels so sorry for saying this but he doesn’t hate this. Quinn is glad. Carter is on his way to Ivy’s house right now. All Ivy has to do is get Liam to agree.

Liam cares so much for Ivy but they are just dating. Marriage is a leap. Ivy points out that it is the last thing on her mind as well. Liam says that if they do this they are just two people who are still dating. They are just entering into an agreement. It is a limited partnership for a specific purpose. Ivy can handle them just dating and nothing more. Someone is knocking at the door. Ivy wonders if that is immigration and they shouldn’t get that. Liam promises that he isn’t going to let anything happen. He promises. Liam goes to open the door. Carter is at the door and explains that he is either the masterful solution or Liam has no idea why he is here. Carter walks in and tells Ivy that Quinn wanted him to deliver this to Ivy and to also officiate their wedding. Carter asks if the two of them are getting hitched. Ivy believes that whether or not they are getting married or not has yet to be decided. Ivy asks Liam again to marry her. Carter is here and Quinn has given her a dress. Liam asks if Quinn knows. Ivy explains that the only reason that Quinn knows is because she was at Forrester when the immigration officer was there. Ivy doesn’t want to put Liam on the spot like this but he is her only hope. Liam knows that it is just a piece of paper but it is a valuable one if it keeps Ivy in the country. Liam thinks they need it. He has his own selfish reasons for this though. He doesn’t want her to go. Ivy thanks him. Ivy is going to go get changed. She goes into Liam’s room.

Wyatt thinks that was a convenient solution to the immigration problem. Quinn points out that it was the only solution. Ivy either marries Liam or Ivy is back to living with Koala Bears and Quinn doesn’t think that Liam is going to let that happen. Wyatt would like to know why Quinn is so pleased by all of this. Quinn is just so happy for Liam. Wyatt gives her a look. Quinn admits that she couldn’t even think that to herself. She is actually just happy for Wyatt. This all clears the way for Wyatt and Steffy and he happens to think that Steffy is the perfect woman. Wyatt tells Quinn that she is going to do this again.

Carter asks if Liam is sure about this. Liam says yes. Carter doesn’t think that he sounds sure. Liam thinks that they are good together. He plans on marrying her. Ivy is in trouble and this is how he can help. Carter reminds him that marriage is a big step. Liam knows. They have been discussing this and they will go on as they have been. Ivy walks out in the wedding dress and Liam says woe. He thinks she looks beautiful. Ivy wonders if it is too much. Carter thinks that this is good. She already has one strike against her. He thinks that this will work into her favor. Liam guesses that is a good point. Liam tells her before they do this she understands. Ivy already knows. Liam can’t do this without telling her that. Ivy respects his honesty. Ivy is aware that this will end the moment her citizenship is safe. Carter asks if they are doing this. Liam says they are married. He tells Ivy they are getting married.

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