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Rick tells Ridge that he is pathetic. He can’t say anything against him so he talks negatively about Maya. Ridge is not saying anything bad about Maya. Ridge tries to tell him that he is being misled. Rick knows that he is and Ridge is the one doing it. Ridge really is trying to help him right now. As much as Ridge thinks that the way Rick treats people he deserves to be burnt he doesn’t deserve to be like this. Ridge knows how much Rick values Maya’s loyalty. She is the only one who he can trust. She is not who he thinks she is though.

Maya knows that her relationship with Rick has been a problem for Ridge. She knows that it hasn’t improved the situation and she feels badly about that. Eric feels that Maya has had a very positive affect on Rick and his self-esteem. Maya thanks him. Maya knows though that Rick doesn’t respect Ridge and Ridge knows it which doesn’t help anything. Brooke admits that they have a lot of resentment with Rick and Ridge. Eric thinks that it is infuriating. Maya knows that they want this to work out and so does she. Family relationships can have challenges. She knows that first hand now that her sister is in town.

Carter is in Ridge’s office and he thinks about what he just told Ridge about Maya being transgender and how it could affect the company. Nicole walks in and tells him to loosen his tie or maybe it is the suit that is making him look so serious. Carter doesn’t think that it is the suit. Nicole wants to know what is going on.

In Liam’s office Wyatt is standing by the door. Katie and Liam are also in the room. Bill walks in and is on the phone. He tells someone that he wanted copies of the pictures that were taken. Bill hangs up and tells them to bring him back up to speed. Liam says that they know that Maya has a secret. Katie points out that they still have no idea if it actually involves Forrester. Wyatt knows though that whatever the secret is it could cause some serious damage to Forrester and her relationship with Rick which means that she does not want anyone to know. Liam knows that if it doesn’t involve the company then it is useless but if it does help them then they could possibly use it to force Rick out as CEO. Bill asks how they are going to figure out what she is hiding. Liam shrugs. Liam points out that Wyatt is their man on the inside. Katie asks if he is still seeing Nicole. Wyatt is but he has been a little preoccupied trying to work with them and keep his job at Forrester. Wyatt hasn’t had the time for her. Bill demands that he make the time. Wyatt says ok but Rick has not been happy with Maya’s jewelry collection so he has been busy with that too. Liam wants Wyatt to get Nicole to help him find out what Maya is like as a person. Katie thinks that is a bad idea. Bill screams at him to do that now.

Nicole wants to know what is up. Carter explains that Ridge told him that he was going to quit. Nicole asks what he was going to quit. Carter tells her his job. Nicole wonders why. Carter says it is because of Rick and her sister. Nicole asks if he tried to convince him to stay. Carter reluctantly says that he did.

Rick thinks that they should try to get together sometime to compare notes. Ridge has already tried to play this game before. It didn’t fly then and it doesn’t fly now. Rick is not putting up with this. He will not let anyone trash Maya. Maya walks in. She wonders if everything is alright. She asks if they were talking about her. Rick assures her that it was just Ridge’s usual nonsense. He was just trying to tell him that she isn’t the woman he thinks she is. Maya and Ridge look at each other. Maya looks scared and Ridge looks intrigued.

Wyatt doesn’t need to be forced to call Nicole. Katie would hope not. Wyatt actually likes Nicole. Katie is glad. Liam points out that Nicole probably thinks that he isn’t interested. Wyatt doubts that. Liam reminds him that he hasn’t called her in a while and after the last date where they went on the jet she is probably waiting by the phone. Wyatt wonders if they would like him to put her on speaker too. Katie says no but Bill at the same time says yes. Wyatt gets on the phone. Nicole tells him that it is about time. Wyatt knows and he has been meaning to get a hold of her. Nicole asks if he called to apologize or ask her out. Wyatt says to ask her out. Nicole feels that is the right answer.

Eric closes the door. He tells Brooke that it seems that there is some tension between Maya and her sister. Brooke knows that they are getting to know each other again. Eric asks if Brooke agrees with what Maya said about Rick and Ridge. Brooke says that Rick sees confidence where Ridge sees arrogance. Eric feels that Rick is just trying to make success at Forrester and he is doing a damn good job of it too. Brooke just doesn’t want to see him get hurt again by jumping into another marriage. Eric wonders if maybe Maya has been a little fast too but she has been standing right by his side. If Rick proposes maybe Maya will be the one to get peace between Rick and Ridge.

Rick tells Maya that is when she walked in. Rick turns around and tells Ridge that Amber wasn’t the woman that he thought she was, Caroline wasn’t the woman that he thought she was. Maya though has always been honest with him. Ridge doesn’t think that she is being honest. Rick feels that he is just saying this because he is with Caroline. It is unlike when he used to be with Brooke until he left her. Ridge doesn’t think that they are talking about Brooke right now. Rick doesn’t feel that they are talking about Maya either. He doesn’t have to wonder about whose side she is on. He has been able to make Forrester an even bigger success. She is the best thing that he could ask for. Ridge guesses that they loyalty will pay off very well for her but not so much for him. Maya wonders if this is about her being in jail because Rick knows about that. Rick feels that the things that Maya has been through in her life make her unique. Ridge guesses that he is right. He just warns him that not everyone in their lives is exactly who they think that they are. Rick thinks that Maya is and that is all he has to say about that. He tells him to get out of his office. Ridge leaves. Maya thanks him.

Ridge stands outside in the hallway.

Liam and Katie go over some work while Wyatt stands behind them and looks at a picture of Nicole. He starts to think about when she was dancing in his living room and they kissed for the first time. When they kissed on the plane as well and he told her that starting tonight they need to be upfront and honest. Wyatt smiles. Liam asks if they are all set up. Wyatt confirms that they are. Katie tells Wyatt that he should take her to that new sushi place she hears that it is really good. Bill explains to Katie that he is a grown man and can make his own plans. Wyatt feels that he has handled himself well so far. Bill still thinks that he could go a little faster and Katie thinks that he doesn’t have to rush things. Bill wants him to make her feel special. Liam suggests buying her flowers. Bill reminds all of them that he is trying to impress her and get her to open up about a family secret. Wyatt sarcastically says that, that doesn’t sound creepy at all. Bill tells him that he needs to take her to the most expensive restaurant find the most expensive item tell her that it is great and she should try it. Wyatt thanks all of them. He really has enjoyed their enthusiasm and their advice but he can take it from here.

Carter takes that Nicole was on the phone with lover boy Wyatt. Nicole says that he wants to see her again. Carter asks where he plans to take her this time. Nicole doesn’t know. Carter assumes that it is a surprise. He asks if she was given a hint. Nicole says no. Carter asks if she has a passport. Nicole is confused for a second then she tells him no. Carter knows that it will be hard for him to top himself. Nicole doesn’t want him to but she isn’t going to stop him from trying. Nicole won’t let Maya mess this up but she could if Maya tells Rick about her past. Carter doesn’t understand how that affects Wyatt. Nicole feels that it could set off a storm that could rain on all of them. Things could be fine but what if they aren’t. That is why no one is going to know. She asks if she he has got it. Carter whispers that it is too late for that.

Ridge walks into the photo room. Brooke stands up and says Ridge. Eric thought he left. Ridge doesn’t know what he is going to do yet. Eric wants them to talk about it. Brooke doesn’t think that he is going to quit as they can find another solution. Ridge thinks that continuing Rick’s contract is the worst thing that Eric can do. Eric is worried about him. It isn’t like Ridge to just storm off. Ridge tells him that it is his other son he should be worried about.

Rick tells Donna to hold all his calls. Rick walks back into his office. He tells Maya that this isn’t about her. Ridge was just trying annoy him. Maya can tell that he doesn’t like her. Rick points out that he doesn’t like him either. Maya knows that he is trying to downplay this but it is obvious that he is still upset. Maya doesn’t want him to listen. Rick feels that all Ridge is doing is trying to undermine his judgment. He doesn’t want to spend another second thinking about Ridge. He just wants to put all his attention of them. Maya doesn’t want to think about Ridge either but they cannot ignore him. Maya knows that he will still be here when they get back from Big Bear. Rick thinks that things might be different then. Rick feels that by then Ridge will have to admit that what they have is real and that she didn’t just con her way back into his life. That she won him. She opened the door to his heart. Maya thinks that he is in a funny mood. Rick doesn’t think he has the right to judge anyone. Ridge has too many scandals in his past. He especially shouldn’t be judging her. She is so honest. Maya asks how he does that. How does he make something so painful feel good? Rick hopes that she feels good about herself. Maya does but there are things. Rick feels that they all have things. This trip is so important. They need to take time for them. To celebrate that they are together. Maya thinks that it is time. Rick asks her what she means. Maya says it is time for them to get to know each other even better. Rick thinks that sounds good to him.

Ridge walks into his office with Brooke and Eric behind him. Eric asks why they are in here. Ridge tries to explain that Eric needs to understand something. Eric understands that he has issues with Rick. Brooke explains that he is not the tyrant that he makes him out to be. Eric doesn’t think that Maya is either. Ridge would like to talk about Maya. He asks what they really know about her. Brooke cannot believe that he wants to talk about Rick’s girlfriend. Ridge does want to talk about Rick’s girlfriend and wants to know how serious it is. Eric wants to know what that has to do with him wanting to leave. Ridge wants to know where they are at in their relationship. Ridge thinks that this is important. Eric points out that they are living together. Ridge asks if they are going to get married. Brooke asks why he is so interested all of a sudden. Ridge wants to know if he is going to propose to her. Brooke says sooner rather than later. Eric asks why. Ridge feels that Rick should go back to international. Brooke reminds him that Rick is CEO of this company that would be ridicules. Ridge thinks that is what is best. Eric has made this clear already. Ridge just thinks that Rick and Maya might not be what they think it is. Eric points out that Rick is happy and Ridge will not begrudge him that. Ridge is not trying to do that he just thinks that it would be better for the company if he went to Paris for a while. Eric wants to know what this is about. Ridge explains that Rick has gotten himself into a bit of a situation. Brooke asks what kind of a situation. Ridge says that it is the kind that he probably can’t handle with his temper. Ridge knows that he is convinced that he is secure because Maya told him he was. Ridge needs to tell them something about Maya. Rick has spent a lot of time rebuilding the image of this company. Every line and collection. Maya is the face of Forrester. He has held her up as being honest. There is something though that she didn’t share with him. Something that Rick needs to know. Something that Eric needs to know too. This could impact the whole company. Brooke asks what it is. Ridge explains that she wasn’t born Maya. The girl that Rick trusts and adores is transgender.

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