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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/22/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick is looking on his phone at his texts to Maya. She has not returned them. Eric knocks on the door. He asks how Rick is feeling. Rick says physically fine. Eric wonders about emotionally. Rick wants to know why he is home so early. Eric has a son that he needed to check on. Rick doesn’t think that he needs to worry. Rick is going to stay in bed because Brooke insisted. Eric spoke to Ridge. Rick assumes he told him about how he attacked him.

Ridge wheels in Caroline who is in a wheelchair. Ridge cannot believe she didn’t tell him. Caroline didn’t want to worry him. Ridge thinks that he had every right to be worried she got hit by a car. Caroline knows that she did. She explains that it was really scary but her moms were taking care of her and she knew he would freak out and jump on the next plane. Ridge says that he would have. Ridge could have played doctor. Caroline laughs. She adds that as much as she wanted him there she knows that he is under a lot of stress and didn’t want to add to it. Ridge asks how long she will be in the chair. Caroline does not know. She jokes that she didn’t know walking was so hard. Ridge is glad she is back. He missed her. Ridge has a favor that he would like to repay. Caroline wonders what he means. Ridge tells her that she helped him with his hands so he is going to help her with her legs.

Pam chases Charlie on to the sky lounge and wants to know why he has been acting so strange. Carter is working out on the other side. Charlie says that he called it. Pam knew it. He is still going on about Maya. Charlie is disappointed that she didn’t believe him. Pam notices Carter and tells Charlie to not gossip. Carter assures them that he already knew. Carter wants to know exactly when Maya was a man. He assumes they mean when she was eight or nine. Pam is sorry and explains that they don’t know how to answer that question. Carter wants to know what Charlie meant by he called it. Charlie says that he did some simple detective work.

Wyatt looks at all the stories on Maya in Ridge’s office. Nicole walks in and asks if he is admiring his work. Nicole tells him that he doesn’t have to hide what he was looking at. Nicole informs him that she knows what he did.

Charlie wants to know if it was Carter who told the press about Maya. Carter says that he did know about Maya but he didn’t tell the press. The people that he told were trustworthy. Her sister however. Pam is shocked that it was Nicole who told on Maya. Carter explains that she has been spending time with Wyatt.

Wyatt should explain. Nicole thinks that his actions already did. Nicole asks if he didn’t sell her sister our or betray her trust. She thought he liked her.

Ridge and Caroline kiss passionately. Caroline tells Ridge that she missed this. Ridge tells her to never take a trip like that again. Caroline knows not to. She can see what happens when they are apart. They start to kiss again.

Eric says yes that Ridge did tell him that he came after him. Rick thinks that he deserved it. He had just been in a car accident. The woman that he wants to spend his life with left him. He didn’t need Ridge up here laughing in his face. He won’t take it anymore. He is not going to listen to another condescending remark from that man.

Wyatt does like her a lot. Whatever happened with Maya and the way this story came out...? Nicole wants to know what he means by the way it happened. He happened. He is the reason that this story got leaked out. He pressured her. Wyatt doesn’t think that he did. Nicole knows that he did. He was going on and on about trying to get her to tell him. Wyatt was the one who was all about not keeping secrets. Nicole came to LA to get her sister back. At first she had a chip on her shoulder and wanted Maya to tell people. She quickly realized that was wrong. She should have been able to disclose if and when she wanted to tell. Wyatt knows that. Nicole wants to know what he knows. How to lie? How to take advantage of a girl with a crush on him? He messed with her life and career. She quit. Wyatt asks if she did. He asks if that means she is over with Rick. Nicole tells him that he doesn’t get to ask questions about Maya and Rick. Nicole isn’t going to tell him anything about this. If she does it will just end up in another one of his family’s magazines. It is none of his business and she will never trust him again. She learned her lesson.

Charlie has to head out. He is interviewing job applicants this afternoon. He figures they are going to need three or four more guards. Now that the word about Maya is out this next fashion show is going to be a zoo. Pam says that is doubtful. She wonders if she forgot to tell him. Maya resigned. Carter asks her what. Pam confirms that she did it last night. She is gone. Charlie cannot say that he is surprised. Carter tells them that Maya loved it here. Pam wonders if she would really want to be here without Rick. Carter doesn’t think that it has to be without Rick. They might stay together. Charlie thinks that a resignation says otherwise.

Ridge isn’t complaining but he is shocked that Caroline’s mothers just let her go. Caroline tells him that they were not happy about it. They were telling her to think of her health and that she would feel much better if she was at home. Caroline couldn’t stay. She had to come back. Ridge knows that he is irresistible. He gets it. Caroline says that too. She meant the headline though. She asks if that is true or is her uncle just trying to cause a scandal. Ridge says that he is trying to cause a scandal but it is true. Caroline thinks that Maya is such a hypocrite. Maya has been accusing her of keeping a secret when he own is just a tiny bit more intense than hers. Caroline wonders how Rick reacted.

Eric thinks that Rick and Ridge push each other’s buttons too easily. Rick feels that it is more than pushing buttons. If Eric thinks about all the things he has done to him throughout his life it is really sick. He will not be putting up with it anymore. Eric tells him that his relationship needs to be fixed. When brothers work together difficulties arise. Rick won’t be working with him anymore. He does not care how talented he is. Ridge has to go. Eric tells him that Ridge is not going anywhere. Rick doesn’t think he understands. Rick has suffered so much because of Ridge. Everyone lets him get away with it. Rick asks if he is the least bit concerned. Eric is concerned. Eric is talking about Rick. Rick is talking about how Ridge treats him. Eric tells him to stop. Rick just had a car crash and he is attacking his brother. He took a shot to him. This is not all on Ridge. Eric needs Rick to do some really serious soul searching here. He has been mistreating people in their company. He has been mistreating people in their family. If anyone is going anywhere… Rick doesn’t think that he would. He can’t.

Wyatt isn’t going to lie he did tell his brother. He debated with Liam about what to do with it. Nicole asks if because he debated that makes it ok. Wyatt says that Liam didn’t want the story ran. Then Bill found out about it and claimed he wouldn’t do anything but then he did. Nicole thinks that he learned the same lesson she did. Wyatt asks what that was. Nicole says don’t trust a Spencer. Wyatt knows that she is mad at him but he wants her to try and understand. This wasn’t about Maya this was about Rick and how hated he is here. He took over Forrester and mistreats his cousin and Ivy as well for that matter. Wyatt is not trying to justify this matter but Spencer’s protect their own. Nicole told him something in confidence. Something he knew she wanted to keep a secret. He went behind her back and told anyways. Spencer’s protect their own? No. Spencer’s are spoiled little brats.

Ridge doesn’t know how Rick will handle this. He has a history of not handling things very well. Caroline thinks that is an understatement. He shot a gun at them. Caroline asks if he thinks that Rick would hurt Maya. Ridge doesn’t but he did lunge at him last night. Caroline cannot believe he did that. She asks if he is ok. Ridge is but he did prove a point he was trying to make before. Ridge does not think that he is the best choice for CEO. Caroline agrees but there is nothing that they can do about it. Ridge thinks that there is a clause in Rick’s contract about morality. Rick has done more than enough for Eric to evoke it.

Rick asks if Eric doesn’t want him to be CEO. Eric has not said that. Rick has made enormous gains not to mention the oppositions he has had to face. Eric has been happy with his performance. Rick wonders if it doesn’t matter to him anymore. Rick has a contract. Fire him at the end of it if it will make his number one son happy but until then he will have to put up with him. Eric wonders if he knows about the morality clause in the contract. Rick is aware of it. Eric feels that it is in place for someone who fires off guns and mistreats employees and makes them feel bad. Eric wonders if anything about the clause doesn’t apply to him. Rick cannot believe that Ridge can seduce his wife but Rick is the immoral one. Eric does not think it has been about Ridge. Rick knows that it is. It has always been about Ridge. Eric is worried about Rick. He is losing his way and abusing his power from time to time. Eric has a responsibility as the founder of this company to step in. Eric has an even bigger responsibility as a father to Rick. Eric knows that Rick feels that he has not profiled the expectations of him but he is his father. Eric will not disappoint him again. He is going to help. They are going to get through this together. Rick asks what he is supposed to help him through. Eric wants him to step down as CEO. It is time.

Wyatt thinks that they should talk about this another time after Nicole has cooled down and this has blown over. Obviously she is way too upset to even see his side of the story. Nicole knows this will blow over but she will never be seeing his side of this. Nicole really cared about him but it doesn’t even matter because he betrayed her trust. Nicole suggests he find someone else to get his next big scoop from. It won’t be her.

Caroline asks if this clause was written specifically with Rick in mind. Caroline asks if he has done enough for Eric to use it. Ridge believes that he has. Eric is with him right now telling him to step down as CEO. At lease he hopes that he is.

Eric does not think he means that. Eric feels he needs time. Rick needs his faith. He wonders if it is really that hard to believe in him. Eric says no. He believes in him. Rick is a talented boy. He has a brain for business but he gets out of control sometimes. Rick asks if he is listening to himself. It is his voice but Ridge’s words. Rick does not want him manipulating him. Eric doesn’t want him to think that he won’t be running the company again someday. Rick doesn’t think that will ever happen. If Ridge is given the power then he will be sent to Paris. Eric reminds him that Rick loves Paris. Rick does not want to be insulted. Eric cannot possibly think that he could just go back after being CEO. Rick wants him to forget about the clause. Ridge is the one in question not him. Ridge is morally bankrupt. He stole Brooke from Eric. He broke up their family the same way he stole Caroline from him. Now he wants to take his job. Eric doesn’t think it is about that. It is about stabilizing the business right now. Rick is working really hard to make up for those and improve. Rick knows things got a little out of hand when he was gone. He treated people badly and he is embarrassed about that. Eric should know how hard he has worked to pull things together. Eric wants him to take a step back and let someone else run the company for a while. Eric knows it is not someone. It is Ridge. He is the last person who should be running the company with a scandal on his mind. Ridge hates him and Maya. Rick needs to be in charge. He needs to be the one defending Maya and Forrester. If he walks away that means that Bill Spencer and his magazines win. Running and hiding is not how they run the company. It is unacceptable for him to ask Rick to step down and move to Paris. Rick asks if he thinks that he is weak or cannot handle the job. He is Eric Forrester Junior and he can do anything. He will hold his head up high walk into that job and be proud of the man he is. One day Eric will be proud of him too. He has lost Maya. If he puts Ridge in charge then he will make fun of him for the rest of his life. He will have lost the company because of someone he loves. Rick demands that he stand up for him. Rick needs this. He tells him not to take it away from him.

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