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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 5/13/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Rick is fixing the fire. Maya tells Rick that she is really glad they came here. Rick is too. Maya is such a city girl that a walk in the woods is like a jog in the park for her. Rick thinks that there is a whole wide world out there and he is going to show it all to her. Maya feels that they can do anything against all odds. She is counting on that.

Brooke walks into Rick’s office where Ridge is sketching. Brooke wonders if he has heard from Rick. Ridge wants to know why he would call her. Brooke just thought that it was for business. She doesn’t know. Ridge takes it that she has not heard from him either. Brooke assumes that he is at Big Bear by now. She just hopes that Maya is telling him that she is transgender before he hears it from someone else. Ridge thinks that is getting harder all the time. Brooke asks what he means. Ridge tells her that Nicole has decided to bring someone else into the loop.

Nicole is looking through her purse. Wyatt asks if she is ok. She looks a little jangly. Nicole has never been called that before. Nicole hates feeling this way. She just has to know if telling him about her sister was a mistake.

Bill is sitting at his desk holding the Maya magazine cover. Justin walks in. He asks if he wanted to see him. Bill tells him to sit down before he falls down. Justin says ok. He hasn’t seen that look in Bill’s eyes for some time. Bill thinks that this is going to blow his mind. Bill asks Justin what he thinks of Maya and her looks. Justin feels that the obvious answer is that she is beautiful. Bill tells Justin that Maya’s birth name is Myron. Justin looks at him confused. The head model of Forrester Creations, the love of Rick’s life with the huge picture above the fire place was born a guy. Justin thinks that he is joking. Bill again says that Maya was born Myron.

Brooke wants to know why Nicole told someone about Maya. She can’t believe that she would do that because Nicole should know how volatile this is. Ridge explains that she should never underestimate the power of attraction they have all had it happen one time or another. Brooke doesn’t really want to bring up that subject. She asks what happened. Ridge says that Nicole has been spending time with Wyatt. Brooke puts together that Nicole has told Wyatt. Brooke realizes that it is not good at all.

Maya hopes that he understands that she wants to follow the program. No secrets. She just is wondering though if she might have made a mistake. Nicole hopes that she didn’t. She asks him again if she is right. Wyatt looks scared.

Justin tries to put this all together. Bill once again tells Justin that Maya Avant was born Myron. Justin wants to know who told him this. Bill explains that a while back separately Liam and Wyatt heard the sisters talking about a huge secret. It was supposedly something that could hurt Rick. That naturally peaked their interest because they wanted to get him out of his CEO chair. Wyatt started to infiltrate the situation. Justin asks if Nicole told Wyatt then. Bill doesn’t think that sources can come any more reliable. Justin thinks that this is wow. This is some serious surgery. Justin doesn’t think that anyone would ever guess that. Katie walks in. She guesses that she doesn’t have to figure out what this conversation is about.

Rick and Maya are sitting under the fire. Rick thinks that this is a night that they will always remember. Maya loves it here. It feels like they are the only two people in the whole world. Rick thinks that they world is for their taking. She can come here any time she would like. Maya feels like Rick is so indulgent with her. Rick will do anything for that smile. They kiss passionately. Maya asks if they remember about when they talked about freezing moments. Rick does. Maya feels that this is one of those moments she would keep. It is so pure and simple. Maya wishes that it could always be this way. Rick thinks that it can and it will. Maya looks into his eyes and smiles but is clearly uncertain.

Brooke feels like this is starting to get alarmingly out of control. Everyone is finding out about this except for Rick who needs to know the most. Brooke wants to know what Nicole was thinking when telling Wyatt that. He has connections to Spencer Publications. Ridge is looking at a headshot of Maya. Ridge guesses that one would think that Wyatt’s loyalties lie with Forrester. He and his mother both. Brooke is surprised that Ridge cares. Ridge does care. He does want Rick to fall but not because Bill trips him. Brooke doesn’t think that Rick can be hounded by the media. He can’t have reporters camping out at his door step. That would be awful. Rick needs to find out from Maya. Brooke goes towards the door. Ridge asks where she is going. Brooke needs to see what is happening and she leaves. Ridge follows her.

Wyatt asks if Nicole is worried that it could get out somehow. Nicole is not worried. Only a few people know about it. Carter has known about it. Wyatt is shocked that she expected Carter to keep his mouth shut. Nicole knows that Carter cares about Maya and wouldn’t deliberately hurt her. Nicole asks if Wyatt thinks differently. Wyatt doesn’t really know Carter that well. He just thinks that things are very clear. Carter never really got over Maya. He could use this information to get even with her. Nicole never thought about it like that. Nicole doesn’t have to worry about it much longer though. It is all going to come out soon. Wyatt asks what she means. Nicole means Rick proposing and Maya telling him the truth. Nicole thinks that if Rick finds out from anyone else it could be really bad.

Bill was just telling Justin about the information. Katie asks why he would need to unless he plans to exploit this. They all agreed though that they were not going to do that. Bill claims that Justin is in house council so he has to know what is going on around here. Katie doesn’t think that anything is going on around here. This is personal business. It has nothing to do with them. Katie thinks that is up for debate. When Rick finds out about Maya he could go off the deep end and start sewing everyone in sight. That is why he has Justin and he needs to be in the loop. Katie thinks that he must be kidding. She is fine with Bill going after Rick for a legitimate reason. This is too personal though. He is not going to make a circus out of his private life.

Rick did not realize how intense he has been at work until he put down all his work at the door. Maya thinks that he has so much happening all so fast. Rick agrees and it needs to all fall together sometimes even at warp speed. Maya explains that things can be a little scary. Rick wonders why she says that. Maya tells him that everyone knows that nothing is perfect. Rick feels that this is the closest he has ever gotten. Maya feels the same way. If this is the closest that she will ever get then she is good. Right here and right now this will last her a lifetime.

Wyatt wants Nicole to save herself a lot of grief. She shouldn’t worry herself with things that she cannot control. Nicole doesn’t want to be in control. She just needs to know if Wyatt has passed it around to anyone else. Brooke walks in with Ridge. She would like to know as well. She guesses that it is true. Nicole told Maya’s secret. Brooke wants to know why she would do that. Nicole tells her that they have been seeing each other. Brooke assumes that Nicole would know his last name then. His father runs Spencer publications. Nicole knows that but it has nothing to do with them. Nicole feels that Wyatt and her are honest with each other. He won’t say anything. Ridge wants to know then if Wyatt didn’t tell anyone then.

Justin doesn’t want to be in the middle of all of this. He tells the two of them to tell him what he needs to know when he needs to know it otherwise he is out of here. Justin leaves. Bill sits down and looks up at Katie. He wants to know what is wrong. Katie doesn’t want him to play innocent as he is not very good at it. Bill thinks that Maya is a public figure so it is fair game. Katie doesn’t think that there is anything fair about this. This isn’t celebrity gossip. It is something personal. They are not going to use this as a weapon to pry Rick out of his job. Bill feels that Katie is too close to this and is not thinking like a business woman. Katie says that he is damn right that she is too close to this. He is her nephew. This is not their story to tell. They have no place in it. Bill reminds Katie that this is Spencer Publications. They publish stories of every kind. Rick is driving Forrester off a cliff. He needs to stop. This isn’t just politically incorrect which she knows he knows nothing about. It is morally wrong. He has to back away from this. They cannot publish Maya’s story.

Rick thinks that this is where they differ. This moment. It is perfect. He won’t settle though. He will always strive to get to the next level. He wants things to lead up to a lifetime of happiness and commitment. Rick cannot believe he just said that. Maya asks why because she loved it. Rick never used to be this corny. This is what she does to him. She changes his life. She is always talking about how he has changed hers but what she has done to his is show what it is like to be truly loved. He never wants to be without her again. Maya is not going anywhere. Rick just wanted to make sure. They clique glasses and drink.

Ridge does not think that this is a hard question. Yes or no. Did he tell Bill? Nicole says of course he didn’t. She already asked him. Frankly she thinks that it is rude to think that Wyatt cannot keep a secret. He knows how important it is to keep quiet about her sisters past. Brooke asks if Wyatt understands Bill’s priorities. He is a business man and he will do whatever it takes. Brooke hopes that they are all on the same page. Maya’s past is personal and private. No one but Maya is going to tell Rick. Not Bill and not Spencer Publications. Wyatt understands.

Bill would like Katie to hear him out one more time. Katie says talk. Bill is trying to do a hostile takeover. Rick is treating Forrester like his own personal kingdom. Whatever it takes they can’t be waiting for the moral high ground to reveal itself. They have to get the job done whatever is necessary. Katie is not Maya’s biggest fan but she has a right to her own story. Rick has a right to hear it from her. Not some magazine. This is wrong and he cannot talk his way out of wrong. Bill can talk his way out of anything. He doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. Bill doesn’t give a damn if Maya is a he or a she. He didn’t trust her from the beginning. She should be happy. She has the high profile man and job. There is a certain amount of scrutiny that comes along with that. People dig into your past and they might just find some things that they might not want found. No one in media is immune to this. Katie tells Bill to lie all he wants but he cannot justify this. Bill just did. They report the news and this is news. Spencer Publications will run with the Maya story.

Rick has not always been impeccable. He guesses that she can say he is damaged. It never bothered him. He is what he is. Circumstances made him. What he wants is to be accepted in her eyes. Maya has made him a better man for inspiring him. Loving him so openly and he doesn’t deserve that. He wants to deserve her. He is not going to stop trying if that is ok. Maya wonders if he really has to ask. Rick thinks he kind of does. He wants a woman that he can share everything with. Someone who is not going to let him down with lies and betrayal. He started thinking that it was some idea that he made up in his head. That no one existed like that. Then Maya came back to him. Honest and truthful. He wants that. He wants that forever. Ridge gets down on one knee. Maya starts to cry. Rick asks if she feels the same. He wants her to tell him that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Rick gets out the ring. He says “Maya Avant… Will you marry me?” Maya starts hearing Brooke in her head tell her that she cannot accept the proposal because Rick deserves to know the truth. She keeps telling her to tell him.

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