B&B Monday Update 6/8/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/8/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ivy and Aly are on the sky lounge. Ivy thinks that it would be interesting to hear what Ridge has to say at his first official meeting as CEO. Aly will let her know how it goes. Ivy reluctantly says that is great. Aly reminds her that Rick and Maya are out. No one is here to abuse her anymore. Ivy points out that Steffy is around. Aly agrees that she is the one bummer about all of this. Ivy would love to have Steffy back in Europe, but last night she did a lot of thinking about this and Ivy knows how strong her relationship with Liam is. She can find peace within Steffy being back. She doesn’t feel that Steffy will be a problem. Aly doesn’t know if she should say anything. Ivy wants to know what happened. Aly is really sorry to have to tell her this and was wrestling with the idea of telling her all night. She caught Steffy kissing Liam.

Steffy and Ridge are in Ridge’s new office (Rick’s office). Steffy is holding up one of Ridge’s sketches and tells him that he really likes it but it might be hard to execute. Ridge suggests that they go back to the look that they had. He asks if she wants some more coffee. Steffy would. Steffy wants to know if they have anything that they have to go over before the meeting. Ridge asks if she sent the press release. Steffy confirms that she did. Steffy is sure that they will be asking Ridge for an exclusive in no time. Ridge is CEO now and Rick is out. Steffy points out that it is a pretty big deal. They are going to revitalize the company. She is sure that Aly will also pitch her shoe line. Ridge notices a tone in her voice and asks if there is a problem. Steffy says no just that Aly got in her face and told her to stay away from Liam. Ridge wonders if it was out of know where. Steffy explains that it wasn’t exactly. Aly did catch her kissing him.

Ridge cannot believe that Steffy kissed Liam. Steffy assures him that it didn’t mean anything. Ridge thought that she told him her feelings were not going to be a problem. Steffy claims that she was just wrapped up in the moment. Steffy was signing contracts and got excited. She might have had a little too much champagne. Steffy doesn’t think it is a big deal though. It was just a peck. Aly is the one making it a big deal. Ridge cannot believe that she did this after promising she was over Liam. Liam walks in and says that he is reporting for duty. Steffy is glad to see him.

Aly assures Ivy that Steffy was the one to kiss Liam. It wasn’t the other way around and it was all of her initiative. Steffy claims that she was just celebrating and she has no feelings for Liam but she was obviously making a play for him. Wyatt walks out and asks if they knew about the big meeting that was going on. Aly cannot believe that it is already going on. She tells them that she has to go but she will talk about Steffy later. Wyatt wonders if she is ok. Ivy wants to know how long Steffy has been back for because she has already kissed her boyfriend.

Carter tells Ridge that as soon as things settle down they are opening that bottle of scotch. Ridge already remembers. Carter is very proud of him. Ridge could not have done it without all of them. Aly walks in the room and walks up to Liam. She wonders if she can talk to him. Liam says sure. Aly wants to make sure that everything is ok with him and Ivy. Liam says yes and wonders why she asks. Aly points out that Ivy is a really good person and he better realize how lucky he is to have her. Liam doesn’t understand why she is bringing this up. Steffy walks over tells her to cool off. Aly wants Steffy to but out. She is not talking to Steffy she is talking to Liam. Aly saw Liam and Steffy kiss. Ivy is her friend and her family. She does not want to see Ivy hurting. Aly demands to know if Liam sees a future with her. If he sees a future with Ivy.

Ridge explains to Carter that he told Caroline they will have a dance party once her legs get better. Carter asks if she has seen his dance moves. He has no moves. Carter suggests that they just start with a walk on the beach. Aly needs to know what Liam’s intentions are with Ivy. Liam really appreciates Aly for looking out for Ivy. Steffy just does not think that it is appropriate for her to get involved. Aly has an obligation. She also has to keep the integrity of this company. Steffy wonders if she really needs to discuss it right now though. Aly isn’t going to pretend like this just didn’t happen. The worst part is that the two of them will be working together. Liam wants her to trust him when he tells her that she is blowing this out of proportion. She has nothing to worry about. Aly knows he doesn’t yet anyway. Liam doesn’t know what that means. Aly comes out and says that Ivy knows. She told her what she saw.

Ivy feels that Steffy is just so frustrating. She knows that Liam has a girlfriend. She wonders how many times he has to tell her he is not interested. Wyatt knows that he is not available. That doesn’t mean he wants to resist her. Ivy thinks that he is supposed to be telling her things that make her feel better not worse. Wyatt wants them to be real. This is Steffy they are talking about. Ivy gets that she is freakishly beautiful but stop talking about her like she is a goddess. Wyatt knows that Liam was pretty smitten by her. Ivy emphasizes that he was. Wyatt reminds her that they were married. Ivy will not deny that they have history together but what kind of girl hits on someone else’s man. She has no remorse. Ivy wants to know if there is no girl code anymore. Ivy just doesn’t understand. Steffy could have any guy in the world yet she keeps throwing herself at her boyfriend.

Liam cannot believe that Aly told Ivy. Aly feels that Ivy has a right to know what Steffy is up to. Ridge tells them all to get seated because they are starting the meeting. Liam asks if Caroline is joining them. Ridge informs him that she is having physical therapy. Ridge knows that they have a lot of changes. They have a new President and Vice President. Steffy introduces their new CEO. Ridge knows that they had a lot of tough choices to make but he is glad that they can make an impact. Ridge has two models come in. He tells them all that this is what he has been working on with Caroline. Liam thinks that the jewelry on them is great and that Ivy has been killing it lately. Ridge explains that it is Quinn’s jewelry. Liam didn’t know that. Steffy really likes this vibe. She thinks this would be great if they launched the nightwear line. Aly asks who the spokes model would be. She assumes Steffy. Aly wants to know about Hope for the Future. Ridge explains that Hope is not here so it has been put on hold. Aly cannot believe that Steffy thinks they need to bring back the lingerie line. Liam points out that it is just an idea at this point. Aly asks how Liam thinks Ivy would feel about this. She is his girlfriend and he cannot do this to her. Aly thinks that it is bad enough that Ivy has to deal with Steffy. Steffy thanks her for the compliment. Aly can’t imagine what Ivy will think when Steffy is walking around with nothing but a bra and underwear. Ridge tells Aly that they are in a meeting. Aly points out that Ivy is not here to speak for herself. Someone needs to stand up for her. Liam doesn’t think that Ivy needs her to do that. Aly cannot believe that Liam feels comfortable with this. He knows that Steffy has feelings for him. Something could happen. Aly wants to know where that leaves Ivy. Ridge tells her enough. This is not the time or the place to discuss Liam’s love life. He guesses they will do this some other time. Ridge asks Liam to do him a favor. He wants them to figure this out on their own time. Liam knows. Aly wants Liam to just think about it. Steffy has already kissed him. They don’t know what she could try to do next. Aly leaves. Liam says that was a fun meeting. Steffy agrees. She asks what his answer is to Aly’s question. He never answered it.

Wyatt knows why Ivy is upset. Any woman would be threatened by Steffy but Ivy is as lovely as she is. Ivy is just as pretty and as smart as she is. It probably doesn’t mean much coming from Wyatt but he knows Liam. Liam is crazy about her. Ivy is not worried about Liam. It is Steffy. She does not want to be the insecure girlfriend. Ivy doesn’t want to have to worry about them being alone together. Wyatt feels that the kind of woman that Steffy is it kind of comes with the territory. Ivy asks if Steffy is so attractive and captivating then why isn’t Wyatt making moves on her. Wyatt reminds her that she was married to his brother. Ivy doesn’t think that stops him. Ivy can tell that he is interested and tells him to go ask her out.

Steffy cannot believe that Aly is going this nuts because she saw her kiss Liam. Liam knows that Aly is just defending Ivy. Steffy cannot believe that she told her. Steffy doesn’t want to get him in trouble. Liam knows that is all Steffy does. Steffy says it is part of her charm. Liam does not think that Ivy sees it that way. Steffy knows but doesn’t think that she had to make it such a big deal. Liam can see her point. Steffy gets that. Steffy knows that Aly is right about one thing. They are going to be working together. A lot of long hours. Liam wants to work with her but demands that she not make this difficult for him. Steffy is sorry for that. It is just that she feels comfortable with him. Not only was he her lover he was her best friend. She starts crying. Steffy doesn’t want to be awkward between him and Ivy. She is just open about her feelings and he knows that. It is fine. She will always loves him but he can go. Steffy wants him to leave. Liam leaves. Steffy sits down on the conference table and Wyatt walks in. Wyatt wonders what is wrong. He can tell this is about Liam.

Liam asks Ivy if she could tell how excited Steffy was. Ivy thinks that they were all excited because they just pulled off a major take over. Liam knows. They were celebrating though and the champagne was flowing. He isn’t trying to justify it though. Ivy does not think that Steffy should be kissing him under any circumstance. Liam knows. Liam had to hear about it from Aly. He should have to Ivy about this himself. Ivy knows that she is doing anything she can to get him back. Liam thinks that she got caught up in the moment. Ivy feels that she always has an excuse. This is so frustrating and she is trying so hard to stay patient. Liam understands why she is mad. If things were turned then he would be pissed off. Liam thinks that they have to understand that is Steffy’s way of welcoming him to Forrester. Ivy just hopes that it doesn’t happen again. Steffy wants his lips all to himself. She kisses him.

Steffy wants to know why he assumes she is thinking about Liam. Wyatt doesn’t know it is just a wild guess. Steffy has a lot on her mind. She is back in LA and is just taking it all in. Wyatt asks if she thinks that she will be able to work with Liam. Steffy does. Wyatt wonders if she still has feelings for him. Steffy thinks that he asks a lot of questions. Wyatt won’t ask as many if she starts answering with the truth. Steffy guesses that it is really obvious. Wyatt thinks that it is so obvious. Wyatt feels that all she needs is a neon sign around her neck that says that she is in love with Liam. It will have a zillion heart Emojis all over it. Steffy is the human equivalent of a smiley face with two hearts. Steffy cannot believe she is that pathetic. Wyatt has no judgment. Wyatt was the same way with Hope. Only he had his heart ripped out of his chest. It was a blast. Steffy completely forgot that he dated Hope. Wyatt corrects her and says that they were married. Wyatt asks her what she thinks his type is. Steffy still is figuring out. He is the charmer. Wyatt has so many questions for Steffy. Steffy bets he does. Wyatt hopes she knows that she will be alright. Steffy knows. Steffy is thrilled to be back here. She is thrilled for her father and all these new opportunities. It is going to be difficult though. She won’t lie it won’t be easy to see Liam. Steffy is going to be honest. Every time she comes back to LA she says she will be strong. She won’t think about Liam and she deserves better. She will see him and then she doesn’t know. Steffy wants a summer of love and romance and adventure. Wyatt asks why she can’t. They need to stop thinking about what they don’t have but what is right in front of them.

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