B&B Wednesday Update 5/27/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/27/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge has had it. He can’t take it anymore. Steffy wants to know why Eric keeps siding with Rick after all he has done. Ridge explains that it is complicated. Steffy doesn’t think that Rick deserves Eric’s loyalty. Ridge doesn’t feel that he deserves half the things that he has. He has Eric’s house, the company, and treats everyone like garbage. It is time to get Rick out of here.

Rick puts a few papers in his brief case. Brooke asks if he really wants to go to work. He is still recovering. Rick cannot stay in this house anymore. Brooke thinks that he has always had such a strong work ethic. Rick mentions that he gets it from her and Eric. Brooke is glad that Eric is being supportive. Rick is lucky to have him on his side. Brooke knows that Eric loves him very much. Rick knows that it could have gone either way though. Brooke asks what he means. Rick tells her that Ridge asked Eric to fire him so he could be CEO. Brooke looks shocked.

Liam asks Ivy if she knows that when she is around he cannot think of anyone else. Ivy is aware. The two kiss. Liam cannot even remember his name. Ivy jokingly tells him that it is Chris. She explains that he lives in South Dakota. Liam wonders if they are role playing and if he should get into character. Ivy is going to close her eyes and imagine Liam wearing a ten gallon hat and a sheriff badge. Liam tells her to be careful otherwise he is going to have get rough. Bill and Katie walk in. Liam tells him to knock. Bill did not need to see that. Katie is sorry to interrupt but they got his text. Liam explains that Ivy has news. Katie hopes that it is good news. Ivy doesn’t know. She tells them both that there is a good chance that Ridge could be the next CEO at Forrester. Bill smiles. Ivy would like to go on the record as stating that she does not approve of what Bill did. Bill tells her to jump on the band wagon. Liam is mad at him, Katie is mad at him. Katie reminds him that the whole world is mad at him. Bill wants to know what else is new. Liam is going to say it again. Bill was wrong and they should have never exposed Maya’s story. Bill guesses that if Rick is tossed out and Ridge is put in he was still wrong. Bill doesn’t think so. Liam does not think that this is a case of justifying the means. Katie agrees that what Bill did was serious. Brooke is getting a lot of backlash. Bill wants them to relax. This is obviously their first time at the rodeo. Katie is worried about Spencer’s image and Bill should be too.

Rick feels that Bill Spencer is the root of all of this. If he hadn’t posted the story then he would have never been in a crash and he would have never had Ridge playing for his position. Brooke doesn’t think Rick can say that for sure. Rick knows that Bill is responsible for him and Maya breaking up. She won’t return any of his phone calls. He is not giving up. Brooke is sorry about Ridge. Using this as an opportunity to take his job away from his is inexcusable. Rick doesn’t want her to worry about. This is just typical Ridge thinking that he can get whatever he wants. This time it backfired on him though. Eric is more on Rick’s side than ever.

Ridge wants to get Eric to come to his senses. Steffy doesn’t think that he ever will. Ridge wants some dignity restored to this company. If he doesn’t do it then no one will. Steffy knows that it has to be Ridge. Ridge says no it has to be them. He and Caroline will do the designing and Steffy will help run the company. It is time that they take Forrester back. From here on in they are calling the shots.

Bill hopes that if they are done bashing him if Ivy would tell us why Ridge is going to be CEO. Liam doubts that they will ever be done bashing him. Bill wants Liam to accept that he was wrong. Katie wonders what Ridge could possibly do. He has a contract that cannot be broken. Liam says that is not exactly true. Bill wants to know since when. Liam explains that Rick has a morality clause in his contract. The only thing is that they need Eric to believe that Rick violated it. Ivy feels that he has done that a hundred times over. Bill would like to know where that leaves them if Ridge is CEO. Liam thinks that it leaves them in a good position. Katie asks how. Liam would like to work with Ridge and Steffy. Bill wonders why he would think they would want to work with them. Liam thinks that they need them. If Ridge and Steffy get control of the shares they would still need them in order to have any power over Rick and Eric.

Rick wants Ridge to stop trying to control everyone. Brooke knows that Ridge thinks he knows what is best for the company. Rick mentions that Ridge is still in the 90’s. He still thinks that his designs are the Holy Grail but he has no idea how businesses are ran these days. Brooke is thankful that Rick is still in charge. Rick mentioned to Eric about all the bad things that Ridge has done over the years. The worst being breaking up the family and taking Eric away from Brooke. Brooke feels responsible for that. Rick doesn’t think that she should. Ridge moved in on his father’s wife just like he did with his brothers. Brooke knows that Rick must have been hurt. Rick had his relationship ripped up into a million pieces. Ridge probably never had any remorse for that. Ridge will never feel bad. He got what he wanted. Brooke knows that Eric has made it very clear that he wants Rick as CEO and not Ridge. Rick likes admitting that Ridge is going to have to answer to him for the rest of his career at Forrester.

Steffy wants to know if Ridge is going to be able to do it. Ridge doesn’t know. Steffy points out that he had issues before. Ridge still does. He doesn’t want to have to do this. Eric has made this impossible. Steffy knows that getting Rick out of office is what is best for everyone and Eric is going to realize it someday. Ridge wonders if Steffy can understand. Steffy does. Ridge cannot be punished for the rest of his days just because he took Brooke away from him all those years ago. Steffy wonders why he would bring that up. Ridge guesses that he cannot get passed it. Steffy doesn’t think that changes Rick’s behavior. Ridge wants Steffy here. He knows that she has a thing for Liam but he wants her to put that on hold. It cannot interfere. Ridge begs her to be here.

Rick really should get going. He doesn’t want to be accused of slacking off. Brooke wonders who would say that. Rick points out Ridge and Ivy and probably a lot of people now that he thinks about it. Brooke wants him to promise her that he will take it easy. He doesn’t need any big surprises. Rick is sure that it will be uneventful. Rick thinks it will be nice to get back into the swing of things. He isn’t forgetting about Maya but he really does need to just keep on going. Brooke is here for him if he needs anything. Rick knows that both her and Eric will be. They don’t know what it is like to have their support after everything that has been going on. They are all he has. He doesn’t know what he would do without them. Brooke loves him and he is never to forget that. Brooke doesn’t want him to stop believing in himself either. Rick thanks her. They hug and Brooke cries.

Ridge needs Rick out. He needs Steffy’s help. Steffy assumes that he means her shares. Ridge says yes but also he wants her on his team. He wants Steffy’s guidance. Steffy guesses that when he puts it that way she can’t really say no. Ridge asks if she means it. Steffy does. The first time she came back she admits that she did have expectations. Steffy thought that what she wanted was to get back with Liam but he is with Ivy. Yes it hurts but she can get over it. Steffy misses LA and this is a really good reason for her to stay. Steffy wants to know where she signs. Ridge thanks her. He knows that this is not going to be easy but it will be worth it in the end. Ridge calls up Liam. Steffy takes a deep breath.

Liam says hi. Ridge would like to talk to him and asks him to come over to Forrester. Liam says ok. He hangs up. Bill wonders who that was. Liam says that it was Ridge. He must be ready to talk. Bill tells him to go get him. Ivy asks if Bill thinks he is going to make a deal. Bill wonders why else he would be calling. Katie doesn’t want them to jump to conclusions. Bill wants them to suppose he is. He wonders if Ivy is into that. Ivy asks why she wouldn’t be. Bill knows that last time Ridge wanted to make a deal it wouldn’t happen unless Steffy was with Liam. Ivy knows that was last time. It didn’t really workout for her then and it won’t this time either.

Steffy thinks about the last time Liam was with her and how he wanted to run the company with her. Steffy asks what Liam said. Ridge explains that he is on his way. Ridge wonders if she is going to be able to handle it. Steffy is. Whatever it takes. Steffy doesn’t need to be told anything. They just need to keep their eyes on the end game. Rick walks into his office. He didn’t realize that she was back in LA. Steffy asks if he is bummed. Rick thinks it is always a pleasure. He just wishes that they would not hang out in here. Ridge thinks that people always use this office every now and then. Rick reminds him that this is his office. No matter how many times he goes crying to Eric it will remain his. Steffy and Ridge smile at each other. Rick thinks that it is low to go to Eric when he is down. Ridge wanted to remind dad what was right for the company. Rick is shocked he is still calling Eric dad. Ridge can’t believe they are going through this again. Rick knows that he is all Marone. Just like Masimo and how he throws people away. He isn’t a Forrester. Ridge knows that he isn’t anything like Rick. He didn’t go shooting up the office or crash his car into a tree. Steffy adds in conning his own father. Rick wants to know what she knows about this. She hasn’t even been around. Steffy is now. Rick is too. For years to come and he will be running this company. Rick tells Ridge that if he wants to continue his artistic activities with Caroline he better listen to him. That goes for Steffy too. They better quit their whining. Rick asks them to please get out of his office. Ridge is not going to talk to Eric anymore. Rick doesn’t think that Eric is going to change his mind. Ridge can see that now. He didn’t see it before but he can now. He is going to just do what is best for the company. Rick is glad. He is finally learning how to man up. Ridge wants him to enjoy that desk. He leaves.

Bill wants to really be there when Rick gets kicked out. Katie doesn’t want them to get a head of themselves. They really need to just wait to hear from Liam. Bill knows that Steffy or not they all know that Rick has to go. Katie explains that they last she heard she was still in Paris. Ivy knows that is fine with her. As secure as she is in her relationship with Liam she is not going to stand by and let someone make moves on him.

Steffy cannot believe how arrogant Rick is. Ridge knows that he is. Steffy feels like he deserves what is coming to him. Liam walks in and quickly notices Steffy. He thinks that this is a surprise and that it is good to see her. Ridge is glad that he came. Liam heard from Ivy that he might have got Eric to agree with him. Ridge explains that didn’t work out the way he planned. Liam cannot believe that. Steffy explains that Eric is still on team Rick. Ridge tells him that it has put him in a tight spot. Liam can only imagine. Ridge doesn’t want to hurt his dad but at the same time he can’t deal with this anymore. He wants to pull his resources. Steffy is in. No circumstances this time. Ridge explains to Liam that he likes him. He doesn’t want Bill anywhere near this thing. Liam and Liam alone. He is about to jeopardize his relationship with his father because he doesn’t have any other options. Ridge thinks that this is it. This is their chance to take over Forrester. What does Liam say? Yes or no?

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