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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/25/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick tells Eric that when Ridge is whining about him. Eric should be thinking about all the hard work that he has done to keep his legacy alive. In the meantime Ridge is using morality clauses to kick him out as CEO. Mister Moral himself is too busy steeling other people’s wives. Rick will not let him manipulate Eric. Eric has to stand up for Rick.

Ridge leans over and kisses Caroline passionately. Ridge never thought she was going to come home. Caroline is an LA girl now. Clearly she is because she got hit by a car in New York. Ivy walks in and notices Caroline in a wheelchair. She asks what happened. Caroline explains that she was ran over by a car while she was a way. She claims to be fine. Ivy doesn’t think that her legs seem to be fine. Caroline promises that she will be fine once she comes back to work. Ivy is glad to see her with her limbs relatively intact. Caroline asks how she is doing with Liam. Ivy says that they are doing really good. Ridge is glad that Liam is doing well. He says this sarcastically. Ivy takes offence to this. Ridge explains that he thought the Spencer’s were too busy looking into Maya to do anything else.

Liam looks at all the pictures of Maya on his laptop while he sits in office. Bill walks in and explains that Ivy has canceled their lunch. They have a lot to celebrate. He asks if Liam wants a beer. Bill wants Liam to call up Wyatt too. He should come too. Spencer Publication’s has done it again. Liam thought he promised him. Bill wonders what he means. Liam thought that Bill promised him that he wouldn’t exploit Maya. Bill knew that Liam would be a little upset so he wanted to give him the night to get over it. Bill explains to him that they have Rick in a bad place and they are making a lot of money. Liam knows that but he also knows that Bill lied right to his face. Bill has put Liam’s reputation on the line. He is not going to get over it. Liam thought that he agreed he wouldn’t publish the story. Bill changed his mind CEO. Regardless he kept Liam clean. Liam thinks that is unbelievable. Bill doesn’t think that at all. He makes the final decisions and this one wasn’t even difficult. Rick is going to be thrown out. He feels that this is what Liam has been working so hard for. Bill thought this is what he wanted for Caroline and Ivy. Bill knows that Liam knows it is.

Ivy asks if Ridge has a problem with Liam. Ridge has a problem with the way he does business. You don’t do things like that. Not in the public eye. Caroline has a feeling that was more her uncle. Ivy agrees. Ivy knows that Liam wants Rick gone just like anyone else but he knows what to print and what not to print. Ridge can’t complain too much. At least Rick is not CEO anymore. It is happening right now.

Eric does not think that there is any question that Rick has been a terrific CEO. Some things are more important than just the bottom line though. Rick’s health for instance. He is having to handle way too much right now. Eric suggests that he step back a little bit. Rick says no. Rick will not let him listen to Ridge. Rick admits that he has not always been kind and he has let his position go to his head. This is completely different though than what Ridge has done to the company and to the both of them over the years. He stole Rick’s wife. He also stole Eric’s wife. Rick does not think that Eric can give him his job.

Liam reminds Bill that he is the editor of Eye on Fashion and the President of the company. Bill shouldn’t be printing anything without consulting him. Liam asks why Bill gave him this position if Bill does not even value his opinion. Bill can value Liam’s opinion and disagree with him. They are not neutrally exclusive. Bill thought that Liam wanted to take down Rick. Liam didn’t want to do it like this. Bill is sorry but he already saw Liam attempt to do it with his little stock plan. It was going nowhere. He decided to step in and move things along. Bill wants him to think of it as a learning experience. Liam asks if Bill has seen any of this. He shows Bill the articles. Bill is getting a bunch of backlash for printing this story. Bill asks why he should care. Liam thinks that most people have a heart. Liam asks if he remembers the paper that ran the story on the transgender actress a couple of years ago. Bill remembers being pissed that they didn’t get the scoop. Liam says that she killed herself. Bill is shocked to hear that the reporter did that. Liam means the actress. Bill is sorry he forgot. Bill doesn’t think that they have to worry about that with Maya. Liam feels that he should be. He has just put them in a very bad place with Maya. Liam thinks that this was a private and personal story and it shouldn’t have run. Bill tells Liam to look around. He asks if he knows where they are and what this is. This is Spencer Publications and they publish stories. Stories that pay for this building. Bill can understand if Liam wants to change his life style. He hears that just down the street they are hiring at Boy Scout monthly. Liam tells Bill to go to lunch and celebrate by himself. Liam is going to stay here and try to undo some of the damage that Bill has done. Bill will have lunch by himself, because he is hungry. He slams the door behind him.

Ivy wants to know what this clause is about. Ridge says that it is about Morality and Behavior. Ivy thinks that quickly sums up all her problems with Rick. Ivy wonders though if he really convinced Eric. Ridge doesn’t know for sure but he thinks so. After everything that has happened Rick needs to go.

Rick asks if Eric ever wonders what it would be like if Ridge had left him and Brooke alone. Eric does not think that it is that straight forward. Eric points out the history between Brooke and Ridge. Rick doesn’t want to hear it. He was a jerk then and a jerk now. For some reason everyone lets him get away with it. Rick wasn’t able to do anything back then. He wasn’t even able to do it as an adult. He can keep him from taking his job though. Using something so sacred about Maya, something that Ridge shouldn’t even know about. Eric can tell that Rick still cares about Maya and wants to protect her. Rick says that of course he does. Rick does not care about how she was born. She found herself and she found him. They can still have this. They can still run Forrester. Except now she is not even returning his phone calls. Rick can understand why she is trying to disappear given the scandal that Bill Spencer is trying to create. Eric suggests that is what Rick should do for a while. He should hide from the press. Rick has the power though to ignore the trashy magazines. Eric should have the power to keep Ridge out of power. He has taken so much from so many people. Rick tells Eric to tell Ridge no. Tell him that Rick is going to come out alright out of this. That he is going to be an even better CEO. Rick demands that Eric stand up for him and stand by his son. Eric has a lot to think about. Rick wants to know what there is to think about. The best thing for him and the company is for him to get back to work. Ridge already has enough as it is. Ridge stole his wife as casually as he took Eric’s. Rick wonders if that is really who Eric wants running the company. Eric doesn’t want to lose Rick. He has heard a lot of negativity though. Rick has nothing but devotion. He has been nothing but devoted to the company. If Maya really is gone then why would Eric want to take away his job to? Rick suggests that he hand the company over to Ridge. Eric will see the progress he made vanish. Rick demands that Eric put his foot down. Eric has to tell him that he can’t take what he wants anymore.

Liam and Ivy kiss passionately in his office. Liam thanks her for everything. Ivy can imagine that it is pretty stressful around here. Liam doesn’t think that she has any idea. Liam explains that Bill broke his promise to him. There isn’t even a guarantee that this is going to get rid of Rick as CEO.

Rick wheels Caroline into his living room. He is shocked to hear about the accident. Caroline says that it was a freak accident. Her mother’s took care of her and hopefully she can get out of the wheelchair soon. Rick explains that considering everything that has happened he still cares. Caroline promises him that she wasn’t looking at her phone. She heard about Rick’s accident and wonders if he is ok. She also heard about the other stuff. Rick asks if Ridge sent her. Caroline says of course not. She knows that he is going through a lot and thought that he could use a friend. If Caroline is being completely honest though then yes she thinks that Rick sort of deserves it after putting Maya on a pedestal. Rick doesn’t think Maya was being dishonest. She was always a woman. It just took her a little longer to explain how she physically became one. Rick wished that she had told him sooner. It doesn’t change his feelings. Caroline understands. She wonders if they are fine. Rick says that Maya walked out. Caroline doesn’t think that there is any way that Maya would walk out on him after all she did to become the Forrester Matriarch. Rick informs Caroline that Maya isn’t the gold digger that Maya accused her of being. She actually has emotions. When Bill attacked her it scared Maya big time. Maya didn’t like his reaction when the story was leaked. She took off and doesn’t know where she is. Ridge is trying to use this whole situation to become CEO.

Ridge looks around Rick’s office like he has somehow won. He sits down at the desk and Eric walks in. Ridge says hello. He thinks that took a while. Eric explains that Rick had a lot to say. Ridge is sorry. He knows that it must be disappointing to hurt his son.

Liam thought that Bill was finally changing and becoming a better person. Ivy doesn’t think that Liam should worry about what his dad does. Liam does worry because it reflects on him. Bill posted private information about Maya and he did it using their magazines. Liam says that all this happened because he wanted something better for Ivy. Ivy doesn’t want Liam to feel guilty for this. She loves him for it.

Rick informs Caroline that her boyfriend is trying to make a power play. Ridge is trying to put his father against him but it isn’t going to work. Rick is not intimidated and Ridge is not going to take his job. Caroline doesn’t think that is exactly his decision. Rick knows that. It is his dads and Eric was just here. Trusting Ridge with the company would be a huge mistake. Rick assumes that Eric is with him right now telling him the news. Whatever that may be.

Ridge assumes that Eric told him. Eric says that they did talk about it. Ridge doesn’t think that there was anything to talk about. Eric had enough ammunition to let him go. Ridge asks if they were debating things or if Rick guilt tripped him. Eric points out that Rick loves his job. He doesn’t want to give it up and he can’t fault him for that. Ridge isn’t. Ridge would do things differently. Ridge knows that it must be very difficult to choose between his two sons. Eric is tired of it. Ridge knows that Rick had a chance. Ridge doesn’t want power abused though. Eric knows that it can be difficult leading. Ridge thinks that there are different levels of leading. Ridge does not think that his leadership skills are going to change. He isn’t all of a sudden going to wake up and start respecting people. Eric points out that Rick knows how to make money. Ridge doesn’t think that is the bottom line though. Eric knows that but sometimes he thinks that Ridge over looks that. Ridge doesn’t at all. He knows what the profits are. They are because of design. Eric should know that. When Eric ran the company he had the head designer and the CEO working together. Rick had an irrevocable contract but now he doesn’t. Ridge wants to know what that look is. Eric asks if Ridge would talk him out of it if it was him. Ridge thinks that he would. Ridge thinks that the bad behavior clause is important. This place needs to be the way it was when Eric was running it. He wonders if Eric remembers when he ran the company and all the creative energy that walked around. People worked together and were proud of what they came up with. Ridge asks if that is what he wants. The guy that is sitting next to him to be the same guy who has been their almost since day one. He thought Eric’s dream was for Ridge to become CEO. He thought that was what he told him. That Ridge was going to run the company.

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