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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/3/15


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Bill can tell that Rick is desperate. Rick points out that either way it all works out to Bill’s advantage. Bill reiterates what Rick just said. If he votes his shares with Rick and Eric then he will have a controlling position at Forrester. He can even pick the President of the company. Rick tells him that whoever he picks will get to tell Ridge what to do. Bill wants to know how much Rick hates coming to him for this right now. Rick has other places he would rather be. Bill cannot believe that his twelve and a half percent could possibly keep Rick in the driver’s seat. Rick wants to know what it is going to be. Is he going to let Liam back Ridge being the guy he is or will be back Rick? Rick wonders if there really is a choice.

Ridge rubs Caroline’s shoulders. Caroline tells Ridge that he has no idea how good that feels. Caroline thinks that he is so good to her. Ridge wants to get her back on her feet. Caroline is ok right here. She is going to take full advantage of this. Ridge isn’t going to stop her. Caroline is going to stop him though. He needs to get back to the office. Ridge starts to kiss Caroline.

Steffy is sorry to put Liam on the spot. The way Ivy described the situation is not even how it happened. Ivy would like to ask Liam a question. Ivy tells Liam that Steffy thinks that Liam is still in love with her. Ivy wants him to set her straight. Liam looks scared.

Maya is unfolding her clothes. Nicole asks if she is not leaving town. Maya assumes that Nicole has spoken to Carter. Nicole says that Carter said she was splitting. Maya feels that it is obvious she is not. She asks if Nicole has any other questions. Nicole can tell that Maya is in a pretty good mood. Maya points out that isn’t a question. Nicole would like to know then why she is in a pretty good mood. Nicole can tell that she talked to Rick.

Rick explains that if Bill allies with him and Eric they could rule the company. Bill isn’t so sure of Rick staying on as CEO. Rick knows that it takes a majority to get rid of him. Bill points out that Ridge has that right now. Rick knows but if he sides with him… Bill already knows Rick gets to keep his job and Bill gets to pick the President. Bill assumes that Rick despises him much less than he despises his own brother. Rick doesn’t feel that it is much less but it is true. Rick wants to know who is giving him the big and better deal.

Caroline thinks that Ridge is being awfully quite. She wonders if she is losing him. Ridge says no. Caroline can tell that Ridge is thinking about work. Ridge says no. Caroline knows that he is lying. Caroline does know that he has been waiting for this his whole entire life so it is ok. Ridge knows that all it takes is one formal vote and Rick is out and he is in. Caroline knows that entails Steffy as President and Liam as Vice President. Caroline wonders how Ivy will feel about that.

Liam is shocked. Steffy knows that this is just getting ridicules. Steffy is sure that Liam has lots of love for Ivy. She simply said that she will always love Liam. Steffy is allowed to have feelings. Ivy knows that Steffy thinks that something is going to happen between the two of them. Steffy explains that what happens in the future is anyone’s guess. Ivy says that it is great but when it comes to her relationship there is no guessing game.

Bill does think that it is tempting. Rick feels that it is a no brainer. Bill notes that if he does this that he would be more active at Forrester. The bottom line with Rick is that he is all about making money. That is all he cares about. Bill guesses that Rick would do everything necessary in that pursuit then. Rick would do everything legal. Bill wonders if he would do something like sell a magazine that shows both truthful and proactive images just to sell a ton of magazines. Rick doesn’t want to get off topic. They don’t need to get nasty. Bill guesses that down the road they will have a big chuckle at this now that Maya is out of his life. Rick explains that she is still in his life. He is still in love with her.

Maya says that Rick dressed up like a waiter just like when they first met. Nicole thinks that is so sweet. She wonders though if Maya is mad that she told him where she was. Maya is not. Once she heard the other side of the story, Maya can get why Nicole would do what she did. Nicole assumes that they worked things out then. Maya doesn’t know if she would go that far. Nicole thought it was just a big understanding. Maya heard about the accident and she cannot believe it is the reason why he didn’t answer when she asked him to marry her. It is complicated. Nicole thinks that life is complicated but love makes it less complicated. Maya is transgender and she thinks that she should have told Rick earlier but she didn’t. Maya didn’t want things getting out so she convinced herself to wait to tell him until he proposed. Nicole knows that she told Wyatt and he told his dad and soon the whole world knew. Maya knows that everyone but Rick knew. Nicole knows that she shouldn’t have trusted Wyatt. She doesn’t know what she was thinking. Maya guesses that they both have trust issues. Nicole trusts everyone and she trusts no one. That includes the man she loves.

Ridge brings Caroline a plate and a few bottles of water. Caroline pinches Ridge’s behind with a grabber. Caroline thinks that she is getting really good at using one of these things. Ridge kisses her. Ridge wants to know why she didn’t tell him. Caroline explains that there was nothing he could have done. She knows that Ridge was busy. Ridge wants to hear about it now. Caroline doesn’t know. One minute she is on the sidewalk and the next minute a car is on top of her. Caroline guesses that it changes a person’s perspectives rather quickly. Ridge would imagine that it would. Caroline victimized herself. She asked herself why this happened to her and why she deserved it. Caroline guesses though that everything happens for a reason. That wasn’t something she believed in before. She does now though. She is allowed to feel all the love that is surrounding her.

Liam tries to answer the question. Steffy stops him and tells him that this is not high school. So what if he has a girlfriend it isn’t a big deal. Eric walks in. He wonders if Ivy has been filled in by the two of them on the proposed changes around here. Eric tells them all that they can talk about this openly. He was just on the phone with Rick and he wants to meet with all of them. Liam is sure that he wants to call for the vote to make it official. Eric doesn’t want Liam to get too far ahead of himself on that.

Rick really doesn’t think that Maya is the issue. Bill sure as hell hopes not. Rick knows it won’t. He asks who Bill would rather side with. Himself or Ridge? He knows that Bill is a businessman. Rick wonders if Bill really wants a position under Ridge or a position of authority and power over Ridge. Rick wants to know who is really giving Bill more power here.

Liam recognizes that this must be difficult for Eric. Steffy feels that Ridge is more than capable of running this company. Eric doesn’t agree. Steffy thinks that is unfortunate. Liam just feels that Ridge would have been the better president. Eric just thinks that this is wrong. Steffy wants to remind Eric that Rick wrote the book on wrong the way that he has manipulated people and put them in danger. Steffy wants to remind Eric that Rick took down Stephanie’s portrait off the living room wall. Steffy is sorry and she knows that Rick is his son but he wants to know how Eric can approve of what Rick has done. Eric feels that Rick has learned. Now it is all about who owns what and who controls what. They will settle all of this very soon. Liam and Steffy’s phones go off. Eric’s does as well. He informs them that Ridge is on his way in. This will all be settled by the end of the day.

Maya still has not forgiven herself. Look at what she did. The company was thriving and the whole world was praising him. Now he is a laughing stock. Rick is the man who fell in love with the woman who didn’t tell him she was transgender. Nicole doesn’t think that it should be an issue. Maya knows that it is a reality though and Rick shouldn’t be the one paying the price. Maya should have told him from the beginning. Nicole reminds her that Maya said from the start that there is no time limit to disclose. Maya knows that he wouldn’t have had the choice. Nicole thinks that he has that same choice right now. Rick wants her. He has always wanted her. The way that the world is reacting doesn’t matter to him. It is because he loves her.

Bill can tell that Rick really thought this through. Bill thinks that he did a pretty good job up until Maya came along. Rick believes that Maya is a major part of his success story. Bill doesn’t think he has any idea of what he is up against. Rick knows that it is thanks to Bill. Bill is happy that it is thanks to him. He published that information so it is out in the public where it should be. Bill wants him to imagine the flack he would have gotten had Rick gotten married and then this all came out. Rick would like to know what it is going to be. Is Bill in or out? Bill is in either way. Bill can either throw his lot in with Rick’s idiot brother or his idiot brother. Ridge calls him. Rick picks up the phone and asks him what he wants. Ridge tells him that it is show time. Rick asks when. Ridge says that he is leaving for the office now so he suggests that Rick do the same. Rick tells Bill that Ridge is making his move so he needs to make a choice. Is it going to be Rick or Ridge? Bill says eenie meanie miney moe. He wonders if Rick knows the rest.

Nicole points out that both Maya and Rick have come so far and they have moved past all of that. Maya just wants him so badly. When they are away from each other it gets worse. Maya can see what everyone is saying. Nicole doesn’t want her to look at those articles. Maya cannot help it. It is her only connection to Rick. Maya would give anything to have another chance. Nicole knows that she does have another chance. Maya means another chance to relive the past and tell him sooner. Maya cannot even imagine everything that Rick is going through right now. Nicole knows that Rick is stronger. All this nasty publicity he can handle. Maya explains that he is fighting for his company. Ridge is trying to take control. It is some kind of hostile takeover. Maya told him to fight Ridge with everything he has got.

Rick walks into his office to find Eric. Eric asks if he saw Bill. Rick was right. Bill still has the ownership of his stock. Rick made his pitch. It wasn’t easy. The bastard likes to watch him swarm. Eric wonders then if Bill is going to side with them. Rick doesn’t know. Eric explains to him that there is absolutely nothing he can do. Rick knows. Ridge walks in with Steffy and Liam. Ridge has the papers and he would like to do this. Ridge hopes that they can work through this. No matter what happens Eric is still his father and he is still Eric’s son. Ridge thinks this might even help them. Rick thinks that Ridge had his moment in the sun. Ridge tells Liam to go over the numbers. Eric doesn’t think they need to go over this. Ridge explains that Liam has been doing this for months. Rick cannot believe this. Liam explains that Ridge, Steffy, Thomas’s, and Bill’s shares which he has control over give him control over the company. Steffy explains that Ridge will be the new CEO. He is appointing her President and Liam Vice-President. Rick thinks that Steffy has gotten disgustingly settled in. Ridge tells Rick that they have a job for him as well depending on his attitude. Bill walks in. Liam wants to know what he is doing here. Bill asks if Rick would like to tell them. Ridge wants to know what he wants to tell them. Bill says that Rick paid him a visit earlier and they had a nice chat. Rick made him a very interesting offer. Ridge wants to know what that offer was. Rick tells Ridge that he has been misinformed. Liam does not have control of his father’s stock. Rick made Bill an offer to choose the next President of Forrester. Rick would have fifty percent of the shares on his side. Rick does think that this was a clever little scheme though. Ridge cannot believe that he would do this to their company. He tries to call him a son of a… Bill says Brooke. Bill wonders if they get it because Rick is Brooke’s son. He wants to know where everyone’s sense of humor is. The world needs more levity and less rudeness. Bill still has a choice to make here. Does he throw in with his boys Rick and Eric who has extended him an olive branch and given him a very attractive proposal or does he throw in with Ridge who doesn’t talk to him and constantly hurts his feelings. Bill thinks it is crazy how it all comes down to little old dollar Bill and his measly twelve and a half percent. Bill holds in his little jeweled hands the future of Forrester Creations.

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