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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 6/4/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge asks Bill if this is some kind of a joke. Bill feels that it is on Ridge. Rick has offered him a stake in the company. Steffy says that Bill cannot do that. Bill thinks that he can if he decides to throw his shares his way. Liam tells Bill that he won’t because that is not happening. Bill thinks that it is a great offer. Sure Rick has to stay on as CEO but Bill gets to choose who the President is. Ridge would never allow Bill to have a say in this company. Bill asks if Ridge can hear the sound of himself having no choice in the matter. Instead of throwing hot air at him like he usually does, he should be selling him on why he should stay on his side. Bill tells them all that it is a funny thing. His “Spencey” senses actually woke him up this morning. He just knew that he was going to love this day.

In Ridge’s office Ivy and Aly have a conversation. Aly thinks this is big. She wonders if Ridge really has enough shares to takeover. Ivy confirms that it adds up to enough. Wyatt is listening at the desk where he is on his laptop. Aly would really like to be there when Rick and Maya get booted. Especially when they take down that ridicules portrait. Wyatt tells the two of them that he has been here all this time. He has brought this company enormous success. Wyatt asks if they remember that. It wasn’t once it was twice. Yet Liam is the one who has been invited into the board room. He doesn’t even know anything about fashion. Liam does not even work here. Wyatt refuses to listen to Liam.

Maya opens the door to find her friend Nick. The two hug. Maya is so glad to see him. Nick figured that she could use a friendly face. Nick spots Maya’s suitcase and asks if she is leaving town. Maya explains that was her plan. Then Rick showed up and told her that he didn’t hang up on her but got into a car accident. He still loves her. Nick doesn’t think that it is surprising. Maya isn’t sure that it is enough though. Nick would like to know what is going on. This news should make her very happy. Maya is just trying to find answers to questions that she should have asked herself a long time ago. Finding out that she was transgender didn’t freak out Rick. What upset him though was the fact that so many people knew when he didn’t. Maya wants to know why she let that happen.

Ivy is sort of shocked that Wyatt is surprised. He knew that this takeover was in the works. Wyatt did know but he thought he would at least get to be in the meeting when everyone found out how it would end. It was ok though to send him to do all the dirty work though. He had to deal with the collateral damage but Liam gets to be part of all the fun. Aly wants to know what Wyatt wants when Ridge becomes CEO. Wyatt wants to be Vice-President. He deserves it a hell of a lot more than Liam does. Ivy just does not understand where this is coming from. Liam is the one who controls all of the stocks. This was his entire plan. She would assume that Wyatt would agree that Liam deserves to be rewarded. Wyatt doesn’t think that this is all of sudden either. It always happens. Liam gets rewarded whether he has earned it or not. He should be on the other side of that door. He should be a part of Forrester’s future. Instead Liam is. It is because of Bill.

Liam would like to know how Bill could do this to him. Bill had promised him this for months. Bill tries to calm Liam down. Bill explains to him that deals shift and change in business. Liam wants to know what would happen if he liked the deal the way he structured it. Bill sighs. He tells them all that it is time to see what is behind door number two. He would like to know what Ridge is offering him. Rick already had his chance to be a little flirty. Now it is Ridge’s chance to tell him what he can offer. If Ridge wants to be the CEO then he needs to convince him as to why he should make that happen.

Wyatt is sorry for being a downer but with Liam getting on the board and Nicole hating him it just doesn’t seem right at all. Aly understands that Wyatt is having mixed feelings right now but the best thing to happen around here in a while was Wyatt helping Bill knock Maya off a pedestal. Aly can imagine that Maya isn’t feeling so superior now. Wyatt cannot even imagine what she has been going through. Aly is not going to feel sorry for Maya after the way that she has treated her. Rick ordered her around and made her massage Maya’s feet. Aly is thrilled that Ridge is taking their company back. Aly wants Rick and Maya out of their lives.

Maya tells Nick that nobody has ever treated her very well or made her feel like herself. Rick did however and she trusted him. She wants to know why she waited so long to disclose. Nick doesn’t think that there is a right way to tell someone. He admits that he did wonder about her decision to wait though. They both know though that nobody has the right to stand in judgement. Every situation is unique. Maya knows but there were so many opportunities where she could have. Nick assures her that is ok. She is the one who gets to decide how and when she tells her story. How she gets there and that pain that comes with it. That is all majorly private stuff. Maya trusted that Rick was safe. Not telling him sooner was the big mistake. Maya needs to own that.

Bill explains to Ridge that he can do this. Ridge thinks that it would be a cold day in hell. Rick thinks that is exactly what he is talking about. That is exactly the attitude you would get if you don’t side with himself and Eric. Ridge wants to know what Rick was doing running to Bill with this proposition. Ridge wants to know how Eric could be ok with this. Eric made all of his wishes clear to Ridge of how he wanted to run his company. Ridge decided to disregard every single one of them then he stages a takeover. Bill points out that was actually Liam. Liam reminds Bill that he wanted Rick out just as much as he did. Steffy tells Bill that he made his play and shoved his power in her father’s face. Now they need to finish their business. They are taking over the company. Eric demands that he tell them his decision. Bill is very proud of Liam. It has been his joy and pleasure to watch Liam grow during this process. The way that Liam jumped in with both feet during this takeover. He was motivated. Look at Liam now. He has everything he needs to make it. He supported Liam’s desire because he wanted to right a wrong and step up. That is why he gave Liam control of his shares. Liam is grateful of that. Bill didn’t give him ownership however for this very reason. Nobody could have predicted that Rick would come through with such a sweet deal. He did though. Liam should know that Bill is a bottom line sort of guy. If an opportunity presents itself for the company he is going to take it. Bill explains to Rick that his offer benefits his bottom line. They have a deal. Rick thinks that he made the right deal. Bill tells him not be so fast. His acceptance is based on a condition. Rick is sure that they can work it out. Bill wants Maya to go as the face of Forrester Creations. She is out.

Ivy wants to know why this is taking so long. It should have been pretty straight forward. Ivy feels that Rick should have been given the door by now. Aly is sure that Rick is going through his entire bag of tricks. Ivy wouldn’t put that past Steffy. Aly asks if she is joking around. Ivy isn’t. She is very secure for Liam’s feelings for her. She has a healthy respect for her determination. Steffy doesn’t understand the meaning of the word no though. Ivy has one eye on her. Wyatt is going to put his money on Ivy. Aly wishes that they would hurry up. Aly wants Forrester the way that it was. That means no more Rick and no more Maya.

Nick thinks that it is ok to see where a person has leered past but has learned from it. Maya needs to know though that her time table was running fine until Bill Spencer outed her publically like that. Maya felt like Bill had control of her entire history. If Bill hasn’t published it though she wonders what would have happened. Maya does need to take some responsibility. Had she told Rick earlier even if it had come out in some brutal way she still feels blindsided. Nick thinks that Maya is the strongest woman he knows. She has taken some hits though and he wants to know how she is coping. Maya is just trying to stay under the radar. Not because she is ashamed but because she respects the positon that Forrester is in and if they have to do damage control then she doesn’t want to deal with that. Nick wants Maya to share her feelings with Rick and go back to being the great couple that they are. Maya would love to but it is complicated. Nick thinks that love is as simple as it gets. Maya guesses that he is right. She might be over thinking things. She can’t have something that is this ground breaking happen and not learn a lesson. Maya is grateful to have chosen a man who is able to accept her for her true self. A man who will never abandon her.

Rick asks what Bill said. Bill tells him that he heard him. Rick asks if he really wants Maya out of here. Bill does. Bill knows that Rick splashed her face all over the entire brand. Rick points out that Maya is not the first transgender model. Their clientele would embrace that. Bill thinks that means that there is a minority who would not. The bottom line is the bottom line. Bill thinks that Rick would be concerned about that if Maya was not his girlfriend. Rick just so happens to be intimately involved with her. Bill doesn’t care who she is. Professionally though Rick needs to wake the hell up. That same costumer base that they are talking about thinks that Maya is a disgrace. Rick punches Bill in the face and Liam catches him. Rick thinks that Bill is a disgrace. Rick walks out of the office. He starts to laugh. He gets out his phone. Maya goes to pick up her phone. Rick asks where she is. Maya says that she is at the apartment. Rick doesn’t want her to go anywhere. He will be right there.

Maya tells Nick that Rick is coming. Maya thanks Nick for knowing that she needed him. Nick wishes her luck but doesn’t think that she is going to need it. Nick leaves.

Ridge thinks that was some show. Steffy cannot believe that Rick punched Bill. Liam once again was in a position where he had to apologize for his father. He was wrong on so many levels. Ridge points out that Rick just lost his last chance at keeping his office. Steffy guesses that means that they did it. She congratulates Ridge. Liam shakes Ridge’s hand. Steffy asks if Liam can see what they accomplish together. Ridge cannot believe that after all the anger and blind loyalty that Rick chose Maya. Steffy knows that Ridge can finally take his place as leader of this company. Ridge belongs here.

Maya takes a sip of her drink. Rick walks in with his jacket off. Rick is smiling. Maya thinks that he had a good day. He picks Maya up and spins her around. Maya wants to take a wild guess that Ridge’s takeover failed and he is still CEO. Maya wants to know how he managed it. Rick says Bill. Rick explained that it all came down to who controlled his twelve and a half percent. Rick went after him. It was the only way he could hold on to his position. Maya guesses that she did say she wanted him to do anything it took to go after Ridge. Maya knows how important the CEO position is to him. She also assumes that he hated needing anything from Bill Spencer. It was worth it, though. Rick explains that Bill fell. Rick doesn’t want to talk about Forrester or Bill or the shares. All he wants to do is celebrate. Maya wonders why not. He is keeping his job. Rick explains that he walked away. Bill was ready to sign with him ... n one condition, though. He didn’t want Maya there. He didn’t want her associated with the brand or even allowed in the building. So he punched him. He deserved it because he was disrespecting Rick. Bill was wrong, though. Maya is a beautiful, brilliant, kind human being. The Bill Spencers of the world should never question Maya's kindness and beauty. Rick will defend her to his dying day. She is the woman that he loves. Maya smiles and starts to hug Rick. The two smile at each other looking into each other’s eyes.

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