B&B Thursday Update 5/7/15

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 5/7/15


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge asks Brooke in his office if Rick still doesn’t know. Brooke confirms that Rick is still in the dark about this. She wants to know why she has let this go on so long and why she would do this after moving in with him. Brooke was going to ask her these questions but when she got to the photo studio Maya was looking at pictures of herself. She just couldn’t find it in her to ask her. She saw the truth though. Maya is transgender.

Maya is sipping a cup of coffee at the conference table in Rick’s office. Nicole walks in and notes that she is still not wearing an engagement ring. Nicole asks how close she thinks that Rick is to proposing to her. Maya doesn’t say anything. Nicole wonders if Maya said anything. Maya didn’t tell him and she thinks that Rick is going to propose soon. Nicole tells her that when he does do it that she shouldn’t tell him because there is no reason for him to ever know. Rick asks what he is supposed to ever know as he walks into his office. Maya gives Nicole a look of annoyance and Nicole looks scared.

Liam takes a sip of coffee. He is in Wyatt’s living room eating breakfast with him. Liam doesn’t know what the secret is but he is going to find out. Wyatt reminds him though that they were so sure it was about Rick but it is about Maya. Liam still thinks that it could be big enough to get Rick out as CEO. Wyatt agrees that they have to find out what it is. Liam wants Wyatt to get a move on it when it comes to finding out. He thinks that it would be great to get Rick kicked out as CEO before Caroline even comes back from New York. Wyatt is trying his best and working his magic. He will get it out of her. Liam asks when is the next time he plans to see her. Wyatt isn’t sure but he can see her today maybe. He will text her. Liam looks annoyed with him. He cannot believe that this is his way of working his magic. Wyatt is going to have to call her because that is the only way that he is going to get her down here.

Maya quickly stands up and rushes over to kiss Rick good morning. Rick turns to Nicole and notices that she seemed upset just now. Rick thought he heard her saying that she doesn’t want someone to know something. He hopes that she isn’t talking about him. Nicole meant their father. Rick finds it interesting that they are keeping secrets from their parents. Nicole reminds him that he wanted them to bond. Rick agrees. He did indeed say that. Rick is glad that they are getting along. He warns them to be careful though. Parents always have a way of finding things out. He knows that from personal experience. Somehow his mom always found out his secrets.

Brooke wants to know why Ridge is not more shocked about this. She doesn’t understand why he isn’t. Ridge can’t even wrap his head around it. He guesses that people do what they have to do to be at peace with themselves. Brooke still thinks that is a pretty big omission when you are sharing your life with someone. She wants to know how Maya can lead him on this way. Brooke wonders how anyone could do that with integrity. Ridge thinks that has to do with the Rick’s compulsion to do things that will impress others. Ridge thinks that this is a disaster in the making but not because of Maya or maybe it is because of Maya but it is because of Rick. His head is going to explode and then what will happen to all of them. This wouldn’t be happening if Ridge were running the company. Brooke doesn’t want to hear it. This is on Maya. Brooke was too upset to talk to her last night but today she will listen to her.

Liam picks up Wyatt’s phone and tells him to call. Wyatt wants Liam to chill because he will. Liam is sure that Nicole will take some time for him after being in a private jet. Wyatt grabs the phone and dials. Liam asks if he is feeling guilty. Wyatt says no but that he is taking a big risk. He has to make sure that everything he does is right. Liam tells him to do everything right then. The whole date with dinner and candles. Wyatt thinks that he is worse than Bill. Liam has a look of offence on his face. Wyatt calls Nicole…

In Rick’s office Nicole’s phone rings. She goes over and picks it up. She says hello to Wyatt. Wyatt asks how soon she can get down to his house. Nicole explains that she is at Forrester right now. She wonders if he is in his office. Wyatt is working from home and by that he means surfing. Wyatt asks if she wants to go with him. Nicole wouldn’t go anywhere near sharks but she will put on a bikini and watch him. Wyatt offers to play volley ball with her then. Nicole thinks that is cool. That is if he doesn’t mind losing to her. She tells him that he will see her soon. Nicole hangs up. Rick asks Nicole if he just heard that Wyatt was surfing right now. Nicole says no. He is sorting jewelry and working and whatever else he does. Nicole asks if she can borrow a swim suit from down stairs. Rick and Maya laugh. Rick gives her the ok to do so. He didn’t realize that she was friends with Wyatt.

Wyatt goes outside and starts to wax his surf board. Liam asks if she is coming over. Wyatt confirms this. Liam reminds him to do whatever it takes because she knows something. He just has to find out what it is.

Ridge tells Brooke that he is sorry. That sounded like he was defending Maya. He really doesn’t care for her at all. Ridge offers to help Brooke talk to her if she wants. Brooke doesn’t want him to help her. He always has an agenda when it comes to Rick. Ridge knows though that she doesn’t know what to say when it comes to Maya. Brooke is not being judgmental. She cannot say that she fully understand her but she can understand that it must be difficult to not be comfortable with the body you are born with. Brooke knows though that Rick loves her. She should have told him a long time ago. Now Brooke is just worried about how he is going to react. Ridge wants to know the odds that Rick will not have a problem with any of this. Brooke knows that he is going to have a huge problem with the fact that she kept it from him. He knows how Rick doesn’t like secrets. He thought that Maya was being honest with him. He has a ring and he plans to propose. Maybe even tonight.

Rick offers Nicole the house while he and Maya are out. Nicole has permission to throw an epic party just make sure that there is no trace of it when he gets home with Maya. Rick asks if Maya told Nicole about their plans. Nicole knows that they are going to Big Bear. She wonders if his family owns a cabin up there. Rick says yes and offers the place to her anytime. Anytime but tonight. Nicole wouldn’t dream of crashing it. She wouldn’t want anything interfering with her romantic getaway. Rick has a quick meeting. He asks if Maya is all packed. Maya says that she is. Rick is glad. It will be a trip to remember. He kisses her on the cheek. Rick tells Nicole that he wants to hear all about the party. He leaves. Nicole feels that Rick is totally proposing tonight. Nicole does not want her to ruin it. She shouldn’t tell him. Nicole doesn’t care if he puts a ring on her finger or not. If she wants to call him husband one day then Maya cannot say a word. Maya decides that she is going to tell Rick. Nicole doesn’t think that she has to. Maya gets a text from Brooke. She thinks that is strange she wants to see her. Maya wonders if she knows. Nicole asks what she means. Maya means that Rick is going to propose. Maya cannot believe that Brooke Logan will be her mother in law. Nicole feels the only way that is going to happen is if she doesn’t get caught. Maya has a great thing going here and Nicole does not want her to jeopardize it. At least not now. Maya reminds her that she has been dating Rick for months. Nicole only just got here. She wants a chance to have some fun before things get complicated. She just started seeing Wyatt and what will happen with that if her relationship goes boom. If Maya is right then Rick won’t care about what her birth certificate said a long time ago.

Liam wants him to remember the goal. The goal is to get her to spill the secret. Wyatt feels that the goal is to get her to trust him enough to spill the secret. Liam does not think that they have months to figure this out so he better not stop pushing and he better not back down. Liam asks if she opened up to him before. Wyatt thinks that she did. Liam tells him to practice on him. Wyatt thinks he is crazy. Liam wants him to think that he is the most important woman in the world. Wyatt thinks this is stupid. Liam wants him to call when he knows something. Wyatt tells him to get out of here because he has this. Today will be the day though that they find out Maya’s secret.

Maya walks into Ridge’s office to find Brooke. She got her text. Brooke hopes that she is not pulling her away from anything. Maya feels that when her man’s mother calls she comes running. Brooke claims to have been the same way with Stephanie. Brooke would do anything to please her so she would know that Brooke was the right woman for her son. Maya thinks that being compared to her right now is the best compliment that she has received all week. Brooke however didn’t understand why she was so fiercely protective over Ridge. Maya assumes that she gets it now that she is a mother. Brooke does understand it now. She is very protective of her children maybe even more so than Stephanie. Brooke knows that maybe her children didn’t have the best of childhoods but that doesn’t mean she won’t give them great lives as adults. That means that she plans to look into their partners as adults. She wants to make sure that they are happy and appreciated. Maya tells her that she can feel good. Rick has that. Brooke explains that Rick has been fooled before. Amber and Caroline would say things that he wanted to hear but in reality they were deceiving him. They were practically lying right through their teeth. Maya thinks that is why she is different with Rick. Brooke assumes that is because she has a relationship with Rick based on honesty. Maya assures Brooke that Rick has finally found a woman that he can trust. Brooke says that is very reassuring… Myron. Maya looks terrified.

Nicole knocks on Wyatt’s door and he goes to get it. Nicole walks in. She wants to know how he ever gets used to this. Wyatt asks if she means living at the beach. Nicole doesn’t want him to get it wrong living at the Forrester Mansion is amazing. She wouldn’t mind though to have sand at her door step. The view, the ocean, Malibu. Nicole takes off the shirt she is wearing and asks how he likes her swimsuit. Wyatt thinks that it is very nice. Nicole explains that she kind of sort of borrowed it from the Forrester vault. Wyatt tells her that her secret is safe with him.

Ridge is sitting on Rick’s desk. Rick walks in. He asks if they had an appointment. Ridge wonders if he knows what he likes about him. Absolutely nothing. Rick is serious right now. He doesn’t have a lot of time. He is leaving with Maya. Ridge is glad he will take care of things while he is gone. Rick thinks that as tempting as that is he will just run things remotely. Ridge always thought of Maya as a sitting by the pool sipping margaritas kind of chick. Rick asks if that is how he refers to their lead model. The CEO’s girlfriend. Ridge just assumes that is the kind of girl that she is. Ridge asks what he is supposed to call her. Rick tells him to call her Misses Forrester. That is what she will be someday. Maya is an honest caring beautiful woman. She deserves respect so he better start giving it.

Maya doesn’t know what she has heard. Brooke tells her that Rick is being deceived. The woman that he put his trust in. The woman that was so honest with him. Isn’t a woman after all. Maya is a woman. There is nothing that she can say that will make her feel ashamed. Brooke is not trying to make her feel ashamed. She cares about her son and this whole persona is a lie. She is lead model and possibly future matriarch. Brooke wonders if she really thought that her son would have gone this far had he known the truth. Maya does. She believes so. Rick cares about her. How she supports and loves him. That has nothing to do with how she was born. Brooke tells her that Rick has revolved his whole life around a person that he does not even know. Maya thinks that he does know and what he doesn’t know she will tell him. Brooke asks when. Will it be when he is walking down the aisle and he is in to far that he cannot even get out. Brooke has been watching her. She has been planning everything perfectly. Brooke is sure that she has her sweet little speech about how it doesn’t matter. She is the same loving woman. It does matter though because she has been dishonest with Rick. Just like Amber and Caroline. Maya wants to know who told her this. Brooke says Ridge. Maya is freaked out that Ridge knows. Brooke tells her that her son is going to know very soon. Maya wants to be the one to tell him. That has always been her intention. Brooke asks when. She should have told him when she first started dating him. Rick deserves to know the truth. She should have told him when he invited her into his house to stay there. When he made her head model at Forrester Creations. She could have told him all those times. Maya knows that may be true but that is for her to decide and no one else. Maya doesn’t think that it is as easy as Brooke seems to think that it is. Maya is not Myron and she never really was. She is self-supporting and no one really needs to know besides her doctor. The way that she is talking to her. She would not have said this stuff yesterday. She finds out though and decides that she is lower than life. Maya has thought long and hard before deciding to bring this kind of treatment into her life. Brooke thinks that to hear her rationalize about all of this she is sure that Maya has thought long and hard. Brooke tells her that she needs to tell her son the truth. Maya confirms that has always been her plan. She was not going to marry Rick without telling him the truth. So she can just get that out of her head. If he proposes then she will not accept until he accepts her. All of her. Brooke asks if she knows that Rick plans to propose to her. Maya has been suspecting. If that is what he does then she will tell him. Brooke says no. She is going to tell him before he proposes. She is not going to humiliate her son like that. Maya cannot believe she is saying this and wants to know what she is talking about. He is not going to be told with his ring in his hand. She will not treat him like that. She is going to tell him the truth and she is going to tell him today. Maya is going to tell him that she is transgender. If she doesn’t then she will. Maya looks scared and unsure of what to do.

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