B&B Friday Update 5/15/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 5/15/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya is sitting on the couch at the cabin. Rick walks in with two glasses. He hands one to Maya. He tells her to go on with what she was saying. Rick knows that he was being pushy in the bedroom but a question still needs to be answered. Maya explains that they still have a lot to talk about first. Rick asks if she is going to say yes. Maya does but she will only say it after what needs to be said is said. There is something that she should share with him about her past.

Eric asks if Bill Spencer really knows. Ridge wonders how Brooke and Eric could be surprised. Nicole told Wyatt so of course he knows. Eric cannot believe what Nicole has done. Now that Bill knows it will be all over the internet if it is not already. Brooke is on her phone. Ridge tells her it will be fine. Brooke knows that it is not fine and now Rick is being dragged with her into the tabloids. Ridge assures her that Rick won’t. Ridge went to Bill and told him that Maya’s past is a private matter.

Justin wants to make sure that Bill is sure about all of this. Bill isn’t. He is aware that the whole thing could backfire. He knows that Katie will be furious. Bill turns around in his seat and faces Justin. Justin agrees that she will. He asks if Bill would like to wait and think about it. Bill knows that this is the only angle they can take. Bill is going to be able to handle Katie. Bill wants the worlds to know everything about Rick’s “girlfriend”. Bill tells him to run the story.

Brooke looks panicked. She has to go talk to Bill. Ridge wants to know why. He told her that it is going to be fine. Brooke knows that this is going to be a huge scandal. Bill is going to jump all over this. Eric wonders if they should trust Ridge on this. Ridge cannot believe that he said that to him. He wonders how they think he would conspire with Bill. Ridge told him to keep it to himself. Brooke understands that but she would like to know if Bill actually listened to him. Ridge knows that Katie told him that he cannot run the story. Brooke is shocked that Katie knows. Ridge confirms that Katie knows and she took a strong stand. Eric bets that Bill is talking about making a lot of money. That is all he cares about. He just wants to sell a lot of magazines. They do not call him Dollar Bill for nothing. Brooke looks concerned.

Justin asks about Liam. Bill wants to know what he means. Justin points out that Liam is the editor of Eye on Fashion so he would have the final say. Bill puts down his phone. He explains to Justin that he owns titles left and right. Bill is the one with final say. Bill can make a person senior executive president of the company and it doesn’t mean jack. Bill doesn’t think that Liam needs to know about this just yet. Bill really doesn’t want to hear “but dad… but dad…” in a really whiney voice over and over again. Bill already knows that Liam is going to try to talk him out of it. Justin guesses that Bill doesn’t care about this hurting him financially. Bill thinks that they are going to sell tons of magazines. Justin reminds him about his Forrester stock. Bill doesn’t feel that anyone in the fashion industry cares if a person is transgender. Housewives who stand in line at the grocery store checkout. That is who will care about this. Rick is going to have mental break down when this gets out. They can either ship him back to Paris or a mental hospital. Either way. The bottom line is that Forrester will have some stability. His stock will sky rocket. Forrester wins. Bill wins. Bill would like to hear one reason as to why he shouldn’t do this. Katie walks in. She closes the door behind her. She would like to know what he is doing. Katie asks what he is planning.

Rick points out to Maya that she has come a long way. Maya agrees that she has. Maya thinks though that they are talking about different things. Rick remembers that when they were first together Maya ran away from him. Rick knew that she had a fear of who he was and a fear of her past that could get in her way. Rick tells her that she is not running anymore. Maya knows that. She would like to face this straight on. Rick is glad. He will not let her question herself ever again. She does not have to question herself fitting into his world. Maya does not question herself. Maya knows who she is and she finally feels like she knows where she belongs. She finally feels like she is at home. As a model and at Forrester. She is with Rick. Maya is the woman that she has always wanted to be. For so long though her outside did not match her inside. That is what she has to explain. Rick looks confused.

Justin tells Bill and Katie if they will excuse him there is something that he needs to take care of. Justin walks towards the door. Katie knows that of course he has something to take care of. Katie wants to know if the two of them are up to something. Bill feels that he is full of surprises. That is one of the reasons that Katie loves him. Justin is at the door. He looks at Bill. Bill tells him that he can go. Justin leaves. Katie thought that they agreed that Bill was not going to exploit this. Bill would like to know who said he was. Katie does not look amused. Bill points out to Katie that this could be a huge story. Bill reminds Katie that this is a story of a con artist who built his way… her way (Bill corrects himself) to the top. Katie tells him to stop right there. Bill asks if he wrong. Katie is sure that Bill is smart enough to realize just what kind of trouble he is going to get himself into when he publishes this story about Maya. Bill shakes his head like he cannot believe that Katie is disagreeing with him.

Eric and Brooke are both looking at their phones now. Eric asks if sees anything. Brooke tells him no. It is just the usual fluff. At least right now. Ridge told both of them. Bill pulled the story. Eric thanks Ridge for protecting Rick like he did. Ridge gets annoyed by Eric’s response. Ridge was not protecting Rick. He was only protecting the company. He could care less if Rick falls all he cares about is the company. Eric reminds him that Rick is his brother. Brooke looks annoyed with Ridge. Ridge is aware of who Rick is. Ridge hopes that when Eric is not coddling him that he will see that Rick did this all to himself. Brooke does not think that Rick did this to himself. She believes that Maya is the one who put him in this position. Ridge says no. Rick put himself into this position. He is a bully and a dictator. He forced everyone at Forrester to worship the ground that Maya walks on. Ridge knows that Rick is their son but he would like to know about the way Rick treated people around here. Ridge would like to know about their opinions on that. It is karma that is coming to Rick.

Rick asks Maya what she meant by her outsides did not match. He asks if she meant her environment. She being destined for Beverly Hills. That sort of thing. Maya means that too. This however is deeper than that. As a kid she always felt like something was off. Rick feels that every kid feels like that. Especially once puberty hits. Maya is not going to blame this on pure adolescent angst. She thinks that this had to do with the fact that what was herself at the core was not being seen by anyone else. Her parents were very traditional and proper. They were not at all interested in anything outside of what they knew. They had meat and potatoes. Dinner was at six o’clock straight. Maya was to clean her plate. She had a kids are seen but not heard kind of upbringing. Which was fine with her because what she had to say was never going to be heard anyway. Rick can only imagine what that was like knowing the kind of person that she is. Someone who is not afraid to voice her opinion. Maya explains that it has taken her a long time to get here and she is proud of who she is. Maya tried way too long to hide who she was and tried to pretend to be someone that she wasn’t to these people who couldn’t accept the person that they had given birth to. Rick can imagine that they wanted to her live her life a certain way but she had other ideas. Maya says exactly. So when she was old enough to execute those ideas she did. She moved to LA and became the person that Rick sees in front of him today. Rick thinks that he can finally understand why it was just so awkward then when Nicole just sort of showed up. She had to face all those things that she left behind. Maya did have to relive a lot of memories and it was upsetting at first. She is thankful now. Having Nicole in her life has prepared her for having this conversation. It has forced her to look at her past and she has to do that. Especially if the two of them are going to have a future.

Brooke begs Ridge not to take any joy in this. Ridge is not. Eric tells Ridge that he cannot call this karma. Rick does not deserve any of this. Ridge is annoyed and tells Eric to stop. Eric feels that Ridge the only one calling him a dictator and a bully. Ridge can understand that on a human level it sucks to be blindsided like this. Ridge reminds the two of them though that Rick did indeed put Maya on a pedestal. He took down Stephanie’s picture and replaced it with Maya’s. Ridge thinks that everyone else could tell from the start that Maya was just trying to weasel her way into Rick’s bed. Brooke does not think that at all. Maya’s feelings really are genuine. Ridge won’t be shocked when she is not around anymore because she kept him in the dark and he does not like that. Eric has heard enough about this. Eric hopes that if Maya does what she says and admits to what she has done and says she is sorry. Maybe Rick can forgive it. Ridge is sorry but that is not the Rick that he knows. The Rick that he knows is going to blow his top and flip his switch and then he will be done. Just like Caroline. Eric points out though that Caroline did not come to him. She was exposed. This is different. Ridge tells Eric that is nice. Really nice. The point he is trying to make he guesses is that this is probably not going to turn out the way that they would like it too. Eric does not look happy.

Katie is on her phone. She is texting Liam. Bill grabs her phone out of his hand. Katie cannot believe he did that. Bill does not think that Liam needs to know about this. Katie reminds him that Liam is the editor of Eye on Fashion. If a damaging article is being written in that magazine he deserves to know about it. Bill does not think that he has given her any indication that he plans to publish the article. Katie feels that he has. She tries to tell Bill that Maya is who she is and that is a beautiful woman. This is her business not theirs.

Rick can understand why she would want to share with him how she grew up. He has hundreds of stories that he would love to share with her too. They just don’t have to have that conversation right now. Rick would like her to accept his proposal tonight. Then they can have a lifetime to uncover the past. Maya says no. She has to explain things now. If they get married Rick has to know the steps that she took to become her bride. Rick feels that things in her childhood can stay there. The girl in her childhood is not the one who she is asking to marry whoever she was. He only cares about the woman that she is today. He does not think that Maya should feel obligated to tell him about how she grew up. They do not get to choose who their parents are or how they were raised or where they were born. He is not going to judge her on a lifestyle that she couldn’t choose. He does not care if she grew up good or bad. That is ok. It does not matter. He would never bale on her. He assumes that is what this is about. He picks up the ring again. He wants her to tell him what she planned to tell him. He wants her to make sure though that the first word is yes. Rick wants her to put the ring on her finger. Then they can delve into what made him Rick and her Maya. Maya shakes her head. A lot more went into making her. He needs to know and it is not going to be easy. He is going to have questions and she will answer them the best that she can. Rick says ok and closes the ring. Maya takes a deep breath and wonders where to start. Maya guesses she should start with why she moved to LA. Rick thought that it was to be an actress. Maya confirms that is correct. More than that though she wanted to be herself. Rick asked why she couldn’t do that back home. Maya knew that she needed help and that she was not going to be getting it there. Physically, mentally, and emotionally she knew that if she moved to LA she would become the woman that she was meant to be. Rick looks confused.

Bill is sitting at his desk and he is frantically writing something on a notepad. Justin walks back in and asks if they are all clear. Justin asks if Katie convinced him to drop this. Bill says that Rick Forrester is transferring to Paris. Bill looks up from the notepad and asks if he likes that. He decides to read another one. Forrester CEO stuck in a trans. Justin laughs at that one. Justin thinks that one works. Bill then wonders if he should focus the headline on Maya. Bill says no. It is not about her. This is all about Rick. Bill just wants to tarnish his name. Bill wants to hurt Rick’s fragile little ego. Bill wants Justin to do something for him. He gets his phone out. Bill wants him to take something over to graphics. He has a picture that they can use. They are going to have to clean it up a little bit though. Justin asks if it is of Rick. Bill says no. It is of Maya. The picture hangs above the fire place. He took it a while back. It hangs at the place of honor. Forrester family matriarch. Once a man. That is a headline.

Maya explains that she mostly agrees with Rick about the past. That who they are as children and young adults does not matter about who they are today. Maya loves Rick and the man that he is now. Maya’s information about who he was before she knew him does not matter all that much. They change. He was a different man when he married Caroline. Maya wants to know why it should bother her about when she was living with them or when she was living in Paris. When he was a child or a baby or a teenager. It shouldn’t matter what brought him to her. Maya does not care about his past. All she cares about is right now and starting their life together. Rick asks if this is her way of saying yes. He looks happy. Maya assures him that there is no doubt that she will. If he asks her again. Rick tries to get down on one knee. Maya means if he asks her again after he tells her something. Rick does not think that the past matters. Maya agrees that it doesn’t. There is something though that she needs to tell him. Something that she believes a husband deserves to know about his wife. Rick explains that she is being awfully serious right now and it is starting to freak him out. Maya tells him that it is ok. It is positive. It is something that she needed. They probably wouldn’t be together if it hadn’t happened. Rick asks if this is one of the reasons why she came to LA. Maya says yes. She came from a small town. There wasn’t a doctor there who could help her. Rick asks if she was sick. Maya explains that it was not in a traditional way. Rick remembers the estrogen pills that he found. He asks if that has something to do with it. Maya says yes. Rick thought she said it wasn’t that serious though. Maya says that they are not but she does need them. Not in the way he means but yes. Maya came to LA seeking a particular kind of doctor. She has been taking estrogen ever since. It helps her live the life that she was meant to. The life that she was living before was wrong. It wasn’t who she was the way that she was born. Rick asks if it was a birth defect. Maya does think of it that way sometimes. Some people don’t. Rick doesn’t understand this. Maya says that there was no Maya Avant until after she came to LA. Rick asks who she was. Maya assures him that she was her. The her that she had always been. The birth certificate that she gave HR though. That was different than the one that was signed by her doctor when she was born. Rick asks if it was because they lost the first one. Maya says no. It was because she had a boy’s name. Myron. Rick wonders why they would do that. Maya says that is because they raised her as a boy.

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