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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/21/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge is in Rick’s office on the phone. He tells a reporter that he has no comments at this time. He hangs up. Eric walks in and is glad that Ridge told them nothing. Ridge says that it is one reporter after another. Eric thought that Pam was handling phone calls. Ridge explains that she was until steam started coming out of her ears. Eric knows that they are going to have a really big PR debacle on their hands. Ridge wants to know where Rick is. Eric informs him that he is not coming in today. Ridge can’t believe that. He is responsible for this mess. He can’t just disappear until this all magically goes away. Ridge guesses that is so much for their fearless leader.

Brooke walks into Rick’s bedroom with a tray. Brooke wonders why Rick is out of bed. Rick feels fine. He just has a few bruises. Brooke knows that he has been through a lot. Rick doesn’t think that it is as much as Maya has been through. He keeps calling and texting. Brooke tells him that he needs to stop. Rick can’t he has to get in touch with her. He feels a pain in his side. Brooke explains that he needs to allow her to reach out to him if and when she wants to. Rick wonders what she means by that. Maya’s past has nothing to do with any of this. Brooke feels that it does. She should have told him the truth and now it is a media spectacle. Rick believes that this is Bill’s fault. Brooke doesn’t want Rick to go chasing after Maya when she clearly does not want to be found. Brooke wonders if that tells him something. Rick turns away and starts dialing his phone again.

Maya sits in her apartment. Her phone starts to ring. It is Rick. She does not appear to want to answer it. She looks at pictures of the two of them on her laptop and closes it. Maya looks out the window. She starts to think about when she asked Rick if she still loves her and if he still wants to be her husband. Her phone continues to ring. She flips it over so she can’t hear it. Nicole knocks on the door. Maya goes over and answers it. She asks if anyone followed her. Nicole says no that she was careful. Maya doesn’t think that it was careful enough otherwise she wouldn’t have told Wyatt about her past. Nicole is sorry. Maya guesses that it is done. Everyone knows and there is no going back. Nicole asks about her resignation from Forrester. Maya thinks that is the way it has to be. That way when this dies down Rick can go about his life without her. Nicole wants to be sure that is what Rick wants. Maya already told her. She asked him and he hung up. Nicole asks if he has tried to reach out to her since then. Maya doesn’t think that calls and texts will mean anything. It is over and this is how it has to be.

Rick explains to Brooke that Maya is the strongest person he has ever met. He can’t imagine what she has gone through to be who she is. Brooke guesses that it is a testament to her but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t in the wrong. Rick thinks that the real issue is how he proves to Maya that she is all that matters to him. Brooke wants him to think about this carefully. Right now he is being too protective of Maya. Rick knows how this all went down. Everyone finding out before she had a chance to tell him. That includes Ridge. He is shocked that Ridge was able to retain himself for so long. Brooke asks what he is talking about. Rick explains that Ridge paid him a visit last night. Brooke wants to know when. Rick says it was after she had left him. He must have snuck past her. Brooke asks what happened. Rick tells her everything that can be expected from Ridge. That he is superior and he never knew Maya. Rick went after him and Ridge deserved it.

Eric wants Ridge to have some compassion because Rick is heartbreak. Ridge tells Eric not to defend him. Ridge was attacked by Rick last night. Eric asks how. Ridge went to see him last night and snuck past him and Brooke in the living room. Eric wonders if he really went and berated his brother. Ridge doesn’t think he did. Ridge needed to have his say. He of course couldn’t deal with it and that just shows how unstable he is. Ridge feels that he should running this company. Eric smirks.

Nicole thinks that she needs to talk to Rick. Maya feels that they have said all that there is to say. Nicole suggests that he just needed time to process things. Maya just wants a clean break especially with all that is happening in the present. Nicole tells her to hell with what is happening. She still loves the guy. Maya reminds her that they have too many complications. Nicole asks if being transgender is a complication now. Nicole wants her to fight for Rick. Maya doesn’t think she understands what she is saying. Nicole guesses maybe not. Nicole knows what she is doing. She is just trying to spare Rick. Maya doesn’t think that it matters. Maya never dreamed she could be this happy or this loved. Rick did all of that for her. She has no right to ask for anything else especially if it includes scandal and months of whispers and stares. Maya knows that Rick is better off without her.

Brooke agrees that Ridge was out of line but so was Rick. Rick already knows that Ridge is going around telling Eric that he is unstable and shouldn’t be in charge of Forrester. Brooke knows that he brought up a sensitive subject and pushed his buttons. This isn’t about Ridge. This is about Maya and what she did to him. How she betrayed his trust just like Caroline and Amber. Rick has already asked her to not compare Maya to Amber and Caroline. They misled him unlike Maya. Brooke thinks that Maya has done enough damage and she will not tolerate her doing anymore.

Ridge wants Rick to see a shrink to find out why he is such a mess. Eric does not think that Rick is a mess. He is just dealing with issues. Ridge points out that those issues affect all of them. Eric doesn’t think they need to bring that up right now. Ridge feels that they kind of do. He is a time bomb and Eric does not see that. He took the day off when this company is in crisis. Eric doesn’t think that Rick can be held responsible for this. Ridge does though. Rick should be held responsible and so should Eric. He built the company around a woman that he didn’t know. He brought a gun into the office and shot at him and Caroline. This is enough already. Ridge demands that Eric make Rick go. Ridge hopes that Eric sees that this is the only way right now. Eric sees that his youngest son is in a lot of pain right now. Ridge reminds him that Rick has had his heart broken before. Eric wants him to cut Rick a break. This only happened twenty four hours ago. Ridge would like to know when they should handle this scandal then. Eric doesn’t see this as a scandal but a smear brought on by Bill Spencer. He has done this before. Eric is worried about Rick. Ridge suggests that Eric go home and sit by Rick’s bedtime but first he should put him in charge. Eric assumes that Ridge wants him to snap his fingers and make him the new CEO. Ridge says yes. He knows that he can’t just do it. Eric says that he is right he can’t. Ridge explains that Maya resigned last night. Eric gets why he went to see Rick last night now. He wanted to rub it in that Maya had quit. Ridge requests that Eric stop making him out as the bad guy. Ridge thinks that if Rick had listened to him they wouldn’t be in this mess right now.

Nicole cannot believe she did this. If she hadn’t met Wyatt and become caught up. Nicole doesn’t think she was kidding herself. She doesn’t fit into this world. Maya opens her laptop and looks at the picture of her and Rick. Nicole hugs Maya. They both look heartbroken.

Rick gets that Brooke is trying to help but he loves Maya. Maya has made him happier than he ever thought he could be. Brooke asks if that is still true now that she has walked out on him. Rick doesn’t care that she did that. He just wants her back into his life. Brooke suggests that Maya might not want it anymore. Rick doesn’t buy that. Brooke still thinks that Maya jeopardized things for not telling him sooner. Rick still does not understand that. Brooke thinks that what Maya did does not give her the right to deceive him. Rick does think that he was deceived. Maya is the most beautiful woman inside and out and that is all she will ever be to him. Brooke wants him to love himself. He can’t love someone completely until he loves himself. Rick knows that Maya is completely comfortable with who she is. Brooke points out that she was not comfortable enough to be honest with him. Rick thinks that is why she didn’t want to date him. It is because he comes from a traditional Beverly Hills family. Everyone claims to be comfortable with her being transgender. Brooke is and so is Eric. Rick wants to go to Forrester then and bring her back. Brooke tells him to stop because that is the worst thing he could do. Brooke knows that he wants children with Maya but he can’t have them with her. Rick will adopt them. Brooke doesn’t think that adoption is that simple. Rick asks her to stop he has already thought about this. Brooke reminds him that he just learned something very signigant about Maya and she is not talking about the fact that she was born male. She means her behavior. Maya clearly didn’t think that Rick would approve of her and that is why she was scared to tell Rick. Rick did find estrogen pills. Brooke assumes that she said something to keep the secret from him. Brooke feels this is what she is talking about. He needs to take a breath and rethink this whole situation. The more distance he keeps between himself and Maya the better.

Ridge hates this too. He hates that this family is all splintered up. Eric bets that it is all Rick’s fault. Rick didn’t say that it was Rick’s fault. Ridge doesn’t think that they should excuse this just because it is Rick. Ridge doesn’t care if life isn’t working out the way he wanted it to. He wonders who is responsible now then. He asks who is responsible for Rick coming after him. Rick should be here leading this company. Ridge feels that all of this could have been avoided if there wasn’t this emotional freefall. Ridge wants them to act and asks Eric to do him a favor. Ridge wants him to look at the morality clause and the behavior. Just look at it. Rick needs a break. Maybe it is this place. He doesn’t know. Ridge knows this is good for the company. Eric will talk to him.

Brooke hides a picture of Maya. Rick tells her to stop. Brooke wants him to keep away from her. Rick asks if it is because she doesn’t want people knowing. Brooke doesn’t think that at all. Brooke reminds him that Maya waited until he was completely tied to her and helplessly in love. Brooke thinks that is a calculation and a ploy. She only told him after she had leaned on him. Brooke knows that is something he does not want to hear and she does not like saying it. Brooke asks if she didn’t go to Maya if she would have said anything at all. Rick feels that she has no idea what she is talking about. She thinks that she played a major role in this when she really had nothing to do with it. Brooke begs him to stay away from her. Use this time to get his life together. She will do the same. Clearly she is more resourceful than any of them thought possible. Brooke leaves. Rick walks over to Maya’s nightstand and takes her picture back out.

Maya thinks about Rick begging her not leave. Rick looks at her picture. He starts to cry. Maya looks at the mirror. She starts to think about her fashion show she put on for Rick and the times that they had spent together. Maya thinks about his proposal. Maya feels her ring finger. Rick continues to look at the picture. They are both crying.

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