B&B Tuesday Update 5/12/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 5/12/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Maya looks out the window. She could get used to this. Rick tells her to come sit. The evening is just beginning. Maya feels that it is nice to be here. They are a million miles away. Rick was hoping that she would like it. It always meant a lot to him as a kid. Maya is glad then that they are able to be there together. Rick hopes that she knows this is not her average Big Bear trip. Rick explains that she is about to get the whole VIP experience. Maya wonders what that includes. Rick guesses that she will just have to wait and see.

Nicole has been the one telling Maya not to say anything to Rick. She didn’t want her to go and ruin anything and then she goes and opens her big mouth. Carter cannot believe that she would tell Wyatt of all people. The son of a publishing mogul. Nicole reminds Carter that he said that he would keep this to himself and she has no reason not to believe him. Carter doesn’t think that she has any reason to trust him either. They have only been on like two dates. Nicole wonders if Carter thinks that he would tell anyone. Nicole knows that she shouldn’t have said anything. She asks herself why she said something. Nicole asks if she really messed things up by telling Wyatt.

Liam and Wyatt walk into Liam’s office. Liam cannot believe that Nicole told him that. Wyatt cannot either. This gives them the opportunity to take Rick down. Liam thinks that they just need to sit with this information for a minute and think up the best course of action. Wyatt reminds him that Maya was born a boy named Myron. Katie and Bill walk in. Bill wants to know who the hell Myron is.

Carter thinks that this could have all been avoided had Rick just been honest with Rick from the beginning. Ridge walks in and tells Nicole that Carter has a good point. They all know how Rick values honesty. Ridge tells Nicole that he knows about who Maya used to be. Nicole cannot believe that Carter told Ridge. Ridge explains that Brooke also knows. Carter informs Ridge that the Spencer family can be added to the list too. Ridge wants to know how. Carter says that Nicole told Wyatt.

Bill wants to know who Myron is. Katie cannot believe some of these hipster names. They all sound like dogs names. Bill can only imagine what kind of a guy grows up with the name Myron. Wyatt thinks that it is funny that he should say that. Katie asks if they have a picture. Liam says no. They don’t have any pictures of Myron. Liam notices a magazine cover with a picture of Maya on it. Wyatt tells them it would be interesting to see one though. Liam gives him a dirty look. Bill wants to know what is going on. He asks if there is something that they are not telling them.

Maya knows that she has said this but she really wants Rick to know how much she appreciates him bringing her here. She knew how important it is to the Forrester family. Rick explains that if he know how important it was to her he would have brought her here sooner. Maya thinks that it is nice to get away from the noise and the people. She feels safe and welcome even if it is only temporary. Rick says that it is just her and him. People who don’t get them they can forget. All the doubters who think that he doesn’t know her. He is going to prove them all wrong. Rick is so sick of the haters like Ridge and Carter all claiming that she cannot trust her or that she is not being honest. Maya hopes to tell him everything about who she is today. Rick is proud of her for all the changes that she has made in her life. He doesn’t think that what she used to be as a kid will define her and it never will. Maya hopes that it never comes back to haunt her or effects Rick badly. People can be cruel. Rick doesn’t think it matters. No one cares that she spent time in jail. She has been through so much that it has just made her stronger. She knows who she is and should never second guess herself. Maya is not ashamed of who she is. Maya would not change what she has done for the world. It has made her, her. Rick loves her so much. She owns who she is. A woman with no regrets. Maya agrees. Rick suggests that they go for a walk in the woods while the sun is still out. Maya would like that.

Ridge asks Nicole is Maya knows what she did. Nicole explains that she knows she has been dating Wyatt but doesn’t know she told him. Ridge asks exactly how it seemed like a good idea. Nicole wanted to be open with him. Nicole knows that she didn’t think it through. Ridge tells her that she is going to be responsible for the tabloids the magazines that you read in supermarkets. Nicole thought she could trust him with anything. Ridge asks then if she thought he wouldn’t. Nicole knows that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or her sister. Ridge knows that Bill Spencer would. If he knows then soon the whole world will know.

Wyatt wonders if Bill has an island to buy or someone to go yell at. Liam tells Bill that Allison came in late today so he should go give her a piece of his mind. Bill wants to know what is up with the two of them. He asks why Liam is trying to get rid of him. Bill points out to Wyatt that he doesn’t even work here. Katie can tell that something is obviously going on here. They are both acting cagey. Wyatt explains that they both know that they heard Maya and Nicole talking. Katie knows that they thought it had something to do with Rick. Bill adds that then they thought it was about Maya. Wyatt says that they now know what it is. Katie asks if Wyatt got Nicole to open up. Bill wants to know what it is. Wyatt tells them to brace themselves because they are not going to believe it. Bill already knows that she did time. He asks if she knocked over a bank recently or something. Wyatt asks if he knows the Myron they were asking about. Bill says yes. Wyatt informs them that it was Maya. Liam says that Maya is transgender. Katie says what and both Bill and Katie look completely thrown off.

Maya walks back into the cabin with Rick. She thinks that it feels so good to be outdoors. Rick knows that there is nothing better than cold mountain air. Maya thinks that the views are breath taking. She cannot believe at how many acres of land the Forrester’s own. Maya loves that they have a distinguished history, family ties, and all these traditions. Rick notes that she will be a part of that family someday. Rick gets a text message alert. Maya asks if it is anything important. Rick just has a few alerts on his phone in case anything important happens but he doesn’t want to think about it now. Rick just wants to focus on Maya. The beautiful woman in his life.

Nicole wants to know why Ridge cares if anyone finds out about Maya. He doesn’t even like Maya. Ridge likes Bill Spencer even less. Carter asks if he is worried about this getting out in the news. Ridge is. Nicole wonders why they believe that this will actually get out. Ridge wants to know what he did to get this information. Nicole was not manipulated. He revealed things about himself. Confided in her about his father. Carter asks why she would tell him about her sister. Nicole explains that he could tell that some stuff was happening. Ridge doesn’t think that it was up to her. It is about his family. Like it or not Rick is a part of that so they have to handle this with decorum and sensitivity. Unfortunately if Bill is involved it all goes out the window.

Katie tells Liam and Wyatt that is just mean. They are not in second grade and wonders if that is how they get their giggles. Wyatt tells her that they are dead serious. Katie asks if they even know what transgender is. Liam says yes. Bill tries to put this together that Maya was a man. Wyatt knew that they wouldn’t believe this. Katie wants to hold on a second and suppose that this is true which it probably isn’t. She wants to know where they got the information. Liam tells her it was Maya’s sister. Wyatt explains that it was not easy to come by. Bill guesses that it is legit. It was directly from Nicole. He wants to make sure that they were not just trying to put one over on them. Wyatt knows what she told him and she also thinks that he isn’t going to tell anyone else either. Katie just thinks that is sad. Bill doesn’t think it is sad because people need to learn how to grow up. He thinks that Wyatt did a good job. Liam wants to know how this is actually going to help them now. Bill asks why. Liam wonders if they have all forgotten that they were looking for leverage on Rick. Wyatt points out that Rick doesn’t even know. Katie was afraid that they were going to say that. Bill cannot believe that Rick doesn’t even know he is with a man. Liam tries to tell him that she is a woman. Katie tells them all that this is a personal issue and they are not going to go near it. Bill thinks that she must be kidding him. This is exactly what they have been looking for. Something to get Rick and his Napoleonic mindset off his high horse. If anything was ever front page news this was it. Liam asks how it is news. She is just another transgender model. Bill explains that Forrester Creations is a traditional company with a blue blooded cliental. This isn’t a story about a transgender model. It is a story about Rick Forrester living in a fool’s paradise. He will call it “Ignorance is Bliss even if it Makes a Man a Miss.” They all sigh over the title. Liam will quit if he uses that. Bill has copyrighters to make a title. The story is gold. Katie doesn’t think that it will just embarrass Rick. They are talking public humiliation of both Rick and Maya. Wyatt points out that Rick would have to find out about Maya sooner or later. Bill thinks that he is absolutely right. He doesn’t want this getting to their competitors because they will run with it. They will be first out of the gate. It will be the biggest fashion story of the year. Rick Forrester is getting a big surprise.

Ridge and Carter go into Rick’s office. Ridge cannot believe that she opened up to Wyatt. Carter had no idea that she was that naive. He can’t even imagine what kind of damage she has caused. He asks if Ridge has any predictions. Ridge has a feeling that things are about to explode around here.

Wyatt is in Ridge’s office and is working on a gold necklace. Nicole knocks on the door and he tells her to come in. Nicole was hoping that she would find him. She asks if he has a minute. Wyatt wonders what is up. Nicole does not want to feel this way and she is sorry if she is wrong but she thinks that she messed up. Wyatt asks what she means. Nicole means by telling him. Wyatt wonders if she means about the Maya thing. Nicole really likes him. So much so that she didn’t even think about what his last name means. Wyatt asks what about it. Nicole knows that he is the son of a powerful media giant always looking for the scoop on people. Wyatt explains that he works here. He does the PR and does jewelry here. Nicole wants to know if he told his father.

Katie thinks that there are so many reasons why this is wrong. The first thing being that Nicole told Wyatt this in confidence. Bill is pretty sure that she was supposed to keep that secret in confidence. Bill says shame on her she should have known better. Liam doesn’t think that throwing Maya under the bus will get Rick out of his CEO chair. It just makes them Spencer look like bullies. Bill is going to school him on people. There is nothing more profiling than humiliation. Katie can’t believe that he thinks that. Bill believes it because it is true. He has made an enormous amount of money on that premise. A premise on which this industry has been built and thrived on. Katie wants to remind him that this is about her family. Rick is her nephew. This could be dangerous for both Rick and Maya. There are crazies out there. Liam thinks that she is right. He thinks that Bill should read his own newspaper. Transgender people are murdered all the time for no other reason at all than existing. Liam is not throwing in the towel but this is the wrong chess move. Katie agrees. This is Maya’s story to tell and Rick does not need to hear about this from Spencer Publications. Katie asks Bill if they are clear. Bill says crystal clear. Katie tells Liam that she doesn’t even know what to do about this situation. Bill looks at the cover with Maya on it.

Rick asks what he should do. Maya suggests that he make them some dinner. Rick explains that would mean her not being in his arms. Maya doesn’t want him to ever do that. Rick is never letting go of her. She will always have his support. Nobody believes in them. He trusts their relationship. Maya does too. Rick doesn’t think that she has any idea about how much she has touched his life. She has been a constant source of commitment and strength. She has brought sanity to this crazy world. She has also brought commitment that he has craved his entire life. He loves her. Maya loves him too. She wants to live up to that and never wants to hurt him. She is so proud of everything they have built together. She never wants anything to change. No matter what she needs him to know how beautiful he makes her feel. He has made her feel loved like no man has ever done before. Rick gives her his vow to always make her feel that way. For years and years to come. Rick kisses Maya.

Bill continues to look at the magazine cover. He calls someone up and tells someone to drop what they are doing and run. He has a story that is huge and will ruin Rick Forrester and shock people. It is huge.

Maya hugs Rick and looks scared.

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