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Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam walks into his house and Bill follows him. Bill tells him that he can try to run but he is serious about his love life. Liam is as well. Bill doesn’t think that he is. They cannot deny that things with Steffy are clearly going somewhere. Liam wants Bill to please stop he is committed to Ivy. Bill wants to know how committed now that Steffy is back. Liam tells him again to please stop. He works with Steffy that is all. Bill isn’t going to let Liam deny that Steffy excites him in a way that no other woman can. Bill knows that he went to Ivy because Steffy was gone but now she is back and she is still in love with him. Bill demands that he make a move before some other guy does. Bill bets that it might even be happening right now. Bill wonders if that is what Liam wants.

Steffy doesn’t understand how Wyatt can claim that he isn’t playing second string to Liam but then he kisses her. Wyatt meant it. The two of them have spent so much time looking back instead of what is standing right in front of them. Wyatt feels that is what they have to realize. Like it or not Liam is committed to Ivy. The girl from down under is not going anywhere.

Ivy wants to know who this guy is exactly. The man explains that he works with immigrations and customs. He wants to know if she is Ivy Forrester. Ivy is. He asks if she is the same Ivy Forrester who applied to work in Paris a few months ago. Ivy confirms this. He asks if this worked for her. Ivy says yes. He points out that she had put down that she has dual citizenship. Ivy knows that because she does indeed have it. Her mother is Australian and her father is American. The man explains that technically she could have been if she had filled out the proper paperwork. Ivy doesn’t understand. He explains that her passport is Australian. Ivy has never had an American passport. Her father always told her that she was a citizen of this country. The agent informs Ivy that her father was wrong. If this is about having a US passport Ivy can go get one right now. He is afraid that it is not that simple. There are specific procedures and forms that need to be filled in. Ivy assumes that he is trying to tell her that she shouldn’t have gone to Paris. He is saying that exactly.

Quinn walks into Ridge’s office. She finds Liam working at the conference table. She thinks that it is a surprise to see him. Wyatt doesn’t think that it is much of one seeing that they both work here. Quinn didn’t mean it like that. She wonders if Ridge is around. Wyatt explains that he is not really around anywhere. Quinn asks if he has seen Ivy then. She has feedback about her designs. Wyatt is shocked that she would want feedback from her. Quinn is her design partner. Wyatt doesn’t think that partner is exactly to describe what Quinn is to Ivy. Quinn knows that she might have done some very things to Ivy in the past but they have made it through all of that. Wyatt guesses that marriage really has changed her. Quinn feels that when you are in love it is not so hard. Wyatt used to know that feeling back in the day. Quinn assumes that means that Hope hasn’t spoken to him. Wyatt informs her that for all purposes Hope is divorced from him. Quinn wants to know where that leads him. Wyatt guesses in a new direction. Quinn wants to know if he has a new woman.

Liam thought that Bill liked Ivy. Bill thinks that Ivy is great. She is beautiful but what he feels is beside the point. Liam thinks that if that was true then Bill wouldn’t be pushing Steffy towards him. Bill doesn’t think that is the case. Now with everything that they meant to each other. Liam does not think that this is any of his business. Bill thinks that it is. Liam is his son. He is his business. His happiness is his business. Bill will get in in face if he has to and force Liam to look at a situation. Liam wants to know what situation as there isn’t a situation. Bill wants him to pretend that what he is feeling for Steffy isn’t scaring the hell out of him. Bill wants Liam to sweep Steffy off her feet and then see how he feels. Steffy walks in. She wants to know what she is interrupting.

The immigrations agent informs Ivy that not only should she not have been working in Paris but she shouldn’t have been working here either. Every day that she is in this office she is breaking the law. Ivy asks how that can be because it is her family’s business. This is Forrester and her last name is Forrester. He tells her that it unfortunately does not change her citizenship status. Ivy thinks that this is a huge misunderstand and is sure that they can do something to figure this out. The immigrations agent says that there is. She can go back to Australia. Ivy will book a flight for home and get the right working permit then she can return. He is afraid that it won’t be anytime soon. She broke the law. He could technically bring her in right now. Ivy asks if she will ever be able to return to the states. He explains that given the violation probably not. He hands her the paperwork and tells her that she needs to send them proof that she is leaving the country otherwise he will be back here with a court order.

Wyatt wants to know who said anything about another woman. Quinn doesn’t want to hear it out of him she knows him way to well. Wyatt thinks that it is nowhere near as much as she thinks. Quinn wants to know what her name is. Wyatt is not going to say anything because he prefers to keep the details of his private life private. Especially to his overly inquisitive mother. Quinn thinks that what he calls inquisitive is her making sure that a girl is worthy of her son. Wyatt asks if Quinn has anyone special in mind. Quinn knows that Hope is out and so is Maya’s little sister. Wyatt knows that he blew it with Nicole. Wyatt has to admit that it does feel pretty good to get back in the game. Quinn really wants to know who it is. Wyatt turns a picture around on Ridge’s desk of Steffy. Quinn jumps in excitement.

Bill cannot believe who is here. He thinks that it is perfect timing. Liam wants Steffy to ignore Bill. He asks her what she needs. Steffy is here on official Forrester business. She takes out a red swimsuit from her purse. Liam asks what he is looking at. Bill thinks that if he really has to ask that he is clueless. Liam screams at Bill to get out. Bill will leave so long as Liam takes to heart what he was talking about. Liam tells him to get out. Bill tells Steffy he likes her lingerie. Steffy thanks him and he leaves. Steffy explains that she wants to reboot the line. She asks if she is going to have to put it on before he decides.

Carter walks into Ridge’s old office and asks Ivy what is going on. Ivy rushes over and explains that an immigration officer just handed her this. Carter cannot believe that she is being deported.

Quinn cannot get over the fact that it is Steffy Forrester. Wyatt was trying to tell her that Steffy is gorgeous and has a lot in common with him. He also points out that they are both looking to move on and find some happiness. Wyatt also asked her to give them a chance right after he kissed her. Quinn cannot believe it. Steffy is so hot. Wyatt knows and she knows him. When he wants something he goes for it. Quinn is so happy for him. She is a strong independent woman and she can see this going so far. Wyatt wants to make it clear that he is not in love with her. They don’t even know each other that well. Quinn just wants her baby to have what she has. Wyatt is doing just fine. Quinn has to ask about Liam and their history together. Wyatt knows that Liam is committed to someone else. Like he told Steffy, Ivy is not going anywhere.

Carter wants to know what Ivy’s father has said. Ivy explains that he has no cell service where he is right now. She really hopes that there is something they can do. Ivy wonders what she should do. She is home working for the family business. Ivy cannot even imagine being separated from Liam right now. Ivy cannot believe this is happening. Carter is sorry but the papers are right. Ivy wonders what she will tell Liam. She wonders if this is goodbye forever.

Liam thought that Steffy was going to have sketches done first. Steffy didn’t want to waste time. She went to one of their top sewers and she whipped this up for her. Steffy asks if it is to risqué for his taste. Liam says no. For once in his life he agrees with his father it is hot as hell. Steffy wants to know what Bill was talking about giving interest in his advice. Liam knows that Steffy knows how Bill feels about their relationship. Steffy assumes that he means how she is perfect for him because she is. Liam explains that Bill wants him to snatch Steffy up before someone else does. Steffy feels that Bill has a point. Liam wants to know what she means. Steffy asks him what he thinks that it means. It is too soon to tell. Liam asks who. He wonders if it is Charlie. Steffy says he is too old. Liam asks if it is Carter or Oliver. Steffy tells him he is already taken. Steffy informs him that he has the same last name as Liam. Liam throws a fit because it is Wyatt. Steffy says they were just talking. At least somewhat because Wyatt was kissing her. Wyatt cannot believe that she kissed his brother.

Quinn walks into Ridge’s old office and Ivy is at a drawing desk. Quinn thought that they could go over some sketches. Quinn asks if everything is ok. Ivy does think that this is a good time. Quinn wants to know what the matter is. Ivy just has something wrong. Quinn wants to know if they can talk about the sketches at least. Ivy cannot deal with those right now. Quinn wants to know when she would like to deal with them because Ridge wants them on his desk. Ivy said not now. Quinn knows that their might have been some resentment towards her but she feels like they have actually been getting along pretty well since she has been back. Ivy tells Quinn that this has nothing to do with her. Quinn asks if it has to do with these papers. Quinn looks at them and cannot believe that she is being deported.

Wyatt is going over paper work and he walks over to Ridge’s desk. He looks at the picture of Steffy and starts to think about their conversation from earlier that day.

Steffy explains that Wyatt kissed her. Liam hopes that she slapped him right after and told him to never touch her again. Liam asks if Steffy kissed him back. Steffy doesn’t know how to explain it. Liam doesn’t even want to know. Steffy will drop it. Liam is not going to. He wants to know why it has to be Wyatt. Steffy knows that she put her feelings out on the line more than she probably should have. Steffy was hoping that something could have happened but Liam is committed to Ivy so she is moving on. Even though Liam is reacting like this. Steffy spent all that time in Paris trying to get over him but no one believed her. Steffy cannot keep doing this thinking that things are going to change between him and Ivy. He made it very clear that he wants to be with Ivy. Something tells her though that he is not being honest with himself. If Liam wants her then she needs to know now. Steffy wants him to show her.

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