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Nicole tells Maya that she cannot tell Rick. She wants to know what happens if he freaks out. Maya doesn’t think that he will. Nicole reminds Maya that if she tells Rick and he is not ok with it then everything that she has worked so hard for such as her house, her job, and everything is gone. Nicole wants to know why she would do that to herself. Maya knows that all this time she has been telling her to be honest with Rick. Nicole has been wrong. Nicole is worried that she might lose her life. She doesn’t understand why Maya has to bring up her past. Nicole tells Maya that whatever she does she cannot tell Rick that she is transgender.

Rick looks at a ring with a ring salesman. He thinks that the one currently in his hand is stunning. The salesman thinks that it is an excellent choice. Rick loves how it shines. Just like her eyes or his own.

Ridge walks into Rick’s office and Eric is sitting at the desk. Ridge heard that he was in the building. Eric was just about to call him. Ridge thinks that it is good to see him. Eric agrees that it is good to see him too. He gestures him to come over and hug him. The two hug. Ridge asks how his trip was. Eric needed a little break from John. Ridge could see that. Eric asks how it is going here. Ridge explains that it is what it is. Eric wonders what he means. Ridge is at the end of his rope with Rick. Eric was hoping that things were getting better around here. Ridge feels that they have gotten worse. Ridge tells him that it isn’t just him. People are worried about getting fired. Eric just talked to Rick and he seems to be in a good place. Ridge knows that he must be in a good place because he is throwing his power around. He and his girlfriend. Ridge cannot deal with Eric’s poor neglected son as CEO anymore.

Rick tells the salesman that he will wire the funds to him this afternoon. The salesman thanks him and wishes him good luck on his engagement. Rick reminds him that she still has to say yes first. The salesman doesn’t think that any woman could say no to that. Rick knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. He thanks the man. Rick looks at the ring and thinks about the first time he kissed Maya, the time they went to the Forrester shop and Maya modeled clothes for him. The first time that Maya modeled clothing at Forrester, when they were in the bathtub together. Kissing at the office, eating ice cream in bed, showing her the portrait for the first time, making love to her and kissing her. Brooke walks outside and says that she got his text. Brooke wants to know what is so important. Rick has to tell her something. Brooke hopes that it is something good. Rick feels that it is going to change his life.

Maya knows that Rick has to find out sooner or later. Maya doesn’t think that it is up to her. Nicole is just saying why does it have to be now. She has it so good that she could wait a while. Maya asks if she is thinking for her or just herself. Nicole is mostly thinking of Maya. She knows that Maya and Rick are really good together and she is just getting to know Wyatt. Nicole wonders why they should mess with all this. Nicole knows that the Avant sisters are currently rocking it. She doesn’t want Maya to do anything to ruin it.

Ridge knows that Rick will have Eric thinking that he has everything under control and he is running the company seamlessly. If Eric were to ask anyone but Maya he would tell them something very differently. Eric thinks that is hard to hear. Ridge wonders if Eric knows that Quinn is back. Eric knows that and it did surprise him. Ridge feels that Quinn is a nutcase and that Ivy’s stuff was selling just fine. Eric knows that Rick was trying to go after Quinn’s edge though. Ridge tells him that is not true at all. He was just trying to go after Ivy for whatever reason. Ridge think that it is just too much power in the wrong hands. Eric reminds Ridge that Rick will be CEO for the rest of the year so he better learn to live with that. Ridge just really wishes that Eric would look into terminating this. Eric informs him that they have been over this before. Ridge would not like to have to go over it again. Ridge wants him to open his eyes to what is going on around here.

Rick shows Brooke the engagement ring. He asks her what she thinks. Brooke is stunned. She thinks that it is beautiful and gorgeous. Brooke thinks that this is soon. Rick wonders why she seems surprised. He told her that he was thinking of marrying Maya. Brooke knows but he is still technically married to Caroline. Rick is aware but there is no law that says that he can’t technically propose. Brooke doesn’t think that he will have any time for himself and will just be going one marriage to another. Brooke wants to make sure that Maya is the one. Rick knows that Maya is the woman for him. Rick has never been so sure about anything in his life. He knows everything he needs to know about Maya.

Nicole just does not think that Rick can know about her being transgender. Maya is just shocked by her change of opinion. Nicole is just thinking of how things are now. Maya knows that is because she now has a Spencer on speed dial. Nicole gets why she has been so protective of her relationship with Rick. Living this life is pretty amazing. Maya’s relationship goes deeper than a limo and a private jet. Nicole is not trying to compare. Nicole feels that the point is that they should just try to live this life for as long as they possibly can. Nicole knows that it is just her, herself, and Carter who know. Maya reminds her that last week she was being forced to tell Rick and now she is supposed to keep her mouth shut. Maya is not ashamed of herself. She is actually becoming proud of herself. She is not scared. She is happy that she stopped living someone else’s life and became who she was meant to be. A woman who loves Rick and the woman that Rick loves. Maya asks why she would take any chances then. Maya feels that it is a part of who she is. She cannot have children and he has to know why. Her only concern is that she has already waited too long.

Eric can tell that it is a big adjustment to Ridge to have to answer to his little brother. Ridge does not worry if he is older or younger than he is. All Ridge claims to care about is if he runs the company in a professional manner. Eric explains that whether he wants to believe it or not Rick actually gives what he does a great deal of value. Rick respects him. Ridge tells him to stop. Rick does not respect anybody. Eric knows that Rick takes this whole job very seriously. It is a big deal to him. Ridge feels that in his mind Rick gets a thrill out of hurting people. He is going to ruin Eric’s reputation. Both him and Maya. Eric thinks that Maya has been very good for him. Ridge assumes that Rick can do no wrong in his eyes. Eric will admit that Rick has a lot to learn about how to handle his employees. Ridge wonders if that is what he is to him an employee. He will not accept that.

Nicole wants to go over what will happen. She will have a few days of engagement bliss until she decides to wake up one day and ruin it. She will say something like “Hey honey funny story…” Maya doubts that she will put it like that. Nicole does not think it will matter how she puts it. It is a fact and there is a good chance that Rick will wig out. Maya just has to trust him.

Brooke is just concerned about Maya. She knows that she makes him very happy. Brooke also knows that he claims to know her completely but Brooke just is not sure. Brooke asks if when Rick looks at Maya if he really sees her for who she is. Rick knows that she is the stability that he has been craving his entire life. He is not blaming anyone. Brooke was a wonderful mother. It just killed him though as a kid to watch Ridge walk in and out of her life. They were a family one minute and the next they were left picking up the pieces and he was the one who was taking care of her. Rick just wanted better for Brooke. Yes it was hard on him. He had his own problems though with Amber and Caroline. Two women that he was let down by with lies and betrayal. Maya is not like that. She is straight forward even if it hurts. After everything that he has been through he is ready to commit to a person who has all the qualities that he needs. Goodness, integrity, beauty and honesty. He loves her. He only hopes that Brooke can be there for him and be happy for him. Brooke can. They hug. Brooke loves him. She just wants to see him happy and not hurt again. Rick knows that Maya will never let him down.

Nicole wants to get this straight. She is kind of sure about how Rick will react. Maya thinks that he will understand and will be surprised if he doesn’t. Maya asks if she thinks that he will be angry that she waited so long to tell him she was transgender. Rick walks in. Maya says hi. She didn’t realize that his meeting was over so early. Rick claims it is a sneak attack. Rick wonders how she is doing and kisses her on the cheek. Rick wonders if they have worked all this out. This sister stuff. Nicole claims it is no big deal. She just had to talk to her big sister. Nicole thinks that Maya is finally starting to see where she is coming from. Rick is glad that means that they will not be arguing. Rick asks Nicole if they could have some alone time. Nicole leaves. Maya notices that he is smiling and asks what is up. Rick explains that he has a little secret.

Ridge is a good designer and wants to be told that Eric knows that. Eric agrees that he is a good designer this is just business. Ridge wants to design and yet Rick questions every little thing he does. Eric feels that Rick is a great business man. Ridge doesn’t care. He keeps telling him how great the numbers are. Eric knows that the numbers are great. Ridge doesn’t believe that Rick did this all by himself. Brooke walks in. She wonders if there is a problem here. Ridge doesn’t think so. They are just in the middle of a conversation. Brooke heard her sons name and he is not here to defend himself so she will. Ridge notes that Forrester has been a very successful company for a long time but not because someone has been sitting in a room somewhere counting money. What we do as a company is design and create things. Ridge thinks that Eric should know this. He started this company and knows that it started on a sketch pad. Eric feels that his designs have been terrific. So have Caroline’s. Eric also thinks that you need strong management. Rick has provided that and with Maya at his side things are just the way that they should be. Ridge reminds him that Maya is a mode. She is a part of the problem. He can’t listen to both of them. It is ridicules. Brooke supports her son. He has done a great job and has proven himself time and time again. Ridge reminds her that she has not been here. Brooke informs him that the success of a company is from its earning and growth. Brooke wants him to actually take a look at the earnings. It is far from ridicules. Ridge is not going to argue with her because it is pointless. Eric has to be honest with Ridge. He is seriously considering extending Rick’s contract. Ridge thinks that Rick has been out of control and he knows that he has not been here. Ridge thinks that now that Eric is here that he will be able to see how degrading he is to everyone else. He took down his mother’s portrait and replaced it with Maya. Ridge asks if he is going to have to listen to Rick for the rest of his days. Eric tells him that he is just going to have to accept it. Ridge wants to back track. Everything that happens here is because of Rick. Everything is meaningless. So maybe he should get someone else to design. He quits. Eric and Brooke look shocked.

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