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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/29/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy went all the way to Paris just to get away from him. She is back now and she is ready to work with him. Only if they are willing to be completely open and honest with each other. Liam jokes that she has such unreasonable expectations. Ivy walks in and says hello to Steffy. Steffy says hello back. Ivy wants to know what is going on. Liam and Steffy look a little puzzled.

Rick pours a glass of tea in his office. Eric doesn’t want him to say everything is ok if it is not. Rick has Eric’s support and Ridge wasn’t able to force him out. He is good. Eric notes that work isn’t the only thing he has on his mind though. When Rick is at work he remains focused. Eric asks if he still has not heard from Maya. Rick has tried calling, texting, and emailing. Nothing works. Eric is sorry. Rick is not ready to give up yet. Nicole walks in. She would like to talk to him for a minute. It is about Maya.

Maya is in her apartment and is putting things in her suitcase. Someone knocks on the door. She ignores it. They knock again and it is Carter. He tells her to open up. Maya gets up and opens the door. Carter knew that the barista was lying down stairs. Maya doesn’t want anyone to know she is here. Carter wants to know if she is hiding from the press or Rick. Maya asks if Rick is with him. Carter tells her no. He doesn’t think that it will take him long to realizes this is her hiding place though. Maya won’t be here much longer. Carter asks if she is packing. Maya is leaving LA. Carter doesn’t think she can leave her life is in LA. Maya doesn’t think that it is anymore. Carter informs her that her face is all over the internet. She can’t run away from this. Maya knows that the tabloids have done this to her. Bill Spencer wanted to make her the punchline of a very public joke and he did. Maya is not a scandal and she will not be treated as one. She deserves better than that. Carter asks if that is why she won’t talk to Rick. Maya can’t. Carter wonders why not. Maya loves him too much.

Rick asks if Maya is alright. Nicole wonders what he would think. Rick doesn’t know. Nicole has seen her. He wants to know where she is. Rick is worried about her. Nicole doesn’t think he should be. Eric feels that it wasn’t necessary for her to quit the way she did. Eric is going to let the two of them talk. He leaves. Rick doesn’t understand why she is doing this. Nicole explains that he was good to her. He took her in and gave her a job and she realizes that is all over. She just wants to know why. He tells Maya that he is ok with her past and he still loves her but when everyone else finds out about her being transgender he becomes embarrassed. Maya told her that he was angry with her. Rick never said he was. Nicole wants to know that if he isn’t ashamed or angry then why would he break up with her. Rick didn’t break up with Maya. Maya left him.

Ivy asks if he spoke to Ridge. Liam did. Ivy guesses that she doesn’t have to ask what he wanted. Steffy reminds Liam that Ridge doesn’t want him telling anyone. Liam doesn’t think that he meant Ivy. Steffy is annoyed at this and informs her that the plan is back on. Ridge walks back in. He is also annoyed that Liam couldn’t keep this quite. Liam tells him that Ivy knew about this plan before he even did. Ridge asks if he filled her in. Ivy doesn’t know all the details. Ridge explains that it is a change in leadership. Ivy is shocked that everyone is on board. Ridge says that they are taking over Forrester. Getting rid of Rick for good. Ridge informs them all that Eric and Rick are not prepared for a takeover. Steffy explains that it has to stay that way. Liam thinks that Ivy wants Rick out just as much as everyone. Ivy was just hoping that Eric would have come to that conclusion by himself. Ivy wonders about the morality clause. Ridge talked to Eric about it and he didn’t want to enforce it. So here they are. Steffy informs her that sixty two percent gives them all the power. Ridge tells Ivy that Steffy is the president and Liam is the vice president. Steffy thinks that vice president has a nice ring to it. Liam explains that they are still working out the details. Ridge sidelines Liam and tells them all that they have to focus. Steffy agrees that if they don’t do this now that they are going to blow it. Ivy is going to leave them to it. Ridge explains to them that the press is going to be all over this now that Maya has resigned. Rick is going to be more vial than usual. Ridge calls Eric. Ridge tells him to come to the office he needs to see him.

Carter doesn’t think that this makes sense. He wants to know why Rick would do this to her. Maya guesses that he felt bad and didn’t want him to hurt her. Carter knows that Rick is trying to get in touch with her. Maya thinks that is just so he can try and explain. Maya gets it. If things had turned out differently maybe they would still be together. Carter doesn’t think she understands. Rick cares about her. Maya is sure on some level he does. Carter informs her that Rick loves her. Maya loves him too. Carter knows that. She loves him to much that is what she said. Maya knows he didn’t sign up for all this. Carter reminds her that neither did Maya. Maya knew though that one day everything could have gone wrong. Maya is a transgender women. Falling in love with someone in the public eye is a huge risk. Maya was happy. Happier than she ever thought she could be. Carter wants to know why she would quit her job then. Maya feels that Rick has been through a lot as well. Carter doesn’t think that the press will let up. Maya thinks that things like this die if you don’t let them get out of hand. Carter explains that Rick is looking for her. Maya knows that he only wants to see her because he doesn’t like the way that they left things. Maya feels that it is over. Rick doesn’t want to marry her.

Rick wishes that he hadn’t said what he had. This isn’t over. That is why he needs to find her and talk to her. He wants to know where she is. Nicole explains that Maya wanted her to stay out of it. Rick notes that she is here. Obviously she wants to help. Nicole wants to know what happened because right now she doesn’t. Rick asks if Maya told her that he proposed. Nicole knows that was before he found out about her past. It was before Bill Spencer told the world. Rick doesn’t think that she has to worry about that. His PR department can squash this. Rick just wants to focus on Maya. Nicole is shocked to find out that he still wants her back. Rick loves her. Nicole wants to know then why he didn’t tell her that on the phone when he was coming down the mountain. Rick got ran off the road. That is why he didn’t answer. He didn’t hang up he was in a car accident.

Maya continues to put her stuff in the bag. Carter doesn’t want her to leave. Maya can’t stay here. Carter wants to know where she is going to go. Maya doesn’t know. Carter guesses that even if she did she wouldn’t tell her. Maya grew up around people who wouldn’t accept her for who she is. Maya will not put herself in that positon again. She has to start over. It is too painful to be around Rick if she is not his wife.

Rick cannot believe that Maya thinks he hung up on her. Nicole feels that she asked a question and Rick didn’t answer. Rick wanted to talk to her but she ran to her car and took off. He called her from the car. He tried to explain but everything he said just made things worse. That is when he went off the road. Maya kept going. She didn’t go back to the house and hasn’t been back to the office. He asks Nicole if she really doesn’t want anything to do with him. Nicole states that her sister is hurt. What he said… Rick explains that he was talking about the situation and what Bill did. He was not talking about Maya. Nicole thinks that he was. Rick didn’t mean it. Nicole says that Maya doesn’t think he loves her. Rick says that is not true. He wants and needs her. Rick begs Nicole to tell him where she is. Nicole hopes that she doesn’t regret this. She is at her old place above Dayzee’s.

Ridge notes that Eric is on his way. Ridge needs Eric to understand that this is not personal. It is about protecting the company and the legacy of this family. Things like this make Steffy really miss Stephanie. Ridge knows that she would be with them on this. Steffy hopes so. Ridge is trying to do what is right. No matter how hostile it seems it is what is right for everyone. Eric walks in and sees Steffy. He hugs her. Steffy is back for good. Ridge tells Eric that is what he wanted to talk to him about.

Maya zips up her bag. She looks out the window and smiles. She thinks about all the times that she spend with Rick. When they met downstairs in the coffee shop. When Rick gave her a neckless. The times they spent in the bathtub together. When they kissed at the cabin.

Rick turns off his light and runs out of his office.

Carter walks out to the sky lounge and spots Nicole. He wants to know what she is doing here. Nicole came to see Rick. Carter asks if he is around. Nicole tells him that he went after Maya. Carter just left her. Nicole told him where to find her. She hopes that she is doing the right thing.

Maya sits in the coffee shop and looks at her bag. She starts to think about when she met Rick again. He had asked her what he could get her. Maya wanted coffee. Maya is drinking coffee. A waiter walks up to Maya. She asks for the check. The waiter is Rick. He welcomes her and wants to know what he could get her. Maya looks shocked.

Eric would love Steffy back in LA. They could actually use her PR experience at this point. Ridge informs him that she won’t be doing PR anymore. Eric guesses that if she wants a change that she will just have to run it by Rick. He is the one who is making all the choices now. Ridge says no to that as well. Eric reminds Ridge about where he stands with all of this. Ridge knows that. He supports Rick above anything and everyone else. He gets that. Eric doesn’t want to fight about this anymore. Ridge asks if he thinks that he likes to fight about it and wants to be at odds with him. He doesn’t. They were a team once and one of the best in the business. The company is in trouble now because of the way that Rick is running it. He doesn’t want Rick destroying it. Eric tells Ridge to stop this. He needs to look at the reality and make the best of it. Ridge doesn’t. Eric knows that he has made his objections clear to him but there is nothing else he can do. Ridge doesn’t think that is true. Thomas signed a proxy and he now controls his five percent. Steffy is going to vote with him and so is Liam. Eric sees. He reminds Ridge that Liam is not a stock holder. Liam explains that he controls the Spencer twelve and a half percent. Eric doesn’t want Ridge to do this. Ridge asked him to terminate Rick’s contract because his behavior is getting worse and worse but he didn’t do anything. Liam notes that he is making Ivy and Aly’s lives miserable. Ridge explains that they hold sixty two percent of the company. They want to protect its future. Ridge is over ruling Rick’s job. Eric doesn’t think he can do this. Ridge feels that Eric is making him do this. He has left him no choice. He is grateful for everything he taught him. Now though they need a change in this company. Rick’s time is over. Eric’s time is over.

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