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Written By Anthony
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Wyatt tells Nicole that she can tell him. Nicole is trusting him with this. Wyatt says all right. Nicole goes on to say that Maya is… Wyatt asks what Maya is. Wyatt knows that Nicole claimed that this a big secret. He asks if she stole her doll when she was a little girl or something. Nicole realizes that she shouldn’t have brought this up and asks Wyatt to forget that she did…

Wyatt is in Ridge’s office now. It is a new day. He explains to Liam and Ivy that is what Nicole said. She told him to forget it. Ivy guesses that this is Maya’s secret not Rick’s then. They all hear a noise and turn towards the divider. Pam comes out from behind it and says sorry. It was just her. She is holding a dress in her hand. Ivy asks what she was doing. Pam was cleaning up after the models as they are all messy. Wyatt wants to know why she didn’t tell them that she was in here. Pam didn’t get a chance to do so as they all came in chatting before she could. Pam wants them to all be more careful. They are lucky that it was just her. She wants to hear what they are talking about though. Pam wants to know what the story is with Rick and Maya.

Maya takes out her hormone pills and takes them. Rick walks in and says that she is busted. Rick knows what she has done and he closes the door. Maya smiles. Rick just walked by the steam room and it was reserved for the whole afternoon. He wants to know how Maya always knows exactly what he needs. Maya tells him that it wasn’t her. She wishes that she had though. Rick decides then that he will put out a memo that from now on the steam room is reserved for him and her. The sexiest woman that he has ever seen.

Carter is working out in the sky lounge. Nicole walks out and admires him. Carter notices and asks if he can help her. Nicole thinks that with a body like that every model in the building probably wants his help. Carter says that they would think so. Nicole doesn’t believe that he doesn’t have every woman going after him. Carter asks her if he looks like the type of guy who mixes business with pleasure. Nicole knows that he and Maya started at Forrester. Carter knows that but obviously it didn’t work out. Nicole understands but she thinks that it is a head scratcher. Carter wonders why. Nicole says that with those abs alone Maya must really love Rick. Nicole knows that, that didn’t come out right. She asks Carter not to tell Maya though because she won’t understand. Carter wants to know how Wyatt would react to all of this. Nicole wonders why he would care. Carter doesn’t think that he would be ok with his girlfriend looking at other men. Nicole wants to know who said that she was his girlfriend. Carter is shocked that they are not dating. Nicole assumes that he has been talking to Maya. Carter is sort of shocked that the two of them even knew each other. Nicole explains that it kind of happened fast. Carter asks if she really knows if she wants him after a couple of dates. Nicole knows that he is hot, charming, funny, and hot. Carter mentions that she said hot twice. Nicole asks if she did. Carter points out that he is also a Spencer which probably doesn’t hurt either.

Wyatt tells Pam that she can’t tell anyone about this. Pam says that her lips are zipped. Pam wants to know what is up. Ivy explains that Wyatt overheard Maya and Nicole talking about a secret. Pam did as well. She overheard them talking about something and told Carter about it. He told her to ignore it so she just assumed that it was two sisters arguing. Wyatt tells her that they thought it sounded like something that could get Rick fired as CEO or something or could send Forrester reeling. Ivy mentions that it is supposedly a secret about Maya. Liam asks if it could possibly be just a way to throw him off and think that it is Maya’s secret when it really is Rick’s. Ivy thinks that is a good point. It really could be Rick’s secret.

Maya is sitting on Rick’s lap. She tells Rick that he is a charmer. Rick explains that it is because of her. Maya knows that so many couples never have what they have. Rick thinks that she can say that again. He thought that he had it with Amber and Caroline but that all went to hell. They kept things from him and were dishonest. Unlike Maya. She is the one woman who holds nothing back. Maya is the best person that he has ever met.

Carter asks where loverboy took Nicole last night. Nicole wonders if he would believe San Francisco. Carter tells her to shut up. Carter knows that it is hard to get there even when traffic is decent. Nicole says that it is easy when you go by private jet. Carter thinks that she is kidding. Nicole is telling the truth. They never made it though. They had a party in the jet instead. Carter guesses that he went all out then. Nicole felt that it was the coolest thing. She was sipping champagne with one of Bill Spencer’s sons. Nicole knows that Maya probably had a lot to say about her the other night. Carter tells her that she is Maya’s younger sister. She was just worried. Nicole thinks that Wyatt is great. He must like her if he was able to open up to her about his family secret. Carter asks what family secret. Nicole says how he didn’t find out that he was a Spencer until a few years ago. Carter wants to know if when they were talking if she told him about Maya.

Wyatt wants to know what the secret is too. He knows though that Nicole was not playing him. This secret is Maya’s not Rick’s. Pam doesn’t doubt that Maya has skeletons in her closet but there is something about her. Ivy wonders if she could have another guy on the side. Liam thinks that maybe he is blackmailing her to expose her. Pam suggests that Maya could be an undercover spy working for another fashion house. She tells them that anything is possible. Wyatt says that whatever it is. Nicole said that it will blow people’s minds and that Forrester would never be the same. Pam tells them all to keep her in the loop. She needs to get back to her desk though because Rick might get on her case.

Rick tells someone on the phone to get here now. He slams the phone. Maya asks what that was about. Rick explains that it was Charlie. The guy that is never around when you need him. Charlie walks in and asks what he wants. Charlie asks what he wanted to see him about. Rick tells him that they have another shipment coming through and he wants him to oversee it. Pam wants to know why he is being put in charge of it. Rick feels that Charlie needs to do his job as he has been neglecting his duties. Maya has some things that she needs to take care of. She tells Rick that she will see him later, kisses him goodbye and leaves. Pam asks if something is up with Maya. She seemed awfully secretive. Rick wants to know if she needs to know everything that happens around here. Pam says no but she would like to. Rick gets a text. He will be back. Pam says that not if some of them can help it. Charlie closes the door. He wants to know what is up. He can read her like a steamy X-rated novel. Pam tells him that there is a big secret at Forrester Creations. It is about Maya.

Nicole wants Carter to give her a little credit. Carter doesn’t want to hear her attitude. He knows that they were sharing secrets. Nicole corrects him and says that Wyatt was the one sharing secrets. She didn’t tell him anything about Maya’s past. Maya walks outside. Maya thinks that she was going to.

Liam thinks that it might look like a dead end but it isn’t. It is going to stop because Rick has been treating Ivy and Caroline like punching bags for far too long and it has to stop. Ivy thinks that maybe Pam will find something out now that she knows. Liam and Wyatt look at her like she is crazy. Ivy knows but Nicole seemed like a long shot as well. Liam thinks that Wyatt is to blame for that. Wyatt wasn’t expecting to have feelings for Nicole but he does. Liam doesn’t want him to beat himself up over it. He is glad that he tried. Wyatt can’t deny it. Nicole is fun and they connected. Ivy guesses that they just have to wait and find out what Maya is hiding now. Wyatt is going to do a little more digging. He will let them know what he finds out.

Nicole explains that it was totally surreal. Like nothing that she could ever imagine. Carter says that apparently Wyatt went all out. Nicole wonders where they will go on their third date. Maya points out that is only if there is indeed a third. Nicole says that he seemed to like her and he even told her about his big family secret. Maya wants to know what secret. Nicole says that he didn’t know he was a Spencer and his mom kept it from him all these years. It is like nothing compared to hers. Nicole didn’t tell him about it but she is pretty sure that he would understand. Wyatt is cool. Maya doesn’t not want anyone else knowing and certainly not before she tells Rick. Rick cannot find out any other way.

Charlie wants to get this straight. Liam and Wyatt are trying to take out Rick. Pam would have never known had she not been behind that dressing screen. Charlie asks if she was spying. Pam is going to cut off his supply of lemon bars just for insinuating that. Charlie was just teasing. Pam thinks that he better have been. She explains though that the kids made her promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone anything. She is telling him because he knows. Charlie tries to further put this together. This secret to out Rick is actually Maya’s. Pam says that Liam and Wyatt thought that this was about Rick. Charlie assumes that they came up empty handed though. Pam thinks that clearly Maya has something to hide. She is not exactly her favorite person right now. She took down Stephanie’s portrait and replaced it with one of herself. Charlie thought that was Rick. Pam tells him that those are just details. Pam has been waiting for her to be brought down a peg or two. She has a feeling that, that secret could be just that. Charlie asks how she finds out what it is. Pam notices Maya’s purse on the table. Pam explains that if you want to find out about a women you look through her purse. Pam thinks that Maya should have been more careful leaving hers behind like this.

Liam thinks that Wyatt and Nicole are LA’s newest hot couple. Ivy guesses so long as they are happy. Liam has this beautiful Australian girl though. Ivy thanks him for supporting her and fighting the good fight. Ivy thinks it is cool. It is kind of like she is dating superman and Romeo all at once. Liam tells her to hold that thought. He has to find a phone booth. Ivy laughs. They kiss.

Nicole walks into the photo studio with Maya. Maya wants to talk more about her and Wyatt. Nicole asks if she has ever became a member of the mile high club. Maya can’t believe she did it in the Spencer Jet. Nicole reminds her that the Forrester’s have a private jet too. Nicole is just messing with her. Nicole doesn’t think that she and Wyatt are ready for anything like that. They are just having fun. They are just dancing and laughing. She wants to know where the harm is. Nicole didn’t tell Wyatt about her secret and she isn’t going to tell anyone. Though she is starting to wonder. Maybe she shouldn’t tell Rick either.

Pam picks up Maya’s purse and it weighs a ton. Pam wonders what could be in here. Charlie assumes that is the million dollar question. Pam guesses that they will find their answer inside.

Rick walks down the hall. He is about to talk into his office when he spots Wyatt. He tells Wyatt that he would like to have a word with him. Wyatt asks what is up. Rick tried to get a hold of him last night and left him several voice calls. He wants to know what the deal is.

Charlie asks if Pam is sure about this. Pam is sure that if she doesn’t that it will be a missed opportunity. Pam realizes that he is in security. So when visitors go through the building he has to go through their purse. Charlie explains that Maya isn’t a visitor. She is Rick’s girlfriend. Pam thinks that they are not supposed to know whose purse this is. It could have been anyone's. Pam thinks that it is the safety of this building to check it out for everyone in this building. Charlie guesses that she has a point but it is still a stretch. Pam tells him to come up with something then but to think quickly as they don’t have all day. Charlie suggests the notion of what would happen if the purse fell over and everything got knocked out. Pam asks if he means like this and knocks it off the table. Charlie says sort of. Pam gasps.

Wyatt was sort of out of town. Rick asks if he was on Forrester business. Wyatt thinks that it was Forrester business in a way. Rick asks if that is all Wyatt is going to tell him. Wyatt doesn’t have anything to tell him yet. If he can get this to work though then trust him he will be one of the first to know.

Pam picks up the bill bottle. Charlie asks what it is. Pam explains that it is estrogen. Pam asks why Maya would be taking estrogen. Charlie thinks that there is one reason and only one reason as to why she would be taking these pills. Charlie says that Maya is transgender. Pam’s jaw drops.

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