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Steffy wants to know what it is going to be. Liam think that Steffy almost sounds serious. Steffy is being serious. Liam wants to know if Wyatt knows. Steffy asks what he means. Liam wants to know if Wyatt knows that this kiss she planted on him was benefiting Liam more than him. Steffy corrects Liam and explains that Wyatt kissed her. She just enjoyed it. She however prefers Liam’s lips on her but Liam is going to have to work with her on that. Liam thinks that it is a tough assignment. Steffy wants him to give her a reason not to.

Bill walks into Ridge’s office to find Wyatt. Wyatt informs him that his number one is out right now. Bill wants Wyatt to ease up. Wyatt is at ease. Liam is the one who has things to worry about. He is the President of Spencer and the Vice President of Forrester. Wyatt is just lucky to be working. Bill didn’t know that he was walking in on a pity party. He already told Wyatt that it was Liam’s idea. If it had been Wyatt’s then he would have given him control of the stock. Bill points out that Wyatt doesn’t have a Steffy and they needed her stock to complete the transaction. Wyatt mentions that Liam doesn’t really have a Steffy either. Bill suggests that he might be getting one.

Ivy tells Quinn that this is personal. Ivy would like Quinn to forget about this. Quinn asks what they are going to do. Ivy doesn’t think that this is her problem. Quinn feels that it is their problem because they work on this line together. She cannot believe that someone wants to deport Ivy.

Wyatt wants Bill to five up on that because it is a lost cause. Bill doesn’t think that is necessarily true. Wyatt reminds Bill that Liam is with Ivy now unless he hadn’t noticed. Bill doesn’t think that you can stop destiny. Wyatt feels that Liam and Ivy are in love and that is the reason Liam did the takeover in the first place. Bill knows that it was part of the reason but now he is working with Steffy. Wyatt doubts anything will happen unless Ivy disappears which he doesn’t see happening. Ivy and Liam are pretty solid.

Quinn asks if Ivy thought she was a US citizen. Ivy thought that she was a duel citizen. Her mother is Australian and her father is American but she never filled out the paperwork properly. Quinn wonders if that means she is here illegally. Ivy guesses that is what immigration says. Quinn wants to know if she has spoken to a lawyer. Ivy talked to Carter and he told her to do exactly what the agent told her. Quinn can’t believe they want her to go back to Australia. Ivy is supposed to go back to Australia and apply for a proper working permit. It could take months or even years. She can’t leave now. Her whole world is here. Her work and Liam. Steffy won’t stop hitting on him. If she leaves now she might as well say goodbye to her boyfriend. Quinn remembers her conversation with Wyatt about his crush on Steffy.

Steffy asks if Liam is going to roll the dice. She asks Liam what is the matter. Liam asks why it had to be his brother. Steffy likes that he is confident and quick. Steffy likes who she is when she is around him. Not as much as she likes who she is when she is with Liam but she is not with him. Steffy reminds Liam that there is only one guy she wants to kiss if he is ready for it.

Bill is surprised that Wyatt doesn’t see it. Wyatt asks what he means. Bill means the inevitability of Liam and Steffy. Wyatt knows that Liam is going to stand by Ivy. Bill knows that he will be miserable which he has already told him. Bill knows that it is obvious. Wyatt wishes that Bill wouldn’t pressure him. Bill knows that Ivy isn’t going to make Liam forget about Steffy especially now that they are working together. Bill can’t believe that Wyatt doesn’t find Steffy one hell of a woman. Wyatt does. He even thinks she is one hell of a kisser. Bill asks if Wyatt kissed Steffy. Wyatt did a little bit ago. Steffy needs to move on because Liam has.

Quinn doesn’t think this is good. Ivy agrees that this is a disaster. Quinn wonders what Ivy is going to do. Ivy explains that is kind of out of options. They are going to deport her unless she shows proof that she is leaving this country. Ivy already looked and it isn’t going to the case of getting on a plane to Sydney and then coming back the next day. Ivy doesn’t have a plan B. Quinn wants Ivy to keep her head on straight. Ivy knows that Steffy is going to throw a party the second she is on that plane. The minute that she leaves Steffy is going to be all over Liam. Quinn knows that Liam loves her. Ivy tells her that Aly caught her kissing Liam in the office. Ivy really needs to go tell Liam what is going on. Quinn wants Ivy to go to him. She can take the rest of the day off and Quinn will handle things here. Ivy is a little shocked at how supportive Quinn is being right now. Quinn is not the biggest fan of Liam’s but she has seen the two of them together and they are a sweet couple. The one thing she knows about Liam is that when he is committed that he is one hundred percent in. Ivy asks if she is saying that this is too important to accept defeat. Quinn doesn’t even think that is an option. Ivy is shocked. Quinn knows that she has been criticized in the past for having this kind of an attitude but in this sort of situation it is the only type you can have. Quinn knows that he is going to wait for her. She shouldn’t accept anything less. Quinn hugs Ivy.

Steffy wonders if she is making Liam uncomfortable. Liam thinks that if she were that it would be a new trick. Steffy thinks that it is a strong suit that they are this comfortable with each other. Steffy misses those times. Liam felt they were pretty special. Steffy knows that they were good together. Steffy knows that it was right in this room where he asked her to marry him. Steffy asks if he remembers that. Liam remembers it well. Steffy asks if Liam remembers what she said. Liam imagines it was something like yes. Steffy means before that. Steffy said she wanted to help him because she wanted him to be a better person. Liam remembers that she said that she wanted to bring him back to life. Steffy doesn’t have to do that now. He doesn’t appear to be suffering. Steffy is the one who is suffering and she guesses it is her turn. Liam doesn’t want her to suffer because she has done that enough. Steffy explains that there is only one thing she can to make it stop.

Bill tries to make sense of the fact that Wyatt kisses Steffy today. Wyatt confirms that he did indeed kiss her. He guesses that the number two son did well. He forgot about Will so technically number three. Bill wants to know why he would do this. Wyatt asks why not. Wyatt thinks that he would be a damn fool not to kiss her. Bill reminds him that she is in love with his brother. Wyatt is shocked that Bill is worried that he might get hurt. Wyatt is touched. Quinn walks in and is a little nervous to see Bill. She asks if Wyatt has told Bill. Quinn thinks that it is wonderful. Bill doesn’t think it is wonderful at all. Wyatt is going after a girl who is in love with his brother. Quinn doesn’t think that will be the case for much longer. Bill asks if Quinn can get real. Quinn wonders if Bill cannot play favorites. Bill wants them all to grasp the bigger picture. Liam and Steffy are the future of Forrester Creations. They were married. Wyatt wants enough of this. He is not in love with Steffy but he isn’t going to back off because Bill thinks that he should. Bill reminds him that it is his brother that she is in love with. Wyatt informs him that his brother is involved with another woman. Bill guesses that it all comes down to Liam and Ivy.

Steffy isn’t trying to force his hand here but to be back in this house is filled with memories. Not all of them were good she realizes. Liam knows that so many of them were. Steffy thinks that the good thing about memories is that the bad ones don’t stay around as long as the good ones do. Liam is relieved about that. Steffy agrees otherwise Italy, Aspen, and this place would be a nightmare. All the trauma. Liam knows they had a lot of that good and bad. Steffy wouldn’t give any of that up. Liam feels that brought them where they are. Ivy walks in but hides. Steffy wonders where they are. Liam is with Ivy and she is president of Forrester and yet they are back at this place. Liam feels it is like stepping outside of a time castle. Steffy wants all of it back. She feels incomplete. Liam says like walking out in the middle of a movie. Steffy wants to finish what they have started. Liam never wanted it to step away. Steffy had too much to bare when it came to losing her child. Liam did as well. Steffy is sorry she couldn’t be there for him. Liam feels it was a two way street. Steffy is here now. She wonders if they could start again. They could if they wanted. Liam will have to talk to Ivy. He is going to help her understand. Steffy asks if it is about them. Liam means everything. Ivy walks out and cries outside Liam’s front door. Liam explains that Ivy helped him through one of the darkest times in his life. Steffy guesses that it was lucky that he got to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful women. Liam doesn’t know why. He is no different than any other guy. Steffy thinks that is where he is wrong. Steffy doesn’t want to pressure him. Steffy asks if she is feeling what he is. Liam thinks that it is coming back. Liam has to be honest to Ivy about that. Liam has to be honest with Steffy too. He doesn’t know where this is going. Liam likes being open and honest. Liam has kept things inside for a very long time. Steffy asks if that means he is glad that she is back.

Quinn cannot believe Bill. Wyatt knows that he is dollar bill so there isn’t much more to say. Quinn has so much she would like to say. Such as Bill favoring one son over the other or how he dictates how every one’s life is supposed to be. Steffy is going to be with Liam. Why? It is the way that Bill wants it to be. Wyatt feels that if history is any indicator Bill doesn’t always get what he wants. Wyatt feels pretty good about his chances with Steffy. Quinn wants to believe that. Wyatt hasn’t felt this way in a long time. Not since Hope left. Wyatt is excited for the future. Things are looking up. Quinn just wants this to be the best year of your life. Ivy walks in. Quinn has a few things that she needs to go over with Ivy and asks Wyatt to leave. Wyatt will go get a bite. Quinn tells him to go. Quinn asks if she went to see Liam. Ivy went and she is going to lose him. Quinn asks what happened. Ivy says that Steffy happened and they were making plans. She cannot afford to go to Australia right now. If she does then Steffy wins.

Liam knows that Ivy is coming over later. He will tell her then. Steffy never stopped believing in them. Steffy wants them to have a family. Nothing will stop them this time. They hug each other.

Quinn wants Ivy to listen to her. She is absolutely right. She cannot go back to Australia and Liam isn’t going to Steffy. It isn’t going to happen. Quinn is going to make sure of it.

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