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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 5/11/15


Written By Anthony
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Nicole walks into Ridge’s office and she says hello to Carter who is sitting at Ridge’s desk. Carter tells her that if she is looking for Wyatt he hasn’t seen him. Nicole doesn’t say anything. Carter assumes that means that after one ride in the Spencer jet and she is over it. Nicole is not over Wyatt. She just told him something and she isn’t sure if she should have.

Wyatt explains that they have what they need now. A bombshell so huge. Liam demands that he tell him already. Wyatt says that he took a gamble. He mentioned to Nicole that he overheard her and Maya talking the other day. Liam is shocked that he admitted that. Wyatt tells him that he did. He explains that he thought it was Rick at first but Liam is not even going to believe it. Liam wants to know what the secret is. Liam asks if she is an alien from another galaxy or something. He wants to know what Maya did that Rick is going to pay for.

Rick asks Maya exactly how she knows her friend Nick. Maya already told him. Nick is her friend from when she first moved to LA. Nick explains that they have a lot in common. A lot more than people would think. Rick is glad. Any friend of Maya is allowed at the house anytime she wants. Nick has heard of the Forrester Estate. Maya still cannot believe that she is living there or that she has such a wonderful man. Rick asks if Maya told him how they met. Rick feels that Maya has changed his life. He has learned to trust again thanks to her.

Ridge really doesn’t understand Brooke. She is claiming that Rick is going to be hurt but then send Rick out into a disaster without any help. Brooke was very firm with Maya. She has to tell Rick about her past before he proposes to her. Ridge knows that this is going to hit Rick like nothing ever has. Brooke doubts it. Ridge has done nothing the past few months but try to undermine Rick’s position as CEO. Brooke cannot actually believe that Ridge cares what happens to Rick. Ridge guesses that she is right. He should just watch Rick get what is coming to him. Ridge probably would if he wasn’t so important to Brooke. Brooke doesn’t think that there is anything that Rick could have done to him. Ridge thinks that he was supposed to be CEO like his father. Brooke knows that Stephanie always told him that he would be. Ridge doesn’t know why she is bringing up his mother. This has to do with her son who has complete control of the company. Brooke knows that Rick had no choice but to get complete control otherwise Ridge would spend every other moment of the day trying to bring him down. Ridge feels that is the irony. It isn’t the man that he trusted least who will bring him down. It will be the woman he trusted most.

Rick tells Maya that he has to handle something otherwise they are going to be interrupted tonight. He won’t have anything interrupt them tonight. Rick tells Nick that it is nice to meet him. Rick leaves. Nick says that he is a nice guy and he can see why Maya would fall for him. Maya feels that honestly she doesn’t know what she would do if she lost Rick. Nick doesn’t think she would. Especially if he is as loving and understanding as she says. Still though if Rick does propose tonight and she tells him everything even the most enlightened person can be turned off. He asks if Maya remembers Roberta from the support group. She was alone and told her boyfriend. He freaked out and beat her severally. Maya knows. Maya doesn’t think that Rick is like that. Maya will make him understand. She knows he will. So long as he hears about her past from her and no one else.

Wyatt tells Liam that his line about Maya being an alien will not be that crazy. Rick will not even know what hit him when he finds out. Liam asks what he is trying to say. Liam wonders if she stole someone’s identity. Wyatt says no. She just changed her own in a major way. Maya was originally Myron. She is transgender. Liam looks shocked.

Ridge does not want Brooke to get the wrong impression. He isn’t going after Maya because she is transgender. She has gone from one thing to another and he can’t even think about that. The fact is though that Maya doesn’t think that Rick will have a problem with this when a couple of kisses with Caroline sent him over the deep end. Brooke feels that it is different. The person who kissed his wife is… Ridge knows that he hates him. He thinks that he hurt Brooke all his life. Brooke knows that Rick sees Maya differently. Ridge knows that Rick sees what he wants to see and what he wants others to see. Ridge thinks that Rick is finally going to get his come upends.

Maya takes a sip of a drink and thinks about when Carter was yelling at her to tell him. Then when Nicole told her not to tell because of Wyatt. Then when Brooke tried to get her to tell him earlier that day. Rick walks outside and Maya asks if the problem is solved. Rick says that it is. Maya wonders if he is sure. She asks what if one of his other family members is up there already. Rick wouldn’t leave that to chance. This is going to be like a night they have never shared so they better get going. Destiny awaits.

Nicole knows what Carter is thinking. That she only likes Wyatt because he is a Spencer but there is more to it. Nicole thinks that Wyatt is easy to talk to and he doesn’t judge. Nicole thinks that it could really work out for them. If they get the chance. Carter wants to know why they wouldn’t get the chance. Nicole explains that Maya is pretty sure that Rick is going to propose tonight. If she does then she plans to tell him that she is transgender. Carter assumes that she means that things could change in a big way for the Avant sisters. Nicole is no gold digger and neither is Maya. Wyatt could be her Rick though. Nicole is holding these huge secrets even though they aren’t about her. Carter hopes that this isn’t going where he thinks that it is. Nicole was over at Wyatt’s and he could see that something was wrong. Carter asks if she told him. Nicole shakes her head. Carter cannot believe this.

Liam thinks that is funny. Wyatt is being serious. This is what Maya has been keeping from Rick all this time. Liam asks if Nicole really told him this. Wyatt confirms that she did. She must have been tired of keeping it a secret and he was there. Wyatt feels really bad about Nicole. Liam wonders if it is enough to not use the information against Rick after all.

Brooke wants Ridge to be honest. She thinks that Ridge wants Rick to fall really bad. Ridge feels that if that were true then he would have told the moment that Carter told him about Maya. Ridge doesn’t think that any of this is his fault. Brooke doesn’t agree. He is the one who broke up his marriage and pushed him to Maya. Ridge does think that is true. Brooke knows that Rick and Caroline would still be married if Ridge didn’t make a play for Caroline. Ridge didn’t make any more of a play for Caroline just like she didn’t with Katie’s husband all those months ago. Ridge tells her that if he needs to use him as a way to justify Rick’s behavior than she can go ahead. Brooke knows that Forrester is the envy of all fashion houses. Ridge asks if she doesn’t think that the other fashion houses wouldn’t love to watch them drown in controversy. Brooke doesn’t think that this has to be anything other than a person issue. Ridge knows that but if the press found out they would go crazy. Too many people already know. He gets a text and has to go elsewhere. Brooke wants him to promise that he won’t say anything to Rick. This is for Maya to do. She has to tell him the truth. Ridge walks out.

Nicole doesn’t want Carter to freak out. Carter wants to know then if she told Wyatt. Carter asks if she has any idea what she has done. Nicole wants him to chill. Carter thinks that the rest of the Spencer’s will find out. Nicole does not think that Wyatt is like that. Carter can’t believe that she is that naive. His family owns a publishing empire. Writing stories is how they made their billions and now Wyatt knows too. Nicole asks if he also told someone about Maya’s past.

Wyatt does feel bad for Nicole but he is not an idiot. He isn’t going to let Rick off the hook. Liam is glad because everyone at Forrester has suffered enough. They have to restore some sanity around there. Liam asks how though. He agrees that Maya is just as insufferable but private business is private business. Liam wants to know how he got Nicole to open up about this. Wyatt already told him. He rolled the dice. He revealed what he had already heard hoping that Nicole would tell him the rest. It took a little encouragement but they need to use what they know now to take down Rick for good. Liam looks uncomfortable.

Carter doesn’t think that what he has or hasn’t done is the issue. It is what Wyatt will do. Nicole told him that he couldn’t tell anyone. Carter can already tell that she is second guessing herself. Nicole is but not because she doesn’t trust Wyatt but because she gave Maya her word that she wouldn’t say anything. Carter knows that she has now. Nicole knows she is some little sister. Carter always felt that Maya should have told Rick long ago. She was adamant about waiting which was already risky but now she has to worry about who will tell him first.

Wyatt thinks that it is all about Rick’s arrogance. He has been building Forrester’s entire image around Maya and when this all comes out… Liam just thinks that this seems really private. Wyatt is not after Maya. This is about Rick. They have been talking about finally getting him out as CEO of Forrester. This is their chance to take Rick down. This isn’t how he wanted it to go but he cannot back down now.

Ridge walks back into Rick’s office. Brooke wants to know where he was. Ridge was out running to Big Bear checking on Maya and Rick. Ridge wants to know what Brooke’s plan B is. Brooke thinks that Maya owes it to her son to tell him the truth before he proposes. Whatever happens after that will be up to Rick.

Rick walks into the cabin and says that it is chilly. Maya walks in after him and she is shocked at the place. Maya asks who built the fire. Rick phoned the caretaker and told him that they were on their way up. Nicole and Rick kiss. Maya thinks that this is beautiful. It is peaceful and quite. Like their own little world. Rick agrees. No distractions or hassles behind them. Just a few dozen bears outside. He is kidding. Maya thinks that he is already relaxed. Maya knows that people never believed that they would make it. He has had to defend her to everyone. Rick is done defending her and their future. Maya believes that whatever happens that they can overcome anything. Never lose sight about how much they love each other. No matter what. Rick hugs her.

Wyatt thinks that Maya’s secret could take down Rick. Liam points out it could ruin her life.

Maya and Rick continue to hug. Maya smiles but looks unsure of herself.

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