B&B Friday Update 6/5/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 6/5/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya asks if Rick really means that. Rick does. Maya means more to him than anything. Maya reminds him that it was his job on the line. Rick could have had it. Without her though why would she want it. Rick will never let anyone shame her. No one is more important than her, not a job or a title. None of it matters without Maya. They hug.

Wyatt, Ivy, and Aly are all in Rick’s office. Ivy wants to know how long they plan on keeping them all in suspense. Wyatt asks if Ridge is CEO now. Steffy confirms that he is. Aly wants to confirm that Rick and Maya are really gone. Ridge says yes.

Maya knows that being CEO has been important to him for a very long time. Rick doesn’t think anymore. He is looking for new definitions. He is going to be looking for better ones. Maya cannot have him give up though because of her. Rick feels that is how it works. Love makes people do crazy things. Maya wishes that she could have seen him punch Bill Spencer. Rick knows that he is always going to say horrible things because the guy cannot help himself. Maya asks if he knows just how good this feels. Rick does. Maya might be starting to understand what she means to him. Rick thinks that is about time.

Oliver is taking pictures of a model on the sky lounge. He stops and tells her that they are going to pick up tomorrow. He informs her not to break a nail because the manicure was expensive. Aly runs out screaming saying “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Continuously to Oliver. Oliver asks what she is doing. Aly explains to Oliver that the bracelet shoot probably is going to be pushed back. Oliver wonders why. Aly tells him that the new president is going to need pictures taken for a press release and that will probably take priority. Oliver wants to know what she is talking about. Aly explains that Rick is out and Ridge is in. Aly thinks that this means that they will finally be a part of something that they can be proud of again.

Maya has spent her entire life doing this alone. She learned very early when to ignore stupid comments and when not to fight. It is a whole new experience to be with someone who loves her and will even walk away from his dream job for her. Rick wonders if that bothers her. Maya says no. Rick is glad because she needs to get used to him going after the idiots who go after her. She is a beautiful strong, capable woman. He knows that she has been able to deal with the insults. He knows that she has done just fine on her own but she is not on her own anymore. Rick is going to make sure that nobody ever hurts her again. Maya hugs him.

Wyatt, Liam, Ivy, and Steffy all clink glasses. Steffy toasts to a new era. Liam says cheers and Ivy repeats him sort of annoyed. Liam can tell the tone in her voice. Steffy tells them to look at themselves. The new leaders of Forrester are right here. Ivy explains that the new leader of Forrester is more important. Steffy reminds her that Ridge would not be CEO without their shares. Steffy is reminded that they have paperwork to do. Wyatt suggests to Ivy that they let the big wigs do their thing. Ivy agrees. Liam tells Ivy that he will see her later. Ivy says ok and leaves annoyed. Steffy says they did it and they click glasses again.

Caroline is drawing at a desk in Ridge’s apartment. Ridge comes in. Caroline says hey to him. Ridge repeats her. Caroline wonders if everything went according to plan. Ridge says no. Ridge tells her that Bill tried to pull a fast one. Ridge says it didn’t matter. She is looking at the new CEO of Forrester. Caroline wants to know if it is done then. Rick’s contract is over turned. Ridge confirms that it is done. Caroline is really happy for him because he deserves it. In Caroline’s imagination her legs are doing a really awesome Irish jig. Ridge just saw something else. Caroline explains that, that can happen when she is better. She cannot wait to be fully healed so that she can be by his side all the time. Ridge feels that they are a team.

Oliver thinks that this is great. Aly thinks that it is a beyond great. It is like pressing a restart button for Forrester and she could not be happier. Mostly though. Oliver asks what she means. Aly just hopes that everyone knows their place. Aly means Steffy. She think that she is going to track down her cousin and have a little chat. Aly just wants to thank her. She has helped make Forrester a better place for all of them. Including Ivy.

Rick finds Maya outside on the fire escape. He explains to her that he saw her friend down stairs. Maya asks if he means Nick. Maya asks if he said hello. Rick saw that he was ordering coffee and didn’t want to interrupt. Maya can tell that it might have been a little awkward. Rick had no idea when she first told him about it. Rick doesn’t think that it is awkward. He knows that other people in her life have known about her before he ever did. He cannot help that. Rick wonders if she had a nice visit. Maya says that they did. She was soul searching, she guesses. Rick thinks that it sounds deep. Maya is just wondering why it took her so long to tell him. Maya would have liked to tell him from the beginning.

Wyatt and Ivy go and sit on the sky lounge. Wyatt asks if she thinks that it will all work out all right. Ivy thinks so. They got what they wanted. Rick is out and Ridge is in control. Wyatt knows that Liam gets to be the big hero of Forrester Creations. Wyatt thinks that it is just so great for him. Wyatt is sorry. He tells Ivy that he would not be surprised if Ivy was just a little bit concerned about Liam. Steffy is back and she brings in a whole new set of problems to the mix. Ivy is not thrilled with them working together every day but she trusts Liam. Ivy wants to know why a minute ago Wyatt was telling her that all his money was on her. Wyatt doesn’t know. She wants her to feel better about the situation but he doesn’t know. Ivy believes in Liam’s commitment to her. Wyatt thinks that it might be a bit hard with Steffy around all day every day. Steffy is a force. She is extremely talented and extremely beautiful. Guys just don’t say no to that.

Liam tells Steffy that they have one last signature. Steffy signs. Liam says that it is it. Steffy pours herself and Liam another glass. Liam never thought that they would finally be rid of Rick. Steffy explains that it was het to the rescue. Liam agrees that it was just like the usual. Steffy doesn’t want him to forget it. Liam is grateful to her. This whole building should be grateful to her. Steffy knows that Liam went after all of this for Caroline and Ivy. Steffy can get that. She really does. She is so happy to be back here. Steffy congratulates him. She welcomes him to Forrester. Aly is at the door. Steffy kisses Liam.

Caroline looks at her phone and notices that it is almost time for her doctor’s appointment. Ridge just had to get a few things and he can go with her. Caroline doesn’t think that he has to do that. She can call a car. He has way too many important things to do. Ridge gets his sketch that they drew together. They drew it together when Ridge couldn’t do it alone. Now it is his turn. There is nothing more important than her. He doesn’t want her to ever doubt it.

Ivy asks if Wyatt would. Wyatt wonders what she means. Ivy means Steffy. Wyatt knows that no guy can resist her. Liam can try to for a while though. Ivy knows that she is just some woman who is out there bringing in men. Wyatt guesses that she is something like that. Ivy thinks that by the sound of it that Wyatt is the one that Steffy is luring in. Wyatt doesn’t think so at all. Ivy tells him to listen to what he just said about her being so beautiful and intelligent. Liam walks outside and asks if he is interrupting. Ivy explains that they were talking about Steffy.

Steffy thinks about all the times that she spent with Liam while they were married. Aly storms in. She saw Steffy throwing herself at Liam. Aly knows that she kissed him. Aly thinks that Steffy is just wasting her time. Liam is loyal and committed. Yet Steffy still thinks that it is ok for her to kiss Liam. Steffy does not think that she needs to explain anything to her. Aly reminds Steffy that Liam is not dating her and she is just working together with him. That is it. Ivy is the kind of woman that Liam should be with. Not Steffy.

Liam promises Ivy that she has no reason to worry. Ivy thinks that she should be. Steffy has made it very clear that she has no respect for their relationship. Liam does not think that is the point. The point is that he is committed to her and that is that. Liam thinks that Steffy needs time. Ivy feels that Steffy needs to realize that there are available men everywhere. Liam is sure that eventually the right man is going to come along. Ivy wonders if he is right here. That is what Wyatt and her were just talking about. They were going to have him ask out Steffy. Liam asks if he is being serious. Wyatt wonders if he would have a problem with that. Liam wouldn’t. He wonders why he would.

Steffy explains that she and Liam just pulled off something pretty major. She does not think that it is that big of a deal. Aly already knows all the signs. Steffy wonders what she means. Aly knows about the way she used to behave. Steffy informs Aly that just because she has been a member of the Hope Logan fan club her entire life does not mean that she has to hate on her. What she does with Liam or what she does not do with Liam is really none of her business. Aly does not think that is true. Ivy is her friend and this company is her legacy too. Steffy wants to know what any of this has to do with a friendly congratulatory kiss. Aly thinks that they have an opportunity with Forrester right now. Thanks in big part to Steffy. Now that Rick and Maya are gone they can restore things back to the way things were when Stephanie was still alive. Aly knew that Forrester used to have morals. Steffy figures out that Aly is trying to say that she has no morals. Steffy can tell that Aly really embraced the Hope for the Future propaganda. One kiss with Liam does not make her morally corrupt. It won’t interfere with the company’s image. Aly will not have Steffy interfere with Liam and Ivy if she has just a little bit of respect of what Forrester should be showing to the world. Traditional and understated and classy. Aly is sure that Steffy was a lot of fun but Liam has some great memories. All Steffy is, is a memory. She needs to accept that. Steffy rolls her eyes as Aly leaves.

Rick knows that they have both made mistakes. If they could go back and do things differently they would. The only thing that matter is that they are here and together. They are moving forward. Maya does not blame Rick if this is too much for him to give up. He has a reputation. Rick feels that if anything that has improved by being with Maya. Maya knows that the tabloids have been all over this. Rick thinks that the tabloids have been all over his entire family since he was a boy. All that hate and stupidity has only improved his reputation. He is not accepting and loving. Maya asks if he is really accepting of her. Rick hopes that he has proven that to her. He never wants to lose her. The two of them kiss passionately. They hug and smile.

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