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Written By Anthony
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Rick informs Maya that there is nothing that she can tell him about her past that is going to affect them at current. If she has had a failed relationship that doesn’t matter. They have all had those. Rick does not care.

Nicole walks down the hallway at Forrester. She opens Rick’s door and over hears Maya saying that she wants to believe him. She wants this to work more than anything. Rick promises Maya that in a year from now they will be married with a baby and maybe have another one on the way. Nicole’s eyes widen. Rick doesn’t think that there is anything that she can say that will change that. Maya hopes not. Maya has to tell him this though. Nicole quickly walks in and says that she has been looking for her. Maya tells her not now. Nicole says that she has to now. Maya looks angry.

Bill guesses that the secret is about Maya and even if they don’t know what it is they do know that it is important. Katie thinks that they need to be prepared to learn that it is just gossip between sisters. Wyatt informs Katie that both he and Liam have heard Maya and Nicole say that this could bring problems to Forrester. Bill tells her that they have to uncover it. Wyatt says that Rick has been treating them all like morons around the company. He claims to know more about jewelry than a guy who has been buying and selling it all his life. Liam feels that everyone at Forrester has been alienated. Wyatt understands that Rick is Katie’s nephew but moral sucks at Forrester right now. Bill is going to get Rick out and they have to do whatever it takes to show him the door.

Charlie is on the sky lounge. He sits down at a weight bench and attempts to lift. Pam walks out and gasps as he is doing so. Charlie tells her that he can do this. Pam says that he will do no such thing. First he comes up with a crazy theory about Maya and now he is training for the junior Olympics. Charlie knows that he is right about Maya. Pam asks if he wants her to list the reasons why a woman would be taking estrogen. She looked it up on the internet. Charlie gets it. Charlie guesses that she might be right but he still thinks that they should check it out. Pam reminds him that Maya is queen Bee around here. If he starts spreading rumors then he will start collecting unemployment. Ridge walks up behind Pam. Pam turns around and is in shock. Ridge asks what all this talk about getting fired. Pam says that they are just talking about how that is on everyone’s mind. Ridge wants to know what is going on. Ridge knows that she is talking about Rick and Maya. Pam tells him yes. She never thought that the two of them would even last. Charlie feels that the jury is still out on that. Charlie wonders if Maya is really the woman that Rick thinks she is.

Rick asks Nicole what is wrong. Maya tells her that it is nothing that can’t wait. Nicole feels that it is very important. Rick says that Maya was just about to tell him something and he is sure that it is not nearly as serious as she thinks that it is. Nicole claims that what she needs Maya for is serious. Rick wonders if he can help then. Nicole explains that it is big sister stuff so she really needs to talk to Maya alone. Nicole leaves. Rick tells Maya that it is all right. They can pick this up later. Her sister needs her. Maya smiles at him telling this but is annoyed when she turns around. Rick seems worried as Maya walks off.

Wyatt jokingly claims that Maya is bold and powerful and not afraid to put herself out there. This was before Rick told him that Wyatt doesn’t even know her at all though. Wyatt was using gem stones that were too small. Rick claimed that Maya would never wear something that cheap. Then in that meeting he jacked up their gem stone budget. He doesn’t know who will be able to buy these pieces other than maybe royalty. Wyatt thinks that he got lucky. He priced Ridge and Caroline’s line just out of sight just to make them look like failures. Bill needs Rick out. He will not have his family take the fall for his stupidity. Katie wonders though if the jewelry will sell like the couture line. Bill knows that it won’t. He got lucky. Bill knows that it is all about his ego and something has to be done fast. Liam knows that there is information though that even Rick is not aware of. Bill will find out that secret. Rick is going to destroy the company and his investment will be worth zero.

Rick tells Ridge that he wants the dress he is currently showing to be a little shorter. Ridge informs him that it is not a cocktail dress. Rick wonders if it should be. He doesn’t want it to look like everything else. Ridge feels that it is elegant. Rick knows that is to his standards but not his own. Ridge asks the model how she feels. Rick reminds Ridge that she is just the model. Ridge tells her to leave. Rick will decide when they are done with the model. Rick tells her that she may leave. Ridge tells him to never do that again. Rick asks him what he means. Ridge never wants to be belittled in front of a model again. Rick was not belittling him. He was just simply pointing out the chain of command. Rick is sorry if he bruised Ridge’s fragile, artistic ego. He is going to have to get over that though. Ridge asks how he can have this job when he has no talent in this field what so ever. Rick feels that right there is a little too much. He reminds Ridge that there is a reason why he has this position. Ridge asks what that is. Rick claims that it is because no one has seen numbers like this in like forever. He asks if Ridge even remembers the last time the company had. Rick knows that he does not have the design talents. He does however know how to run a company and that is what a company depends on. Rick does not feel that Ridge is as important. Ridge assumes that means that he does not need him then. Rick did not say that. Ridge thinks that they are not here to make a business deal. They are here to make designs, and clothing, and express femininity. Rick knows these things. He tells Ridge that he needs to be thinking about Maya. If he does then he thinks that they should be just fine.

Nicole wants to know what Maya was about to do. Maya was trying to have a private conversation with Rick. This was until Nicole barged in. Nicole heard what Maya said. Maya asks how she is supposed to trust her when she is snooping. Nicole wants to know why. Maya asks her what she means. Nicole thought that she was going to wait until Rick proposed. Maya knows that she told her not to. She insisted in fact. Nicole assumes that means that she changed her mind. Maya tells her that it is none of her business. Nicole pleads with Maya not to do it. She does not want Maya telling Rick that she is transgender.

Ridge assumes then that Rick wants him to design exclusively for Maya. Ridge asks if that dress did not work for Maya. Rick doesn’t think that it did at all. Rick knows Maya’s body. The piece is nice but is it ok. Ridge guesses that things have to be up to his standards. Rick reminds him that this is not the 90’s. They have competition now. Rick knows that was back when Ridge was chasing skirt though. Ridge thinks that is back when he was winning awards for this company. Ridge feels that whatever he sketches becomes a trend. Rick can’t believe that people claim he is the one with the ego. Rick knows that he might not set trends but he does make money. The building, the employee’s, his sketch pads. They all cost a lot of money. Eric put him in charge. It isn’t about power. It isn’t about an ego trip. It just is what it is. Rick asks if they are done here. Ridge reminds him that it is just one year and the clock is ticking. Rick hopes that he is not planning on that. Ridge wonders why not. After the year is up he is done. Rick feels that after the year is up it will be impossible to pull him out of the position. He plans to have the four most successful quarters that this company has had in history. Rick knows that Maya and him will be running this company for many, many years. Rick would like to see those changes on his desk by tonight. Rick asks Ridge to please think Maya while he is doodling on his board.

Bill walks back into Liam’s office. He figured while they were all here and hands a case to Wyatt. Wyatt asks what it is. Bill tells him to open it. Wyatt opens it and it is a new sword neckless. He looks a little uncomfortable. Bill explains that it is all for one and one for all. Wyatt tells him that Quinn is not going to be happy about this. Bill doesn’t think that this is about her. It is about the Spencer men. The swords have to be identical as it is a symbol of their unification. Wyatt says ok and puts it on. He thanks him. Bill is happy. Bill tells them that it is time to get on to their next move. Liam knows that it involves Nicole. Bill wonders if he is ok with that. Wyatt is. Katie mentions that he is involved with her. Wyatt is not trying to hurt her. He does like her he just is doing what he needs to though. Bill wants to know what Wyatt likes about this girl. Wyatt thinks that she is different. She knows what she wants and goes after it. Bill just wants the information. She has a secret and they need to know what it is.

Maya can’t believe that Nicole is saying this after being the poster child for honesty. Nicole knows but she has been seeing things differently. Nicole knows that she had a plan as to when she wanted to disclose and she has no reason to do so now. Maya wonders if this has anything to do with a guy named Wyatt. Nicole is not afraid to admit that. Maya asks if it is because he laughs at her jokes and is cute. Nicole thinks that he is more than cute. Maya knows that he is very rich. Nicole reminds her that he is no richer than Rick Forrester. Maya’s relationship with Rick is much deeper than money. Nicole doubts that. Nicole likes that Wyatt has money. That isn’t a reason to reject a guy. Maya reminds her that she doesn’t know what kind of a guy he is. Nicole wants her to stop all her judging and look. Nicole feels that they are both in very good situations right now and she wonders who would have ever thought that the two of them would be the ones to be in this situation. Nicole does not want to do anything to ruin it if she knows what she means. Maya knows what she means. In order to protect her fling she can’t say anything to Rick.

Rick walks out of his office and looks at Pam. Ridge then walks down the hallway and appears to be in disbelief. Pam offers him a lemon bar. Ridge says no thank you. Pam asks if he would like to talk about it. Pam can tell that it is getting worse. Ridge knows that there is no reasoning with him. Ridge does not like defending his work and he doesn’t want to defend himself to this guy every day. Pam knows that total power is a terrible thing especially when it is in the hands of someone like Rick Forrester. Ridge cannot handle the fact that Rick takes responsibility for all the profits. He is not sure how much longer he can do this. Pam wants him to look at the bright side. It is only a year. Less than a year now. Ridge knows that Rick doesn’t think that though. He has no reason to though. Eric has given him support. Ridge has a feeling that it is going to be Rick and Maya running the company for the rest of their lives.

Rick goes out to the sky lounge and has a man show him engagement rings. Rick thinks that they are beautiful. The man explains that he picked them according to Rick’s specifications. Rick picks one up and explains that it is time to plan a most romantic proposal.

Maya cannot believe that she was forcing her to tell Rick and now she is doing a 180. Nicole doesn’t want anything jeopardizing things with Rick. Maya sarcastically calls her a sweet and caring little sister. Maya still thinks it sounds like she is just trying to protect her relationship with Wyatt. Nicole says that maybe she is. That said though Maya is her sister and her top priority. They don’t know how anyone will react when Maya discloses. Maya guesses that Nicole wants back in on the action. Nicole has come to respect Maya, LA, the Forrester’s, and the Spencer’s. Maya explains that Rick just told her the most beautiful things about how she the woman that he loves and how he wants children. Nicole knows that she is a woman though. Maya knows that as well. Nicole thinks that she has no reason to tell him then. Nicole asks what happens if he freaks out over her being transgender. It is too risky. She shouldn’t do it.

Rick looks at the ring. Rick thinks that it sparkles just like her eyes. This is the one. It is flawless and pure just like the woman that he loves.

Nicole does not want her to disclose. Not now. Nicole does not think that she can take that chance. They are so close to having it all. She can’t tell Rick she is transgender. They will keep it quiet and he will never have to know.

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