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Liam asks if Ridge is sure about this. Ridge is sure about this. Liam wants an explanation of what has changed. Eric is still Ridge’s father and Steffy’s grandfather. Steffy doesn’t think that it is easy on either of them. Ridge was holding out on Eric hoping that he would see that Rick is bad for this position. Eric can’t or won’t so they have to take it upon themselves to make sure that things work out for them. Steffy explains that they need his stock in order to have control. Liam wonders if this is coming with any hidden agenda this time. Steffy asks if he means like before when she wanted his love. Steffy doesn’t think that is on the table anymore. Ridge thinks that is too bad. He wonders what Liam says. They need his shares.

Rick is on the phone with Ruth from pay role. He is wondering if Maya left a forwarding address. He tells her to stay on it because they owe her money. Carter walks in. Carter asks if he has heard anything. Rick explains that he has been sending her texts and calling her but she hasn’t said anything. Carter assumes that she will show up for her paycheck. Rick thought she would. Rick still loves her. If she has been in touch with Carter he would like to know.

Ivy asks why Ridge would want to speak to Liam unless it was a takeover. Katie points out that Eric might have replaced Rick with Ridge. Ivy assumes that they wouldn’t need to have a takeover then. Ivy guesses that means that Ridge is going for the takeover plan which means that Steffy must be involved and Bill is letting Liam control that. Katie asks how much it bothers Ivy that Steffy is involved.

Carter already told Rick that he hadn’t heard from Maya since before they went to Big Bear. Rick wonders where she could have gone. It is not like she could have left town. Carter suggests that he hire someone to track her down. Rick doesn’t want to force her to see him. If she doesn’t want to see him then there isn’t much he can do. Carter has to hand it to Rick the way he has handled all this. Rick thanks him. He understands the way that Carter reacted as well. It just so happens that Maya was always the woman that he loved. It took Carter time to process it but he understood too. He cannot imagine what it must have been like for her. Carter wanted to tell him. Rick appreciates that but Maya telling him was what he needed. Rick still wishes that he knew before everyone else. Carter knows that it has been a rough time for him. Rick points out that it has been an idea time for Ridge to make a move. Rick informs him that Eric is in his coroner. Carter thinks that is huge. Rick agrees but wonders if it is enough.

Katie points out to Ivy that Liam is going to be dependent on Steffy. Ivy knows that without Steffy there is no takeover. Katie reminds her that the last time they tried this Steffy wouldn’t even go along with it unless Liam agreed to take her back. Ivy doesn’t think that Liam is going to do that. Katie notes that Ivy is pretty confident about that. Ivy feels great about it. Katie is glad that she is. Katie knows that the Forrester’s have a way of getting what they want. Ivy knows that because she is one and she wants Liam.

Ridge explains that he has twenty percent, Steffy has twenty five percent, and Thomas has five. That isn’t enough to put them over the top. Which is why they need Bill’s twelve and a half percent. That would give them full control. Steffy thinks that Liam is the one who has been driving this seeing it was his idea in the first place. Ridge asks if he is still interested. Liam is. Steffy wants to know what it would take to bring him into the fold. Liam asks what they are offering. He wants to know what is in this for him.

Rick wonders if Carter can believe Ridge would try to move in on his job. Carter assumed that it didn’t work. Rick confirms that it didn’t. Eric supports him. Carter wants to know where things are going to go with Ridge then. He is an important member of the team. Rick knows. He is the designer and needs to be coddled and stroked and all that. Ridge needs to learn his place though. Like Carter knows Rick cannot stand betrayal. Carter thinks that everyone knows that about him. Rick feels that they also know he was a hard ass. He admits that he was. He has to take control of the company initially. Now that he has it he will be less embracive. They both know that Ridge will be just as difficult. Ridge needs to learn that if he goes against him he is going to be squashed every time. Rick is not going to have any more problems with Ridge.

Ivy wants to figure out what this plan of Ridge’s is. Katie reminds her that she doesn’t know if he has a plan. Ivy doubts that Ridge called him over to have a friendly chat. Ivy knows that Ridge needs control and in order to get that he needs the Spencer stock and Steffy’s shares. Ivy knows that the last time Steffy was in town she basically through herself at Liam. He did refuse though. She knows because she saw the whole thing. Ivy feels that she is even closer with Liam than she was back then. Katie guesses then that there is nothing to be concerned about. Ivy just doesn’t want anyone hitting on her man. Katie understands. Ivy doesn’t think that she will have to worry so long as Steffy stays in Europe.

Liam would like Rick gone just like anyone but he needs to know what is in this for the Spencer’s. Right now he isn’t hearing anything. Steffy wants to know when he became such a shark. Ridge thinks that he is right. He has a point. Ridge can offer him a position at Forrester. Ridge is going to be CEO. Steffy is President and Liam could be Vice-President. Liam wonders if he would really be comfortable with a Spencer in the executive wing. Ridge would with this Spencer. He trusts him. Steffy thinks that they would make an amazing team. Liam reminds her that they would be working really close together. Steffy asks if he has a problem with that. Steffy reminds both of them that the company is ran by the Forrester family because she got control of it from the invincible Bill Spencer. They wouldn’t even be here now if she hadn’t gotten the company back. Ridge guesses that she has a point. Steffy has her work. Liam has what’s her name. Liam explains that he name is Ivy. Ridge asks if he is ok with that. Liam is in. Ridge tells them that no one is going to tell anyone about this until they are ready to strike. He asks if they are ok with this. Steffy is but she knows Rick won’t be. Ridge doesn’t care about Rick. He knows that Eric is never going to forgive him though. Steffy points out that Eric put himself in this situation. Ridge knows. He guesses that he will just wait for him to get over it now. Ridge has to go somewhere. Steffy asks where he is going. Ridge has to go talk to somebody. Liam can’t believe all the big changes. Steffy hopes they do better in the office than they did at home.

Carter wishes that the two of them would get along. Rick thinks that he would get along with Ridge just fine if he took orders. He doesn’t take order though. Carter reminds him that he is the oldest son. Rick tells him that he is the oldest son of Masimo Marone not his dad. Rick knows that Ridge is talented. As a CEO though it is a whole different skill set. Rick has it and Ridge doesn’t. Carter says that his grandmother had a saying. “You catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Rick tells Carter that Ridge’s real problem was Stephanie. Carter asks how it was his mother. Rick informs him that Ridge was her favorite. He was the anointed one. He could do no wrong in her eyes. The thing that kills Ridge the most is that someone is in a higher position than him. Least of all him because he hates Rick. Carter doubts that he hates him. Rick doesn’t think that he treats him like a brother. Ridge needs to take his mother’s bad advice because it is a brand new day at Forrester. He can either listen or he is out.

Ridge walks into a storage room in the Forrester Mansion. He starts looking around. He finds Stephanie’s painting. He says hello to her. He tells her that she is gathering dust in here and should be in here at all. Ridge knows that change is coming. Ridge tells her that what she always wanted from him is going to happen. He is taking over Forrester Creations.

Steffy asks how Liam feels being the Vice President of Forrester. Liam explains that he has kind of been there before. Liam wonders if she has any idea of what it is like to be President of a company. Steffy already forgot he was the President of Spencer. Liam thinks that publishing and fashion are two different things. Steffy hopes that Liam will still help her learn. Liam doesn’t think she will have any problems. Steffy asks if he thinks that because she has presidential blood in her. Liam thinks that she knows what she wants and she has it. Steffy knows she didn’t do so well with him. Things will be different though. Liam asks if they can handle this. Steffy thinks they can so long as he remembers who the boss is. Liam thinks she is starting to sound like Rick. Steffy reminds him that she out ranks him already at least here. Liam feels that Steffy out ranks him everywhere. Steffy does not think that she does. Liam starts mentioning places that she does. Steffy asks if he thinks they can be effective together. That is what this company needs. Liam doesn’t know. They haven’t done something like this before. Steffy feels that they will be fabulous. Liam thinks that it is refreshing. Like a cool mountain stream. Steffy thinks that is a nice image.

Ridge knows that he is betraying Eric. So long as he can remember Stephanie has been the leader of this family. He guided everybody. Ridge doesn’t want to hurt Eric. He really doesn’t. He needs to take action though. If he doesn’t then this company is not going to survive. He has to takeover. Then they will get Stephanie back on the wall where she belongs looking over people. Especially Eric. When this comes down he is going to need her. He is going to need her more than ever.

Rick looks at a picture of Eric and smiles. He gets out his phone and calls someone. Rick leaves Maya a message. He is still waiting on her phone call. Ridge tried to pull cue. It didn’t work because he still has Eric’s support. It seems like he has everything he always wanted except what matters most. He loves her. He asks her to please call him back.

Liam hasn’t been to Aspen in a while. Steffy doesn’t think that he will be anytime soon. Liam points out that neither will she. Steffy knows that she won’t unless she is invited. Liam knows those are memories and now they have this. Steffy agrees. It is a new adventure. Liam missed her. He is glad she is back. Steffy asks if he really did. Liam really did. He wonders if that is a big surprise to her. Steffy thinks that it is different from her last visit. Liam wonders if anyone has come along in her life. Steffy says not yet. He doesn’t have to worry though because she is going to be completely business this time. Steffy asks if he is disappointed. Liam wonders if that is a trick question. Steffy wants him to relax. She is a hopeless romantic. Liam doesn’t think that there is anything hopeless about her.

Ivy is walking down the hall of Forrester into the office that Liam and Steffy are in. She over hears them talking. Steffy just wants Liam to know that his compassion and everything about him changed her. It made her a better person. Steffy will always love him. He was the great love of her life and he always will be. Ivy looks panicked.

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