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Written By Anthony
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Ridge tries to get words out of his mouth. Carter knows that it is crazy. Ridge wants Rick and Maya out of here as much as the next guy but he doesn’t think that makes any sense. He doesn’t believe it. Carter overheard Maya and Nicole talking. Ridge figures that he probably misunderstood what they were talking about. Carter tells him that when he confronted Maya she confirmed that it was true. Maya is transgender.

Rick describes the trip he plans to take with Maya to Big Bear. Maya thinks that it sounds lovely. Rick agrees that it is. Rick mentions that this time of year it is lovely. They will celebrate. Maya asks what they will be celebrating. Rick kisses Maya on the cheek. Rick will think of something. He wants her to trust him when he says that a trip to Big Bear will change everything.

Eric tells Brooke that their son is going to propose. He is in love and that is a good thing. Brooke supposes so. Eric feels that Maya is totally committed to their son. Brooke thinks that their son would be a catch for any young woman. Eric asks if they have grown cynical. Brooke doesn’t think that she has she is just a concerned mother. His divorce to Caroline is not even finalized yet. Eric knows this but they have both seen them together and the way he talks about them. Brooke has. He adores her. Eric assures her that Maya brings a great deal to his life. More than anyone else that he has ever been involved with. Brooke just feels that this is all moving so fast. She wonders if there is something about Maya. Eric knows that Maya has had a rough life but that isn’t any reason to reject her. Brooke isn’t trying to reject her she just wishes that Rick wasn’t in such a rush. Eric wants Rick to have stability and Maya brings that to him. He asks if Brooke has seen that change in him. Brooke notes that he has been very confident and she admits that Maya has been helpful but it is Eric himself who brought the change. Eric has helped him but so has Maya and so has she Brooke. Whether they like it or not the two of them are a formidable couple. Brooke guesses that he approves. Eric does but he didn’t at first. She brings a lot to him. She brings out a side of him that he has never seen before. This is a lot of responsibility for him and she has been there in a way that Ridge and the others have not been. He gives her a lot of credit for his success and he has to say that he agrees.

Maya and Rick are hugging. Rick tells Maya that they so need this. They just need to get away. Maya knows that it is so hard for him. Rick reminds her that she has been under a lot of pressure too. Rick explains to Maya that the cabin has been subject to a lot of events for his family. Maya is intrigued. Rick tells her to ask any of his relatives they all have their Big Bear story. Rick thinks that Maya deserves this trip. She has handled all the gossip and everything with so much grace. She is the essential woman. Elegant, nurturing, and all so sensual. Maya laughs. Maya notes that he has been through a lot of obstacles as well. Rick knows but she has never caused any. Maya says not yet. Rick tells her not ever. The only obstacle that he has to deal with is Ridge.

Ridge still is having trouble grasping what Carter is saying. Ridge assumes that Maya must have said that as some sort of zinger or something. Carter knows what happened. He was sworn to secrecy along with her sister. Maya has been freaking out because Rick doesn’t know and Nicole has been pushing her to tell him but now Nicole doesn’t want Rick to know either. It is the truth.

Brooke looks at a picture of Maya. She can see why he fell for her but he still thinks that he should wait. Eric doesn’t think that he waits for anything and Brooke can see what is going on at Forrester. Rick is on track and he wants Maya with him. Brooke asks if he can be on track without her wearing a wedding ring. Eric points out that is not how it is done in this family. Eric is traditional. A Forrester man needs a strong woman by his side. He had Stephanie and Rick needs Maya.

Maya wonders if they are really leaving Forrester for this retreat. Rick knows that it will still be here when they get back. Maya is shocked that he is comfortable with leaving Ridge alone with the company. Rick feels like he has been neutralized. Ridge is no longer a problem. For so many years he picked up the pieces of their lives when that man would walk out on them. It was not a happy time. Maya knows that he was young. Rick says that he was Ridge and he could do no wrong except to him and Brooke. He felt so helpless. He just wanted to protect Brooke. Rick wonders what he could have done though. He was just a kid and he had an iron clad hold on her heart. Rick would watch Brooke cry. She would try to hide it but Rick was pretty good on picking up secrets. That was until she came along. Maya giggles. Rick loves her integrity and honesty. He finally has something to live for. Maya knows that Ridge has been taking from him his whole life. No more though. He can’t her away from him. Rick knows that he is not going to take Forrester away from him because his whole life has been building to this. The two hug and Maya looks worried.

Ridge asks if Carter is positive and absolutely certain. Carter confirms it. Maya admitted it but only because he overheard her talking to Nicole. Carter explains though that she is not the first transgender model. Ridge knows that. He knows several that is not the point. Ridge thinks he is going to freak out when he finds out. Carter says tell him about it. Ridge wants him to tell him about it. He was engaged to her. It must have been a shock. Carter was thrown when he found out. Though Maya is a woman. Psychologically and physically. It just so happens that she arrived in a boy’s body. Ridge is still baffled that Rick doesn’t know. Carter says that the only people who know are him, herself, Nicole, and now Ridge. Ridge doesn’t know how he is going to react to this. Ridge thinks that he is going to be in for the shock of his life.

Rick cannot wait to get her to that cabin. Maya has never been to Big Bear. Rick explains that not only is it beautiful but it is away from LA and all the drama. Rick just has to make sure that everything is in place. Eric is this close to making his position permanent. Earnings are way up and Ridge is out of his hair and in front of a drawing board. Rick has her and they will celebrate and he knows just how. Rick asks if she is ok with this. Maya is. She just wants to be everything he needs in a woman. She is. Rick hugs her and again she looks scared.

Brooke knows that Rick has a lot on his plate right now. Eric feels that is all the reason to have someone on his. Brooke thinks that they should be focusing on Ridge and convincing him not to quit. Eric does not want him quitting the company. Brooke does not either. Eric will just have to get him to reconsider that is all. Eric will just have to sit down and hash it out. He is not going to leave the company. Brooke does not think that Rick should be getting married though. He has way to much work to do. Eric is not going to discourage Rick from marrying Maya. He loves her. She is one hundred percent committed to him. He cannot think of any reason as to why he should talk him out of proposing.

Carter explains that Maya says that she will tell Rick if and when he proposes which can happen anytime now. Ridge thinks that he will lose his mind of this. Carter knows that he is not that stable to begin with. This is why Carter had to tell him. Rick depends on Maya. He has been propping her up ever since he took over. He depends on her. Ridge knows he does. Carter wonders if he can even imagine what this will do to him. The guy is head over heels but she hasn’t shared everything. He is only going to find out all of this after she proposes. Ridge knows that he will have a full on nervous breakdown. Carter wonders what could happen if this ends up in the tabloids. He won’t be able to perform his duties as CEO. The company could break. This is why it is not a good idea to think about leaving. Carter asks if he has told anyone. Ridge has told Eric, Brooke, and Carter. Ridge wonders what will happen once Maya’s story comes out. Carter doesn’t know but once it does it might not be able to be stopped. Ridge will take it from here. Carter asks what he is going to do. Ridge is going to do what needs to be done. Carter nods and leaves. Ridge looks unsure of himself.

Brooke knows that it will not be easy to get Rick and Ridge to see eye to eye. Eric knows it is not going to happen. Brooke points out that they have so much history. Eric thinks they have so much talent. He wonders what it would be like if they were working together. Brooke has been imagining that for years. Brooke knows the reason that they haven’t is because of her. Eric does not want her blaming herself for this mess. The reason that this is happening is because of him. Brooke thinks that it just puts them both at odds. Eric tries to see eye to eye with both of them but it just gets him into trouble with both of them. Brooke wishes they could work together. Maya walks in and says sorry. She left something in here. Eric tells her that they were just talking about Rick and Ridge. Maya asks what about. Brooke would really like to see them working together again and they both know she has influence over Rick. Eric knows that Rick values her opinion. It would be a great service to the company if she could get the two of them on the same page. Maya understands. Eric points out that Rick puts a lot of stock into her honesty. If she could help out by getting them to work together it would help out immensely. If Maya ever has the opportunity to do so then she will. Eric feels that she does. Brooke reminds her that they are brothers. They shouldn’t be arguing and competing they should be looking out for each other.

Ridge looks at pictures of Rick and Maya behind Rick’s desk. He seems to be conflicted. Rick walks in and thinks that they are a handsome couple. Ridge thinks they look happy. Rick figures he is not here to be looking at his pictures. Ridge was talking to Carter. Rick wonders if it was something he should be concerned about. Ridge assures him it was not about business. Rick assumes that it is disgusting that he has all these pictures of himself and Maya. He won’t hide it. He is a happy man. Happier than he has been in a long time. Ridge can see that. Rick explains that it was not handed to him. It was not easy to get to run the family business. He knows it is a team effort. Ridge and Caroline have made an amazing effort and so has everyone else. Then there is Maya. After Amber and Caroline he didn’t think that he could feel like this about a woman. She is beautiful and sexy but there is more to it than that. Maya has given him something special. She has given him her loyalty. That means more to him than anything. Ridge knows he is not going to like what he has to say. Ridge explains that Maya has not been honest with him. She has not been truthful about herself. Maya is not who he thinks she is.

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