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Written By Anthony
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Ridge asks if Rick really wants him to respect his girlfriend. The woman behind the man. Ridge will do it. Consider him team Maya from now on. Rick is waiting for the punchline. Ridge isn’t joking. Maya clearly gives him something that he has never had and he finds it difficult to see him with any other woman at this point. It almost seems as if someone made her just for him.

Maya will tell Rick when she is ready. Brooke informs her that she will tell Rick today. If Rick proposes then Maya agrees that she will tell Rick today. Brooke thinks that this has gone on long enough. Rick deserves to know the truth. That Maya used to be Myron.

Ivy and Liam kiss passionately in his office. Ivy really should get going. Liam thinks that she just got here. Ivy knows but Rick told her that he wants the jewelry reports in his hand before he leaves for Big Bear or else. Liam wants to know what or else means. Ivy says that she should show him the email. Liam wants her to do the report with a smile because this will be the last. Wyatt is with Nicole right now. Once he finds out what Maya’s secret is Rick is going down.

Nicole and Wyatt walk onto Wyatt’s porch. Nicole told him that she would win. Wyatt claims that he let her win. He let her build up her confidence by making it look like she is great and he sucks and then boom. Nicole suggests that he not tell the victim his intended plan next time. Wyatt laughs. He guesses that she is right. The way he sees it though there is something about her. It is telling him that he can trust her. He just looks into her eyes and it looks like he can tell her anything.

Ivy asks if he is being serious. Liam explains that Wyatt is going to find out today. Ivy sighs. She does not like the idea of using Nicole. Liam knows that Wyatt legitimately loves her but he has got to find out what she knows about Maya. They need to get Rick kicked out as CEO. Wyatt has to do this.

Wyatt hands Nicole a margarita. Nicole thanks him and she starts to dance. Nicole wants to know how Wyatt can hear this music and not move. Wyatt says fine he will try to dance. He claims that he is going to shopping cart it. He starts imitating a person going shopping and explaining what he is doing. Wyatt asks if she is happy how. Nicole is much happier. Nicole tells Wyatt that he has the same effect on her that she has on him. Wyatt guesses that it is nice to know someone and not have to hide anything from them.

Rick tells Ridge that not that it is any of his business but he does plan to propose to Maya up in Big Bear. If Ridge thinks that he gets a little pissed off when he makes fun of his girlfriend just wait how he reacts when he makes fun of his wife. Ridge does not need to be making disparaging marks about the Forrester Matriarch.

Maya informs Brooke that this is an extremely emotional and private part of her past. She will only share it when she is ready to share it. Rick will know. Maya is not going to marry him until he does. It is her life and her body. She is asking Brooke to respect her wishes on who she is. Brooke looks at her very annoyed.

Liam is on his phone. Ivy wonders if he got a text from Wyatt. Liam tells her that it is Caroline. She is thinking of coming home soon. Liam really wants to get Rick out of his position before she comes back. He feels like that is the reason that she went away for so long. Ivy can’t agree more. All he did around her was flaunt his relationship with Maya in front of her face. Liam thinks that, that right there is why they have to use Maya’s secret to get Rick out.

Wyatt wonders if Nicole is ok. Nicole says that she is. She just knows that they have talked about secrets before. Wyatt asks if she means about him finding out about his father. Wyatt remembers that Nicole didn’t respond with a secret back. Nicole knows and she feels bad. Wyatt is glad because she should. Wyatt doesn’t want her to tell him anything that she is not comfortable with. Nicole doesn’t even think that it is about that. It is Maya. Maya explains that there is something that nobody knows. She is worried that someone will find out. Especially Rick. If he finds out the truth she does not know what will happen.

Brooke thinks that Maya is trying to control Rick. The way that he sees her. There are lies of admission. She should know that because that is how Rick is going to see this. Maya guesses that they will find out soon. Rick is taking her to Big Bear. Brooke asks if she knows why he is taking her up there. He plans to propose. Maya says that if that is true then Brooke doesn’t have anything to worry about. It is all going to come out tonight. She is the woman that Rick deserves. She loves him. She supports him. Maya is the woman that Brooke has wanted for her son. Brooke feels that if she really believes that then Maya would tell him. It is up to Rick. Maya owes it to herself and it would be the right thing to do. She wonders if it would be better to have a proposal from a man who knew her and accepted her for all that she is. Brooke begs that she just tell him before he pulls out that ring. Before he asks her to be his wife.

Ridge guesses that Rick has a trip to plan. He walks towards the door and Brooke walks in. He says hi to her. Ridge asks if she has heard about this. Rick is planning a trip up to Big Bear to propose to Maya. He wants to make her the new Forrester Matriarch. Rick thinks that Brooke is happy that he has found a woman that he can trust. Ridge tells Brooke that if she isn’t happy with this that this is the time that she should say something.

Maya is on the sky lounge and she is hugging someone named Nick. She thanks him for being here. He tells her of course. He hasn’t heard from her in ages. Maya knows. Nick knows that she has been busy and he is not offended. Maya needed to call him. No one understands her like he does. Nick asks what is going on. Maya wants to know when he told Chris. She means how far into their relationship. Nick explains it was the third date. They were taking things to the next level. He asks if Rick knows about her. Maya shakes her head no. Nick tells her that it is ok. There is no mandatory timeline. Maya has given herself one. If he proposes then she wants to tell him. He thinks that is a good idea. Maya explains that his mother knows and she is pressuring her to tell Rick sooner. Maya is just confused now. She thinks that the proposal is going to come soon. He is going to tonight. He asks if she is ready for that. Maya shakes her head yes. Maya is. She is ready to spend the rest of her life with Rick. Nick can tell that she is nervous.

Wyatt wonders if Rick even knows about the secret. Nicole says no but she plans to tell him soon. It could seriously change things. She wouldn’t be surprised if Rick leaves her over it. Wyatt seems a little shocked to hear this. He guesses that it is a big secret. Nicole knows that nothing at Forrester will be the same. Wyatt guesses that is what he overheard. Nicole turns around and asks what he means by overheard. The other day at the office he overheard her and Maya talking. It was none of his business so he didn’t say anything and just backed away. Obviously he shouldn’t have. This is about her and Maya. He could have helped. He has to be honest. He doesn’t want to back away again. If she needs to tell someone then she can tell him. He can tell that it is weighing on her. He thinks that she would feel better if she did tell her anything that Maya has done. They are clearly two completely different woman. Nicole agrees that they certainly are. If Nicole wants Wyatt to say something he can. Nicole doesn’t want him to say anything. He can’t. Wyatt says ok. Nicole can’t have this getting out there at Forrester. Wyatt promises that no one at Forrester will hear this from him. Nicole explains that she was just talking about him to Maya about this situation. How it shouldn’t make any difference to him. Wyatt just hopes that by telling him it gives her peace. That is all that he cares about. Nicole takes a deep breath and tells Wyatt that her real name was Myron. Wyatt says what. Nicole tells him that she is her brother or she was. Maya is transgender.

Rick leaves his office. Ridge asks if Brooke is really going to let her son propose without knowing everything about Maya. Brooke says no. Brooke isn’t going to do that. He needs to be told but she can’t do that. Brooke just spoke with Maya and she said that she would tell her. Before he proposes. If she doesn’t then Maya will have to answer to her.

Maya knew that his day would come and she is actually relieved. She thinks that Rick knowing will be a good thing. Maya thinks that he will understand. Nick asks if she wants him to be there when she tells him. Maya would rather be alone when Rick proposes. Nick wonders though if that is a good idea. Maya appreciates him worrying but she will be fine. Maya doesn’t think that Rick would react badly. He would never hurt her. Rick walks out all happy. He says hello and Maya gets up and kisses him. Maya tells Rick that she would like him to meet Nick. He is the first person that she got to know when she moved to LA. Rick shakes his hand. Nick tells her that he is a lucky guy. Rick knows. Rick has a few things to wrap up and then they can go. If she is ready. Maya is more than ready. Rick tells Nick that they have big plans. They are going to be together the rest of their lives. Rick kisses her and hugs her. Maya smiles and Nick does as well.

Wyatt is speechless. She asks if he understands now why she has been freaking out. Nicole knew that she shouldn’t have told him. Wyatt tells her it is ok. He thanks her for trusting him with this. Nicole is worried about how Rick will act. She wonders if he will walk away from her because he is the CEO of Forrester Creations. At first she thought that she should tell him because he had to know. The more she thought about it though. Maya is so happy living the dream. It could all go away if Rick finds out. Then there is the two of them. Nicole likes where they have been heading. Nicole asks if this changes things for him. Knowing that she and Maya could get kicked out of Forrester Creations. Wyatt says no. He is shocked. Nicole can tell that his head is spinning. Nicole gets a text. She tells Wyatt to not tell anyone please. Nicole asks if he would be mad if she bales. Wyatt says no but it feels like they have a lot to talk about. Wyatt thanks her for telling him but he can’t promise her that with a secret that big. He will be there for her no matter what though. Nicole thanks him. Nicole leaves. Wyatt puts his mouth of his face. He thinks about what he is going to do. Liam walks in and sees that Nicole just walked out. He asks if Nicole told him. Wyatt tells him that he is not going to believe this. Wyatt feels really bad but this is huge. Wyatt wants the whole Eye on Fashion media team fired up. He has the secret. He is going to blow Rick sky high because a scandal like this Liam can’t even imagine.

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