B&B Monday Update 5/18/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/18/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick looks at the engagement ring in his hand. He looks angered. Maya notes that he isn’t saying anything. Rick is not exactly sure of what he is hearing. Rick is wondering why her name was Myron. Maya explains that it was after her grandfather. Rick can see that she obviously changed it. Maya did. Rick doesn’t know why someone would give a little girl an old man’s name. Maya looks scared. Maya tells Rick that when a child is born they are given a name that matches the sex. Their name and whole future is supposed to match and be decided. Sometimes though that has to change too. Rick is tearing up.

Eric is sitting at Rick’s desk and Brooke is standing across from him. Eric wonders if Maya will just call the whole thing off like she did with Carter and nothing bad will happen. Brooke knows that she wouldn’t dare. Eric doesn’t want them to count their catastrophes until they really hatch. Brooke takes a deep breath. Brooke is just glad that Spencer Publications canned their story about it.

Bill is sitting behind his desk while Justin walks around. Bill suggests the title “Model Mascaraed. Justin points out that Maya is not the first transgender model in history. Bill believes that they point is that Rick was sleeping with her and he didn’t know that she was a he.

Ridge is sketching something in his office. Nick (Maya’s friend not his brother) walks in knocking. He tells Ridge that he is sorry but no one was at the front desk. Ridge asks what he would like. Nick is looking for Maya. He explains to Ridge that she gave him a pass if he needs to see it. Ridge says to come in. Ridge would like to know who he is. Nick introduces himself and says that he is an old friend. Nick was told by Maya that there were special plans made for tonight so he just thought that… Ridge assumes he means wish her luck. Ridge closes the door. He asks if Nick thinks that Maya is going to need it. Nick explains that luck has a way of failing people like he and Maya. Ridge supposes that it is true. Nick goes on to say that when you live a life like they do with confusion, uncertainty, and death threats you don’t wait around for luck. You have to act. He thinks that Maya is going to be just fine.

Justin is on the phone with a journalist telling them that this is the story of the year and if they want their name on the byline they will be here in the morning. Bill is looking through pictures of Maya and Rick. Bill comes across a picture where Rick is wearing an ugly tie. Bill thinks that alone is a reason to leave the guy. Justin laughs. Bill wants to ask him a question. Justin asks what. Bill wonders if knowing what he knows would Justin… Justin stops him there and says no. Bill thinks that they need to find a picture of her with pants.

Ridge asks Nick what he wants to do. If he would like to leave a message or something. Ridge tells him that Maya is going to be having a very eventful evening and she probably won’t be back at Eric’s house. He expects the worst. Ridge realizes that he didn’t introduce himself. Nick shakes his hand. He already knows who he is. Nick would like to know why he expects the worst. Ridge explains that Maya lied to his brother. Nick asks what lie she told.

Rick is lost for words. He never not once. He walks away from her. Maya tells him that it is ok for him to look at her. She already knows what he is looking for, but there is no boy here and she was never a man. Rick turns around. Maya did have what they call a tracheal shave to reduce her Adams apple. Her forehead is higher and her eyebrows are smaller. They softened her jaw. She has always had this chin and nose. Her voice has always been high. There are other things too that he doesn’t need explained. All of this was important to her but it did not turn her into a different person. She is the same person that he knew an hour ago. Rick feels that the person he knew an hour ago would have told him when they first met. He has rage in his eyes and Maya is scared.

Brooke is looking on her phone. Eric walks over and tells her that Rick will call if he needs them. Brooke wants to know what is going on. Rick has his phone set to buzz every time a story is posted about the company. Eric doesn’t want her to call now. He would like to give them some time. Brooke feels that it is so unfair. He has been betrayed so many times by the woman that he loves. Eric thinks that there is only so much a parent can do. Brooke just doesn’t want to see it happen again. Eric assures her that they will be here for him. Eric feels that this is a family matter and they are going to keep it that way. Whatever happens in Big Bear no one else needs to know.

Justin is explaining to three reporters that they have many publications. Bill adds in that they have them from high fashion to publications to what they call scandal sheets. Justin feels that they need to find an angle to work this. One of the reporters just isn’t sure of where they are taking this story. Bill explains to them that the CEO of Forrester Creations has no idea that his mistress was born a man. Another reporter informs him that nobody is born a man. Bill corrects him by saying born male. She is transgender obviously. This came from a very reliable source. Her own sister. Nicole Avant. The reporter wants to know what he is missing. Transgender people exist this is not news. He would like to know why they are going to out this woman and destroy her relationships. Bill says because he said so. Maybe they would prefer to write about kittens and flower pots. The reporter would rather work for an actual human being. He walks out. Bill would like to know if anyone else has a problem conscience.

Ridge bets that Nick thinks of him as a bigot. Ridge doesn’t think he is though. Nick guesses that some of his best friends are gay. Ridge does and they put a very high value on coming out. Maya has not done that. Nick explains that coming out is for when you are hiding something. Politicians and people leading double lives people who have to hide behind a mask. Maya shows her true face every day. She is not in the closet. This one detail about her medical history in the wrong hands distorts everything. Coming out can make gay people feel whole but it can make transgender people feel broken.

Maya was wrong and somehow she kept herself from knowing just how wrong she was until now. Rick does not think that is an answer. He wanted to know why. Rick wanted to have a life with her. Maya knows that is what he said. Rick wanted to start a family and still she said nothing to him. Maya doesn’t think he understands. Rick doesn’t feel that Maya understands. Rick asks what she thought he was going to do. If he was going to hit her or something. Maya wouldn’t be here if she did. Rick asks if she thought she could keep him in the dark indefinitely. Maya never lied to him. Rick thinks the hell she didn’t. Rick asked her about those pills. He wonders if it would have made sense to tell him then. Maya swore that she wouldn’t accept another proposal without saying anything. Rick wants to know what she means. Rick can’t believe she never told Carter. Maya is balling her eyes out. She says that is the line that she swore she would never cross. She knows that he is right. There are so many lines that she should have respected before this. Rick asks if she was afraid of losing her job. Maya acts offended. Maya loves Forrester and she likes to think of it as her career but she has had to reinvent herself so many times that she is no longer afraid of that. Maya thinks that he knows what she was afraid of losing. It turns out though that sometimes when you fear something you can make it happen. Rick seems to be both angry and unsure.

Bill tells everyone in the room as they are typing on their laptops that he got what he had coming to him. Rick Forrester is an abusive bastard. Bill knows what they are thinking but Bill himself has his own principals. Once of the reporters asks if he was abusive to his niece. Bill says that you could say shots were fired. Bill wants to know what the other reporter who is handling the bottom feeders has to say. She explains that her title is “Trans-it-Venus”. She feels that it is beauty like Maya. Bill doesn’t want highbrow. He would like these posted to him in thirty minutes. Bill doesn’t want anyone worrying about headlines. They run out of the room. Bill wants this to get out he screams to them.

Ridge has sympathy for Maya. He knows that Nick doesn’t want to hear that. Nick doesn’t feel that pity is rewarding. Ridge asks him to hear him out. He has partial sympathy. Nick thinks that he is gunning for her. Ridge isn’t at all. She is collateral damage. Not because she is transgender but because she picked the wrong guy. Nick explains that Maya doesn’t seem to think so.

Maya walks out of the bedroom with her suitcase. Rick wants to know what she is doing. Maya guesses that he knows now why she wanted to follow in her own car. Rick asks if they are going to continue this conversation. He doesn’t deserve that. Not after all this time. Rick bets that she already made her mind up what he would say after she told him. Rick wonders if she thought that he was so unapproachable and would be in shock. Maya just knew that he would look at her differently. Maya guesses that she just wanted to put that off for as long as she could. Rick is only shocked by betrayal. Maya never betrayed him. Maya should have told him sooner. In her thoughts and actions though she was never unfaithful to him. Rick takes a deep breath. He wants to know when she changed. Maya asks if he means transition. Rick says yes. Maya explains that it started in her teens. She left home because of her parents. She can’t blame them though because she was just as ignorant. Maya did stupid things. She bought hormones on the street and ended up in a clinic after having side effects. Then they took care of her at the clinic. Maya says though that procedures cost a lot of money though. Maya knows that he knows about Jesse. He helped her through it. Until she found out how he was getting the money so did the police. Rick knows all about that. He can ask her anything and she will answer. Nothing she says though is truer than this. It is so hard to believe in yourself when you are told your whole life that no one will love you. She starts to cry again. There is always this little disbelief that is waiting for a brief moment. Maya is sorry. She is sorry that she was not stronger sooner. Maya picks up her bag and heads to the door. It takes Rick a second but he says wait. She turns around and looks scared.

Bill thinks that these writers are good. He wants to know how much they pay Luke. Justin says enough. Bill reads the screen from his TV. “Forrester in transition”. He changes the page. “Wearing and sharing the pants in the family.” Justin tells him to cut that. Bill read the next one. Strange bed fellows. Justin thinks that one is ok. Bill wants to know if this last one pushes the bounds of good taste. Bill doesn’t even care he knows nothing about good taste. Justin asks if he is sure about this. It cannot be undone. Bill is sure. Justin makes a phone call. He tells them to bring the backup servers online and take it live.

Nick says whatever he is planning and he knows that he is planning something. Nick would like to know how public it will be. Ridge thinks that everything stays in the family. Nick asks if Maya will lose her job. Ridge says probably. Nick sees that she has made great friends here on the road to success. Ridge is glad he came by. He heard him and he learned something. Nick tells him to prove it and don’t discriminate. Firing transgender employees is against the law and he too can join the twenty first century.

Brooke is putting things into her purse. She asks if Eric needs a lift. Eric says no but they can make out in her car if she would like. Brooke starts laughing. Her phone goes off and asks what that is. Brooke tells him that Rick has it set to go off every time there is a Forrester related post. Eric wonders if she knows the password. Brooke does. He tells her to go look at it then. Brooke signs in and says it is time to see what is going on. An article entitled “Room for two in the closet” pops up. Brooke and Eric look completely shocked. The next article shows up. “His and His towels.”

Rick’s phone is on silent but goes off like rapid. Rick tells her that she is not the only one. He grew up around adults that never tired of telling him how much they loved him. There were still times though where he was treated like an annoyance or an afterthought. What they did love though was saying his name. Eric Forrester Junior. They would always introduce him that way to people. They would always remind him when he didn’t live up to it. Then there were women who loved his name more than they ever loved him. So she can see why he didn’t tell her when they first met. He just wanted to be liked for him. Then there she was. So she was right to wait and tell him until tonight. Maya knows that she wasn’t. Rick thinks that if they were new that he would have fallen into some trick or something. Rick knows her now though. She is still the same woman who is there for him when his back is turned or she is next to him. She always puts him first. When everyone else hates him she finds a way to love him more. Rick wants to know if there is anything else to the story. Maya says no. Rick is glad she told him. That is what the woman he loves would do. Rick asks what it has changed. He doesn’t care who she was named after or who he was. He just knows that he loves her. He wants to spend his life with her. He asks her not to walk away from him. Maya and Rick hug and cry.

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