B&B Wednesday Update 5/20/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/20/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

 Eric thanks a man named Scott for bringing Rick home. Rick’s eyes are shut when he opens them he is shown lying on the bed in his room. Scott explains to Eric and Brooke that he wanted to get home right away. His car was off the road. A doctor is looking through a bag. Rick is in clear pain and asks where Maya is. Brooke rushes to his side. Rick wants to know if Maya is here. Brooke says no. Rick explains that she was in a car in front of him and asked him a question. He has to see her.

Maya is in her old apartment above Dayzee’s coffee shop. She is on her computer and crying. She hears Rick’s voice telling Eric that he will get through this disaster. Maya is on her computer and has written her resignation. She hits send. Someone knocks on the door and it is revealed to be Nicole. Nicole didn’t recognize the address. Maya saw the key and explains that this is where she lives now. Nicole gives her a hug.

In Rick’s office Pam tells Ridge that the article is everywhere. It is on every tabloid and every news site. Ridge knows that Bill made sure of that. Pam cannot believe that Maya is transgender. Ridge says who knew. Pam tells him that Charlie did. He was right she guesses. Ridge asks if he knew then why he didn’t tell anyone. Pam didn’t want to believe him. Like Ridge said who would. Ridge shakes his head. Pam says that she and Charlie found her estrogen pills. Charlie just so happened to figure it out. She thought he was crazy. Pam gets a text from Eric. She is shocked to read that Rick was in a car accident. He is resting at the house. Ridge asks if Maya is with him. Pam says that Maya is not mentioned. Ridge bets that Rick has lost it and is freaking out.

Rick is getting is eyes examined by the doctor with a flashlight. Brooke tells him to listen. Rick needs to find Maya. Eric tells him that he can find Maya after he rests. The doctor says that he is going to be fine. He will be very sore for a while though so he needs to let himself heal. If Rick suddenly starts to feel worse they are to contact him right away. Brooke thanks him. Rick tries to get out of bed and Brooke stops him. She wants to know what he is doing. Rick needs to explain the things that he said to her. Brooke reminds him that she lied to him all this time. Rick does not think that she lied to him so Brooke needs to stop saying that. Things have complicated their future because she took too long to tell her but there were no lies. Rick is clear about that even if Brooke is not. He still loves her. She needs to know that.

Nicole asks if she told Rick. Maya did. Nicole wonders if that means he didn’t see it on the news. Maya says not at first but then all the alerts started to come in and things went wrong. Nicole explains that this is her fault. She told Wyatt. He promised that he wouldn’t say anything. Maya gives her a look of disgust. She wants to know how she could do that. His dad is the biggest media mobile on the planet. Nicole thought she could trust him. Maya hadn’t even told Rick the man she loves and Nicole goes and tells a man she just met. Nicole is sorry. Nicole begs her to believe her she didn’t want any of this to happen. Maya doesn’t think that this is all her fault. Nicole asks if she is living here because Rick reacted badly. Maya says that she walked out on him.

Brooke suggests that she will stay to make sure that he is ok. Rick tries to get out of bed and Brooke asks what he is doing. Rick wants to know where his phone is. Eric thinks that he needs to rest. Rick needs to talk to Maya. Brooke doesn’t want him chasing after Maya. He could have been seriously hurt tonight. Rick knows that the only one who is hurting is Maya. Rick should have known how he sounded on the phone. Brooke says please don’t worry. Rick wants to call her. He didn’t get a chance to say that on the phone. Brooke thinks that she can wait to see what he has to say. She made him wait long enough.

Nicole told Wyatt that it was a secret. Maya doesn’t think it is anymore. Maya realizes now that she is now front page news. Nicole knows that she should have let Maya handle this her way. Maya knows that things could have been so different. Nicole asks what Rick said. Maya says that it was the most beautiful romantic moment of her life and she wanted to say yes. Maya had to tell him first through. Nicole wants to know what happened. Maya explains that he was disappointed the she didn’t tell him sooner but he understood. He was incredible and he told her that he still loved her. Nicole doesn’t get it. She asks why she left. Maya told him the rest about how Brooke, Ridge, and Carter knew before he did. She tried to explain but his phone kept buzzing with stories. Rick called Bill and his father. He said nothing had changed and things were ok. Then he was talking to them like he was ashamed and embarrassed. Maya wasn’t going to listen to that so she left. Nicole knows that Rick loves her and she said he understood. Maya can handle this fall out but Rick shouldn’t have to. That is why she left and resigned from her position at Forrester. Nicole looks shocked.

Pam suggests that Ridge call Eric and find out what is going on. Ridge wants them to be alone for a while. He has to handle this disaster. An employee named Jason walks in. Ridge says not now. Jason explains that he just received an email from HR and they want Ridge to see it right away. Ridge and Pam look. Pam can’t believe Maya resigned. Ridge asks if Rick or Eric know this. Jason says no and asks if he should take care of it. Ridge will take care of it.

Eric would like Rick to tell them what happened. Rick tells them that Maya was on the phone with him when he was on the phone with him. Rick didn’t take it into consideration about how it would make her feel. Brooke thinks that Rick has every right to be angry. Rick is angry with Bill. Brooke knows that what Bill did was terrible but Maya isn’t blameless. She should have told him a long time ago. Rick says that she didn’t know how he would react. Brooke feels that it was important for her to tell him before he made her the face of the company. Rick doesn’t regret any of that. He was in shock when she told him. He had just asked her to marry him. Brooke can’t believe that she let him propose. Brooke asks if he is engaged. Rick says no. Maya wouldn’t let him know until she told him. Brooke is glad because now he has time to think about it. Rick doesn’t care about Maya’s past. He loves her. Eric wonders if he accepts her. Rick does. The thing that enrages him the most is the fact that people were talking about her behind his back without telling him anything. Rick cannot believe that Eric and Brooke knew all this time along with Ridge. Ridge was smug and gave him an attitude. He knew about Maya just like he had his secret with Caroline. He waved it in front of him. Eric feels that he cares about him. Rick thinks that he was toying with him trying to use this to his advantage. Brooke wants him to calm down. Rick does. Eric is glad. Eric wants him to recover. Brooke needs him to relax. Brooke will be down stairs if he needs anything. Rick needs to talk to Maya. Eric will make sure to call for him if she tries to get in touch with him. Eric wants him to try and get some sleep. They leave and Rick starts to cry.

Nicole doesn’t think that Maya can quit. She earned her place at Forrester and made a life for herself. She can’t just give that up. Maya wanted a life with Rick. She wanted to be someone that he could trust and rely on. They were a team. They were good together before all of this. Then the press got involved and they had backlash. Nicole thinks that she should be able to handle a scandal. Maya doesn’t expect her to understand. She didn’t hear what Rick said to Eric. Maya knows that Rick is a good man. He wants to accept her for who she is but this is bigger than them. Maya knows though that he has worked too hard to get where he is. Maya tried to give him the opportunity to tell her that he loved her. She asked him if he still wanted to get married. Nicole asks what he said. Maya explains that he hung up.

Eric looks at the portrait of Maya. He tells Brooke that Rick still loves her and he has to believe that Maya still feels the same way about him. Ridge walks in through the front door. Brooke knows that the truth is out and nothing is keeping them apart. She should be upstairs with their son. Ridge hears this and walks upstairs without saying anything.

Rick is looking through his nightstand. Rick remembers asking Maya how she could let this happen. Ridge walks in. Rick asks who let him in. Ridge has something for him. Rick already knows. Ridge asks what he is going to do about it. Rick doesn’t think that Forrester responds to tabloid rumors. Ridge says that Maya just confirmed them. He reads the letter to Rick where Maya explains she resigns. He hands the letter to him. Ridge doesn’t think she can do this. Ridge reminds him that they have to take control of the situation. If Rick is to tied up with personal problems though then he will take over.

Eric wonders if they should call Maya. Brooke feels that if Maya wanted to talk to Rick she would be here. Eric thinks that she Maya might feel unwelcome. He wonders if she would be. Brooke isn’t going to judge her choice as to who she is now. Eric knows that and neither is Rick. Brooke is just worried about how he was chasing her down the mountain and crashed his car. Eric is too. This turned out to be a very bad night. Brooke agrees that it did. Maya has been involved in their sons life for a very long time and hasn’t said a word about this. Eric cannot imagine a more personable thing. Brooke knows that Bill was wrong to publish it but Maya was wrong not to say anything. Brooke knows that they were planning a relationship and Rick trusted her. Just like Caroline and Amber. Rick thought she was different. It is just like every other woman in Rick’s life.

Nicole knows that Rick loves her. Maya doesn’t think that is enough all the time. He doesn’t want to marry her. Nicole points out that he didn’t say that. Maya doesn’t think that he had too. What he had said to his father was enough. Nicole asks if he has called or texted. Nicole looks at her phone. Maya turned it off. It just kept ringing. She doesn’t even know how the press got her number. Nicole feels terrible. She asks if she should text Rick to let him know that she is with him. Maya says no. Nicole asks if he knows where she is. Maya says no. She should have told him. He would have accepted all of her. She should have told him before anyone else found out. Especially Ridge.

Rick told Eric that he would try to use this against him. Ridge is only thinking about the company. Rick is good to go. Ridge thinks that he looks like he is hiding under the covers. Rick explains that he was in a car accident. Ridge knows that he wrecked his car. He wonders if Maya was with him. Rick says that she left the cabin and he went after her. Ridge wants to know why. Rick doesn’t have to tell him anything. Ridge knows that he really doesn’t. He already knew everything. He knew before Rick did. Ridge told him but he doesn’t listen to anyone that is just how arrogant he is. Things have changed a little bit now. He has the Forrester Matriarch hanging down stairs. Ridge doesn’t think that he can lead Forrester out of the crisis. He snapped when his girlfriend told him he was transgender. He lost it just like every other woman. He brought this on his self. Ridge starts to leave. Rick gets out of bed screams no and the screen cuts to black.

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