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Brooke guesses that Ridge will say anything against Rick. Ridge asks if she really thinks that he is making this up. Eric knows that he has issues with Rick but he can’t be spreading rumors about Maya. Ridge isn’t doing that. Ridge once again tells them that the woman that Rick trusts so much had a boy’s name at birth.

Oliver takes a bunch of pictures of Nicole. She is jumping all over the place and smiling and tossing her hair. Maya walks in. Nicole asks how she is doing. Oliver tries to explain to her again that she has to hold a pose for a few minutes. Nicole thinks that is boring. Oliver knows that it might be for her but that is how it is done. The camera takes better pictures if she is still. Maya asks if she can show her a trick. Oliver says yes. Maya gets in front of the camera and counts to five and then changes her pose. She continues to do this. Nicole doesn’t seem impressed by this tip. She asks Oliver who she calls Olly if she can do it again. She thinks that it is so cute that they are Olly and Aly. Nicole starts posing like Maya told her to do and it seems to be working a little bit better.

Rick holds out the engagement ring in his office. Someone knocks on the door and he asks for them to come in. Carter walks in and Rick asks him to shut the door. Carter explains that he updated the model contract. It was much too large for the girls before. Carter wonders if he wants to look it over. Rick does but he has something more important to talk about. It is something that he can only talk to him about. He knows that they are not exactly buddies. Carter reminds him that he works for him. Rick says that they have a lot of things in common though. Most importantly Maya. Carter thinks that he knows what this is about. Rick will get right down to it then. He proposed to Maya at one time. He wants to know how she reacted. Carter says that she was happy. It didn’t push her to start a conversation that she has been putting off though. Rick asks what type of conversation. Carter says nothing. Nothing changed. Carter asks if Maya has ever pressured him into marrying her. Carter didn’t think so. Rick wonders if Maya is afraid of marriage. Carter asks if he is getting ready to propose to Maya.

Maya tells Nicole to put her chin down but not so far. She tells her to smile without teeth and then with teeth. Oliver thinks that this is going well. Nicole wonders why she has never coached her like this before. Maya knows that Nicole doesn’t like being told what to do. Nicole thought that all a model had to do is stand. She doesn’t know how she was supposed to know the difference. Maya explains that Oliver did try to help her but she didn’t want to listen. Maya asks if she can get some pictures of her hands taken. Wyatt wants her to be a jewelry model but the camera makes things look so different. Oliver starts taking pictures of them

Brooke wants to know how Ridge could be so sure about this. Ridge explains that Carter told him. Brooke doesn’t think that makes any sense. Eric feels that it does. Carter was engaged to Maya. Brooke thinks that it is strange that Carter would do something like this but Rick wouldn’t seeing that he is living with Maya. Ridge tells her that Carter didn’t know when he was with Maya. Eric asks how he knows now. Ridge says that Carter forced it out of her. Eric wonders if they are sure that Rick doesn’t know this. Ridge wants to know what is next. Someone has to tell him. Brooke and Eric look at each other in shock.

Oliver shows Nicole the pictures that he took. He asks her if they look better than the first set that he took. Maya thinks so. Nicole thinks that her hands look a lot better on screen than they do at the end of her arms. Maya says that it is all about the lighting. Nicole guesses that she will have to start paying more attention to her nails. Maya asks Oliver if he has any close ups of bracelets. Oliver will go get them. Nicole asks if she is her chaperone. Maya wonders if she is being over baring. Nicole thinks that it is nice. She wonders if Rick doesn’t need her right now though. Maya needed to step away for a little bit. Nicole asks if they are fighting. Maya doesn’t think that they have ever had a fight. Nicole points out that he fights with everyone else. Maya is sure that a time will come. Nicole thinks that there is a way to avoid it. Maya explains that things are changing. She thinks that he is going to ask her to marry him. Nicole looks shocked.

Rick says that if he were proposing to Maya and if they could pretend for a minute that they were actually friends. He wants to know if Carter would have any advice for him. Carter knows that he is asking if Maya is afraid of marriage. He thinks that like most people she is and she isn’t. Rick asks if she ever talked about what kind of a marriage she wanted. Carter starts to laugh. He could never get her to talk about it. That should have been the first clue. Rick guesses that he is asking if he thinks that it would be a mistake to ask Maya. Carter doesn’t think it would be a mistake if he does love her.

Brooke cannot believe that Maya kept this a secret. Eric wants to make sure that they are certain this is true. Ridge says that it is. Ridge explains that she confessed to Carter. She would have at one point gone to a judge to get a legal name change. Eric doesn’t think that she would do that to keep it a secret. Eric doesn’t think that it is a secret to her. It must be more personal and private. Ridge wants to know what the difference is between something being private and a secret. Eric knows that she is a womanly woman and she isn’t hiding that from Rick. Brooke doesn’t care what secret it is. She is hiding something from the man she claims to love. Eric reminds Brooke that Maya is the most successful lead model that they have had since Brooke herself. A whole panel of doctors have signed off on her new identity. Ridge isn’t proposing that they go after her with torches and pitch forks but they have to protect this company. They can’t have the media having a circus. They just can’t do it. They also all know what is going to happen to Rick when he finds out. He is going to blow his top. It might not be a bad idea to ease him out of Forrester for a while so he can deal with this. Eric nods his head in agreement. Brooke cannot believe that Ridge is taking this as an opportunity. Ridge feels though that what they have found out about Maya is information that Rick is entitled to.

Rick knows that this conversation is awkward to say the least but he thanks Carter for humoring him. Carter doesn’t think that he was very helpful. Rick has one more thing. He can assume that Carter realizes that these questions weren’t hypothetical and he was indeed getting ready to take the plunge. He doesn’t know who else to ask this and he knows it is messed up but is Maya’s ring size a five. Carter says yes it is a five. That is what he remembers. Carter wonders if he is having any reservations about Maya. Rick isn’t. He just doesn’t want any rumors spreading. Carter is pretty sure that Rick can count on being surprised.

Nicole thinks that this is what Maya has been waiting and hoping for. Maya confirms it is, being Rick’s wife. She always dreamed about what he life could be. This perfect future that she was pretty sure that she couldn’t have and now all of sudden here it is. She just has to say yes. Nicole tells her not to screw it up then. Maya is already terrified. For the longest time she didn’t think that this thing had any bearing on their relationship. They were happy. Then when you wake up and don’t know what is going to become of you when you wake up with that fear every day. You just stop thinking about the future. You don’t plan. You don’t look ahead because you are so convinced that nothing good can be there. Maya says that now that her life has promise there is nothing more that she wants than a future she never thought she could have. She may have just qualified herself into thinking about something that will never come. Nicole thinks that life can be good. For both of them. Maya’s dream can come true. She deserves it. All she has to do is not say anything. Why does Rick need to know? Maya wishes that they lived in a world where it didn’t matter. Maya will be alright. They will both be alright.

Ridge guesses that the question is obvious. Which one of them is going to tell Rick? Eric thinks that the answer is equally obvious. Maya. Brooke says that she hasn’t told him. That is the problem. Eric tells Ridge that it isn’t going to Ridge. Ridge asks why not. Brooke knows that he will enjoy it too much. Ridge asks if they really think he would. Brooke is just glad he isn’t a petty person otherwise he would have told them already. Brooke says that Rick bought her a diamond ring. Whoever tells him has to be someone who loves him and knows how much it will hurt him. Brooke will do it. She will do it right after she pays a visit to Miss Maya Avant.

Nicole knows that she made Maya think that she was doing the wrong thing. The only reason she wanted to hurt her though was because she was hurt herself. Maya understands. Nicole says that she doesn’t have to worry about her saying anything because she never will. Maya believes her but Nicole is wrong. She brought something to her life that she didn’t know that she was hungry for. She never thought that she would have family again. That, that door was closed to her. Here Nicole is though. She is gorgeous, funny, and makes her life so much richer. Maya can’t talk to anyone the way that she talks to her. It is because they belong together. It is because they are blood and she loves her. Nicole loves her too and she just wants Maya to be happy. Maya promises her that she will be. She may lose Rick. She won’t lose her self-respect though. So long as she is the one that gets to tell Rick and no one else.

Brooke comes out of an elevator. Brooke runs into Maya. She wonders if he has seen Maya. Oliver tells her that she is in the studio.

Ridge walks into Rick’s office. He says that Donna said he wanted to see him. Rick tells him to close the door. Rick doesn’t really appreciate the way he handles things when he walked out of here. Rick reminds him that he told him to leave. Rick had his buttons pushed by him. Rick is about to become the happiest guy on the planet. They should figure out some sort of civilized working relationship. Rick is being generous here. Ridge is not optimistic. Rick wants him to try and apologize to Maya. Ridge won’t do that. Rick asks what his point is then. He wants to know what he is accusing her of. Ridge asks if he really wants to know. He would love to tell him.

Maya looks at herself in the mirror. Brooke walks in and Maya turns around. Brooke saw Oliver out in the hall and he said that she was waiting in here. Maya had something to show Nicole but she is off and running again. Brooke knows what that is like. She was like that as a girl and wonders if Maya was too. Maya was pretty single minded. Brooke can see that. Brooke assumes that she was a loner. Maya explains that sometimes it was by choice and sometimes not. Brooke knows some models like her. Her type. Maya asks what she means. Brooke explains that most models are exhibitionists. They like to be seen but there are some who are introverts. They hold themselves apart from the rest and sometimes you can be standing right next to them and not know the person that you are looking at. Brooke gets right in her face and whispers that she knows.

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