B&B Tuesday Update 6/2/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/2/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Caroline is asleep in Ridge’s bed. Ridge who is fully clothed lies on the bed and starts to brush her elbow. Caroline wakes up and smiles. Ridge says good morning. Caroline seems completely out of it. She explains that she lied down after physical therapy and must have fallen asleep. Ridge didn’t want to wake her when he came home last night. They kiss each other. Caroline asks him how everything went at Forrester yesterday.

In Rick’s office Rick tells Eric that this has to be it. He did more research last night and Bill did not transfer the sales over to Liam. Eric knows that Liam claims to have control of the shares. Rick tells him that Liam must be under the impression that he is the holder of the shares when in reality Bill still does. Ridge would never do business with a man that he hates. Rick predicts that Bill still has control of the shares. They have to confirm it. He understands that it is a longshot but as far as Rick is concerned it is the only shot that they have.

A tailor is fitting Liam for something in Bill’s office. Katie walks in and wonders what is going on in here. Bill tells her that he is happy about Liam’s new title so he has decided to buy Liam a new suit. In Bill’s opinion a suit is a little too uptight. The tailor whose name is Berny gives Bill a dirty look. Bill rolls his eyes and tells him to get back to measuring. Liam wants Bill to calm down. Liam thanks Berny. Berny thanks him back and explains that the suit will be done in three days. He leaves. Katie wonders if Bill is getting a little ahead of himself because nothing is official. Bill doesn’t think that they need official. The coup is as good as done. It is all because of his brilliant ingénue. Liam feels that it is also because of Ridge. Bill cannot believe that Liam would give any credit to Ridge. Liam had gone to Ridge months ago with the plan. If anyone is going to get credit it would be Liam. Forrester is in much better hands being out from Rick’s little thumb. So are Caroline and Ivy. Katie stops him and explains that Liam might want to ask Ivy about that. Especially seeing that Steffy is part of the bargain.

Steffy is texting on her phone in Ridge’s office when Ivy walks in. Ivy heard that Steffy made the move and that Eric knows everything now. Steffy says yes. Eric backed the wrong son and Ridge did everything he could. Ivy assumes this means she is staying in LA. Steffy wonders how she feels about that.

Liam would like to know what Katie knows about this. Katie knows nothing. This whole situation is just difficult for her because Rick is her nephew. She does know though that Forrester needs to go in a new direction. Bill agrees. Liam is the one who did it and he is born with leadership. Liam reminds him again that Ridge was technically the one who put things in motion. Katie points out that Ridge got help from his lovely daughter. Bill feels that Steffy is smart and strong. Katie knows that things have worked well for her so far. Liam wonders what she means by so far. Katie just meant that Steffy is used to getting things to go her way. Most things at least. Bill would like to move on. Katie was talking to Ivy earlier. Katie is just curious about how Liam feels to be working so close to Steffy but being involved with Ivy.

Ivy has always supported Liam’s plan with this. Steffy wonders if that means she will be ok with her being back for the foreseeable future. Ivy points out that they are family and that Forrester Creations is important to both of them. Ivy asks if Steffy knows why Liam is doing this. Steffy knows that Rick was being mean to Liam’s girlfriend and he felt the need to rescue her. Ivy doesn’t think she needed rescuing. Liam did this to create a better work environment for herself and Caroline. Steffy explains that is something that could have never happened without her. Steffy informs her though that it is not over until the fat lady sings. Something tells Steffy that Rick is not going anywhere without a fight.

Eric wants Rick to slow down. Rick feels that they have to go to Spencer and do this. Eric tells him to listen for a second. If Bill does have control of the stocks he is still the last person on earth Eric would ever want to do business with. Eric knows that he still wants to keep his position as CEO and he respects that. Eric has to think about the whole business though. Letting Bill in the door is dangerous. Rick wonders if it is more dangerous than what Ridge is doing to Eric. Stabbing him in the back and kicking him to the curb with Rick. Rick will not back down to Ridge.

Ridge carries Caroline out of bed. He wonders how she is doing in physical therapy. Caroline feels that it is hard but they say that at the rate she is going she should be able to put pressure on her legs pretty soon. They are now sitting on the couch. Ridge thinks that is wonderful. Caroline thinks what is wonderful is the way that Ridge has been taking care of her. Ridge does not think that there is anything more important than Caroline and he should have been here for her session. Caroline is sure he had a good excuse. Ridge indeed does.

Ivy asks what options Rick has. Steffy explains that he doesn’t. Steffy guesses then that all they have to do is stay focused on their objective. Steffy smirks. She guesses that it is “their” objection now. Ivy feels that she is going to make a great President. Steffy agrees and with Liam as her VP she can’t fail. Ivy wants to know what she means by her VP. Steffy explains that it is just a figure of speech. Ivy would like to get something clear. She doesn’t have a problem with Steffy and Liam working together. The company could really use it. What Ivy does have a problem with though is her making a play at her boyfriend at any opportunity she gets.

Liam asks if Katie has really been talking to Ivy. Katie says yes and explains that Ivy apparently walked in on Liam and Steffy at Forrester. Katie says that Steffy apparently has not given up on getting back Liam even though she has dropped it as being one of the conditions. Liam asks if Ivy overheard anything. Katie explains that Ivy did indeed hear Steffy tell Liam that she would always love him. Liam feels that Steffy understands that this is purely business. There are not conditions or stipulations. Liam understands why Ivy might have concern. Steffy knows though that they are over. Katie doesn’t think that Steffy knows what her and Liam have can never happen again. Bill tells him that is exactly what was said when he and Katie got divorced. Liam is trying to explain something to them. Bill wants him to. He decides to help him out though. Bill assumes that Liam is trying to explain that he can work with Steffy without any of those feelings resurfacing. He feels that Ivy is going to buy it. Bill says good luck with that.

Ridge looks at what Caroline is drawing and says he likes that. Caroline cannot wait to get back to the office full time. She wonders if she really just said that. Caroline does know that Maya is gone though. Ridge tells her that Rick is on his way out as well. Caroline asks if that is what he meant. Ridge confirms this. It is something nobody was suspecting. Including Eric.

Eric cannot believe that Rick is even considering this after everything that Bill did to Maya. Eric guesses that he will overlook it if it means he can keep his seat as CEO. Rick will not and cannot overlook it. Rick will put things at bay when the time is right. Eric assumes that it cannot happen now. Rick tells him that what he does not know is that Nicole told him where Maya was hiding out. He went to see her and had a long talk. Eric thinks that is great. Rick still has a lot to work through with Maya. The one things that Maya made clear of though is that he was to do anything to stop Ridge. Eric cannot believe that Rick is willing to get in bed with the devil. Rick knows that the last thing Ridge is expecting them to do is go to Spencer. If they can get those shares it will be a blindside punch. It is up to him to convince Spencer to help him realize they need to land this. Rick leaves his office.

Steffy would like to know what Ivy is talking about. Ivy explains that yesterday Steffy was in here talking to Liam. Ivy heard that Steffy was still in love with him and that she was always going to be in love with him. It is like Steffy just cannot let an opportunity go by. Steffy isn’t not going to tell Liam how she feels. Steffy is always going to love Liam. They have shared a lot. Steffy knows that Liam will always love her. Ivy cannot believe that she thinks that when Liam has clearly moved on. Steffy asks if he really has.

Katie doesn’t want Liam to get worried. Bill is just trying to get a rouse out of him. Bill just wants Liam to know that if Liam and Steffy are at Forrester doing their thing that is fine. Liam assumes that by doing their thing he means working as professionals to get the company back on track. Bill says yes. Bill is sure that Steffy is completely over him. Katie points out that Liam didn’t say that. They however both know Liam very well and know that Liam is committed to Ivy. Bill hopes that Liam is committed to the takeover of Forrester. Bill did give Liam control of his shares in the first place. Liam is very grateful for those shares. Bill doesn’t need to hear all the mushy stuff. At least not when things are not completed. Especially if that involves Ridge. Just because the guy can make a dress doesn’t mean that he is suited to run a company. Liam is going to have to keep an eye on him. In fact both of them are going to have to keep an eye on Ridge.

Ridge goes over the plan. He explains that it is all of their combined shares of the company without Steffy’s stipulations. Caroline guesses that it is a whole new era for Forrester Creations. Ridge feels that it is a whole new power structure. Steffy is President, Liam is Vice President, and he himself will be pulling double duty. Caroline assumes that if Ridge is both CEO and head designer that he will be twice as busy. Ridge wants Caroline right by his side as his design partner. The woman in his life. He starts to kiss Caroline.

Bill is on his phone. He tells someone that he does not give a damn and wants them to get back to him ASAP. Bill hangs up and Rick walks in. Rick can see that Bill is hanging out in his office. Bill is going to have to give Rick a pacifier if he plans to have a temper tantrum in his office. Rick wants to know how Maya is supposed to act. That was her story to tell if and when she wanted to tell it. He has no right. Bill feels that he had every right. Bill wants him to take a look around. He is the owner and CEO of a publishing empire. His readers had every right to know that they were being played like suckers. Rick thinks that what Bill did was take something so personal. It is cruel and ruthless. Bill asks if Rick wants a box of tissues. This is his business and he needs to get over it. Bill made a business decision. Rick doesn’t think that is what is happening. Bill is getting backlash for his company. Bill tells Rick that he will worry about his company and Rick can worry about Myron or Maya or whatever she wants to be called. Rick tells him to stop. He is here for another reason. He has a proposal. Rick is quite sure that Bill is not going to want to turn this down.

Ivy wants to know what it will take to convince Steffy. Steffy asks if she means that Ivy is Liam’s future and she is Liam’s past. Ivy points out that Liam gives her completely straight forward signals and yet Steffy still believes that she has a chance. Steffy has shared a lot with Liam. They are always going to love each other. Steffy doesn’t think that Ivy will ever understand. Ivy doesn’t want to have what Steffy had with Liam. Ivy is in a completely new relationship. What she does have with Liam though is completely special. Steffy can understand that. What she has with Liam though is a connection. A certain “Je ne sais quoi” Liam walks in all happy until he realizes that Ivy and Steffy are both in the room. Ivy thinks that Liam has come at the perfect timing. Steffy was just about to tell her about how much Liam is in love with her.

Caroline is really happy for Ridge. Caroline knows that Ridge has been working for this for a very long time and knows that Ridge is going to make an amazing CEO. Ridge tells Caroline that Eric does not agree. Eric thinks that Ridge betrayed him. Caroline can believe that seeing that Rick has put so much guilt on him. Ridge never wanted it to get like this. Caroline knows that he is not thinking of himself. He is thinking of the company. Ridge just wants to save his children’s legacy. Eric’s legacy as well. Caroline is sure that once Eric sees what is going on the hurt feelings will slip away. Caroline doesn’t think that Ridge is going to lose his father over this. Ridge is going against the man he loves and using shares owned by the man he detests.

Rick despises Bill but he can be cut throat as well. That is why they need to team up. Bill seems confused by this. Rick feels that they can give each other a hand when it comes to the shifting circumstances. Rick feels that these circumstances would give Bill a once in a lifetime opportunity Bill has been offered more once in a lifetime opportunities than he can shake a stick at but he wants to hear what Rick is offering him. Rick feels that the two of them speak the same language. They are both shrewd businessmen which is why he hates coming to Bill with this. Bill assumes that Rick would like his shares. Rick knows that Bill has obviously given Liam control over his shares. He is hoping that means that they are still in play though. If Bill were to combine his shares with Ridge and his two children then he would indeed be in control. If he combines his shares with him and Rick though it will be an even fifty/fifty. Bill knows that would in fact defeat Ridge’s attempt to oust Rick as the current CEO of Forrester Creations or so he hopes. Rick wonders if Bill realizes that Bill would have no say in the company. Bill reminds him that he virtually has no say in the company now. Rick explains that Bill will indeed have a say if he joins forces with himself and Eric. For starters he will no longer have any issue with how he walks into the building. Bill doesn’t really seem to be very amused by this offer. Rick has one other offer for Bill. Rick and Eric discussed that Bill would have the right to choose who is Forrester’s next President. Bill knows that would still leave Rick as CEO though. Rick holds the offer that Bill can pick any single person that he wants as President of Forrester Creations. Bill wonders if that means that he could even pick himself to be President. Rick says that indeed includes himself. That would mean that Ridge would have to answer to Bill. Bill smiles at the thought of this.

Ridge and Caroline are playing on the couch. Caroline wants to know how a girl gets a go with the new CEO. Ridge explains that he is not CEO yet. Ridge does not want Caroline to jump the gun. Caroline says fine but she knows that it is still a very big deal for him. Especially for those who love him. Ridge is just glad that Liam has Bill’s shares. Without this none of that would be happening.

Rick feels that this is Bill’s chance. He asks who Bill would rather team up with. Rick or Ridge?

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